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Woman Makes Christmas Wagon Out of a Pan and Spatula From the Dollar Store

Here’s how she did it.
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This holiday season we have seen so many fun Christmas DIY crafts; candy cane yard art made from pool noodles, fluffy snowy wreaths made from dollar tree mop heads, garlands made with yarn and Modge Podge, modern decor made with inexpensive supplies, and simple fabric garlands you can make while watching your favorite Netflix series. 

Another one to add to the list is a creation by @agirlandagluegun, her idea is unique and extremely creative and we can’t get enough of it!

Her supplies list includes “four round things” which she used medium sized metal tins, a large shallow brownie pan, and a wide spatula. She spray paints the wheels black and spray paints the brownie pan a deep red. She then adds white die-cuts stickers to the tins to make them look more similar to wheels but the woman mentions painting it on would work also. She adds super strong glue onto the flat part of the spatula and attaches it to the bottom of the ban, which gives the red wagon its completed look.

To make it festive the woman places Christmas decorations inside the wagon and sets it up for display!

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