Hot Shot Bed Bug and Flea Fogger Customer Review

Updated on May 20, 2019
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Melody enjoys sharing her personal experiences with others. This is an unendorsed product review by a customer.

Hot Shot Bed Bug and Flea Fogger
Hot Shot Bed Bug and Flea Fogger | Source

This review is for Hot Shot Bed Bug and Flea Fogger. I have used it for fleas once, and it worked well (stinking indoor cat snuck out and brought back fleas). The active ingredient in Hot Shot is Cypermethrin, a neurotoxic pyrethroid.

Fleas and bed bugs are very different creatures. Bed bugs gain pesticide resistance. The more an active ingredient is used in a given area, the less effective they become. For example, this product could be less effective in areas with more than a decade of severe bed bug infestations.

Fleas are very mobile. Bed bugs cannot hop, but fleas can. In regards to fleas, you must treat both your home AND your pet. Don't treat your pet with Hot Shot; give them a good old-fashioned flea bath and some Revolution.

You probably shouldn't be spraying for bed bugs on your own. It's difficult, dangerous, and could be against the law. If you make someone sick with the pesticides, you could be charged with a crime. However, if you are in a situation where it's legal to use these, and you follow the directions exactly, then you might find this review useful.

Hot Shot Bed Bug Fogger is a product that should be used in conjunction with Hot Shot Bed Bug & Flea Spray. Bed-bug foggers get rid of pests with mixed reviews about effectiveness. Using the bug bombs with the spray kills bed bugs better.

Hot Shot Bed Bug Extermination Video

The Trouble With Some Hot Shot Reviews

The problem with some reviews for this product is that the people who killed bed bugs with it are less likely to go post that all over the net. Customers with a poor experience complain to everyone, whereas happy customers are less likely to return to leave feedback.

I noticed a few things about these complaints. A large portion of them ONLY used Hot Shot Bed Bug Fogger or ONLY used the spray.

Some may have used the spray, but a few days AFTER the fogger. Others tried using this as their only method of bed-bug removal and did not carry out prevention measures.

It does not matter what spray you use; it won’t work if you do not have a full bed-bug plan. It seems like a lot of people who complained about Hot Shot Bed Bug Fogger were they type who had immune bugs, or the type who were looking for an easy answer.

There is no easy answer for bed bugs or fleas.

Grabbing the first product you see and using it, without thoroughly researching how to get rid of bed bugs, is going to fail almost every time. It is important to understand that eradicating bed bugs is not like eradicating other kinds of pests.

Bed bugs are evil, well maybe not evil, but they are hardy and unpleasant. Fleas can carry diseases and make you or your pet sick. Both are more enduring than roaches, and that is saying a lot. Roaches outlived the dinosaurs after all!

If you are truly ready to kill bed bugs yourself and forgo the exterminator, then check out this Free bed-bug to-do list.

If you are getting rid of fleas, then go ahead and give this product a try. But, don't forget to treat your pet with the appropriate products.

Hot Shot Bed Bug and Flea consumer review. You must use the flea spray and fogger together.
Hot Shot Bed Bug and Flea consumer review. You must use the flea spray and fogger together. | Source

How to Use Hot Shot Bed Bug Fogger in Combination With Spraying and Sealing

From my experience using Hot Shot Bed Bug Fogger, and calling Hot Shot’s toll-free number, I discovered that the spray and fogger need to be used together, and in a certain order.

The company itself gave me clues; it was my experience that helped me really understand how to use Hot Shot Bed Bug Products effectively.

When I researched reviews about Hot Shot Bed Bug Fogger, the main complaint with the fogger (and the problem with the complaint) helped me figure out how to use the product.

1) Hot Shot Bed Bug Fogger can cause bed bugs to run deeper into cracks and crevices.

Yes, it does, but there is a solution! I have seen bed bugs intentionally avoid areas sprayed with pesticide. I cannot hammer this into people’s heads enough. You must seal your home against bed bugs!

