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House Plant Aficionado Exposes Which Popular Home Depot Plant You Should Never Get

They are anything but easy.

At one point or another, you were for sure a first time plant parent. When we were all starting out, we looked for one common characteristic in plants: Ease. How many of us spent time rifling through the big box plant stores like Home Depot only to find the "easy" section and dive in there. While they are totally right about some plants like snake plants and spider plants being simple to care for, there is one plant they push as easy that's anything but.

And one plant dad is fed up with the fake "easy" marketing.


TikTok user @tannertheplanter exposed the Majesty Palm for the charlatan is is. Apparently, these plants don't really even do that well on their own in nature. Tanner went on to explain that they are spider mite magnets, which can destroy your other house plants. They also don't do well indoors either.

Some folks protested and stated that their plans have done super well indoors for years, while others said they wish they had seen this a year earlier before they wasted months of frustration and time on this not-so-simple house plant. The truth is a lot of homes aren't capable of giving them the conditions they truly need, which is a lot of full direct sunlight to thrive.

They do, however, work very well for making sunny decks and patios even more homey.