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Woman Somehow Gets Stuck In the Dryer and We’re Sorry But We Can’t Help Laughing

This is just *chef’s kiss* too good.

You know, most people consider one of the best things to happen on social media is when they create a video, post it and it instantly goes viral. The sudden flow of attention makes it all worth it, unless of course you went viral for the wrong reason. And this appears to be the exact case in this video uploaded by TikTok user @queen_of_duets12 who uploaded a video of a girl who gets stuck in a dryer…and over three million views later, we still can’t stop laughing!


LOL. Social media and the potential to go viral will have us do the most random things. The first thing that comes to my mind is what social media challenge did she do that got her stuck n the dryer? What’s even more funny, is she probably wasn’t expecting to be in this particular position and amass so much attention as a result of being stuck in the dryer. While some fin this video funny, the comment section is mainly feeling quite the opposite given the girl’s reaction to the police officer who’s only trying to help her out, literally. “She has no business yelling at him when she put herself in there!” One TikTok user @fae_of_the_fury commented. Another follower @d.elleee said “I would shut the door til she changed her attitude.” One viewer commented “Smh cops ain’t getting paid enough for this mess.”

Whether you find it hilarious or not, one thing is for sure, we definitely wouldn’t want to find ourselves stuck in this situation, LOL.