You should seal after you use Hot Shot Bed Bug Fogger and Hot Shot Bed Bug Spray. If you want to steam, do it before you use the fogger or the spay. Steaming after you use Hot Shot Bed Bug Fogger or spray could cause the chemicals to vaporize into the air. This can cause serious injury and health problems.

The fogger is made with Pyrethrins. This is derived from chrysanthemums. It is less stable to light, and not as toxic as Permethrin, which is the active ingredient in the spray. Therefore, the fogger is not as toxic as the spray, but be warned it can still cause breathing issues.

For this reason, the first thing you need to do when eradicating bed bugs (outside of inspecting bedding and furniture) is spray ALL cracks and crevices with Hot Shot Bed bug spray. Then use the fogger, and then seal.

This works because you are getting Permethrin, deep into cracks and crevices. Setting off the fogger, which will either stun the bed bug OR drive it into the cracks where you sprayed the toxic poison.

Then, you seal up every baseboard, every piece of rubber molding and any cracks in the floor. They are trapped, with the poison, and not likely to get back in the house OR escape someplace else.

2) You will find reviews where someone has captured a bed bug, sprayed it with the spray, and it did not die.

That is a good sign that your strain of bed bugs is resistant. At this point, you can try another product, call a professional or try another bed bug relief method.

Because this sometimes happens, people make claims that this product is a scam, but it isn’t. It really does work if you follow the correct procedure, AND your bugs are not resistant. There is no way to know until you try it.

My Suggestions for Using Hot Shot Fogger

  1. Spray the cracks and cervices with Hot Shot Bed Bug Spray
  2. Use Hot Shot Fogger
  3. Seal all cracks and cervices
  4. Repeat fogger as instructed 2 weeks later for any newly hatched eggs
  5. Use spray as needed.

Are Bed Bugs Resistant to Hot Shot?

It is important to talk about bed bug immunities. There are very few research studies to draw factual evidence on immunities. However, there are some studies that are explaining a few things to us.

The most noteworthy study was done by the Department of Entomology, Ohio Agricultural and Research Development Center at Ohio State University in Wooster, Ohio with the Department of Entomology at Ohio State University, in Columbus, Ohio.

This study directly relates to Permethrin and its cousin deltamethrin. I am going to get technical; you can read about it here if you would like.

The gist of it is this: Through gene expression research, there are bed bugs who are resistant to permethrin and its cousin deltamethrin. However, this represents certain strains.

Other research has determined the same thing BUT disagrees on the abundance and locations of immune bugs. It could be that southern areas could have a higher number of immune bugs due to the higher rate of permethrin and deltamethrin pesticides due to warmer weather.

The relevancy of this is that some bugs MIGHT have a resistance to permethrin and not deltamethrin. Some might be resistant to them both.

Some might be resistant to neither. I have seen hot shot bed bug fogger and spray work on one house, and then not work on another house in the same town.

This means that all Hot Shot Bed Bug Products, including Hot Shot Bed Bug Fogger, are hit or miss. They are either going to work well for you, or completely waste your time. Sadly, without a DNA test of a bed bug from your home, it is impossible to know.

If you don't like to take a gamble, then this might not be a product you want to try.

Hot Shot Bed Bug and Flea Fogger Brand Responsiveness

When I first wrote my reviews about Hot Shot products, my major complaint was that the instructions on how to use their products together were unclear. I recommended that these products be used in conjunction with a bed-bug treatment plan.

This product has some pretty mixed reviews around the web. Even I felt disinclined to try this product at times. In the end, I decided to give it a fair shot, just like all of the other products I test. I reviewed the product honestly. The amazing thing is that Hot Shot listens to customers.

The company has improved their website to help users understand how the entire bed bug and flea process works. I have to say that I'm impressed that they do prove that they care about customer satisfaction. Not only have they improved the product, but they also went out of their way to provide thoughtful instructions. I am impressed.

