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The Best Ways to Catch a Mouse

Updated on April 04, 2016

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Photo credit: Google Images
Photo credit: Google Images

Christmas came early this year for my roommates and I. True to form, it came down the chimney, all bundled in fur, with beady, black eyes and a tail. Ho, ho, hold on... yes, it was a mouse. With only two days to get rid of the little darling before my parents came for a visit, it was necessary to approach the problem with cat-like tread, and determine the best way to catch a mouse.

The Standard

When it comes to catching rodents, your first thoughts are likely to run to your typical "snap/clap" mousetraps. Next to cats and other predatory animals, this method has been around the longest, and is starting to show its age in a society that tends to lean towards more humane means of pest-control. However, if you choose to use these traps, there are a few key points to consider:

  • Location, location, location: This is especially important whenever you are attempting to catch an unwanted houseguest. Regardless of what traps you choose to use, the simple truth is if you don't put it in the right place, you're just wasting your time. So, like any good hunter, you must stalk your prey. This means listening for the little scratching and skittering noises associated with rodents, and forcing yourself to actually watch the creature when it comes out of hiding.

For instance, "Houdini" was an escape artist who seemed to literally vanish into the walls, no matter how we barricaded the kitchen. It was only after I got down on my hands and knees and observed him disappearing into a corner, that I discovered the myriad of holes that were in the bottom of the cabinets, and the boards that ran along the edge of the floor. He was not, as we had long theorized, hiding behind the refrigerator. After we knew precisely where he was hiding, it was then very easy to catch him. Therefore, the first rule of trapping a mouse is observation and subsequently, location.

  • Bait- Using the proper bait to attract the mouse is clearly another must. However, mice are talented at grabbing the bait without getting caught, so don't think that a slice of cheese is going to work. If you must use cheese, use soft cheeses (like brie) that really stick to the trap. If you use something like Swiss, the mouse will be able to lift it right off the pad, and get away with little worse that a bloody foot. Ideally, I recommend using peanut butter, which is sticky and has a very strong scent.

The Humane

If clap-traps and D-con or other rodent/rat poisons are not to your taste, try this non-lethal method of pest-control. All you need is some type of tube, a box/bucket, and the edge of a table, countertop, or cardboard ramp.

1.) Get a toilet paper tube and crease two lines to form a flat sided tunnel; make sure it looks like a box, rather than a circle, which can roll around when the mouse is inside.

2.) Put a treat on one end of the tube: A cracker with dab of peanut butter works great.

3.) Get a tall (at least 20 inches) box or bucket. A non-lined trash can is ideal; you don't want to suffocate the mouse.

4.) Balance the tube on the edge of a table or counter (or self-made ramp) with the treat hanging directly over the trashcan or tall box; because they like tunnels, the mouse will scamper to the treat and tip into the trap.

You've Caught It... Now What?

Although using rat poison is the easiest way to get rid of a mouse, having a dead rodent rotting inside your walls, in a crawlspace, or in the back of your cabinets is unpleasant and dangerous to your health. Therefore, I recommend using either the standard traps, or the catch and release method, where you are actually assured that the mouse is gone for good.

Once you've either buried or released the mouse (at least a mile away from your residence), there are a few more tasks that you need to do in order to avoid any future unwanted visitors. If your home has already had mice running through, they have left their scent for other mice to follow. Therefore, it is very important to find their entry point and determine how to block it. Also, be sure to clean and disinfect any surfaces with which the mouse may have had contact. This not only gets rid of the scent, but also any other harmful bacteria or goodies that might have been left behind.

What NOT to Do

Before you go out there and start hunting those rascally rodents, here are a few last-minute reminders about what will not work... and also that which can be dangerous for all involved.

1.) Fill any mouse-holes with spackle... especially if the mouse isn't actually inside the hole. Such action will, of course, result in the rodent making another hole. Moreover, trapping the mouse inside its hole will only serve to starve it to death and result in a rotting mouse with a very unpleasant stench.

2.) Think, in any way, that you can simply corner the mouse, scoop it up, and take it outside. Mice chase each other for fun since they are young. They are much faster and smaller than you, and as such, will easily be able to evade you.

3.) Plaster all areas along the floor with sticky-traps, or tape cupboards shut in case they come up through the pipes. Some people are under the misconception that this is far more humane than the clap-traps. However, imagine that you are a mouse, whose body is entirely covered in fur, with a fragile tail, and not much strength; next, picture super-gluing yourself to a sheet of paper, and then trying to pull free, only to rip off your tail and a mass of hair. If you still think this sounds better than death, I invite you to cover your entire arm in duct tape, and then slowly pull it off. Finally, because mice are small and scotch tape is not very strong, chances are, the poor thing will still attempt to squeeze through, and get caught in a similar sticky situation. It will scream, and you will be forced to rescue it. Have fun.

Happy hunting...


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    • Dumbledore profile image

      Dumbledore 9 years ago from Somewhere in Ohio

      This a a very informative post. I agree that peanut butter is the best bait. Where we live, we encounter mice every year and when we used cheese, they would allways seem to get the bait without springing the trap. Cleaver little rascalls they are. Using peanut butter seems to work because they just can't get enough of it. They spring the traps. By the way, we have caught 15 of the little beggars in the last two weeks. I think a mama had babies.

    • Paul Edmondson profile image

      Paul Edmondson 9 years ago from Burlingame, CA

      This is just what I was looking for. Thanks. I placed eight clamp style mouse traps in my garage. I tried jack cheese, but no prizes. Now I'll try peanut butter.

      The week before I placed a sticky trap in the same spot I placed one of the clamp traps, and I caught a mouse in a few hours. Hopefully getting a better bait will help. I was going to try the sticky pads again, but my wife says they're too cruel. But if the clamps don't work, I'll be back to the pads.

    • glassvisage profile image

      glassvisage 8 years ago from Northern California

      Gawd, the thing looks like my hamster :P Gotta love the platypus journalist :)

    • mqjeffrey profile image

      mqjeffrey 8 years ago

      Thank you :)

    • Ian 8 years ago

      I have been living at my current location for almost 10 years nows, and never had a problem with a mouse. Until last week. I noticed one of those creepy monsters running across my floor. So i went out, bought some traps, and set them up with peanut butter. I have had no response, thinking maybe it died. However, I just checked the trap, and the peanut butter was gone, replaced by a greyish goo, i persume is from the mouse. Anywho, nice read, wish me luck.

    • johnr54 profile image

      Joanie Ruppel 8 years ago from Texas

      I've always had more luck with peanut butter than cheese. Not sure if it's the smell or the fact that the peanut butter sticks to the trap better.

    • Nancy Hernandez 8 years ago

      I just discovered that inside my kitchen walls there are lots of rats and mouses and their somehow coming out to my kitchen it is a frighting experiment especially when you are alone we put a mouse trap and got 2 of them but there is still lots more to go especially when you live in a basement and the garbage cans are right near your back door you can hear them squeeking in the walls and behind your stove it makes me very nervous the best thing to do is to have the owner quickly patch up all the holes from the outside of your home.

    • Son of Voodoo profile image

      Son of Voodoo 8 years ago from Home

      Watching the Discovery once and there was a show on an exterminator. One of the more interestig things was using beer in a saucer as a trap. He set the beer in the middle of a glue trap. Appearantly the rats loved beer, bit their bodies were not able to process it, so they died. I've never had the chance to check it out myself.

    • Kiesha 8 years ago

      I lsaw a mouse for the first time when I came to New York and I'm disgusted! Now I have a couple in my apartment. I had my husband set the snappy traps with peanut butter and cheese!! Do you know that the rodent cleaned the trap spotless and got away!!!!!! HELP

    • Dexter 8 years ago

      I had a glue trap and the mouse ate the glue and ate its way out of the glue trap it was one of the big rat glue traps T Rex is next

    • flutterbug77 profile image

      flutterbug77 8 years ago from USA

      Thanks for the helpful tips. Just so happens we have one. Now I know what to do.

    • 2patricias profile image

      2patricias 8 years ago from Sussex by the Sea

      Sometimes my cat brings a live mouse inside as a little gift! Usually the creature gets cornered, and then I catch it using a dustpan and brush. Then I hold the house down with the brush and run into the garden to realease it. This method does require a/ dexterity and b/ steady nerves.

    • privateye2500 profile image

      privateye2500 8 years ago from Canada, USA, London

      I know one other thing.  Those *sticky traps* have not worked at ALL for mice but they work Excellent for ants!!

    • Wanderlust profile image

      Wanderlust 8 years ago from New York City

      Riddex Plug In Pest Repeller Unit - I recommend for everyone who has problems with mice, it works for cockroaches as well. Forget about traps, just plug-in and you will forget about mice forever!!!

    • Leeway 8 years ago

      Very good post. One simple thing to add. When using the Valtrex or other clamp type trap, make sure to put the peanut butter inside the top part of the trap. The mice use the trigger lever to push against and it gets them every time. Putting the peanut butter on or in front of the trigger doesn't work every time.

      I live in the country, and due to my job am gone a lot so while I know for a fact a good mouse cat is the best deterrent, I don't have a pet. Ace Hardware sells Valtrex clamp traps and beginning in mid-september I put out the same 4 traps around my stove, fridge, and dryer vent. By no means would I consider my home infested, but it would get that way quick if I wasn't pro-active.

      This is October 11th. I got the first one on Wednesday the 8th, and have gotten 3 more since. While posting this I hear another one, and thats ok because I know his days are numbered.

      I've been using the same traps for around 4 years, and once the first real freeze hits, I'll leave them out for another couple of weeks to get stragglers but usually its over until the next september when I have to start over.

      I'm with many others. Those sticky traps are just terrible. While I do NOT want mice, I cannot justify using those traps. The one time I did I heard a squeaking and found a mouse that had literally torn its belly open trying to get free, and I felt bad. There's no catch and release plan here, but I don't hit puppies with hammers and I don't use sticky traps when the clamps are so effective.

    • anne.moss profile image

      anne.moss 8 years ago from Israel

      What a cute little mousey! We seem to be having a rat infestation in our roof lately. They're not in the house (with three cats indoors, I doubt that they would have lasted for long), but they are annoying, making lost of noises during the night. We've already trapped two and sounds like there's at least one more.

      I hate hurting animals, especially intelligent mammals like mice and rats. I am sure they can feel fear and pain just like dogs, cats and people. We released the two rats we caught, a few miles away from home, out in the fields, and plan on doing the same with the rest of them.

    • brad4l profile image

      brad4l 8 years ago from USA

      I am not really a fan of using poison, because I worry about other animals, like cats or dogs, eating the mice or the poison. I like your homemade trap idea. That is a really smart idea.

    • mouse out 8 years ago

      i have just heard a mouse hate killing traps but need to get rid of this pest heard i in the closet and in the back of refridge help help

    • Rick 8 years ago

      Be advised that deer mice (the cute ones with red on top and white bellies) can jump much much higher than a house mouse.

    • Jim 8 years ago

      Those plug-in Riddex things DO NOT work. I have one on each floor and the mice are back. Last year I used mice poison, but they died and it smelled horrible for days until I could find their bodies. Luckily, they were easy to find - but if they had died in the wall, I would have sold my house from the dreadful smell. The clamps are working for me now, but next summer I'm going under my house to locate their hole. Little buggers.

    • Victoria 7 years ago


      my boyfriend and i had our unwelcomed guest for practically the whole month of december! this was one early christmas present we did not appreciate. we tried every kind of method imaginable but the little stinker wouldn't leave us alone! finally i took my mother's advice and got some decon (america's #1 mouse killer) and in about a week we're pretty sure it died...we didn't see it come out for a visit after that...our maintenance people put out all the typical traps...but decon was the only thing that worked. our mouse was too smart...and wouldn't fall for the peanut butter trap...since then we've kept the decon out incase any other uninvited guests were to drop in (don't worry we don't have any animals that we'd have to worry about getting into the stuff) :D

    • terraferma 7 years ago

      I dont like the idea of traps because I have to go into my roof to remove the dying or dead creature.I used a pest exterminator and the poison he sprayed in my ceiling under the roof caused the rats to get thirsty which then forces them to get out of the house and they then die outside.And then my husband went around the yard picking them up and then we did a bonfire.Luckily they never came back.Apparently rats that hear a screeching dying rat then avoid the area like the plague(pardon the pun)

    • Traps 7 years ago

      The literature describes the way that Zambian farmers use for more than one hundred years. Add beer in the bowl with milk and leave it in the room. In the morning all rats die.

