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Woman ‘Bottles’ Her Favorite Smelling Flowers With Old Perfumery Method

Definitely trying this!

Finding your signature scent is a journey. For some, getting your hands on that scent that perfectly captures your personality, while also encapsulating your favorite aroma, is not an easy task. It can take months to find your signature scent that also has long-lasting power, but once you do finally find that signature fragrance, it’s a beautiful feeling.

However, if you’re a person that doesn’t like using too many chemicals on your body, hunting down a beautiful scent without the chemicals can be even more of a challenge. Rather than settling, why not use the sweet smelling aromas of nature as your signature scent? It may seem difficult to do, but thanks to TikTok user @sundriedbirdseed, she shows us exactly how we can use flowers to preserve their fresh floral scent by doing this really cool old method called “enfleurage.”


This has to be one of the coolest things we’ve seen! “Enfleurage” is an old technique that involves extracting the scent of flowers by pressing fresh flowers into a thin layer of animal fat — in this case, coconut oil can be a great substitute if you’d prefer a vegan alternative —and they’re replaced every 24-48 hours. During the process, the oils of the flowers gradually soak the fat. Once you reach the fragrance level you desire, you can then remove the flowers and place the coconut oil into a resealable container to use as often as you like.

We love how natural and cost effective this DIY perfume is! It’s also a plus that it apparently has a strong smelling scent as well. This is a DIY that we look forward to trying this summer!