Hotshot is a brand manufactured by Spectrum Brand Holdings Inc. They produce a plethora of trusted brands, such as Cutter bug spray and Rayovac batteries.

Some other products made by the same company that makes hot shot are:

  • Cutter Bug Spray
  • Rayovac batteries
  • Black+Decker
  • ArmorAll
  • STP
  • National Hardware
  • Fanal
  • A/C Pro
  • George Forman
  • Black Flag
  • Juice Man
  • Baldwin
  • Garden Safe
  • EcoLogic
  • Natures Miracle
  • Varta Consumer Batteries

Spectrum Brand Holdings was outside of the US for a short period but was moved back to the United States in 2013, and is now headquartered in Madison, WI.

My original review stated " I learned how to kill bed bugs effectively with this fogger (barring resistance). The negative reviews that investigated were written by people who did not understand the directions."

I also recommend checking out The Bed Bug Book for a thorough guide, and I still do. But know that the Hot Shot website has a thorough guide.

Now let's talk specifically about the product. While some infestations may be treated with the fogger alone, many infestations should also be treated with the spray. Plus bed bug mattress covers should be invested in for after treatment.

There are two main types of bed bug extermination products, both from Hot Shot. One is Hot Shot Bed Bug Flea & Bed Bug Spray, and the other is Hot Shot Bed Bug Fogger.

Each product, utilizing slightly different chemicals, to help get the job done. Misconceptions about this fogger arise when people use it alone, without using the spray or sealing their homes.

Before you use these products understand how you must address detection, treatment, and prevention.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Questions & Answers

  • When placing the fogger in a bedroom, do I need to remove bedsheets, pillows, or clothes from my closet/drawers? Instructions say to open drawers for better penetration of fog.

    I have seen people answer similar questions saying that you could just open drawers, but I highly suggest you remove all of the linens and clothing from the drawer before you treat. Run the items through the washer and dryer on high heat to kill any bed bugs. Return them to the drawer as soon as its safe to enter the room again.

  • Do I need to remove my clothing from my room to get rid of bed bugs?

    I would opt on the side of caution. I would remove the clothing; however, I would dry them right away on high heat in your dryer. The heat would kill any bed bugs or fleas, and you would avoid excessive exposure to the chemicals.

  • Do you need to take clothing out of the closet if you are treating one bedroom with a fogger?

    In my opinion, yes you should empty your closet in the area you are treating. If you don't, you risk driving the bed bugs into the closet. If they hang out on your cloths, then you risk carrying them with you, and spreading them to others.

    I would suggest you wash and dry all of the cloths, clean clutter from the closet, vacuum and treat the closet along with the room.

  • Can I stay in the house while I use the bomb if I seal the crack in the door?

    You should follow the directions on the fogger and leave home. Most homes have ventilation systems that might allow the gas to travel.

  • I have toys and personal item in a bag. Should I open this bag so the flea and bed bug fogger's spray can kill the bugs or do I put them in an airtight bag for 24 hours? I have a bag of paper and small items and purses, how do I treat them to be safe from bedbugs?

    Sealing the items for 24 hours would do no good. Unlike lice, fleas and bed bugs can live longer than a day. Since you're talking about toys I suggest that you very carefully go through each and every toy in the bag. Inspect each item, then clean them with rubbing alcohol or vinegar, both known to be contact killers. Also inspect the bad itself, and replace it with a new bag if it seems to be infested.

    For the bag with the purses and paper, go through every single paper. Both fleas and bed bugs are small enough to hide between two sheets of paper, in books, and notebooks. Be a bed bug inspector and look at each item carefully. Clearing each item one by one.

    Purses are a little bit more difficult, as it depends on the type of purse it is. There are lots of places for bed bugs to hide in the purse. If it isn't an expensive purse, you may want to replace it. Otherwise, give it the same inspection you gave the other items. For some materials, you can use vinegar or alcohol, but this damages some materials.