    • nicko guzman profile image

      nicko guzman 7 years ago from Los Angeles,CA

      I use a method of letting my rats out and let them kill the mice.They usually eat the babies,but just kill the adults.As long as your rats can come home and now ires to chew on they will be fine.Only problem is my rats can contrract things so I no longer do it.I have heard of vaccines.

    • nicko guzman profile image

      nicko guzman 7 years ago from Los Angeles,CA

    • Jason 7 years ago

      I had a mouse living under my kitchen cabinets so I placed a snap trap baited with peanut butter out and waited and waited and waited but no mouse. I got to talking to a friend of mine and he suggested that I place the trap against a wall because mice don't see very well and tend to follow the walls for guidance. Sure enough, as soon as I moved it against the wall, I had my mouse in no time. Good luck to all you happy hunters!

    • Lynn 7 years ago

      Here's a very humane way to catch a mouse we would choose vs those cruel snap traps or glue traps.. just catch them this way and release them a mile away from your home.. We don't have to kill them, just relocate them.

    • Lynn 7 years ago

      ooops, forgot the link, here it is, a very humane simple way to catch a mouse... it works quickly according to the post here:


    • Bill 7 years ago

      Actually, it is not hard to scoop and catch mice. It just takes practice. People tend to think mice a faster than them. That is not true. Consider the size of there legs. In one step, you move much further than they can with dozens of steps. Usually the way mice evade you is to crawl under things. If there is nothing for them to crawl under, they are easy to catch. I have caught several dozen this way. I usually avoid touching them with my hands but instead try to chase them into tin cans or such. Just remember they can jump three feet in the air, so if you open the can to take a peek, prepare for their escape.

    • Linda 7 years ago

      Mouse and rat poison is deadly--it can kill not only your pets but your neighbors pets if it leaves your property. Our beloved dog ingested a mouse that was poisoned with D-con and died suddenly--it only takes trace amounts to kill our pets. PLEASE USE TRAPS!

    • kathy 7 years ago

      I had to finally use the glue boards, I hate them, but they worked last year. This year, I have 5 boards in my kitchen, and the mice don't ever get caught. I freek out setting the traps. Any suggestions??? maybe put peanut butter on the boards??

    • Sam 7 years ago

      I cannot seem to catch this mouse which has been coming into my bedroom for over 8 months now. I'm also hearing another one in the walls and the sound is so annoying.

      I need to get rid of this one before another one actually comes in. I've tried peanut butter and chocolate on snap traps but it seemed to evade it. I saw it again a couple of days ago and i'm not sure if it ran into my shower room or hid under another hole.

      I have glue board near my door now, but still no sign of it going near it. I don't know what else to do, i've even tried the ultrosonic mouse repellent, useless doesn't work at all. I need some help, landlords given me posion and they have not touched that either. I've got all these products and none are working. It doesn't eat anything but make holes in the carpet. Any suggestions?

    • mqjeffrey profile image

      mqjeffrey 7 years ago

      Perhaps it's your placement of the traps, have you actually looked around for the holes the mouse is using to get into these rooms? When we were trying to catch the mouse in our house, that was crucial to our success. By blocking the mouse's main pathways, you increase your chances of catching it...

    • TrapGopher 7 years ago

      Your humane way to catch a mouse is a very good idea. http://www.trapgopher.com/

    • pat breen 7 years ago

      ....I just let my ferret loose in the house for a couple of days...

    • Davie 7 years ago

      Just wondering if nutella spread would work well?

    • Mickey and Minney 7 years ago

      ****GREAT ADVICE****: Use a Silicone Sealant to adhere almonds or popcorn kernals to the clamp trap. Gets them everytime! Before we found the mice were fast enough to get the food without settting off the trap! However, the silicone glues the food down and the mice tug at it just enough to set off the trap. Then goodbye mousies. You also get to reuse the food. We have caught 4 mice on the same almond! RIP Romeo, Juliet, Mickey, and Minney. HOUDINI will meet his Maker tonight. Good Luck Everyone!

    • Anne 7 years ago

      I have a very shy cat, one sticky trap and four plastic traps. We'll see what works!

    • buck melanoma 6 years ago

      My best friend said that summer sausage works very well, tried the peanut butter to no avail. I have only one mouse I've seen, but I am sure where there is one there are more.

    • BBALLZ 6 years ago

      I also have encountered unwanted visitors and I am deathly afraid of mice. I think that they are discusting creatures. I thought that I saw 1 a couple of weeks ago in my room but after that that sighting I never saw it again so I figured that it had gone away. But last night I heard it in my night stand scratching around. I didn't dare to open the drawer. I woke my husband up and he hit the dresser hard in an attemp to scare it away. It was quiet for a couple of minutes but then it would start scratching again. It was so annoying and I couldn't get back to sleep. Well now it's on and this little rodent is going down. The next day I opened my dresser drawer to try to find out what it was nawing on and you will never believe what I found. There was a 6 pack of Midol pills that it had been nawing on. I wonder if it ate enough for it to die or if it just got high. My husband said that it probably had cramps. LOL! Anyways I went out and bought 4 traditional mouse traps. I put peanut butter on them and placed them stratigically througout my room. Now I will just wait n see what happens tonight

    • Deb 6 years ago

      I have found that using an actual peanut (not peanut butter) wedged in the spring loaded part of the trap works great. Too many mice could lick off the butter, but they had to tug at the nut thus springing the trap. Also, if you don't want to see the carnage, put the set trap in a paper bag. Just don't look inside when you hear the telltale snap. Trapping is not a pleasant activity, but sometimes necessary.

    • AdamG 6 years ago

      Ohh the epic battle of last night from 9- to 4am). I had a mousy come in to my flat( his name is now squeekers). Squeekers was a house mouse brown and unfortuneatly super intellegent. I noticed him in the hall he hid immediately and bolted for the bedroom. Which of course of all days was messy. i barracaded the bedroom. I am not one initially to kill an animal. So i wanted to trap and dispose him. systematically i removed everything from the room, except the bed and dressers and finaly cornered squeekers into a closet. I barracaded the closet, and began building a maze to the front door for him to run out of the apartment. After finishing the maze (crafted beaifulyy i exposed the front door for. upon returning to my bedroom, another mouse came up from behind. I immediately thought squeeekers escaped! But i could hear squeekers in the closet still. He was there. So this new mouse had to be dealt with first. I swear though the new mouse told squeekers to dig out. I chased the new mouse out of the apartment, and then prepared to let sqeekers out of the closet. Squeekers was not there, but a lovely hole in the corner of the closet was now there. Squeekers escaped through the floor. Im debating what to do now. I filled the holes with steel wool, but in retrospec i think sqeekers might still be in the floor boards. So that might be a bad idea. For now i think its bought me time. i think ill unplug the hole next and set a trap (i can still barricade the closet so theres no where else for squeekers ) I dont like squeekers I hope hes moved on, Id hate to kill him hes so intelligent. But He isn't paying rent or pitching in for food. I only hope squeekers is a he and not a she too...

    • Kelcee 6 years ago

      It started with just a couple mice in our laundry room, and then they had babies... Lots of them. We paniced and moved in with the inlaws, we tried EVERYTHING, snap traps, glue pads, even a few homemade trials... and then I discovered the miricle... PEPPERMINT OIL. Appearently the smell is so strong that their little sinus's cant stand it. I know, it sounds too simple and hippy-ish right? I poured it into the heating vents, and honestly within 20 seconds we caught 7 mice! With in 2 hours of using the oil, we heard, or saw nothing. Its been about a month now, and nothing. I promise you this works!!

    • MarkPost 6 years ago

      I tried peanut butter, nutella, cheese, chocolate, grain, virtually everything, but the mice simply refused to go near the traps. I had to use poison to get rid of them and a lot of it. I had a bit of success with the glue traps, but mice are usually too smart and jump over it. If you do use glue, get the glue BOARDS not the glue traps.

    • SOMD 6 years ago

      Ortho Home Defense mouse traps work perfect. I recommend these to anyone. Its spring loaded and the little buggers get trapped in there. You can either release them in the wild or let them suffer and die in the trap. They are made so you just throw them away! I prefer the suffer method, in the hopes that his little friends were watching and listening!

    • mqjeffrey profile image

      mqjeffrey 6 years ago

      Thank you everyone for reading and for your thoughtful comments and personal stories. I have been away from HubPages for too long... (traveling will do that :)

      Again, muchas gracias!

    • IMOPOO 6 years ago


      HUMANS OWN THOUGHTS.They don't. see for yourself.

    • lisleverno profile image

      lisleverno 6 years ago

      You make a great point. I think glue traps are the most inhumane, since they provide the slowest death. I've been looking into more humane mouse traps and found some great electronic mouse traps the instantly kill mice with lethal shocks.

      Here's an example of one:


    • MarkPost 6 years ago

      I have an electronic zapper, do NOT waste your money if your mice are trap shy. If it won't go near a spring or snap trap, the mouse will avoid an electronic zapper. The problem is a mouse can see it has no opening on the other end and isn't stupid enough to go into it knowing there is no way out.

    • thefridayknight 6 years ago

      I have found that many (snap) traps on the market (especially the discount store variety) just are not that good. They're not sensitive enough. The only traps that I get results with are VICTOR traps.When I use anything other than Victor traps and get up in the morning the bait is gone but trap is in tact.Don't buy cheap traps.

    • woosh 6 years ago

      I use the mouse-3000-transporter plus. It beams the mouse to a distant planet made of penut-butter and cheese.

    • Paydro2208 6 years ago

      What if your unwanted little friend has a habit of climbing your bed late at night a crawls all over you. I've set up my traps for a few months now and still haven't caught the little vermin. It seems to favor my the best when I go to sleep only. I also think that there crawling all over inside my bed as well but haven't seen any real evidence to support that theory and my friend thinks that it's only in my head. I think that this one is way too smart to be caught. I just started to put the mouse trap on my bed when I go to sleep but I seem to snap the trap while I roll around in my bed. I also started to leave the mouse trap on the edge of my bed and stick it there with duct tape so it wouldn't move off. Should I start leaving the mouse trap on my and sleeping on an uncomfortable bed?

    • krazychemist78 6 years ago

      I get mice every year when the farmers harvest. What I've found is that no one way works all the time. You have to watch what the mice are interested in and go from there. Some mice really like carbs, others like protein. Some are easily caught with a peanut-butter snap trap, others require intricate placement of glue boards with bait. I could care less about treating them "humanely" - they're filthy obnoxious creatures. If I could eradicate them I would!

    • Marcus 6 years ago

      Well at this current moment i have 2 mice in my cupboard and i have set a trap but it appears its not great and very shit hmm thanks for the read though hehe ill try peanut butter =)

    • James 6 years ago

      We got a frikin family of rats in our house. We caught one in a trap, cut his head off, sweet. Now i got a whole family... i got 24 glue traps, and 21 snap traps, im getting them all.

      As for being "humane" to them, screw that, those bastards don't care bout my family. iM taking them OUT!!!!!!!!!!

    • Vince 6 years ago

      Was playing the piano pretty late at night when in the corner of my eye, a grey mouse runs from outta nowhere to hide under the couch. We've never had mice or rat problems ever, but i guess our furry little friend let himself ealier in when i was in the garden with my little brothers & forgot to shut the back door. So with no mouse traps or anything, we blocked off all exits, & have contained the little backstard in one room. However, he is smart & has missed all the traps, only coming out into the open when forced to. Gonna try the toilet roll tube over a bucket full of water, as i'm not willing to risk setting him free somewhere, only to come back or go to another person's house.

    • Rosalie 6 years ago

      Please help me someone! I've tried absolutely everything to get rid of the mice in my basement apartment. My landlord bought poison which I ground and mixed with peanut butter. One of them ate it and I watched it have a heart attack (it was quite sad really). The other one still lives. But now it hangs out in the back of my fridge and I'm not sure if it ever comes out. I live in a tiny place and thus hear it's ever movement. It's absolute hell. I've spent around $60 trying to get rid of these mice. I looked in the back of my fridge and can't see it. This weekend, a friend is coming over to help me. I also have the peppermint oil, snap traps, glue traps, glue boards, plug repellent...nothing. if anyone has another idea - especially for the back of a fridge, please help me.

