10 Simple Tips for Keeping Ducks Away from Your Pool

Updated on April 19, 2017

Did you ever have problems with wild ducks hovering around your pool? Yes, they may look cute and fun to watch but the only problem is when they start pooping around and in your pool. In addition, if you see a pair of ducks swimming in your pool, chances are they will be mating and laying eggs in your yard. Before this happens, you immediately need to scare them off your pool. So how do you get rid of these wild ducks? Here are some few simple tips which anyone can do to prevent them from ever landing on your pool.

Duck on Pool


Tips for Keeping Ducks Away from Your Pool

1. Animal Pool Toys

Wild ducks do not like predator-infested waters. By utilizing a variety of inflatable animal pool toys like alligators, sharks, snakes and dolphins, you might just prevent the ducks from landing in your pool. However, this method does not always work.

Once the ducks learn that the floating thing in the pool is not really a threat, they will be swimming and pooping back in your pool again by anytime.

2.Solar Cover

Solar covers are usually used to prevent water evaporation and to trap solar radiation increasing the pool temperature up to 15 degrees. They come in all shapes and sizes where you can choose from to fit your pool.

Using a solar cover will not only make your pool warmer and free from falling leaves and debris, it is also a great way to prevent wild ducks from swimming in your pool water and pooping on it.

3. Have a Pet Dog

If fake predators don’t work, then use a live predator. Having a pet dog will easily solve your duck infestation problem. Ducks are easily scared and dogs are one of their predators. With just the sight or a bark of your dog, these ducks will be sent fleeing out of your pool.

It is important to remember though that not all dogs readily chase and bark at the ducks. And, not all ducks are easily scared of dogs. So you may need to train your dog to chase away those quacking ducks anytime.

4. Automatic Pool Cleaner

If your dog is too lazy to chase off those ducks, you can always rely on a machine to do the job. The principle is the same.

Since ducks are easily scared, having an automatic pool cleaner moving under your pool will surely prevent those ducks from ever landing in your pool. Even the sound of your pool vacuum can easily scare off the ducks

5. Fishing Line

By crisscrossing some fishing line acting like an invisible roof on top of your pool may prevent the ducks from landing. It serves as a barrier which can be invisible to the ducks. Once they hit the lines, they will never do it again.

6. Duck Off

Though putting unwanted chemicals in your pool may seem a bit discouraging, Duck Off is actually safe to use and it works. It is a product by the Lo-Chlor company which breaks the surface tension of the water preventing ducks from floating on the surface anytime

7. Motion-activated Sprinkler

These sprinklers will spray water once they sense motion around them. This is one great way to scare those ducks around your pool.

8. Bird Netting

The principle is the same as the fishing line. You can use a net to act like a roof and cover up your pool. Not only will it prevent the ducks from landing easily, but it will also add another protection from falling leaves. This is great if you have a large nearby tree beside your pool.

9. Plant Tall Shrubs and Avoid Planting Fruit-bearing Plants

Ducks do not prefer areas with tall vegetation where they cannot easily spot predators. So instead of planting short perennials around your pool side, plant tall shrubs. Also, plants like berries and nuts are favored by ducks because they provide them a food source

10. Scare Eye Balloons

These balloons float in the water and have large eyes as its design. Wild ducks usually hate those eyes as they represent a predator’s eye on the watch. This might just do the trick and add up some ornament to your pool.


If you have ducks visiting or staying in your pool, just scare them away. Never kill the ducks. Remember that these ducks are protected by law and if you get caught killing one, you might just be jailed. Besides, these ducks are just looking for a place to swim, feed, and reproduce. There is no reason for you to kill them just because they are swimming and pooping in your pool. It is always best to prevent them from being in your pool in the first place. If you know other tips on keeping ducks away from your pool, kindly comment it. Also, share this with your friends to help them get rid of those ducks around their pool.

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      • profile image

        gladyslspector@gmail.com 7 months ago

        didn't resolve my problem

      • profile image

        teresa 9 months ago

        Please I need to know if these wild mallard duck 6 or 7 weeks old will soon fly away.. they came with the Mama duck around 2 weeks old or maybe 3, I save them from the traffic , now they are big , are fleepping their winds ,but don't fly, I can't keep them any longer , now I'm feeding them 1 time a day and only letuche, now I want to Stop all together the feeding, I feel realy bad , but something has to be done

      • profile image

        Dannyboy 12 months ago

        I bought 2 plastic cobra black snakes from the dollar store that luckily floated. I tied string to the body and to the opposite end to a small brick with a foot or so slack. Just enough to give the snakes a bit of floating play in the deep and middle of the pool. Seems to freak the landing ducks out enough to keep them away.

      • profile image

        duckfighter 12 months ago

        so I have a solar cover on my pool. The ducks still lans there and make their mess there. Pool covers to deter ducks does not work.

      • RTalloni profile image

        RTalloni 16 months ago from the short journey

        Thanks for this interesting list of tips to ward off ducks in one's pool and yard area. I like the motion activated sprinklers because they would also be fun for kids to play in.