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Etsy Shop Owners Share Hilarious Reality Of What It's Like to Be Married to a Practicing Witch

"Babe your energy is off. You want me to smudge you? I'm gonna smudge you."

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Witch isn't a title women rebuke in 2022. In fact, it is a celebrated label, one they use with intention and stick to throughout their lives. Whether you are a die-hard practitioner or more of just an aesthetic witch, it's fair to say that despite it's growing popularity it isn't exactly a mainstream way of life. Often times witches will partner with non-craft practitioners, and when they do, hilarity ensures.

At least it does for this Etsy shop owning couple Shelby and Mat Masi. The pair began MasiMakes as a witchy home décor and personal care business that helps people achieve that earthy, beautiful aesthetic in their home And you can take comfort that a practicing witch handles each item with care. All of that authenticity aside, the couple does see the humor in their alternative lifestyle and decided to make a lighthearted reel about it.


Being married to a witchy woman honestly seems like fun. Throughout the video, Mat "reenacts" how his wife interacts with him on the regular, and honestly, it is hysterical.

  We love how he playfully teases her by imitating things she often asks for or says to him. Some of our favorite gems like "Babe, I need more ring" and her consistent need to blame everything negative on Mercury Retrograde. 

It seems like these two know how to work and play well together. And P.S. If your into that kind of thing, they have a ton of adorable products that would be a great addition to your home.