    After you have cleared every single item in the bags, you can keep them in a sealed bag to prevent new bugs from getting to them.

© 2012 Melody Collins


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    • profile image


      3 months ago

      Can you please elaborate on "seal" all cracks and crevices.

    • profile image


      8 months ago

      I live in a apartment, my roommate will be home in her bedroom. Is it okay to Set the fogger off in my bedroom and close the door with a towel under the door while she’s home I would that make her sick ?

    • Bedbugabscond profile imageAUTHOR

      Melody Collins 

      11 months ago from United States

      I don't recommend using tea tree oil to kill bed bugs. Professional and scientific research suggests that it only kills in concentrate form. The problem with this is that it will also irritate you, and possibly damage your belongings, in concentrate form. Even though it smells funny, a homemade vinegar spray is often a better choice than tea tree oil.

    • profile image

      Lil muslim 

      11 months ago

      So after bombing the house does tea tree oil really help also or do I have to buy the one gallon spray also???? Pls help me I have iOCD and this is nasty to me

    • Bedbugabscond profile imageAUTHOR

      Melody Collins 

      11 months ago from United States

      The big problem with bed bugs is how quickly they become immune to chemicals. They are like borg, in that they adapt within just a few generations. This product only works if the bed bug isn't immune to it. Hot shot even changed their formula to try to help with this. So while I have had lots of people say it works, those who have resistant bed bugs whose grandparents where exposed to it see that it won't work.

      This is why it is always best to get an exterminator. These products are mostly for people who have a very, very minor problem, or those who can not find the money to get an exterminator. If your bed bugs didn't die it means they are immune and at this point it would be a guessing game to find an over the counter product that will kill them. You could waste thousands and be over exposed to chemicals.

      Even though it's expensive, a experts are always the best route to go. If you have the money to pay an expert, do it ASAP.

      An alternative for the mean time, while you wait, is diatomatious earth, which kills lots of different types of bugs. I have had reports that even flies who come in contact with it die. Its very messy though, so if you can get an expert in this week, then just wait for them.

    • Larry Fish profile image

      Larry W Fish 

      17 months ago from Raleigh

      I used this product several years ago because we thought we had bed bugs. My wife thought she was getting bitten in the middle of the night. Turns out she was getting a little blood on the sheets from a medical condition. So I can't really rate the effectiveness of this product.

    • profile image

      Mitzi Confer 

      17 months ago

      I have bombed my room 6 times and still have bed bugs!

    • profile image


      19 months ago

      I used the hotshot bedbug spray and got instant results after trying nearly every other method..

    • Bedbugabscond profile imageAUTHOR

      Melody Collins 

      20 months ago from United States

      I am really surprised to hear you that you were not informed that heat treatments alone are unlikely to solve your bed bug problem. The CDC and the WHO recommend what they call multi-modal extermination plans. Which means you have to use more than one method to exterminate. If thousands spent then most of the work should have come from the exterminators. You do have to spray for months, just know that it may take as few as one or two generations of bed bugs before they become pesticide resistance. After the second month, you may need to switch from this product to another that has a different active ingredient. If Hot Shot seems to stop working in a few months switch to Temprid SC. Good luck!

    • profile image


      20 months ago

      My landlady put out thousands for the heat treatment no good. The bugs are back the comp. Failed but bad. They don't tell you to spray and bomb for several months to get the once they missed. Now I am spraying and bombing it is WORK don't think you can sit back and let it be a easy thing that takes once and your done. If you do don't plan on starting

    • Bedbugabscond profile imageAUTHOR

      Melody Collins 

      20 months ago from United States

      I can not recommend that you do that. It would be against the products recommended usage guide. To be quite honest, I don't think it would be more effective anyway. If you are having problems after using this product, there is probably a level of pesticide resistance. If that were the case I would recommend a pesticide called Temprid SC. However, Temprid is a concentrate, which you mix yourself.

