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Woman Makes Coolest Headboard

This is every teen girl’s dream!

As a teenager, I was obsessed with '70s and '80s glam rock, as well as the '90s grunge and rave look. I couldn't wait to grow up so I can decorate my home inspired by leopard and cheetah designs, lava lamps, and anything plastic and of course shaggy. What a relief to know that a teenage dream like this can easily be accomplished with a trip to the fabric store, Goodwill, or any other thrift store. 

Apparently, my vision was also shared by others, such as TikToker Charlie Leanna Murphy (@therealmrsmurphy). In her video, Charlie shares how she did a DIY girlie headboard that is complimenting the rest of her shaggy home.


DIY projects never looked more fun. It only makes sense this TikToker is adding a heart-shaped zebra print shag headboard to her collection of furry and soft everything. It turned out so cool! Getting '70s glam rock vibes. All Charlie used is some foam, cardboard, pool noodles, painter's tape, glue, and of course the most important item; the zebra-print shag. She folded the foam in half, to cut out the heart shape, then glued the cardboard on the back, and lastly attached the zebra print shag. That simple. It is probably also lighter than an actual headboard and looks cuter. 

If you want to customize this, you can of course use a different material or color, or even shape. Pink would look cool too, for some Barbie vibes.