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Woman Shares The Most Genius Gadget to Help Keep Your Purse Clean

Moms everywhere needs this!

Moms know just how messy things can get when dealing with busy body toddlers. When we’re packing our kids’ favorite snacks it’s quite common for crumbs to make their way into your purse and cause quite the annoyance when your fingers sweep on the floor of the purse and you pick up crumbs, instead of what you’re actually looking for.

Thanks to TikTok organization guru @imjuliekay, we now have an easy and inexpensive hack to permanently resolve this issue!


This gadget is such a genius way to get rid of those annoying crumbs at the bottom of your purse and it can also help pick up loose hair as well! And with a price tag of $12.99, we’d say it’s definitely worth it. All you have to do is drop it in your purse and let it roll around to pick up the dirt. Afterwards you simply take it apart, rinse it off and reuse it. To get rid of the crumbs and dirt, we’d typically either vacuum the purse or empty the purse completely and turn it upside down over a trashcan while patting it to remove the debris. Clearly, this gadget is way more convenient. LOL.

The comments are filled with people who either want to try it or have it and love it. “I’ve had mine way before it blew up on tiktok. I got mine in January and it’s still sticky and working. So it is worth it if you want to try it out,” @peachsnowcone wrote. “Okay this is genius lol,” @ruthdatruth commented. “Oh, these are called Sauberkugel. They are from Germany. I bought them and they are pretty cool!” @acatcalledjonesy mentioned.

It may look a kids’ toy, but us parents definitely need this! 

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