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How to Get Rid of Ants Without Toxic Chemicals

There are several natural, safe ways to prevent or eliminate ants from your house, including vinegar, baking soda, and diatomaceous earth.


How Do Ant Traps Work and How to Use Them

Do you have an ant infestation in your home or garden? Ditch calling the pest control and get rid of them yourself. Click here to know more about ants, ant bait traps, how do ant traps work, and how to use them effectively!


3 Ingenious Ways to Get Rid of Ants That Actually Work

Tried and true ways to finally eliminate ants from your home.


7 Natural Ways to Repel Ants Without Killing Them

Have ants been invading your home, but you don't want to use harsh chemicals to kill your little visitors? Here are some ways to naturally get rid of ants without killing them. It's possible to deal with your pest problem in a humane way!


30 Easy DIY Ways to Get Rid of Ants in the Home and Garden

The following is a list of the best home remedies to get rid of ants fast! Getting rid of ants can be easier when you learn the proper methods. Do not use chemicals if you have children or pets. Learn how to kill ants naturally...


How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Driveway and Yard

Got ants? I have tried some different ingredients to get rid of ants in the cracks of our driveway and in our back yard. I have had luck with most of them, but some tries were better than others. Here's what I've learned. With these tips, tricks, and lessons, getting rid of ants can be easy!


How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Home

Every year, many of us have to deal with ants coming into our homes, nesting somewhere either in or outside of the house and generally being irritating. This article contains advice to help you get rid of them naturally.


Homemade Ant Traps

Learn how to make homemade ant traps with items you have around the house. These traps are safe to have around pets and children and only take a minute to make.


How to Use Windex as a Non-Toxic Solution to Kill Ants Indoors

Got ants? Trying to figure out how to get rid of them without turning to dangerous chemicals? Turns out Windex is a slightly less toxic solution for exterminating ants (for the humans, that is).


DIY Ant Bait Recipes Using Peanut Butter and Borax

Are ants infesting your home? Here are some homemade recipes that use peanut butter and borax to eliminate them. It's a greener alternative to those store-bought, poison-filled ant traps!


Are Ants Intelligent?

Does the fact that ants built complex cities and societies, farm other insects and raise crops mean that they have intelligence or is it all instinct?