    • profile image


      20 months ago

      So if I were to cut a hole in my mattress then place said fogger into.the center of the mattress do u think the effectiveness may be increased or two one with exit point of spray being upwards and the other down

    • Bedbugabscond profile imageAUTHOR

      Melody Collins 

      23 months ago from United States

      Hey joe. I have another article about sealing up cracks and crevices. Caulk can be good to seal spaces between the walls and the floor. However, if you are able to get trim, then you can secure it tightly to block the gap.

      There is also expanding spray foam and wall tape that can be painted over. Cracks in drywall can be repaired with plaster. But, the cheapest way is to get clear caulk and use it anyplace that might be a good hiding spot for bugs.

      If you chose to seal you have to do an 100% job, otherwise the bugs will just come back, and have a place to hide.

    • profile image

      Joe C. 

      23 months ago

      How do u seal? What do u seal with?

    • profile image


      23 months ago

      Unfortunately,I had these nasty little creatures before,like 30yrs ago..I got read of them in 2weeks...followed directions to a T...left nothing out...3rd week..

    • profile image

      Betty's mom 

      23 months ago

      I bought this product..and wow what HUGE disappointment!!!!! I spent $25,hurried as instructed...and to my amazment..I have a worse infestation now than bad I have to have an exterminator come.

      If had known this was going to happen I would have never!!!ever!!!!waisted my $25. I have 3 ppl whowerewith me...and they too, couldn't be

      Believe it....keep your trash!!!

    • Bedbugabscond profile imageAUTHOR

      Melody Collins 

      2 years ago from United States

      Hi Linda. No, that is not unusual. In fact, it may be a really good sign. It might mean that the bed bugs are contained to a certain area. Are there other beds in the house?

      If not, then it could mean that someone who sat on your couch brought in a bed bug. It could have been you or a family member, even.

      There are some public places infested where you can pick them up, or you could have picked them up at someone else's house. Or, it could have been a guest.

      If you address the problem now, you may never have to worry. Are there bed bugs in any cracks or crevices? Have you checked other furniture in the room? Is it carpeted?

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I've noticed bed bugs but not in my bedroom in my living room furniture is this unusual

    • profile image

      Teresa Swigert/Barnett 

      2 years ago

      I discovered that I had bedbugs and used the hotshot bedbug spray. I have a bug fobia and moving and leaving everything there in the house was my first thought. But I stood strong and pulled my possey together. One person for every room. We opened all drawers and cabinets, pulled mattresses off beds(leaving a corner of mattress hanging on boxsprings) so that bombing spray can get to all areas. (Cover kitchen appliances). Each person sets their bomb off in a domino effect. Leave house for two hours. Clean(and) wash all linen from beds. I started linen from beginning putting unwashed linen in trash bags closed tightly. I also bought mattress covers for prevention of bedbugs. At wal-marts for 49.00 dallors(cheaper plastic covers for box springs) Hot Shot Bed Bug Spray does work, "team work" thats the key that works with the spray...

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      These products do work, you have to do it consistently and weekly at least , take box spring apart , wash clothing, bedding g, curtains weekly , vacuuming, shampooing's a constant battle. I have been battling the bugs since June, it is now August. And still at it! Just as I think I got them all, I spot a few here and there. I hate these bugs and although it is a learning process, I never wanted to know so much about these things!Good luck to all that are in a bedbug battle!

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I used this product thrice in just 2 weeks, but bed bugs are still appearing. The second time I used this product removing all the things from bed and put the fogger at the center of the bed area, but still getting bites. So, the third time I put 1 fogger in vertical position on the ground so all the fog can go under the bed, and 2 foggers on the bed with mattresses. I hope I won't e able to see any now.

    • profile image

      Confused reader 

      3 years ago

      So question....I spray cracks and crevices then set off the foggers and you said seal off everything. What exactly are you meaning? Can you give me more insight on this please

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I had flea and I bought a gallon. I used the entired gallon for one room and nothing changed. Total waste of my money and time.

    • profile image

      Satisfied customer so far... 

