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Woman Forgot Carrots She Planted 7 Months Ago, and Her Discovery Is Massive

Maybe we can do this with more crops?
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Every gardener has been there, its early spring you are getting all your seeds nicely tucked in their seed starting trays. Everything from broccoli, sugar snap peas, and kale. The first crops of the season. Just as the ground starts warming, everything comes in so fast. Soon enough early spring has turned to late spring and it's starting to get HOT, you are throwing sprouts in the ground, sprinkling seeds, and harvesting the first spinach bundles of the season.

A few months pass by and you forgot about the seeds you spread and now the arugula has all gone to seed and is as wilted as a raisin. It can get chaotic with the first season of gardening after a long winter which is exactly what happened to gardener @k88lyn19.

In early spring the woman had spread her carrot seeds as many of us gardeners tend to do, toss them loosely and let them do their thing. Well months later the woman when back in her garden to harvest some of her other routine crop and found the carrots she had planted long ago, nearly exploding out of the ground.

After a few aggressively hard tugs the woman finally gets one of the honking carrots out of the ground and it's larger than her hand, in thickness and length.

7 months of growing in fertile soil will do a lot for a carrot, I wonder what other crops this could happen to?

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