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Woman Gives Fool-Proof Instructions to Restore Any Wood Furniture

Any level of DIYer can do this

We love a good furniture find. Obviously finding a great, high quality piece of furniture that we’re able to get for a steal of a deal paying little to sometimes nothing at all is a thrifter’s dream! However, finding an inexpensive, perfect piece of furniture that requires no additional restoration, is rare. In situations like this, we also love a good ole’ DIY!

TikTok user @willowstreet_restores, whose account is full of how-to and restoration videos, shows us exactly how she took an old, thrifted oak wood table full of scratch marks and stains and made it look brand new. Not only is it cheap, but it’s so easy to do!


Wow! Using Howard Restore products, an old t-shirt and some steel wool, she was able to completely transform the beautiful oak table and make it look new all over again. She began adding Howard Restor-A-Finish to the piece of steel wool to apply it to the table. She then adds a generous amount of Howard Feed-N-Wax to a rag and begins to use it on the table, letting it sit for 30 minuets before applying additional buffing with the product. The comment section was full of praises from viewers. “Wow. I mean. Even before the touch ups the change was dramatic,” one follower commented. “It turned out beautiful! So glad you didn't paint it,” another viewer commented. “Excellent restoration,” another one of her viewers pointed out.

We’re still in shock with how easy it was for her to restore the table and make it look so new. Now we won’t be so quick to pass on those beautiful and heavily-used wood furniture pieces at the thrift store!

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