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Gardener Shares Her Secrets for Harvesting All Winter Long

She even has a harvest in the middle of a snowstorm.
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Every hobby gardener can agree that spring through early fall is our favorite time of the year. We are in our happy place, planting, tending to, and harvesting within our garden spaces. It's a stress reliever and a space to hide away from responsibilities that are constantly pulling at our sleeves. As late fall approaches, we close the gates on our gardens and tuck our shovels away, knowing it will be months before we see them again.

Home gardener and content creator @carmonaacres posted to TikTok a video of how she continues to garden through winter and let me just say, her tips are life changing, knowing I will never have to say goodbye to my garden for winter again.


To start she mentions she is in zone 7b but many of her tips would apply for colder zones, so unless you are seeing snow for months at a time I’m sure one of her tips will apply to your home garden! Her early plantings include pea and different brassica varieties which are cold hardy crops. To prepare her garden for winter hardy crops she adds hoops over the beds and attaches frost cloth to create a sort of mini greenhouse. Near the end of the video she includes a shot of harvesting lettuce with snow on the ground!

Did I mention I can’t wait to try these tips?