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Woman Makes Coffee Table Out of Plaster and Wood and It Turns Out Stunning

How cool is this!?
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Plaster is one of the most popular design elements we’ve been seeing in recent years. One woman transformed a vintage lamp with plaster and gave it an entirely new modern look, another woman recreated her own DIY wall art with plaster that saved her tons on the original, others have been using plaster on walls to give it a unique texture and look.

Perhaps one of our new favorite uses of plaster we have seen thus far is a stunning coffee table that TikToker @cphumer_ made, using wood, stain, and plaster, to create a DIY table that looks like it would take a month's salary to afford.

Starting with a round piece of wood- that looks like an inexpensive wood by-product board- the woman adds a fiber tape onto the top surface of the board. Once the tape is in place the woman starts to add thick layers of plaster onto the board, moving in different strokes to create a raw and uneven texture. Once dried the woman gives the polyester a light sanding and adds a sealant coat on top to protect the plaster.

To assemble the wooden legs and structure of the table the woman uses the wood to form the support under the tables, and cuts them to size. She creates a three legged support system with a frame to hold the table on top and uses wood filler to cover the screw holes. She applies the finishing stain on the wooden legs, lets it dry, and places it in its resting zone to be displayed!

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