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Dad Installs Functional Lock that Looks Like Disney’s “Alice In Wonderland” Door Knob

Ok, this is pretty cool!

Have you ever wanted to jump right into a fairytale story? Maybe fly away with Peter Pan to Neverland, or enter the world of Alice in Wonderland where everything is topsy-turvy and what is normal really isn’t anymore!

Well, one TikTok creator, Justin Flom, may not have created a portal directly to Wonderland, but he has managed to recreate a door lock that sure does seem like it would take you there!


To start off, Justin has a door… Which, well of course he would need a door if he was going to also have a functioning lock. He also got a screenshot from the Alice in Wonderland movie with the door lock in question, just to make sure that he got all the details absolutely perfect.

Next, the doorknob gets swapped out for a gold one that is more fitting with the overall look before the actual door plate is changed as well, this time with one that replicates the look of the door knocker from the Alice movie. The face itself, also spray-painted gold, is caught in suspended, aggravated animation, perfectly mimicking the character itself.

Double-sided tape is used to keep the face in place before the bottom edge of the mouth is also added, taped into place under the doorknob ‘nose’. Once everything is in place the door is fully functional - meaning that the doorway to Wonderland is truly complete! Now if it only actually took us into another world - that would be the truly magical part of this whole process!

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