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People Are Impressed With This Woman's Brilliant Curtain Rod Hack Using Wooden Dowel Rods

So cheap and so cute!

For many people, redecorating their home is a fun and sometimes meditative activity. Even if it’s creating the slightest change in your home, such as painting your bedroom wall a vibrant, bold color or switching out your bathroom tile, those subtle changes can make a big difference in the appearance of your home and improve your mood.

The not-so-fun thing about switching up your home’s look- it can get expensive; that is, if you don’t have good DIY. Thankfully, Morgan, creator of the TikTok DIY account @lifeonwillowcreek, recently uploaded a video showing us how she instantly added a little boho flare to her living room doing this simple curtain rod hack.


We how inexpensive and easy it was for her to do this! And the final outcome is so cute! We never would’ve thought to use wooden dowel rods as curtain rods but after seeing this video, we love it!

People in the comment section had mixed reviews, with some people commenting they love the idea, while others expressed that the DIY looked cheap. Morgan responded to the hateful comments writing “I'm going to say this again...if you don't like something don't do it in YOUR home. I share project ideas and am not forcing you to do them,” she wrote. “I'd never come into your home and be disrespectful so don't come into mine with that energy. I share out of the kindness of my heart.

We have to agree. And thankfully, many more people in the comments appreciate the ease and uniqueness of this DIY