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Woman Gives Virtual Tour Of Mom’s Witchy House and We’re Sort of In-Love

Everything is so weird and wonderful!

We all have a few things in our house that we refuse to get rid of. There are some of us who may have a collection of antique glass, VHS tapes of classic childhood shows, vintage magazines, or some other collection that we not only won’t let go of, but also may only make sense to us.

Then there are those whose entire home seems like a massive collection of some sort thanks to their eclectic home decor. Such is the case with this one woman’s home we found while scouring through social media. TikTok user @witchywomanwax gave us a sneak peek of her mom’s unique home decor and we’ve never seen anything like it. There’s few collections of random and weird finds and tbh, we’re kind of in love!


How interestingly cool is her home?! Some things I would’ve never thought to put in my home, but the way she has everything set up, she makes it make sense with her unique sense of style. We love the collection of mini lamp shades on the chandelier, the outdoor lampshade graveyard and her salvaged mermaid. The mannequin head is also an interesting piece that can be a little creepy to stumble across in the middle of the night, but it somehow works and ties perfectly into her home decor. The cherry blossom tree was also a great touch that she included in the cute bathroom nook.

Her home’s decor is so special! As much as we love a minimalistic look, we can appreciate how different it is from today’s modern and monochromatic home details.