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Man Shares Genius Wood Glue Hack For Painting His Fingernails

Honestly...stealing this

If the last two years taught us anything, we learned that we’re capable of doing a lot for ourselves, especially when we kind of have no choice. Many of us learned how to cook after not being able to eat out at our favorite restaurants. Some of us taught ourselves how to cut and style our hair, while others picked up the skill of painting their own nails - all from our own home.

If you’re one of the people who’ve learned how to paint your own nails after spending years of faithfully going to your nail salon, chances are you didn’t quite nail your first try at doing your own nails (no pun, intended) and likely had to go clean around your nails to remove the excess nail polish. And that’s okay. It takes a lot of patience, skill, and a great hack if you have one!

And this is where props designer and TikTok user @proptologist saves the day with an amazing hack that’ll definitely leave your next set of nails looking amazing with little to no cleanup afterwards!


So the simple trick is, before painting his nails, he applies wood glue around his nails before applying nail polish. After he finishes painting his nails and allowing them to dry completely, he then removes the glue from around his nails by peeling it up. This hack also works with craft glue as well.


TikTok follower @letterandlines backed up this hack saying “Yes! I used ModPodge.” Another user mentioned how beneficial this hack will be for them “I have tremors, this would help so much.” One TikTok user provided a helpful tip “Please make sure you use a formaldehyde free wood glue!!!! Safe painting!”


Another hack we can’t wait to try, especially considering how expensive the actual beauty version of this hack is!