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Woman Creates $60 Crate & Barrel Sculptures For Only $6

Statement pieces for $6...umm yes, please!

It typically takes a lot of searching to get your hands on the right statement piece for your home. And if your looking for multiple statement pieces for the different rooms in your house, then that makes the process even more difficult. However, if you have even the slightest bit of craftiness in your bones, then we have the perfect DIY for you.

TikTok user @jessmapes shared one of the easiest DIYs that involves using only $6 oven bake clay from Walmart and an oven!


How simple and stunning is the final look of the statement piece? These type of décor pieces can easily tun around $60 from Crate & Barrel and other home design stores, but we love that this DIY looks so similar but is easily created at a fraction of the cost. The design she created is so gorgeous, however, if you have another design in mind, you can create that as well. We love how the possibilities with this DIY are endless and allows you to truly get creative and express yourself with whatever design you choose.

Her followers in the comments were amazed with her creation as well. “Such a good idea!!” @stephh.w wrote. Fellow DIYer @miss__aileen commented “Looks so good!! I wanted to buy this to make the knot ball lol. I want to make a clay jewelry tray and spray paint. I’m inspired now.”

Ummm… same here!

BRB. Off to Walmart.