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Adult Daughters Prank Parents by Wrapping Entire Bedroom in Christmas Wrapping Paper While They Were on Vacation In Mexico

We have to admit, they did a great job wrapping.

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Pranks are a way for family members to show that they care about each other and can be a great way for them to bond. After all, many people have memories of playing pranks with their siblings and parents, bringing smiles to their faces even years later. But like any good thing, there are limits—and overstepping those limits can cause problems in your relationships and even hurt someone else.

Two adult daughters decided to prank their parents' bedroom while on vacation in Mexico. They wrapped it all up in wrapping paper.

They wrapped everything in the room, including the furniture. They even wrapped up the computer and photos on the wall! And they didn't stop there—they even went so far as to wrap up their parents' bed!

"This was one of the best pranks I've seen in a while!" @theresawarren61s

We honestly agreed.

And for a parent who clearly wanted to "get back" at this prank, they suggested "They had too much time on their hands; should have left them a chore list." @PJ R

So when it comes time to prank your family members (or anyone else), play safe by following these rules:

  • Don't break anything or hurt yourself while trying out one of these pranks! You don't want any broken bones or worse on your hands!
  • Be sure not to get caught in the act—you don't want anyone getting mad at you—so be careful when trying our suggestions out!

It’s no secret that families can be a bit crazy, but this one takes the cake. What do you think of their prank? Would you ever do something like this to your parents?

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