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You Can Use a Ziploc Bag to Quickly De-Ice Your Car Windows

All you need is warm water and a baggie!

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Do you live somewhere cold? If so, has it already frozen up or even snowed outside already? If so, my best wishes to you! I personally live in a southern state, and while we get some occasionally ultra-cold weather, it certainly isn’t typical! There’s so much to do and so much more to prep to make sure that you aren’t going to bust a pipe or freeze your chickens, not to mention driving in snow and ice!

One thing I absolutely dread is the idea of driving on ice and, maybe even worse, driving with ice-caked windows! Well, at least that fear might be put to rest thanks to this easy hack from the Sister Pledge Cleans channel over on TikTok!


So, let’s say that you went out to your car in the morning, only to see something you absolutely dread… A completely iced-up window. Now, no one wants to drive with ice on their windows. It is dangerous as it makes driving nearly impossible, but you also don’t want to spend precious minutes outside, in the freezing cold, scraping it off. Nor do you want to run your car long enough to melt everything off and possibly be late to work.

What is the solution, then?

Well, you could try a Ziploc bag! Yep, the thing most of us already have in our houses is the perfect solution. Just grab yourself a baggie, fill it with warm (not hot, keep that in mind) water, and head outside. Gently rub the bag over the iced-up spots on your windows, and you should see it instantly start melting away!

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