    • joe 6 years ago

      using a standard spring trap tie on a small piece of raw bacon. 100% success rate.

    • LadyKryten 6 years ago

      We just moved into a house last week. Iafter unpacking some things in the kitchen, low and behold mouse dropping in a drawer the next morning. EWWW. this morning, I found that it had gotten into some candy that was in a ziplock baggy. It only at the peanut butter cups out of all the other candy. I have now baited all the traps with peanut butter cups. Hope this works and maybe it will help some of you guys.

    • Abs 6 years ago

      We have caught 8 mice in 5 days using bacon or peanut butter in snap traps. They only go in one cubboard. Landlord covered holes with aluminum tape. Can mice get through wood to make new holes?

    • mqjeffrey profile image

      mqjeffrey 6 years ago

      To be honest, I'm not sure if mice can make completely new holes (they can certainly gnaw at wood, but not sure if they'd do it long enough to make a brand new hole), but they can squeeze themselves through holes as small as a nickel, so I would remain vigilant. Good job on winning many battles, but I would leave more traps or "security" around just in case.

    • vu2rgu 6 years ago

      The best bait for a live trap is a piece of toast, crunchy and a bit overtoasted with a smattering of plain margarine. Now coat this piece of toast with milk powder and set it into your live traps.

      This bait is non-messy, non-sticky and is sure to work from day one. Mice get attracted to the smell of milk powder and something toasty, they get toasted! Dispose off by drowning the live trap in a big bucket of water.

    • oozy 6 years ago

      Wouldn't you know it: we get mice in the UK too. I was told by pest control that biscuit, soft fruit or peanut butter was way better than cheese. I also resurrected an old air pistol and sharpened my shooting by firing at a beer can. Of course I took the greatest care to dispose of the beer first using the time-honoured method.

      Now I have a thriving family of well-fed mice. And 34 holes in the wall!

    • David 6 years ago

      I agree that poison is probably more humane than letting a mouse starve to death stuck to a glue trap or possibly chewing off its foot to get free. I wouldn't use glue traps until I started to wonder what would happen to a person if he got stuck in it. So I read the box and found out that applying a drop of cooking oil immediately renders the glue non-sticky. After that I ONLY used glue traps. When I found a mouse in one I carefully picked it up, held it (and the mouse over a cage dripped some oil on the part that was stuck and let the mouse drop into the cage. Then I drove to a field miles away and released the mouse. Worked like a charm.

    • mqjeffrey profile image

      mqjeffrey 6 years ago

      Great comment, David! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and insights with us :)

    • desperate rat catchers 6 years ago

      i hope this plan works. we are trying your trap 2 capture a mouse. my sis doesn't know if its a rat or a mouse but we might catch something!!!!

    • milogottago 6 years ago

      little guy came out three nights in a row and wont go near the live traps with peanut butter!!!

      bought six large glue pads today and set them out for tonight and.... no show. he's usually around by now. i put the 6 glue traps lining the doorway to the bathroom and the kitchen (both places he was spotted last night).

      olive oil and live traps are standing by for if or when he gets stuck in the glue.

      am i scaring him off but having so many baited traps around i wonder?

      smart little bugger!!!

    • Xterminator 6 years ago

      I hate rodents. Stupid ass mouse had me jumping like i'm playing hop scotch. caught the bastard, put it in a jar, added some lighter fluid and burned that mofo. Screw taking it half a mile or further to screw up someone elses home, I live n NYC people are everywhere. Plus it seems in this city mice left uncaught, or caught and relocated grow up to look like Kangaroos.

    • dawn 6 years ago

      Two winters ago, we had an awful mouse problem. The city tore down two old houses in my neighborhood, and it seemed like the mice came straight to our house. Started off by seeing one or two, then it became like four or five in different colors! I am terrified by them and demanded something be done. We started off by trying the glue boards, glue trays, and the snap traps. We also put poison outside. The glue trays did not work. The glue boards didn't at first until we lined like six of them against the wall. We caught mice in the middle ones because they would jump over the them! We baited the snap traps differently with cheese and peanut putter, and surprisingly the cheese ones worked better for us. We were so amazed at the number of mice we caught. After patching up the holes, we finally seen no activity.

    • Denise 6 years ago

      We live in an older 2 story colonial home, and almost every winter get mice in the basement. I don't know there point of entry. We are successful in catching them with the spring traps baited with gumdrops. They love them, and they stick nice to the trap.

    • Onica 6 years ago

      I am currently dealing w a mouse problem and I can't seem to catch the thing. I will try the tips above...BUT no poison...that's too nice of the death for a mouse...I can't stand those rodents and couldn't understand anyone that will want to trap a mouse "nicely"...I'm making sure that sucker gets stuck to a trap so I can sandwich it w/ another trap and have piece of mind!

    • Mouse Killa 6 years ago

      If u use the clamp traps, make sure not to put the peanut butter where the manufacturer says to put it. I learned the hard way after I found my traps had been licked clean. Take the peanut butter and smear it as close to the inside back of the clamp as possible. After I did this, I killed the mouse that had eluded us for close to two weeks. After you catch/kill one, make sure to re-set as there may be more than u think.

    • mqjeffrey profile image

      mqjeffrey 6 years ago

      Great tips and stories everyone, thank you for joining in on this discussion!

    • JB 6 years ago

      Thanks for all of the advice! We tried Ortho traps and they didn't work so I'm going to have to find something else....some of these other traps sound good.

    • kk 6 years ago

      I have tried the d-con--that seemed to work at first, but now they are in my walls and ceiling and keeping me up at night. I actually saw one come out of my siding while I was on my patio so I placed the "no touch" traps where I saw the one come from. I immediately caught one, but none since, and I think there is more than one now. The peanut butter in the trap seemed to work right away, but I have not been able to trap one in 1 1/2 weeks now. The only thing is that I have ants eating the peanut butter so I am having to re-bait them daily w/no results. I am not liking the idea of d-con and them dying in my walls..any suggestions? I am thinking about trying the bacon. I bet the ants love me by now!

    • RodentsBegone 6 years ago

      So, here is my take on this whole mouse hunting/trapping thing. About 2 weeks ago or so, as I was staning in my kitchen, I saw a mouse scamper from the dining room into the kitchen and behind the stove. I freaked, of course!! I knew the little shit(s) were somewhere in the house, as I had noticed their nasty little bowl movements in the cupboard under my kitchen sink. The next day I went to our local Wally World and bought two items. One was a box of two d-CON Mouse Traps (the NO view, NO touch mouse traps; bait, twist and set) and then a bag of 8 d-CON Rat & Mouse Bait Blocks II: Rodent Control that can be used inside or outside. When I got home, I baited the mouse traps with peanut butter and set each of them where I had watched the mouse go under the cabinet and under the microwave cart, paying close attention to put it as close to the wall as possible, which was sort of hard, considering they're round!! I put two of the bait blocks under the cabinet where I could visually see mouse droppings; one in my mud room close to the back door and one in the bathroom under the cabinets in there, where I had noticed droppings as well. About a week after setting the traps out and setting the bait blocks out, I saw the little, furry $**t again! This time he/she ran out and around the corner from my sons room; so, I thought to myself, ok you little b*$***d!! I went in the kitchen and grabbed one of the "traps" and put it in my sons room. I have been keeping an eye on the "traps" and the bait blocks and noticed that the one in the mud room plus the ones under the kitchen sink had been nawed on; I was excited to say the least. I haven't seen hide nor hair of any rodents for about a week or so now. The d-CON bait blocks contain difethialone, an anticoagulant, which when ingested by the rodents, causes damage to their tiny blood vessels thus causing internal bleeding; with a lethal dose, death will usually occur 1 - 2 weeks after ingestion. (Read this information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rodenticide) According to that website, the rodent goes into shock or severe anemia and dies calmly; but because of the duration of discomfort or pain, "rodenticides" are considered inhumane. I really don't care if it seems inhumane or not, I really don't want them in my house or the neighbors either for that matter. I have concluded that the "traps" were an absolute waste of my money, because the moue/mice were absolutely NOT interested in them what so ever!! I did have an interesting encounter earlier this morning (hence me googling what is the best bait for traps and found this blog), I woke up to use the restroom and get a drink. As I was pouring my Pepsi I spilled some on the counter and the floor (half asleep I'm sure LOL), as I was wiping the pop off of the counter and then the floor, I noticed some tiny, black ants. At first I just thought to myself, where in the heck are those coming from and what are they after in the house. It hit me square in the face at that moment and I had to get down on hands and knees to look under the microwave cart for the "trap" that I had set with the peanut butter as bait. I pulled it out from under the cart; low and behold it was covered in those lovely, little ants!! So, I'm thinking that I'm doing pretty good with the rodent problem at this point in time and received another "pesty" problem in its place!! So, inhumane or not, I will NOT waste my money on "traps" again, I don't care how easy they are to use or set; my money will be on the bait blocks!! Happy rodent control everyone and I hope that something in my post helps others out there with this problem in the future.

    • EZ 6 years ago

      My rat problem differs a little bit. The rat is under the kitchen cabinet. There are two holes. We've covered one and the other one is free. The open hole is near the oven which is an equal shelter for "Houdini". I can't force it to get out so I can R-him-IP. I don't want to use a trap. Help!

    • Elly 6 years ago

      The mouse poison is horrific, after seeing a mouse lurch around dying in the midday sun, I'd never use poison. What if a pet or a kookaburra picked up the mouse? - They'd be poisoned too... The sticky traps seem way to inhumane and the humane traps don't work.

    • me 6 years ago

      well elly , guess you are gonna have mice then!!!!!!!!!

    • LH 6 years ago

      Traps are just too gross, poison should never be used cause other animals can catch and eat the dying mouse. I suggest either the nice kill and release method or an electronic rat zapper.

    • RG 6 years ago

      We recently had quite a few mice, driving my wife nuts. My son and I have developed a method to chase them down, block off their escape with a ruler (they like going under the radiators and oven to hide), and coerce them to run into a paper grocery bag. They like to run to dark places. Have caught three this way now. Takes about 15 minutes

    • dazed 6 years ago

      I'm not sure if this will work with mice/rats, but it sure works with every other mammal on the planet.. ANTIFREEZE. That's right, smells sweet, tastes sweet, kills with success. If you are fed up and want to kill the little buggers and don't care about having them die in your walls, then this would be the best trick ever I think. I have tried several traps around my small 2 room suite and have been putting Nutella on the traps. They love that stuff. It's too soft however and they lick it off, clean that is. I did manage to catch one bigger mouse that was too stupid and pushed down on the trigger, and another that I think was caught running along the wall (thank you, against the wall trick). Tomorrow, teh bacon trick, and I'm gonna experiment with the gummy trick. I will set half the traps with bacon, half with gummies. Some of the foods they have eaten in my place are oatmeal, but the oatmeal packets that are flavoured, such as the brown sugar/apple ones from Costco. If you are looking for a humane way of trapping and need a bait idea, this is 100% success. Make a paste with flavoured oatmeal and nutella (not peanut butter, nutella has a lot more sugar and is softer). Stirr it up and mix it well. Place on a cracker at the end of your trap. Closed or not the vermin will smell the delicious scent of sugar/carbs and will go for the bait. Mice may be blind but they can smell sugar a mile away. Anything sugary, which brings me back to the antifreeze thing. Another thing is, don't kid yourself about them not being able to chew through wood. How do you tink they made the holes. I have read that mice can chew through literally anything except metal, concrete and glass. They can even chew through wiring. Also, about using oil after the mouse is caught on the glueboards, well FYI oil will take care of antyhing sticky. Canola oil is best for this, as it was originally formulated for synthetic motor oil, and neutralizes anything sticky, from sap to glue. I use canola oil to lubricate door hinges, remove sap from my skin and glue from hard surfaces, but canola oil is lethal for you in the longrun, don't eat it (if you were smart, you would already know this, butter FTW). But as far as the sticky trap goes, I dare you to glue yourself to the wall and try to peel yourself off. Great. Shoot me with a gun. Which brings me to a point, if you are gonna use the sticky method, get ready to have a pellet gun and shoot them when they start screaming. If you can't handle this then don't use the sticky board. If you must use the sticky board and don't care about their pain, then may god have mercy on your soul. Killin them with the snap trap is bad enough but I too am at my witts end. The snap traps do work, you just have to know where they are hanging out, and you have to have the right bait. The tied on bacon I think is gonna be the beauty. I have read from several different sources now that this works. Anyway, sorry for the long post, but I'm extremely tired and can't sleep due to the disgusting smell in my place, since there are probably a dozen mice in the house now and the number is growing. So let me resummarize, and I will end this rambling. If you want poison, antifreeze. If you need bait, oatmeal and nutella. I will let you know about the bacon and gummies tomorrow. And one last thing, what kind of intelligent animal shits and pisses where they eat. GROSS.

