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Woman Makes Gorgeous Target-Worthy Wreath Out Of Dollar Store Items

So cute.

We love a great Target décor piece, just as much as the next stay-at-home mom. But perhaps, the only thing slightly better than a cute Target décor find, is a good ole’ DIY project thats not only cute, but inexpensive too!

If you, too, love a cute and cheap DIY project, then we have the perfect DIY project for you courtesy of TikTok décor content creator, @julieswreathboutique. Recently, the DIY wreath aficionado posted a quick video showing us how to make the cutest Target-looking wreath using only Dollar Tree items!


Taking a pizza pan, she places it onto the faux-wood sticky wall paper. Next, she traces the pan onto the paper before sticking it down onto the pan. Afterwards, she glues twine down onto the perimeter of the pan and creates a bow out of burlap that she glues at the top left corner of the project, along with a few stems of green leaves.

Her followers flooded the comments sharing their ideas on how to use this cute and simple DIY. “Use chalk paint and make it into a chalk board omg!” @audreyscakes wrote. “Love this can also be a welcome wreath for your door with stick on letters!” @hopeyycee commented. “I love using pizza pans to make door hangers! I’ve been doing it for years!” @ashlabelle1011 shared.

We’re not surprised by how much love she received on this simple DIY!