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Woman Makes Christmas Tree Entirely Out of Yarn and It Looks Stunning

Way less messy than a real tree, a lot more creative than a faux one.

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It's hard to believe that this year is nearing its closing chapter and Christmas will be here in no time. If you are done with your Halloween decoration you now have time to dig out all those hidden gems of Christmas decor or create new ones. And if you don't feel like having a Christmas tree this year because they cost too much and don't last long, we have something for you to consider. 

TikTok creator Emily Seilhamer (@emilyseilhamerart) demonstrates in her video how to create a Christmas tree, including ornaments, entirely from scratch - or yarn. 


Okay we get it, it looks like this is a bit of a process, but honestly DIY projects never looked more fun than this one. 

First, Emily created a template for the tree, using chicken wire and plastic wrap. For the actual tree, she used a mixture of cornstarch, glue, and water to dip in the yarn - lots of yarn that is. Then she and her husband wrapped the yarn around the cone, which took six hours to finish, and a week to dry. After it was dry, they were able to remove the cone and get started on creating ornaments, of course. Because otherwise, it wouldn't be a Christmas tree. To create the ornaments, Emily used the same cornstarch mixture as before, as well as water balloons and vaseline, as this prevents the yarn from sticking to the balloons. Once the yarn is dry, the balloons can be popped, as the yarn took on the round shape, and now it's time to add string lights and other ornaments, and there you have it - an affordable and long-lasting Christmas tree.

So cute!