    • Jpdiffy 6 years ago

      Very good post. I don't know if anyone has caught it yet, but the animal in the picture is a hamster. Mice have slightly longer ears, which are much wider, rounder, and hairier. Just do a google/yahoo search for mice and you will see it.

    • ItsOn 6 years ago

      so for the past year i have been having this rodent problem.

      we had mouse in the attic, we killed them all with poison (just seemed to work, and then loe-an-behold we got a rat in our basement(totally yuck) power went out one night, had to flick the breaker and boom there it was, scared me...

      so now i have mice (caught one last nite) but they are taunting me! an hour later i had one trap set off, peanut butter gone, and no mouse. then this morning woke up to find their "presents" in 2 sperate locations.

      its on!

      im going to catch these lil buggers,i have decided im ripping apart my kitchen and setting traps all day. wish me luck

      on another note, there are two holes in my basement about a foot in diameter in my basements foundation.

      anybody know what that could be from?

      what kind of animal digs through cement, seriously!

    • Great mice hunter 6 years ago

      Peanut butter works a treat.

    • AS 6 years ago

      Your humane trap idea is AMAZING and it's the only way I was able to catch a very small, very fast mouse who easily ate from traps without getting caught (the snap type - wooden and plastic) and was too smart to run into a glue trap. I used pb on the end of the tp roll, and since he was hungry from me being very careful about cleaning up crumbs and tying up the trash bags, he went right for it. Even then, he was able to jump out of my 20-inch bucket after falling in on the first try! So I had to modify this by covering most of the bucket with saran wrap, leaving a small arc open with a piece of construction paper lining the inside of the arc to balance the tp roll against (on the side that would fall down) and provide extra jump protection. I really needed to be around soon after he fell in, though, because with all of his determination I'm sure he would have managed to jump out again. We just released him into the woods and I think he really deserved his freedom - he was a smart one.

    • fleaaa 6 years ago

      so i keep finding mouse droppings on my couch and underneath the cushions. there also also what look like piss stains on the white lining of the sofa underneath the cushions. disgusting, i know. i need to move and burn this couch, even though it's only 2 yrs old. where are these little turds coming from? i've caught two so far---using snap-e mouse traps (best ever design, google it). used peanut butter both times. having trouble nabbing these last few. haven't seen them yet, they're smart enough to come out either at night or when i'm at work. going to put some fresh peanut butter on tonight and add a triscuit crumb or two. die little furry bitches!

    • thetbone46 6 years ago

      the press and set mouse trap made by Ortho home defense is the best trap I have ever used. I've never seen it go off without catching the mouse. bait the trap with a chunk of dry dog food and a little peanut butter. I have tried all kinds of glue traps and snap traps over the years with mixed results. trust me...the ortho press and set is the best.

    • Linda 6 years ago

      I have unwanted friends in my house.

      Bacon fat is what i'm using. After cooking your bacon, pour the fat that is in your pan into a bowl and refrigerate till it gets hard.

    • Johnny 6 years ago

      First of all, try the spring traps ... I prefer Victor brand but whatever. Secondly, place the bait a little closer on the lever (trigger) ... don't put it at the tip. Use peanut butter first. Thirdly, get some needle-nose pliers and tweak the trigger a bit. You can either bend the wire or the trigger, but I have best luck with the trigger. When the mouse trap is almost impossible to place down unless you are very gentle, it's about right.

      Hold the traps by the outside edges always. If you find a mouse has eaten the bait and not triggered the trap, just pick it up a few inches and drop it .. it will trigger and then be safe to handle. Rebait, adjust trigger if necessary, and gently place in the appropriate area. Along walls is great, but try to find where they are. Mice need water ... they can only live two to four days without it. So, find that source of water ... chances are it's a dripping tap somewhere, perhaps the basement. Whatever, just find it. Mice will be travelling there, guaranteed, so set a trap or two there.

      Finally, you have to get on the mice problem quickly ... every day you wait can be disaster. Females are in heat every 4~5 days. They WILL get pregnant. Gestation is three weeks. So, in a month, you will have baby mice, again, guaranteed. A litter is 8 to 12 normally, but 20 is not unheard of. These babies will breed in 4~6 weeks. A month later, and you have a hundred mice. So, get on it. Don't procrastinate at all, and don't pull your traps if you catch one ... keep them out for at least two weeks after the last mouse was caught.

    • vicky 6 years ago

      i used one of the snap traps when a mouse came through my window but have to say i will never use one again it was the most horrific thing i have ever seen please get humane ones

    • BillyBob 6 years ago

      Once while camping at the lake with several children I found something had eaten a hole in the cracker wrapper.I knew the kids would freakout it they saw a mouse. I went to town and bought a large size glue trap.

      Put it out and went skiing. When I came back there were four small mice stuck. I wondered what do I do with the trap and crying mice. As I sit the trap down outside of the trailer I saw a cat about 100yards on the horizon. I went in the trailer and watched the cat come down the hill and had lunch. Never saw the cat or mice again and we skied all weekend.

    • Stumpy 6 years ago

      Snap traps with peanut butter are the best...As people have stated the traps HAVE to be right up against the walls because mice do not have good eye site, and they will follow along them.

      Another advice is to prevent mice from coming into the house in the first place. Walk around your house, and look for holes into your home. Mice only need a hole the size of a dime to get in. FILL THEM UP! Dryer vents, AC units, etc. are good places to look for holes where the unit comes into the house. Shrubs, and tall grasses NEXT to the house are GREAT hiding place for mice. Prevention is very key!

    • Momo168 6 years ago

      Sticky trap doesn't work i watched the mouse walk all over it and not cought

    • mimi 6 years ago

      My little sister saw a mouse /rat this morning while getting ready for school, I am traumatised n cnt go back to sleep ... these are great ideas ... I'm so freaked out that I'm gonna try one of everything !!

    • Noah Mercy 6 years ago

      Don't know about everyone else, but I've had very good luck by quickly trapping them in a corner and then I tap them with a foot as they try to get away (scamper by). If you get a foot on them you will get them, it takes a tap about as hard as breaking an egg, a little harder. You don't want to stomp them really or tap too hard, and defintely don't step on them (put all your weight). Even if you do it just right, there may be a little blood from the mouth/nose area. I try to get them in the head, sometimes they will actually run under your foot if there's a strong shadow. This is a very humane method because they die very quickly. If need, administer a second (kill) tap. I use a little bleach spray to wipe up the blood. The mouse suffers almost none or very little. Releasing is not likely to work, they will return to food, water and shelter.

    • mouse hater 6 years ago

      When you see them in the house you can usually chase them into a corner under a piece of furniture. I then use my shop-vac (the small kind) to vacuum them up. THHHP! You would think it would hurt them but most survive the ride.

    • I hate mice 6 years ago

      I saw mouse poop under my sink, and on my kitchen counters. I went to the hardware store and bought some snap traps, baited them with cheese, placed them against the walls, and SNAP,SNAP, I got 2 of those disease carrying bastards. I have more traps set around the house also. Mice are no joke. They gave my roommate food poisoning. If you want to catch a mouse use the time tested method, and snap their necks with a trap.

    • Lilmersea 6 years ago

      Very, very helpful. I'm convince the more humane way has also got to be the most successful. A few days ago I noticed some mouse droppings in my kitchen. I just got a new Droid and decided I would video the kitchen counter that night. I actually got not one, but two mice on video eating some macaroni I intentionally left on the counter. It was just so cute I couldn't bare killing them, but definitely didn't want them in my house. I got online to find humane methods of catching mice and found your sight. I decided to try the toilet paper roll and flattened it the best I could, but when I woke the next morning... no mouse. It had been moved some though so I decide the problem wasn't the method, but might be the tube. The second night I cut both ends out of a nice and flat, little debbie snack box, added a crumb or 2 from the nights dinner, and bingo. :) Woke up about 3 in the morning to a mouse in my trash can. Set it up again and within about 20 minutes had his buddy. Thank you do much for this idea. It was very helpful. I took them both about 3 miles from my house and let them go by an old barn in a field. So... A bird, snake, cat, or other human may kill them, but I'm happy knowing I didn't have to. :)

    • different me 6 years ago

      These little rodents have no problem coming into my house and spreading disease. I have 2 children to love and protect, I have no problem with killing them so they don't kill those I love

    • Hunter 6 years ago

      So my brother is sitting in the livingroom a few days ago, playing a game on his phone and a very brazen mouse wonders from near the fridge as if he it is casually walking to the store. He set some traps with some bread on and some chocolate spread which I didn't think would work.

      We went out and came back late and nothing.

      I set more traps bringing the total to seven. On these I put some dried banana from my cereal and a raisin on only one.

      Left out for the day came back late. Nada

      Late in the night I am in my room with earphones in relxing..... SNAP.

      All is well. He took it out and all is... WAS well.

      I was sitting watching something on my laptop, I turn to my right and there is a mouse walking toward me like a long lost friend. I quickly left the room so I could obvserve from a crack in door exactly where he goes. He seems to walk up to some of the traps and turn away sharply as if there was a bad smell. I assumed that it could smell the hand of human. And my younger brother not long ago told me he used gloves and olive oil when setting traps as apparently the olive oil rids the scent.

      I'm in Hunter Mode. After this one is gone I will finish plugging with the wire wool.

      In the past I have only ever encountered one. He stole from ME! Stole a peanut from off the trap, twice if remember correctly. So I tapped the nut to the trap so it would tug and snap and it worked.

    • RatKilla 6 years ago

      "the press and set mouse trap made by Ortho home defense is the best trap I have ever used. I've never seen it go off without catching the mouse. bait the trap with a chunk of dry dog food and a little peanut butter. I have tried all kinds of glue traps and snap traps over the years with mixed results. trust me...the ortho press and set is the best."

      Have had these for 3 weeks now and not one catch. Though I have had to reset them several times. Defintely not worth the money.

    • ISS mouse trap fan 6 years ago

      Been using an Its So Simple mouse trap for some time now and they are the easiest and the best. Same basic idea as the tube mentioned above, but multi catch. A fellow in Montana makes and sells them from his web site.

    • Brandy 6 years ago

      I live in the country next to a farm. They harvested crops not to long ago so the mice are now in my house. They are to light to trigger spring traps. I have even put peanut butter on the bottom of the trigger and they still get away. We have caught 3 mice on glue traps. I currently have 1 mouse that is out smarting me. I'm glad we are moving in a few weeks. I can't stand this mouse in my house anymore.

    • Tom 6 years ago

      Put me in with the "I don't care, I am going to kill them" group. The only bad thing about glue traps is that the suckers will scream which will probably wake you up and give you nightmares. Then in the morning you take the glue trap, put it in a plastic bag, take it outside and smash the entire thing with a brick. The thing only suffers a LITTLE while. Just put some peanut butter in the middle of the trap. It can't get the peanut butter without getting stuck.

      As for "live" traps, they can be more inhumane that glue traps. I had one live trap that I didn't think had caught a mouse. Well I check the thing a few weeks later and lo, there was a mouse inside! It starved to death. So don't think live traps are that humane.

      Don't give me animal rights philosophies. I will save bears and whales. I WILL KILL MICE. They give me nightmares. I am going psychotic with them in my house. I am going to brutally murder them. If I knew it would help, I would crucify one with chopsticks.

      If you don't feel the same way, you haven't had a real mouse problem.

    • Tom 6 years ago

      Also, when you're closing up holes with steel wool, use A LOT of steel wool. Use a chop stick or whatever to shove as much steel wool as possible into the hole. I've had occasions when the mouse just pushes the wool aside. Make sure it's really in there. Duct tape/glue the thing shut afterwards. Just make sure that the hole is secure.