      4 years ago

      I actually used the Hot Shot spray on my mattress and then used the fogger two days later for the entire room! Haven't gotten bitten or seen a bed bug since. I will be redoing the process again in two weeks but next time I will fog immediately after I spray!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I have tried everything steaming bombing the spray and nothing is working. It's only in my room which has my 1 year old in there to. They don't seem to be bothering her but they wont leave me alone. I've even called a lady to come in and kill them and their still here. I'm lost for words and very displeased with these products

    • Bedbugabscond profile imageAUTHOR

      Melody Collins 

      4 years ago from United States

      Hi melisa, bombers alone tend to be ineffective because the fogger doesn't reach deep cracks and the under side of furniture. Spray cracks, crevices and the underside of furniture first, then spray. If ur base boards have cracks, use caulk to seal after you the spray and fogger have been sprayed.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      So I just discovered bed bugs and just got 3 bombs so will it not work until I get the spray to. I'm new to this crap

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I used hot shots fruit fly killer & it was the ONLY thing that worked & it worked IMMEDIATELY & like MAGIC! Im PRAYING that the bed bug works as well!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I bet some and I still have bed bugs it did not work.waste my money

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Id like to share my exp with these lil critters! I started noticing when i was being bitten on my sofa. I thought darn mosquitoes! A few months later i started moving. Everything was fine until i got to my kids bedroom where i saw them. Omg, i was already tired of moving, i hate moving, so i used roach spray not knowing that was going to be the biggest mistake ever. When i got situated in my new apt. I kept checking my kids room, by this time i had read and found out what these things were bedbugs! I called the office and they sent this real nice lady and killed all the bugs. We actually got rid of them!!! One day my kids were coming back from their moms, kids mom and i are separated. I dont know what came over me but i started checking my kids, i almost cried out bedbugs!! I saw one in my daughters underwear at the seams!. So i called my ex, long story short, she told me a few days later her sisters gf had brought them over to her moms house where she was living at the time and the kids brought it to my apt. Supposedly she got rid of them almost immediately. But it was a dif story with me. The bedbugs had been multiplying in my kids room. So i called the lady she charged me though, but by this time they had spread. So she couldn't get rid of them. I bought a steamer and steamed everything but nothing i did worked. For some odd reason my sofa was ok, they bit me at first but i think they went back to the kids room. My room has always been bedbug free until a couple months ago when the kids were on summer vacation. I steamed everything, washed clothes and then bought some chemicals which ive never used since i have kids, then the hardest thing i had to do... I handed my kids over to my ex, my gf cried and my mom as well. I was heart broken. But i was more determined to get rid of these things. So i sprayed everything in their room and then bought a adhesive you use for carpet it's a double sided tape and i put it around the door so they wouldn't get out i caulked everything in the room so they wouldn't get out through the walls. Now i have a room that has been sealed off to the world. Now the sofa was pretty easy i steamed it only, no chemicals and since then i have not been bitten on my sofa. My bedroom has a a queen size bed and a twin size for my 2 year old (my ex is not taking her!) so i started steaming everything and washed all my clothes. I added the adhesive around my mattress which is freaking cool cause i got three of them and none since then that was about two weeks ago my toddler hasn't been bitten ever! Now i just have to be careful with my kids room. Its been over a year since my first bite on my sofa and looking back at those countless days were i had gotten up in the middle of the night to check my poor kids i say thank god its almost over. I haven't seen my kids in a month but i can't wait to go get them, next week i'll see if the bugs are gone in their rooms.

    • Bedbugabscond profile imageAUTHOR

      Melody Collins 

      7 years ago from United States

      I am glad you don't have to contend with bed bugs. If you ever know anyone who gets them, passing information on and being supportive is the best thing you can do. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Angela Brummer profile image

      Angela Brummer 

      7 years ago from Lincoln, Nebraska

      Wow thank goodness I don't have to content with this but, at least I will have this to pass onto anyone that may!


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