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Get Rid of Those Roaches!

Updated on November 10, 2016
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The Target
The Target

As anyone who has confronted the situation knows, getting rid of cockroaches takes persistence. If you have the fleet-footed, disease-bearing beasties running around your home, the following suggestions may help you solve the problem.

The Clean Up Approach

You begin, of course, by eliminating all those delicious roach attractants you probably have left on, in or under cupboards, tables, stoves and chairs. Roaches, so say the experts, find the following items much to their taste: glue, starch, food scraps and garbage. In other words, they like just about anything remotely edible that you leave lying around.

The Poison Approach

You can apply several kinds of poison to the cracks and crevices by which these nocturnal pests enter your home: chlorpyrifos, diazinon, malathion or propuxur — mixed to household strengths — or you can set roach traps. Make sure you read the labels on the concentrate containers and carefully follow directions on the so-called roach motels for eradicating the pests.

The Boric Acid Approach

If you'd prefer not to use any of those poisons in your home, you might try boric acid. Just sprinkle boric acid powder in all the dark corners of your cupboards and other dark hideyholes roaches like to visit and lurk. They don't like the stuff one tiny bit.

Make sure not to put poisonous substances where children or pets can encounter them.

A Safer Approach

The safest, non-poisonous method for getting rid of roaches? Plain old flypaper. Just lay or tack strips of flypaper flat on shelf, cupboard or wall surfaces where roaches might walk. Don't be surprised if your sticky-paper solution gathers in a menagerie of unwary insects: flys, spiders, fleas and bees as well as your target pest.

When All Else Fails Approach

Did you know? Roaches have special clodhopper warning devices. They apparently grow these in their cute little rear ends. The sensitive devices let them avoid the fastest stomp known to man. Or woman. You can verify the effectiveness of this roach radar by trying to step on one. Successful stomping, of course, eliminates a need for any of the poisonous or otherwise undesirable concoctions you might not wish to prepare for your roach visitors.

Good luck!



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