    • Mouse Host 6 years ago

      I was browsing the web reading scary stories from a Japanese blog (link provided) when I suddenly heard rustling from underneath my bed (it's some good 2 feet tall with space for large boxes and training equipment underneath). Needless to say more than a few hairs stood up on my back. After listening to it for more than 10 seconds, I looked closely and saw the cutest little grey mouse run from under my bed into another piece of furniture (all of them rise 2 inches above the ground so he ran underneath it) with a kiss chocolate from Hershey in its moth, still wrapped (I must have dropped it under the bed).

      If my apartment complex allowed pets, I'd keep it around and call him Brain, but they won't even allow fish in the building so I'll just release him in the woods nearby. Thanks for the clap box idea, I'm making one as I type this :D

    • Lynn Lubben 6 years ago

      Has anyone tried the humane traps found on Amazon.com? They have several and they work! Last summer, we caught 13 mice within a few days of each other with sunflower seeds, and released them several miles away from our home, because I read they are able to find you again. Fast forward - several months later (with no mice), I have another crop of them with the cold weather, and I'm trying to tempt them with sunflower seeds and a protein bar with nuts and sugar, which they were eating from my pantry! But I think the traps must have an odor, because they're not taking the bait. I hope to clean them up well enough, but if I can't, I am going to use the method of the paper towel or the T.P funnel again. It also worked for me and there is no odor left on a disposable tube.

    • Steve 6 years ago

      great idea with the peanut butter, ive had the traps down for 5 days and the little swine has taken the food off every night, tried the butter last night...

      back of the net,

    • Mousassin 6 years ago

      I consider any mouse that comes into my home as suicidal. Last year, we had our screen door blow off during a storm and it took two weeks for the landlord to replace it. During that time, a few furry friends got in under the front door. I caught them with sticky traps (after I tried snap traps to no avail) and everything was fine for a few months... but then they found their way back in through the laundry room somehow. They stay in there as long as we keep the door shut and I've put down poison twice and had one incident of stinkage (luckily not noticeable in the rest of the house) and no activity for a few months. Just tonight I was getting a load of towels out of the dryer and heard a rustling behind me. Needless to say, the poison will be out again tonight. There will be no Mouse Frank family living in my walls or extra rooms. If you want to call it inhumane, go ahead. I guess that makes me the mouse gestapo.

      And for you pet lovers out there - once the poison has been metabolized (which it has to be to kill them) it is no longer lethal to your pets should they happen to find and eat a mouse carcass. So no worries on that front!

    • Paul 6 years ago

      I love the toilet tube trap suggestion. I plan on making one as soon as I can, only mine will be a bit more elaborate, durable and easily resettable, and the bucket will contain enough water to drown the little buggers. You can fish 'em out, reset the trap, and wait for the next victim.

    • beth 6 years ago

      when I was younger we lived in a farmhouse in VA, we would have all sorts of mice come in when winter came around. we found mice in our cabinets all the time in the saltines box, it seemed they would get in, but then couldn't get out! so thats how I catch mice to this day, place an saltines box standing up with the top open, place a few crackers inside the bottom and wait. the mice somehow can climb in but they cannot get back out, then take them to a field far from your home and just toss them out! works like a charm and doesn't hurt the little guys.

    • HumaneMouseTrapMan 6 years ago

      I think that everyone should use the procter brothers trip trap live catch mouse trap.it has a little window so u can see the mice u catch. find it on Amazon.com, and use it outside. they come to ur house and get caught the trap. they dont come bac when released i dont think.

    • judith 6 years ago

      We have mouse that likes to eat hershey kisses off the counter and place them on the stove eye. And obviously it has friends cause we've caught 3 since then. But we just can't catch it. We've tryed peanut butter and sticky pads and even the catch and release traps but nothings worked. PLEASE HELP!

    • keny 6 years ago

      this solution WORKS!!!!.....one box of kraft macaroni and cheese....make it adding some yummy real cheddar chesse...after it cools and you have enjoyed the meal ..save some for your snap trap....it has worked for me and you do not have to use too much you see the pasta sticks to the trap.....meeses to pieces!!!

    • jokey 6 years ago

      had mice in our house after having a new heat pump installed,found a place were the installers left a gap in the outside wall.filled it in with instant foam,when the mouse ran behind a sofia and stove i used a shop vac with a long extension,after being suck in ,the force killed it .

    • Cozy 6 years ago

      My husband and I discovered our first mouse in the house at the beginning of december...I was freaked out! I spent about 3 hours on top of the kitchen table waiting for my sister to get over to the house with mouse catching supplies. We planted three snap traps in the vancinity where i spotted it. The next morning I checked the traps...so optimistic that we would have caught it...nothing! I was waiting with baited breath but these traps were not working and meanwhile I was NOT comfortable in my own house! After two weeks of this...one evening I was doing homework in the living room and saw the mouse daintily run over and approch the peaunut butter-baited trap. There were two side-by-side in case it jumped over the one. I thought to myself "This is going to happen before my very eyes...I will see this mouse get caught finally!!" But as I watched it skipped around the traps as if they were not even there!! I was determined after that and went out and bought 9 glue boards. I was trying to refrain from using these for the obvious mean reasons..but it was ON after that. I wanted it OUT!!! Within literally 30 minutes of laying those traps down it was finally caught. Fortunatlly the hubby was home because I literally ran out the door after it was caught. The poor things squeals could be heard from my neighbors yard where i stayed until it was taken out. I do feel really bad for the little guy...but I pay the rent there.

    • Can't stand Mice 6 years ago

      Glue traps are the best - I discovered mouse droppings in my kitchen cupboards - I totally freaked out and made a quick trip to Walmart. Within 10 minutes of putting the first glue trap down - I caught one of the horrible things. 5 more within a few days - then a couple of weeks with no sign of mouse activity. Then one morning there was another one stuck in a glue trap.

      I personally don't care if it is humane or not - these are horrible disease ridden rodents that can harm my family. Once I found the critters stuck in the traps - they didn't live long!!!!!! I can't believe that people would actually take a mouse or a rat outside and release it. DUH!!!!!!!!!!

    • nobody 6 years ago

      we have seen a mouse on our counter and we set a humaine trap where we saw it and we have caught 2 mice with it.. we only thought we had one mouse.. works really well if u put peanut butter inside. might take a couple of days but it works pretty good. before that.. we also tried the sticky trap and it didn't work for us..

    • duggys 5 years ago

      I have no luck with peanut butter. The only way I

      catch mice (and have for years) is with the Victor snap traps and MUENSTER cheese.

      However I have one(?) mouse now that will not take bait.

      Have had this mouse for over two months. Will try the raw bacon or bread as read in these comments.

    • oogs 5 years ago

      I’ve noticed mice activity in the bottom kitchen cabinet and moved their food source hoping they would go away. Well, last night I head noises and fearing they aren’t taking the hint, before work I placed glue traps with PB one in the corner and the other along the wall.

      My girlfriend just called me, not even 12 hours and there is something in the trap.

      Peanut butter has always worked for me, though sometimes you have to use various methods all at the same time. I use the all natural / organic PB (that’s what I usually have in the cabinets)

    • not again 5 years ago

      can we pour the mouse poison "impregnated canary seeds" in the vents?

    • Jen 5 years ago

      You can drop the glue trap (with a trapped mouse) into a bucket of water and dispatch the stuck mouse via drowning.

    • sparkles  5 years ago

      This website is so helpful! The thing about the tunnels and putting the bait on the TOP of the trap is brilliant! I immediately revisited my mouse set up. They are under my sink and I just cleared it out and bought a spring trap (which catches them live so i can release them later) in the middle of the area. I would check it and there would be no bait and no mice! It's so frustrating.

      Also, I set a regular wooden trap one night. Heard noise the next morning so I waited until later in the day to dispose of it. When I opened the drawer there was no mouse and NO TRAP! The only thing I can think is that the mouse got semi caught and dragged the trap up and over the back of the cabinet with him and back to home base! These mice are smarter. I think I am smarter than a mouse, but I am start to question my intelligence. LOL!

      Anyway, I built a tunnel with left over boards I had lying around from some broken Ikea furniture. The tunnel leads straight to the trap at the end which has the bait ON TOP! I am hoping that THIS TIME when they try to get the bait, they will press against the spring and it will trigger the trap! I really hope this works because I have tried EVERYTHING ELSE! I cried when the mouse didn't die in the wood trap. I couldn't bear to see the mouse in the glue trap. I got some scissors and cut it free. The humane black traps don't work. My mice just crap and pee all over the top of it and steal the bait! I did okay with those black snap traps for awhile, but they lose their spring and then they don't trigger.

      I'm attempting to think like a mouse. *FINGERS CROSSED* THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS SITE! Seriously. I about at my wit's end, so I really hope this works!

    • sparkles  5 years ago

      Also, I am clearly grammatically retarded. Sorry about that. Death to the Rambo mice!

    • Rubia 5 years ago

      We have rats and mice that come in regularly through a hole under our sink. I think in total I have caught over 20 of the little bastards over the past 16 months. I find snap traps work best, however the larger traps that are designed for rats are hopeless for catching mice because they just steal the bate without activating the trap. So get both the big and small traps. I set them up right next to their hiding hole, so its the first thing they encounter. The best bates to use is Chicken skin, bread crust with peanut butter or some snickers bar.. they love it!!

    • Steph 5 years ago

      I have one mouse every year when it snows LOL.The first year I used poison.... My house smelled DISGUSTING for a week until I found it in the refrigerator coils. The second year I used a snap trap and it only caught the leg.... I found this poor little thing had twisted himself so much that his leg was dangling at the hip.... Freaking awful. So the last try was sticky traps and I LOVE them, only thing I will use now. The key is to not leave them there forever.... You have to be responsible and check it once or twice a day or else yes ut can be very cruel! As soon as I've caught it.... I fill up a tin can with lukewarm water and drown it. It sounds crazy but I promise it is an extremely quick death, only takes about 3 seconds. Just a suggestion fir anyone using sticky traps.

    • Mike 5 years ago

      This trash can trick worked like a charm, I thought I only have 1 mouse, turns out I had at least 2...possibly more...but this trash can trick worked and caught the first one and the second one that must have been traveling with it at the time got scared and ran into my multi-mouse catcher trap and got caught. But I will tell you, the peanut butter in combination with yogurt hamster treats is irresistible to mice, I can only hope that these were the only 2 mice but I know that's doubtful, thanks for this tip, ill be using it again if i have more.

    • Eri 5 years ago

      my brother found a mouse under our skip today (were redecorating) and wants to keep it as a pet in my old hamster cage bless... he's only nine! i just cant belive my parents let him! he's trying to catch it now and its just not working... i might tell him about this to help him though i'm not sure if my parents acctually expect him to catch one

    • Kristina 5 years ago

      I hate mice. We get one from time to time. Used to get them a lot when we lived in Louisiana....had large forest area around us. We get them now because we have a large field behind our home. We have tried all sorts of traps and release methods. The little bastards keep coming back. I even had one get in my car....chew the fire wall...make a home in the glove box...and chew the wiring to my speakers. We trapped him on a glue board....finally...and moments later as we were getting a trash can to secure him in...he wiggled off. So the next night we got him again...but instead me put him and the glue board ina bucket of clorox. Not very humane....but after all the damage he did....I did not mind seeing his skeleton a day later.

    • joe walker 5 years ago

      ive caught a mouse around the house recently so we set up a little nipper trap that we have had for about 6 years and it has served us well, we have caught many mice with it, i set it up just incase there were more and we left the house for a few hours and when we came back the trap was set off and there was poo around the trap that wasn't there before so i decided to set it again and leave it, 24 hours, nothing, sat at the computer searching for mouse trap ideas and i hear a scuffling in the kitchcen, i go out there only to find that its coming from my bin, i quickly swing open the cupboard door under the sink where my bin is and the crafty little bugger has fallen between the bin bag and the plastic bin bucket so i remove the bag so he falls to the bottom, i thought to myself, i cant kill it, i have no trouble setting a trap and it dying but anyway i could kill it now (hammer, filling the bucket with water, pouring bleach over it) seems to much of a slow painful death at my own hand and i just cant do it, i cant be there when it dies if that makes sense. so im planning to release it the recommended 2 miles away, im probs gonna go 2.5 just to be sure. and ive set a trap where i found him.

