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Woman Explains Why She’ll Be Planting Zinnias Every Year

Honestly the results speak for themselves.

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Unless you are an avid gardener you might not worry too much about what kinds of plants are growing out in your front yard or garden bed. In fact, you may just let whatever grows there continue doing so without any sort of planning.

But if you are a gardener, even an occasional one, and you are looking for something new to add, why not check out what one TikTok creator calls her new favorite flower?


Zinnias are extremely versatile, and that is the biggest reason that Ashley has decided that, from now on, they will be a permanent part of her garden planning for each and every year. These beautiful flowers come in a variety of colors, grow tall, and are best of all extremely cheap! In fact, you can buy an entire packet for about a dollar and plant it directly into your ground!

Now what we love a lot about zinnias is that they are the perfect height - not too tall, not too short. They also grow in a decent-sized bush-like pattern, so they fill up a lot of space if you are looking for something to help add a little bit of privacy to your outdoors. Maybe add them around your patio or next to windows if you want to block the view just a bit. These flowers are also fairly sturdy and require very little care, meaning you can plant them early in the growing season and have them around all season long.

What is even better than how well they do in your garden is all of the different things that you can use them for inside! Their wide range of colors makes them perfect for indoor bouquets or pressing and drying them to use in scrapbooks

And pollinators love them! So if you like giving the bees or hummingbirds a little something to keep them hanging around a bit, then zinnias are the perfect solution!

All said and done, we didn’t realize at first just how right Ashley was when it came to zinnias, but now that we do we can’t wait for the next planting season to add them to our own gardens!