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Watch How This Man Takes Leftover Wood and Makes The Cutest Plant Stool

Plant parents will love this!

Have you ever walked into a bohemian-chic plant boutique or a modern department store and instantly became drawn to the cute and trendy plant décor, only to look at the price tag and quickly change your mind about it?

Well you’re not alone if that has ever happened to you. Rather than pay the expensive price, many people consider doing a DIY to recreate the décor they’re looking for, all while staying within their budget. And while this scenario may not be the case with furniture maker @montehandmade_uk, he thankfully provided a quick DIY for us plant parents who sometimes struggle with finding both cute and reasonably priced plant décor for our plants. And, as seen in the video below, this plant stool doesn’t only fit the budget, but also fits any aesthetic!


This plant stool is so cute and will look just as great sitting on your bathroom countertop as it would sitting in the corner of your living room or in your bedroom! We love that it’s made with real wood, too. All he did was take a leftover slab of wood, cut it in half and with one of the half pieces, he cut that small slab into four pieces to create the legs for the stool. After assembling the stool, he sanded it down and painted it with a medium oak finish and used a clear wax on top of the paint. Afterwards, he simply sat the stool in the corner of his room and sat a beautiful plant on top.

Similar plant stools can easily cost around $100 depending on where you go, but we love how he not only made it affordable, but also found a way to repurpose the leftover wood!