    • Vilestylze 5 years ago

      I had a severe mouse infestation, they were living under the house and raiding our pantry every night. They were even hanging out in our stove, what makes this particularly disgusting is the fact they piss and shit every 2 minutes. Rats and mice are serious business, they can spread seriously fatal diseases if not dealt with. Most of these diseases are transmitted through dust and thus are airborne so hand washing won't be enough. The best method of dealing with mice is to leave traps in places where you find their feces (mice are territorial and like to piss and shit all over the places they frequent) Also, place traps along the sides of walls and in front of holes that you know they use, as someone else said observing their behavior when you see them instead of jumping on a chair and screaming will give you an edge in catching them.

      The best mouse traps are the simple Victor spring traps with standard bait plates (not the cheese ones). The best bait is raw bacon with a tiny bit of peanut butter on top to sweeten the deal. When baiting smaller is better, the bigger the bait the easier it is for them to steal it. A good indicator would be to make sure the bait doesn't stick out of the bait plate area, especially on the sides, up and down is ok and even encouraged.

      Another step that must be taken is to seal all access points the mice have to your residence. This can be very tricky since a mouse can squeeze through a hole the size of a nickel, sometimes smaller. Steel or copper wool can be used to seal the small holes, this turns out to be especially lethal since they will try to gnaw through it only to have the metal cut up their insides. Make sure that the wool is tightly stuffed into the opening to avoid failure. Spakle or dry wall can also be used but mice have a tendency to easily re-puncture freshly spackled walls, they never forget where there nest is nor do they forget the doorways into your home.

      One last tip: Always where protective face masks and gloves when cleaning mouse feces and urine. Use a mixture of water and bleach and spray the feces before wiping. Do not vacuum until after you have used the above method while maintaining protective gear and always open windows and doors when vacuuming for proper ventilation. Again, rodents are serious business do not underestimate their hazard to your health, I have 25 years experience dealing with them and know what I am talking about.

      Happy Hunting!

    • Mouseminator 5 years ago

      I like to you the sticky type traps they work well for me..I use peanut butter and sometimes chocolate cookies..Once caught I stick them in a tub of water and drown them make sure they never come back....They are filthy disease carrying rottens...

    • Lilz 5 years ago

      I liked it thanks it was just what I needed we moVed in to our new house and Then we got a visited an unwanted visited thank you

    • A.S 5 years ago

      I bought those mouse repelant that you plug into the wall I had one in my garage and in my laundry room off my garage and funny thing there was a mouse in my laundry room. Those plug in noise repelants are a waste of money!!! I would suggest traps with peanut butter or those sticky pads as I caught it now~~~

    • Sam 5 years ago

      Caught one in a trap last year, but they are back again this year. Just been up in the roof and found 2 done by bait, none in the trap yet, going to try Peanut butter... will let you know how I get on!

    • laura 5 years ago

      i hate mice,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • aron 5 years ago

      ill use sticky mouse trap the best trap & harmful trap baygon...

    • ximix 5 years ago

      Here is a great tip for those of you having problems with insects eating the bait. Surround the trap with powdered Boric Acid. It is completely odorless and kills just about every insect on contact. It wont bother the rodents at all because they have no exo-skeleton.

    • Dee 5 years ago

      No, Nutella does not work. The mouse was able to slip it right out of two traps I had set. The little creep is in my food storage closet, I am going to kill it tonight. Forget the humane catch and release these things are atrocious and the cockroaches of the invertebrates... I don't need to contract the Hanta Virus... which DOES exist! I sure hope there aren't any babies around too.


      I just found another posting that hot gluing a small piece of crunchy cereal works. Another piece of advice was to never handle the traps barehanded, but with latex gloves (or non latex gloves) to avoid placing human scent on the trap.


      Tonight, the little bugger DIES! It'll look cute when it's dead. =-~

    • 5 years ago

      Used Peanut Butter first night, smart little things ate it without springing the trap.

      Tried spreading it all over the trigger plate and around the hinge the next night….again ate it all and got off scotch free!!!!!

    • Eric 5 years ago

      I use the old-style Victor spring traps. I place a chow mein noodle coated in peanut butter through the metal loop, then top it off with more PB. Little guy had a firm bite on the noodle when he tripped it. Otherwise they can lick off the PB, so make it so they have to bite and pull.

    • Jeanell 5 years ago

      Been years since I had varmin; this site is great. I had always used a small piece of pecan before successfully in the victor spring trap. Evidently did not wedge it in correctly. Set two traps last night and it got away with the bait without springing the trap. Trying again tonight with pntbutter on the baitsite along with a piece of pecan. Hate the creatures. Had been forgetting and leaving dog food out again at night. Being more careful about that (too late however, they have already come inside). I will catch them. Cannot find entry way. Think must be coming in when I leave the door open so the dogs can go outside. Leaving the door open a lot less too!

    • Allison 5 years ago

      Use Eucalyptus oil, it repels them totally from your home. They hate the smell of it. Simply put a few drops every month under your cupboard, in your corners, laundry room etc, whereever they may get in and that's all you need. They will not come in because they do not like the smell of Eucalyptus oil. You have to do it every month though including summer. If you have a basement, put some on an old rag and toss it down there to scare them out of the house.

    • Lumino Perseid profile image

      Lumino Perseid 5 years ago from New Orleans, Louisiana

      Red gummie bears Work fast i was in hawaii and i got tired of the rats licking the bait out of the traps. i love gummy bears and one day while eating my treats they stuck to my teeth. A light bulb went off and that night at sunset i set traps with all the colors, They took the red. last night i got a mouse just wanting to share.

      Now here is the science HALF OF A SMALL RED BEAR is all you need and it self adhears to the trap. mash that sucker on the trap. They See it (red) they smell it they lick it they like it they want more after a few licks they bite teeth stick snap dead not able to tell friends about it.

      Well enjoy

      It is always better to not kill yet when i find turds in my bed that's the end

    • ui 5 years ago

      i used plastic

    • Mouse dude lolz 5 years ago

      We have a cat that is very playful, and never kills mice. She chases them, but she just kind of pats them on the head when she gets them. Almost as if she's trying to be friends with them. Any way, anytime we find a mouse, we get the cat, and when she catches it (usually gently with her mouth like a dog does to a pup), we set it free out on this dirt road just a few blocks away from our home. We've pretty much got our cat trained. Anytime I call her, she knows there's a mouse lol. Kind of odd. Just figured I'd put that out there.

    • Lady A 5 years ago

      Stupid little mouse woke me up at 5am!! Sounded like a metal ball rolling down the hallway..ALL THE WAY IN MY ROOM!!! I turned on all the lights and just waited. Apparently it's living in my DRESSER. I want to burn everything, LOL. I am going to get about 30 sticky traps and cover the floor with them and just dare that mouse to show it's nasty little head. I'm done playing nice with mice. Once caught on a sticky trap it will get a swift death, no second chances for that mouse!

    • usedjoe12 5 years ago

      i was using cheese as soon as i used peanut butter i had more mice than i thought i had in my garage

    • Chelsea 5 years ago

      I was really frustrated because I had a mouse that was licking the peanut butter off the spring traps without setting them off, so I followed one of the other commenters here - I glued a peanut to the spring traps, and caught the mouse within a few hours!

    • Moonbeam Prime 5 years ago

      My room is really Messy, and we had a mouse problem, but now there is only one mouse... in my closet... i nearly had it, but it used my arm to leap off my bed, and back into the mess... School is around the corner and i can't have a mouse in my closet, how the hell do i kill it, when i barely have time to see it!?

    • Dan 5 years ago

      I had a mouse that started to raid the waste basket in the middle of the day while we were watching TV. I bought a no-kill mouse trap made by a company called Victor ($3.99 at Home Depot). I baited it with peanut butter (recommended)and set it against the bottom of the cabinet near the waste basket. We left the house for a few hours and the mouse was in the trap when we came home. I drove a mile away and released it (easy to do). It scurried away in good health!

    • MouseMurderer 5 years ago

      This isn't helpful to me! My partner keeps getting mice in his house.. We catch them, they die, we throw them away. There's more the next day. There has to be something OTHER than traps!

    • Rev. Hoi San 5 years ago

      There's a lot to add to this great thread: I am a Buddhist priest, and the mice are a terrible problem. I have multiple sclerosis and am very open to infections. Mice carry so much trouble with them.

      I have refused for many decades to trap them, glue them to boards, etc. but even when my mother was alive I was forced to kill them, since she screamed til they were dead. And she feared no man.

      My father and I later had the solution to allow them to do whatever they wanted. We had them in residence no matter what. I hated that too, because he and I both became very ill as a result of that. He was in his late 80s at the time.

      We always put D-CON rat/mouse poison pellets (the blue pellets) and these kill mice like nothing else. I snuck around and removed the boxes every time, but Mom was too fast. Only twice in my life could I capture a mouse and release it; my mother hated my guts for about a week later, until a mouse would show up again and she'd say, "Well! There's your damned mouse again! KILL IT!!"

      I agree glue boards are barbaric and vicious. Some like their effectiveness (not too effective, but OK once in a while). I've seen lots of small mice glued and unable to move. Some starve there, but I think it's either us or the mice. Think about that, because either you kill it or you don't.

      If you don't kill, be ready to spend lots of good quality time with these disease-bacteria-ridden vermin, cleaning up the poop in the kitchen and TRYING to sanitize the ENTIRE house. I had my fill when I saw mouse poop in my favorite rice bowl.

    • stuntborg 5 years ago

      There's enough killing in this world. I won't debate the ethics of kill versus non-kill but I will say that glue traps are awful. I have the smallest Hav-A-Hart and it is very effective. Been baiting it with Honey Bunches of Oats lately. There's a local villain whose yard I release them in. Muh hah hah!

    • Joe 5 years ago


    • mel 5 years ago

      hi i have killed 2 so far and i know that there are more as they have stolen the bait,, cheese,, i use the old mouse trap ,,,NOW the best way i think is to melt chocolate on it as they have to realy go at it to get the bait but they never get,s it as it,s good night 4 them little fk,s so give it a try it works for me ALL THE TIME hahahahaha

    • Dottie 5 years ago

      Five years ago I bought snap traps and sewed cotton balls to the triggers. I pour a few drops of vanilla onto the cotton balls. Viola! Bye, bye mousies! I've reused the same traps with the original cotton balls just refreshing the vanilla each fall and setting them out. Just caught my first mouse of the year last night. Oct 7th.

    • Dottie 5 years ago

      One comment on catch and release: If you don't enjoy finding a mouse in your own home think about what that mouse you drive a mile away and release does almost immediately. He goes to the nearest house and finds a way in.

      Rodents carry diseases. That is what you are removing from your home and basically dumping on somebody else to have to deal with. Think about it.

    • mqjeffrey profile image

      mqjeffrey 5 years ago

      Excellent point Dottie! Thanks for reading...

    • lee 5 years ago

      ive had mice in my apartment now since last march and I just cant get rid of them..I've spotted these mice on a regular bases but they hide straight away. ive put down glue traps, ultrasonic devices everywhere, snap traps and I haven't caught one mouse ive had an exterminator come three times hes put down poison everywhere and tried to block of the entry point but to no avail every morning i wake up with mouse droppings on the counter-top. just 2 days ago the exterminator was here he has covered my apartment with snap traps using peanut butter as the bait i went into the kitchen there more droppings around there snap traps none of the peanut butter was touched.. can someone give me a bit of advice on what to do I think ive tried everything its gone to the stage where I wont even cook food in the house because I don't feel its hygienic. and to make it worse ive got a phobia of these things.. any bit of advice would be much appreciated because all I want to do is get rid of these dirty pests.

    • Rev. Hoi San 5 years ago

      One of the things I suggest, "lee", is perhaps calling a pest service that may be able to service your home against mice. They generally catch them all, sanitise the home and then do what they can to proof the house. One of the things they do is a lot of outdoor work, especially on the band joist of a home. This will cost you between $2,000 and $3,000!! People tell me it is worth it because no mice get in and no mice die.

    • lee 5 years ago

      thanks for you advice Hoi san.

      ive had 3 different pest sevices and not 1 mouse has been caught but still i see droppings everywhere. i might look into band joist its worth it if it solves the problem

    • rodney 5 years ago

      Heard about a product called rat zapper. A friend had one and swears by it. It electocutes the mouse/rat when it goes in the trap to get the bait. Also if you get it you may want to put a damp cloth under it to help shock the pest. Cost about $52.00 not including batteries. Just goggle rat zapper and it will take you to it. Good luck

    • CaT 5 years ago

      thank you this was very informative. we have rats getting in thru garage and into the attics. The cheese was not working. I hope peanut butter will be the answer!

