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Snowy Winter Is Actually the Perfect Time to Start Planting Your Garden

If they thrive through the harsh elements, they can get through a tough summer.

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The winter season is the typical time of year that makes plant parents get into protective mode with their plants. This makes sense, considering the winter season usually brings brutally cold weather that can cause many plants to get shocked and wither away as a result of the harsh elements.

However, TikToker and author, @learntogrow1 presents a few good reasons as to why you should start planting your garden during the winter. Honestly, we never thought about this before, but after watching this video, we’re now convinced the winter season may be the perfect time to start!

Apparently, “winter sowing” is the way to go when you want to get a bit of a head start to the season and can also save you time, money and work according to @learntogrow1. She’s been doing this for the past eight years and says she noticed plants seem to be more resilient when exposed to the adverse conditions during the early stages of their lives.

The idea of “winter sowing” is quite simple — if plants can thrive through the harsh elements of the winter season, then they can quite possibly make it through a brutal summer!

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