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Pest Control


How to Get Rid of Ants Without Toxic Chemicals

There are several natural, safe ways to prevent or eliminate ants from your house, including vinegar, baking soda, and diatomaceous earth.


14 Sure Ways to Get Rid of Drain Worms in Your Home

This article is about how to get rid of drain worms in your home. Learn the ways to prevent the worms in your kitchen, bathroom, toilet, or garage.


Why You Shouldn't Kill Spiders

A spider might be a frightening thing to see inside your home, but avoid the urge to squish it! These creepy crawlies can actually do some good around your house.


13 DIY Ideas to Get Rid of Cockroaches and Stop an Infestation

This article will show you 13 natural DIY ideas to get rid of cockroaches in your home. It includes fragrances that repel them, baits, traps, solutions, and proper home cleaning.


What's Biting Me? Being Eaten by Invisible Bugs in Your Home

Are you being eaten by invisible bugs? Does your skin itch and have you tried to kill whatever is causing your misery? Are you looking for answers and tired of dealing with the itching and biting? Here's how to get rid of them.


10 Household Bugs to Keep Out of Your Florida Home

This article lists 10 bugs that you really don't want in your Florida home.


12 Home Remedies for Bed Bugs That Actually Work

If you've got a bed bug problem, don't immediately reach for a commercial product. These natural home remedies are much safer and just as effective.


How Do Ant Traps Work and How to Use Them

Do you have an ant infestation in your home or garden? Ditch calling the pest control and get rid of them yourself. Click here to know more about ants, ant bait traps, how do ant traps work, and how to use them effectively!


10 Guaranteed Ways to Get Rid of Spiders

Hate spiders? Here is a list of effective ways to get rid of them. Most of these methods are natural and won't harm you, the spider, or the environment.


What Causes Gnats and How to Get Rid of Them

What are gnats, what are they attracted to, how do I get rid of them, and how do I prevent them from coming back? Find in-depth answers and how-to instructions to eliminate gnats for good.


How to Get Rid of Rats Without Poison: A Humane, No-Kill Approach to Rat Control

Have you noticed rats around your home, but are hesitant to use poisons? Here are some solutions for getting rid of rats without using poison or even harming the rats themselves.


3 Ingenious Ways to Get Rid of Ants That Actually Work

Tried and true ways to finally eliminate ants from your home.


How to Get Rid of Earwigs in Your Home and Garden

Earwigs aren’t the worst insect nuisance that you have to deal with in your home and garden, but they are definitely one of the scary looking ones. Keep your home and yard earwig free using these simple steps.


Do You Have a Bed Bug Infestation?: Tiny Black Bugs in Bed

Bed bugs are the fastest growing pest emergency in the developed world. One in five Americans has had bed bugs or knows someone who has. This guide will help you identify if you have a bed bug infestation and provide you with tips for eradicating them.


How to Get Rid of a Yellow Jacket Wasp Nest in a Hedge

Getting rid of a yellow jacket wasp nest can be a daunting and potentially dangerous prospect. It can sometimes be difficult to find the nest, especially when it is burrowed deep inside a hedge. Save money by discovering how to safely destroy a wasp nest all by yourself.


How to Get Rid of Leaf Miners

Leaf miners are a major problem in broad leaf plants. Use a combination of manual preventions and barriers to keep them out of your garden.


How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs: A Low-Cost DIY Extermination Without Toxic Poisons

This is how I got rid of bed bugs in my home, by myself, using common household appliances to kill the bugs and eggs with heat. No costly exterminator, no poisons. You can exterminate bed bugs too!


How to Deal With a Mouse in the House

Mice multiply. By the time you notice a pest mouse in your home, it is likely there are more—many more. Immediate action is required.


How to Identify and Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Just the thought of bed bugs makes me itch! If you have ever dealt with them, you know how awful it can be. Here are some ways to treat and get rid of them for good!


How to Get Rid of Roaches: DIY Extermination

DIY roach extermination that is both cheap and effective. Tips and tricks from someone who's been there and done it.


A Review of the Bug-A-Salt 2.0 Fly and Spider Killer

A review of an air-powered salt gun for killing flies, spiders, and other indoor bugs.


6 Ways to Kill Bed Bugs That Really Work

Quit spending thousands on exterminators in hopes of getting rid of bed bugs. Instead, kill bed bugs with these common household products, and sleep soundly through the night again.


7 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Ants: How to Repel Ants Humanely Without Killing Them

Have ants been invading your home, but you don't want to use harsh chemicals to kill your little visitors? Here are some ways to naturally get rid of ants without killing them.


How to Control Mosquitoes Naturally

The best natural mosquito control using simple methods to rid your area of disease-causing mosquitoes.