    • rodney 5 years ago

      Got the rat zapper and i love it! Got a total of 9 mice so far and the main problem a big pack rat. I used peanut butter and a small amount of dog food in the backside of the container. The pack rat was so big it barely fit in the container but it killed him dead as a door-nail. Last day not much activity in my shop but you can believe that i will keep it on from here on out.

    • HAHAHA 5 years ago

      Nutella used as glue to the spring trap with Havarti Cheese. I got him. Now I am seeking out Minnie and Moe whom I have made a double decker of nutella and american with havarti and another with just nutella... Alongside a side dish of decon. Yummy! (I heard a snap in 30 minutes of setting it) I was P&@#*(# off that he got away with just american cheese originally. So I think it was him..

    • Bailey 5 years ago

      We have a mouse now and he just takes the peanut butter straight of the trap, he's very very cheeky


    • Simon 5 years ago

      I suddenly had mice appear around two weeks ago. I used traps baited with peanut butter, which had seemingly wiped them out. In the last day or so, though, another one has appeared, which seems to be cleverer than the previous ones. This uber-mouse rests its front feet on the base of the trap, and calmly licks the peanut carefully off the upper platform, despite my actually being in its range of vision. When it has finished, it hen calmly saunters back behind the cooker.

    • mqjeffrey profile image

      mqjeffrey 5 years ago

      Hi Simon! One reader suggested melted gummy bears (harder to lick away)... maybe that might defeat the uber-maus :)

    • Adam 5 years ago

      Great info. Now that I have caught my mouse, how long will it take for it to starve? I may want to keep it as a pet OR not.

    • Kim 5 years ago

      We have been using raw bacon and we have been having great success!

    • Verminkiller 5 years ago

      I had a problem with mice coming through some old holes I had patched earlier in a small workshop. I have found the solution to this problem. STEEL WOOL! The little suckers won't come through it. I just packed in the holes before patching them, and there are no signs that they are even trying. Just wanted to share the secret. I got the tip from a local pest control guy who swears he has never in 20 years seen a rat or mouse come back through a hole that he has patched with steel wool. Amazing!

    • mqjeffrey profile image

      mqjeffrey 5 years ago

      Fantastic! Thank you for sharing this secret with us, verminkiller! Old holes can be a problem; once the old mice are gone, new pests can still gain entry. What a terrific low-cost solution :) May you all be rodent free in the New Year!

    • analyst 5 years ago

      I have been on the internet for hours reading about the rat and mice problem. At times I was convinced with one remedy, but the happy feeling kept dwindling and finally concluded with disappointment it did not worked. May be we will have a genius scientist within this century who can solve the problemo. I am in a vicious dejavu of rat-o-rally. Holy mollie rat o rolly these suckers mean business. Cant call the hurt-line for help, (they cant help, nobody can) I am doomed.

    • mqjeffrey profile image

      mqjeffrey 5 years ago

      Keep fighting the good fight! People post to this hub frequently, so if one solution fails, I'm sure we can come up with plenty more ideas... unless you meant you were doomed because it's 2012 and the Mayans say so...

    • lacy 5 years ago

      I hate mice but I don't want to hurt them. Although I WANT THEM GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Matt 5 years ago

      Nutella = crack for mice

      It is like a cross between peanut butter, chocolate.

      They love the fatty hazelnut butter for adding weight to keep warm in the winter. The cocoa and whey make the mixture extra thick and sticky so they really have to get onto the trap to consume it.

      I wish I had realized this sooner. I only tried it because we ran out of peanut butter.

      The mice are actually coming out in daylight with people in the room to get at this stuff.

    • Sherri 5 years ago

      So I have this extremely intelligent mouse in my kitchen. It has gone through my peanut butter cookie mix. Now it has hit up on the fake mash potatoes, and I just found a drawer with ketchup packets all eaten, who knew. Mouse droppings everywhere. I know his hang out and I sneak around with a flash light trying to get a glimpse of this crafty little bugger. I have been using the clap traps, cheese and peanut butter. Let me just say, now I have a very well fed mouse. I've declared war! He isn't paying my mortgage and sure didn't get permission from me to move in. I have the paper roll with a trash can set out to give that a try. If that doesn't work I'm going out to look for some other type of trap. What really ticks me off is if I breath on the darn trap it will snap and yet he can lick every last bit of peanut butter right off of it without springing it - how do they do that!. It is war and it is on, he/she is going down!

    • Sylvester Gonsalves 5 years ago

      To be frank I'm totally confused how & what can I do to get rid of these tiny creatures known as M O U S E. Sometimes when I talk about mouse to somebody, I feel like I'm talking about big monsters. Imagine how much I'm scared of them. What I have not done to keep them away but....ooooh everything seems waste. Still in night I hear all sorts of noises as if these creatures are talking about me and calling me a big fool. I have used the MOUSE TRAP, RAT POISON ON FOOD, ELECTRONIC WAVES TO SCARE, BLOCKED THE HOLES, TRAINED MY DOG TO CATCH THEM, KEPT A CAT for few months(as my dog n cat hated to stay together) and have sometimes even ran after them with whatever came in my hand to hit them. All my actions seems very childish in these creatures eyes. Now I don't know what these rats think of me. Anyone listening me if so pls. atleast make one attempt to apprise me what should I do further. Get me on sheelooaug1958@yahoo.in

    • Dr Badhair 5 years ago

      Just moved into a house that backs up to a desert oasis. Had the pest inspection and all seemed well .... until yesterday. My wife calls me up from our daylight basement and shows me the tell tail signs of little brown capsule turds under the sink. Two Snap Traps baited with peanut butter and one night = two kills.

      Rebaited this morning and if I have the same results, time to pull the dishwasher out, find the point of entry and bring in the steel wool .... in addition to setting a minefield of traps the likes of a Warner Brothers Cartoon.

    • Bill 5 years ago

      Got one in my kitchen and can't get rid of the little one. Can't seem to get him to go away and catch him. Tired of all the money spent on baits and traps with no success. I even tried a mine field of traps on the counter and no success. Tried the humain. Any suggestions to get rid of the little pain?

    • Peanut 4 years ago

      I catch a mouse a day with my snappy traps

    • reality chick 4 years ago

      Ww have two mice ... Well i think there are only two. First time EVER I have seen mice and I've lived in my house for 5 years. Tried rat sack packs but they ignore them. Going to get snap traps tomorrow. They are becoming very bold. One came out the other night while I was cooking dinner, fell on his side and looked like he was having a fit then dying. I ran out screaming of course. Next thing, I go back in, he's sitting up looking perfectly healthy. I couldn't believe it. When I got nearer he scarpered off faster than the speed of light. The other keeps coming into the living room when we're watching TV. He has taken to just sitting there til we try and catch him then again, pisses off laughing (or looks like he is, cheeky little mouse face).

      Neither of us want to kill them but I want them gone and am reaching the end of my tether. I'm so glad I found this site. Have been giggling through everyone else's stories and it's nice to know I'm not alone in my mousey mayhem.

    • fireball 4 years ago

      Are cat dyed 3 months ago. Now we have mice. the cat killing the mice, I have no problem with thats the order of things. Me on the other hand. can't do it, and too soon for the wife to get a new cat. so I picked up a small cech and release trap 1 day so far nothing. But that T.P. roll sounds like it may work, so I just set 1 up. quick and eazy, will see how it work, hope good thanks

    • mqjeffrey profile image

      mqjeffrey 4 years ago

      Thanks for continuing to read this hub, and make it the great resource it is by sharing your stories!

      You guys are the best :)

    • A.Hopkins 4 years ago

      I LOvE this thread!!! BUT WE have mice!!!!! I'm so deathly afraid of these lil beggars!!!! I'm sick to my stomach that they are in MY home!!! I'm finding lil feces on my COUNTerS! Bathroom floors!!! N in my baby's DRESSeR!!! And I could have sworn it crawled on me last night an 2 nights ago!!!! My husband says I'm crazy, but I'm crazy because of these DISGUSTING rodents!!!!!! I have no idea how many there are I feel like there's hundreds, but probably not lol!

      And whoever says us hamin ways is absolutely CrAZY!!! Kill em!!!!!! I'm going for the snappy trap thing with peanut butter! And I wish the person that posted about peppermint oil would've explained how they used it!!!! Wish me luck PlZ!

    • Sara 4 years ago

      We have a rather large mouse, def not a rat but he's a fat and long one, and pretty cleaver too. We have tried for 2 nights to catch the darn thing with traps, stickey plates etc. he just eats the goodies we put out without a stratch on him. We know where his little hole is (under the oven wall) but he doesn't come out when we are around even when we don't make a single peep (he def senses us there). So we are just thinking that when he is in the hole we just plaster it shut and hope he just leaves. Is this a good idea or am I running the risk of him finding another way in even though there are no other such holes he can get throuh in our house.

      Please help!!! I have never had to incounter one before and I'm disgusted by them.

    • mqjeffrey profile image

      mqjeffrey 4 years ago

      Sara, I'd say blocking the hole is a good idea; as long as he has a way out of your house, it shouldn't be a problem

    • Sara 4 years ago

      Ok thank you, I'm not sure if there is another way out for him, I don't want it to die in there. I'll just try my best to catch him with all of the helpful tips from this thread. Thanks!

    • A.Hopkins 4 years ago

      Is it possible to only have one pesky disgusting mouse in you house!?? We did get one an I haven't heard anything? Or seen any evidence!

    • Kitty 4 years ago

      We used to have mice in our shed and they were not pleasant. A few years ago, we found one dead outside of the place they infested. The little suckers avoided the snap traps we set out.Now we haven't seen them for a while and am wondering where they proubably went. Also, what kind of cheap traps would you recommend for mice that avoid snap traps, and want to be let go harmlessly.

      (P.S. We have moles too! How would we get rid of them!)

    • mouse lover 4 years ago

      have a mouse as a pet

    • mqjeffrey profile image

      mqjeffrey 4 years ago

      Yes, but that is your choice. I have a dog but I can't take care of every stray that wanders into my kitchen :)

    • Diane 4 years ago

      Actually, I did corner him, scooped him into a Tupperware pitcher, and set him free a couple of miles away.

    • Al Far 4 years ago

      My friend is a mouse sometimes he escape and he don't work enough hours how to make him stick to his chair?

    • Jack 4 years ago

      Anybody know where I can purchase this humane trap?


    • roobie 4 years ago

      For those having trouble with mice eating the bait and not setting off the trap - here's a tip. Glue a nugget of dog food to the trap for bait. Works like a charm.

    • LuckyU 4 years ago

      Mice love dental floss. They use it in their nests. Tie a rather large knot on one end of a long piece of dental floss. Tie that knot as close as you can to the mouse trap release thingy and cut the excess dental floss off and remove it. Then put peanut butter on the knot. When the mouse approaches the peanut butter and sees it's also nesting material that appears to be loose, he will grab it and try to make an escape with the floss and PB, but you tied the floss to the trigger so sure enough that trap will catch his greedy little ass.

    • Rev. Hoi San 4 years ago

      Someone posted and mentioned this after I did. It seems like a good idea to clarify an issue.

      There's a Buddhist LAW that says when something is a threat to other life, it must be killed. This is an obligation, not an option. Mice carry diseases and are especially, tragically dangerous to babies.

      Glue traps are horrific but they are the only option I know that works other than poison. Between glue traps and poison, there is 100% efficiency in mouse-catching but one must be patient.

      These poor creatures are innocent and some of them are cute because I kept a secret pet, on agreement that he wouldn't scare my mother. This was LOOOOOONG ago. When my parents found him they squashed him.

      Now I can understand why. Mom was born in 1917 and pop in 1911. They knew all about disease-ridden critters and the rule was to kill on sight or risk total contamination of home and food. We have to keep that in mind today, and the release traps are lousy because, as someone said, you're releasing this on someone else's house (but much more likely is the little mouse will run right back in your house).

      Until a better answer surfaces, glue traps, D-Con poison and a kill-on-sight attitude is a must. So sad it has come to this. Know why rats spread horrid diseases in the Dark Ages? Because people were afraid to kill them and had no idea of the diseases and vermin the rats carried.

      We know so much more and we still whine about saving the mice. KILL!!

