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Woman 'Rescues' Thousands of Dollars Worth Of Holiday Merchandise From TJMaxx Dumpster

They are in all perfectly good condition.

It seems like every month, there’s a national holiday or event to celebrate.

In February we have Valentine’s Day, March is St. Patrick’s Day and April usually claims the Easter holiday. And the stores never fail to keep us on our toes by having dedicated aisles full of home goods and trinkets dedicated to each holiday.

But when the holidays are over, the corporations and stores are over the holiday items, too. However, rather than mark it down to a significantly low price that could potentially encourage customers to buy the items or donate the brand new items to a homeless or animal shelter, companies opt to throw away massive amounts of holiday items that still have brand new tags on them, because they’ll use it as a tax write-off.

Recently, TikToker @sidehustleobsessed uploaded a video showing her pulling a chock-full of items out of a dumpster located behind TJMaxx. From seasonal dishes and coffee mugs to Easter-themed home décor including decorative throw pillows, wood signs and table runners, she was able to stock up on quite a bit simply because they had bunnies on them.


To make matters worse, TJMaxx apparently isn’t the only store that does this.

“Worked at a company and they had to throw out so many things due to rules and regulations, even my managers felt bad, we all hated it,” said @estefaniaaaa3. Another TikTok user @maria.acandelario commented “The dumpster for the Marshall’s I use to work for was huge and yes they also made us throw stuff away.”

Thankfully, Casey plans on donating some of the items to her local rescues- not all heroes wear capes.