How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Without an Exterminator

Getting rid of bed bugs can be a pain, but it doesn't have to mean spending thousands of dollars on professional. Use these tips to get rid of bed bugs without an exterminator


Sterling Rescue Is the Best Non-Toxic Fly Trap

I love springtime, but I don't love all the bugs it brings, especially flies. I stumbled upon a self-contained, non-toxic fly trap that I hang every spring, and it works wonders.


14 Simple Tips for Keeping Ducks Away From Your Pool

Do you have problems with wild ducks hovering around your pool? They may look cute, but they can cause problems when they start pooping in and around your pool.


5 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Mice Without Killing Them

Most households experience a rodent infestation at least once, but if you're not too keen on lethal methods, here are five simple ways to get rid of mice without killing them.


How to Identify and Get Rid of Carpenter Bees

Find out how to identify and get rid of carpenter bees, plus learn how wood-boring bees cause damage and if they are dangerous to people. Carpenter bees are important for your local ecosystem, but in some situations they can cause the destruction of decks, furniture and, even homes.


Strange Facts About Common Pests

These bizarre pest facts can help us feel less afraid of bugs and other creepy crawling critters. Some of these facts prove that bugs can be entertaining and stranger than science fiction.


How to Get Rid of Yellowjackets

Plagued by yellow jacket wasps? They aren't easy to get rid of. Learn about Rescue Yellowjacket Traps, the only solution that worked for me.


How to Get Rid of Ants, Bedbugs, Fleas, and Silverfish in Your Home

If your home has been invaded by insects, here are some ways to get rid of them for good.


My 2 New Favorite Ways to Get Rid of Wasp Nests

Every spring i find new wasp nests building around my home, mostly inside my shed. I hate bees and wasps, so finding easy ways to deal with them is important to me and useful to you.


Sample Complaint Letter to Landlord About Mice

Has your apartment been invaded by furry, uninvited guests? If so, it is time to contact your landlord.


Sample Complaint Letters to Landlord or Apartment Manager for Roaches

Do you have uninvited, creepy guests in your apartment? If so, consider writing a complaint letter to your landlord or apartment manager.


How to Keep Squirrels Out of Your Bird Feeder

Learn how to squirrel-proof your bird feeder and stop those sneaky squirrels from stealing all of your seed!


How I Successfully Got Rid of Fleas in My Apartment Using Non-Toxic Methods

After my apartment was overrun with fleas, I successfully got rid of them using non-toxic methods. It took a lot of work, but I'm so glad I didn't use dangerous chemicals in my home!


Everything You Need to Know About Wood-Boring Beetles

Types of common woodworm beetles and how to properly identify them!


How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Getting rid of bed bugs is not easy. There are many myths about them. This article uses confirmed scientific information combined with personal experience to help guide you through the process of ridding yourself of these annoying insects.


How to Get Rid of Rats Under a Deck

Do you have rats under your deck? Find out how to get rid of and eliminate rodents for good. Discover how to prevent a rat family from getting under your decking.


How to Get Rid of Cockroaches Forever

Article on how to get rid of cockroaches effectively.


How to Make a Homemade Bed Bug Killer Spray With Vinegar

Vinegar is an old-fashioned solution for bed bugs. This spray is a contact killer. It lacks residual effects, so it requires frequent treatment but can be used to kill a variety of creepy crawlers.


30 Easy DIY Ways to Get Rid of Ants in the Home and Garden Fast

The following is a list of the best home remedies for ants. Getting rid of ants can be easier when you learn the proper methods. Do not use chemicals if you have children or pets. Learn how to kill ants naturally...


What Are Mud Dauber Wasps and How to Get Rid of Them

What is a mud dauber wasp? Does it sting? Should you get rid of it? I share my personal experience as well as useful tips to help you decide whether or not to get rid of them—and how to do it correctly to prevent them from coming back.


12 Easy DIY Ways to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Quickly: A Killer Guide

Bed bugs are no fun. I'll share twelve tips to get rid of them and keep them away! Learn more about bed bugs to best eliminate them.


How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Driveway and Yard

I have tried some different ingredients to get rid of ants in the cracks of our driveway and in our back yard. I have had luck with most of them, but some tries were better than others.


6 Effective Treatments to Get Bed Bugs out of Your Car

If you think bed bugs are only a problem at home, think again. These resilient pests have been known to infest movie theaters, hotel rooms, schools, and even office buildings.


How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Home

Every year, many of us have to deal with ants coming into our homes, nesting somewhere either in or outside of the house and generally being irritating. This article contains advice to help you get rid of them naturally.


How to Remove a Wasp Nest

Did some wasps decide to start a nest in or around your home and you need to get rid of it? This article will show you how to safely remove a wasp nest.


How to Kill Household Fleas in Three Easy Steps

Removing fleas from your home requires an understanding of the flea life cycle and the conditions that allow them to reproduce. Learn how to remove these insects from your home in three steps.