    • rk4n3 4 years ago

      I've caught many mice, and my favorite technique is the little gray boxes that tip and close with the mouse alive inside. I've populated terrariums with little "pets" many times by catching them live like this. They seem to live 3-6 months, not sure why not longer, but they seem happy, and I'm happy to not have them running around leaving their droppings all over, while also not having to kill them. I have, however, also used snap traps when the situation is dire. Tying string on the trigger, and saturating it with the peanut butter, seems to help with the "disappearing bait" problem.

    • it did not work 4 years ago

      hey guys,

      i had 2 ice in my home but it did not work we r still finding ways for catching these stupid mouse.

    • mouse haterz 4 years ago

      Had one mouse, three weeks ago. Convinced myself it was just one. I tried bad dollar store mouse traps (dont waste money), I tried bounce dry clean sheets (waste of money) and peppermint oil (they kept out of one area, but spread into another area). Instant mashed potatoes are an urban myth, but if you have trap shy mice, it works if you place the peanut butter and then cover it in instant potatoes, they just feast away until trap is triggered.

      First thing - you seen one mouse? You've got mice. Trust me. The hoarder next door moved out and they came en masse.

      First thing - put all the food in the fridge. All of it. Make sure you clean up everything that you eat. Designate an eating space, this way -- they will eat the bait. They have no option.

      Second thing - block all holes with steel wool and sealent. There were three holes in my place - one in the kitchen, one in the closet, and they were 'nesting' under the bathroom cabinet.

      Third thing - sorry folks - you gotta go the trap route for at least three weeks. As many traps as you can handle (and no, this is not pleasant - but you've got to descrase the population as much as you can before you set the poison down.

      Fourth Thing - Put the poison out. Be plentiful. You'll find out if you did a good job with the sealant -- I heard one squeaking away as it tried to go back into the hole with the poison (the steelwool is bad for mice). Had to get some more sealant and cover up the place.

      Fifth thing - keep the traps still going. You'll get the stray buggers who come out after eating the poison. Less mice decaying in your walls.

      You have to be as aggressive and obsessive as you possibly can be, and have plenty of cleaning materials.

      This is the ONLY way. I tried everything. I got twelve mice in the traps (make sure you put the peanut butter inside, you'll get some 'lickers' but they don't get it all.

    • mouse haterz 4 years ago

      PS Invest in a noisy fan. Why? It's the only way I could get some sleep, you'll find you will be constantly trying 'to hear' mouse activity and be super jumpy in your own house.

      I hate those little things. The baby ones are ok, the little mice, are fine in the traps, but man - the big fat mice? It's disgusting.

      You see a mouse? Put down six traps in that one.

      You'll get him. As for the humane traps? No way. Too busy.

      Gluetraps? No way. Seriously. I got one mouse by its tail (it escapes under the bathroom cabinet wedging the trap in ... giving away 'the nesting spot' ... and man THOSE THINGS HOWL. Like for about ten minutes.

      The one I got tonight was all dehyrated, so I'm like 'phew the poison is working' --- but seriously, don't make the mistake I did and think I had 'just one' (I convinced myself it climbed the wall) ... these things populate fast. It is a total war.

    • mouse haterz 4 years ago

      One more thing. Take the garbage out daily. I have an Ikea garbage can with lid, but started to leave the garbage on the door knob, so I took it out. They still smell the garbage and are attracted. This way, if you leave it on the door going out, you'll take the mice out of the house. And they want hang around trying to get in the garbage can (they ping themselves off of it)

      AND suitcases. They LOVE suitcases. Make sure you put poison in them. I heard one scratching to get into my case. My friend and I threw it out (it was old and busted up) and realised there was a nest in there.

    • mouse haterz 4 years ago

      one FINAL thing (sorry but you do get obsessed -- feels like my house is getting cleared) -- take a bath? You use the sink? Put down some dried bleach cleaning powdred. They love water. They drink the bleach if you put bleach in. Killed two that way. Yeah yeah yeah I'm a vegan but man -- I'll take my sanity over saving mice.

    • Pest control 4 years ago

      Do not despair if ur snap trap doesn't triger and the mouse gets clean away its a double egded sword reall the mouse will become a custome to been about to be around the trap then one fine day SNAP it got triggerd

    • Pest control 4 years ago

      Another trick you can try is strong double sided carpaet tape blu tack one side to ur floor smear peanut butter in the middle so when the mouse sits to have his dinner his butt gets stuck to the tape then its just a case of picking the tape up and dumped the mouse in a bucket of water or realse it witch ever is ur prefrence also makes those liitle whipper nipper baby mice easy to catch if they run off with the tape stuck to them !

    • Ju 4 years ago

      We used flax seed and caught 3 in one hour! They love it! Short 10 minute drive to the trails and we are free of rodents. Time to get another cat!

      Circle of Life - The tape is inhumane - suffering begets suffering.

    • help 4 years ago

      can't get em, tried chocolate, peanut butter, french fries, mozzarella sticks, grilled cheese, bread(which they keep chewing through the plastic bag on my counter but won't touch on the traps...

    • JR 4 years ago

      once about three years ago a mouse kept creeping around my duplex chewing pm my non-dairy creamer on the cupboard, the miss finally met his demise trying to run of the condesation five of the AC where it for whole of some poison that was set inside, unfortunately it was around the corner it crept Ames Sie behind the sofa stinking up the place. Yuck. I pulled put the couch since the Ex-GF would do it, then disposed of the carcass on the outdoor garbage bin. And that was that. No more mouse.

    • War Against Mice 4 years ago

      I find this site very informative :) thanks majeffrey for creating this page, it provides a lot of tips and insight on what and what to do. I thought I was the only one dealing with a mice infestation, I feel somewhat relieved that I'm not the only one....boy does misery love company

      Anyway, let me start off by saying mice are very intelligent creatures they adapt! Can't use the same tactic on them over and over, or they will devise a strategy to thwart your attempts on killing them, trust me I know!....My mice problem is entirely my fault, because I heard and saw one and failed to do anything about it, FIRST CRITICAL mistake! A female mouse can and will attract a male because females are constantly in heat and they can give birth to up to 6 other newborn mice, and those newborns will be able to reproduce themselves, in about 6 weeks after birth (do the math) in exactly 2 months you can have an infestation all because of that single mouse that lives in your house! You think your food is safe? Think again, mice can squeeze into any whole thats bigger than a dime, not to mention they're expert climbers so no area is safe, and these vile cretins carry diseases and germs like there's no tomorrow, if you're living in a house/place with mice, no place you ear or lie your head is sanitary with these things roaming around. I'm currently on a vendetta to kill these pesky mongrals, but these suckers adapt, I started with the Victor snap traps (bought like 8 of them because I was at the point of infestation) baited

    • War Against Mice 4 years ago

      Them with the Sharp cheddar cheese, and them set them near their food source and nesting grounds, which was the kitchen and certain areas of my living room, (mice usually won't venture that are 30 ft. Away from these areas, so it's very imperative and crucial that you find these two areas) and I caught about 10th mice using this method in two nights!......I'm naïve enough to think my mice problem has been rid of, until the following night, I heard sounds, coming from the kitchen I figured the traps would get them, but the mice started avoiding the traps now, and I would hear the traps snaps, however there would be no bodies to serve as proof of the kill..and based off the knowledge I have on mice, I killed 10 mice, those numbers can be replenished and doubled within a month, so take heed and listen DO NOT SLACK UNTIL ALL THE MICE ARE DEALT WITH PERMANENTLY! I've recently invested my money into the Victor Multi Kill Electric Mouse Trap it's 99$ and I bought two, due to a sell that they're currently having, if you buy two you get one free..you have to order online via internet, this trap acclaim's to kill 10 mice, I've done research on it and I get nothing but positive feed back on it, so we'll see if it works as good as it claims, they have videos of it's specs on YouTube I suggest you watch them, it looks very useful. I'm just waiting for them to ship it to me, I will post another comment after I've used it..till then FIGHT ON my fellow mice slayers!

    • mqjeffrey profile image

      mqjeffrey 4 years ago

      You're quite welcome! Thank you for reading and commenting. I look forward to your review of the Victor trap. Take care :)

    • lil chookie 4 years ago

      i just seen a mice at my old school and it went into the kitchen and it made all the teachers screem lol

    • David 4 years ago

      This one is particularly inhumane, but very effective: put a dish of 50/50 cocoa powder and concrete powder next to a dish of water. The cocoa attracts the mouse who eats it and an equal portion of concrete with it. Then he gets thirsty and drinks the water. Dead by morning with a terminal case of constipation. balanced against 60 different rodent borne diseases, it makes a good last resort.

    • Cindy 4 years ago

      I want to clean a house that likely has mice. I am terrified of mice!!! How do I make sure that I scare them away log enough to clean it. Taking an animal in is not an option. I can worry about getting rid of them later.

    • help!!! 4 years ago

      I have at least one mouse, I'm sure there is more though, and have had snap traps baited with peanut butter out for a few days. We have not got as much as a nibble, however, we had another sighting. I am going to try the bacon and/or gummy bears tomorrow. I'm in desperate need of more suggestions, just in case. I don't care about being humane, just want them out of my house! Someone, please, help me!

    • rose 4 years ago

      i think your cruel and mean how would u like it if youwere were being hurt mice may give you creeps but there cute and friendly so there you terrible people you well bye

    • Killtherodents 4 years ago

      Reading these posts make me feel better that I am not alone. These rodents are trespassing and bring harmful germs do need to be eradicated by any means necessary. I found a bunch of droppings in my cast iron skillet this morning. They locked my recently seasoned pan bone dry and then left "presents" for me. I'm freaking out but turning that rage into productive vengeance. It is definitely on. I'm going to try peanut butter on snap traps but I have also seen mice jump over traps. Clever bastards.

      I want to find an exterminator that uses tracking powder because that actually brings the poison back to the nest and kills off the family. Many don't use that any more due to toxicity to pets but I don't have bay so I say bring it on!

      Ugh. Wish me luck!

    • daniel 4 years ago

      RATS are in my house and i wanna catch em using your advice. Wish me Luck

    • mqjeffrey profile image

      mqjeffrey 4 years ago

      Best of luck! You may also wish to consult with someone at a pet store... they know a lot about the differences between mice and rats.

    • Kiza 4 years ago

      I wanted your opinion on something. At one point I was TERRIFIED of mice to the point that if I saw one, I would go into hysterics and cry for an hour. This winter we just started seeing them again and I am proud to say, I may yell out when I see it, but I no longer cry...I'm putting on my big girl pants about it...BUT...we are using bait boxes with poison from my exterminator AND snap traps with thread wrapped around the trigger with peanut butter on the thread...with the traps we have caught 7 in the past week and today I came in my house and found one in the middle of the floor ...it was alive, but acted like it could no longer crawl. I had to just sweep it outside into the field next to my house...I'm still to afraid to pick them up or anything...plus their germs freak me out. My question is...after having caught 8 now...how close do you think I am to catching this little family that seems to have made a home under my house? If the activity that we are SEEING and HEARING is gone...does that mean I'm at the very least, ALMOST done? I just want this over with...it's freaking my kids out now. LOL

    • Mary 8 months ago

      Add Your Comment..I use the "steel cat" catch and release trap. My question is this - how important is it to move the mouse smile from my home? I have a section of my yard that is reedy/marshy where I have been releasing my little furry friends. Is it possible the same mouse/mice are returning only to be caught again?

    • JJ 4 months ago

      I am currently laying awake waiting for our mouse to hopefully catch on a sticky trap. I am doused in peppermint oil to deter a mouse from coming into my bed. We heard it under the oven this morning so I placed sticky traps all baited with either peanut butter or starburst in the center. Fingers crossed it works!! I am beyond terrified of mice but knowing this is a deer mouse and not a field mouse I am even more worried because of the disease it is carrying. Forget humane-either it dies or me!

    • Perplex?????? 4 months ago

      So, I saw little droppings on my kitchen counter, then next day in a pantry I have in my basement... Everything is already in glass or tin containers so it or they had nothing to eat. Cleaned everything.... Have not seen any sign of them????? Searched around, set out traps with peanut and a nut, but no luck...... With no food available have they left????? Don't hear anything , never did, what do I do now????? Paranoid .....

    • Crystal hernandez 3 months ago

      Wow I didn't use this at first I google it after I caught the mouse lol. It was a mice small and fast. I was tracking it down from my couch waited at least 30 minutes then I put a glue trap and little sucker got stuck of it pretty sure there are more so how am I gonna catch those???

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