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Woman Accidentally Makes a Culturally Offensive Craft But Woman Applauds What She Did Next

Accountability and action? Be still our hearts!

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Over the years, social media has introduced us to many different content creators who have shown us how to do DIY projects, gave us hacks to try and provided insight on their cultures. As a result of the latter, many of us have learned of the many cultures from around the world and are now aware of not only certain cultural practices and traditions, but also of what can be considered cultural appropriation.

And when some people are made aware of the cultural appropriation offenses, it’s not always received well, with some people taking extreme offense when others bring it to their attention. However, in a surprising plot twist, one TikTok creator was made aware of cultural appropriation she unknowingly committed and rather than respond negatively to the comments, she handled the situation in the best way and TikTok content creator @soogia1 was quite moved with her response!

In the stitch video, fellow TikTok content creator @kaarinjoy created a faux art bowl of Ramen noodles and placed a pair of chopsticks inside the bowl. While the art itself was pretty cool, many of her followers and viewers commented letting her know that leaving the chopsticks in the bowl of food is actually taboo and said to bring bad luck because it reminds people of the incense used at a funeral. Instead, it was suggested that she simply lay the chopsticks together and flat across the bowl.

The content creator then created a video in response to the comments showing that she corrected the art by removing the chopsticks and will glue them onto the bowl as suggested. Fellow TikTok content creator @soogia1 (as well as many other folks) we’re impressed with her mature handling of this situation and had to applaud her for not only acknowledging her unawareness to the cultural appropriation, but fixing it without being rude or defensive in the process.

What a great way to go about this entire situation!

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