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Woman Concocts Genius Way to Store Wrapping Paper for $12

It makes it both tidy and accessible.

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It is getting close to Christmas, meaning so many people out there are running to the store, grabbing all the wrapping paper that they can find, and bringing it all home to decorate all of their various packages. Or you could be the type of person who goes with gift bags, but we aren’t talking about that today.

One thing that comes with having all that wrapping paper is needing some place to store them. Luckily the creator over at FarmhouseToHome has one simple idea you can use to make sure that your wrapping paper isn’t just shoved in a closet somewhere, getting all crinkled and messed up!


Luckily for all of us who just want something simple and easy that doesn’t involve a lot of work, this hack is all that and more. Not only does it keep all of your wrapping paper up and out of the way, it also easily stores it in a small place so you can return to it year after year. That means no more tossing out half-used rolls because they got caught in the cross-fire!

So essentially, all you need for this hack to work is a tall, narrow space, such as the backside of a closet door, and two racks, one with a bottom and one more just to keep things in place. This creator uses a pair of racks that she otherwise uses as a spice rack in her kitchen, so just find something similar or even make your own if you are a crafty person!

Next, use some screws to put the bottom rack into place, ensuring that you won’t hit anything on the interior, like a shelf or something else that might be sticking out. The second half-shelf should come up a good foot and a half, and you will want to use the same rack as your base; just remove the bottom.

Then simply slide all your wrapping paper into place, and voila - the perfect paper holder for cheap!

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