Are You Being Eaten by Invisible Bugs?

Updated on January 8, 2016

If you are being plagued by invisible biting bugs, you have come to the right place. Although I do not know what was infesting our family, our home, and our lives, I'm sharing what we did to help get rid of them.

Freedom was NOT an overnight thing or something that came quickly or easily.

If none of the recommendations on this page help you, it is my wish for you to never to give up the fight. You must pray for courage and strength and go into attack mode on this 21st-century plague.

Maybe you thought the bugs were going to go away on their own. Maybe you question if it's really happening.

You have rashes. You feel bites. It feels like something is crawling around your face, head, and hairline. You can't find any answers on the Internet, only more questions.

You find many products claiming that they can get rid of these mites but after trying a few, some of which might be high dollar, you begin to lose hope. The companies may even put you on their mailing list, sending you emails that use terror to get you to order more products in greater and greater quantities.

I know what you're going through. Initially, my family also ordered a ton of online remedies but they were all a waste of time and money. Instead, healing only came once we made a plan and stuck to it.

Don't give up hope. Please know that you can and will feel better, but you cannot give up hope.

Unable to find answers on the Internet or from doctors, I went frantic trying to get someone to believe me and felt terror at the thought that I would never rid myself or my family of the mites. I fell into a deep depression because I felt so helpless, at the mercy of something I couldn't even see.

With persistence, however, I beat them. You can too.

The Bite-Mite Protocol

I will not go into detail of how this started or how doctors ignored us. Instead, I will tell you how I was able to rid my family of five (including myself) of these invisible biting mites. This is the protocol that we used.

Permethrin Cream

Permethrin is an anti-parasitic that can treat head lice and scabies.

Though the creams seemed pretty much useless in ridding ourselves of the mites completely, they did help keep the mites off of us. Sometimes it seemed to make the mites mad, and they bit worse, but eventually they died. We were able to use the permethrin cream to get the mites off of my five- and six-year-old children.

Warning: Do not try to use the cream more often than prescribed. I did this once trying to get a good night's sleep and woke up very sick. I thought I was going to pass out but luckily I made it to the shower. I felt better after I washed it off, but I could still feel the toxic effects.

I realized that Windex original does kill the mites, but you need to spray a lot of it. You will need a respirator from a hardware store — the kind that is used to spray pesticides. Spraying everything in our house seemed to bring the number of mites way down.

  • Use the Windex to spray out your cars, homes, and work area wherever you work. I work in an office building, and Windex did not look out of place there.
  • When you spray your home, make sure to reach the ceilings, walls, floors, and every nook and cranny.
  • I would spray my car as I exited, since it isn't really safe to drive with a mask on, and it can bother your eyes if you spray too heavily with the Windex and then immediately enter the car to drive.

What to Avoid

I did try spraying with plain ammonia, but the results were not half as good as Windex. Also, you need to be careful of mixing bleach with Windex because the Ammonia-D in it and the bleach will make toxic fumes. Do not spray these chemicals right after each other.

Though the Windex did not stain our off-white carpet, you should still use caution when spraying it on light-colored items of value.


As you probably already know, regular showers with soap, water, and shampoo have no effect on the bugs.

I found that spraying original Listerine on me in the shower from a spray bottle helped rinse the mites off. It seemed to bother them enough so they let go. The crawling feeling would also go away so I could sleep better and concentrate at work.

Listerine may also help wash off scents you are marked with, or at least disrupt pheromone communication between the mites.

  • In the shower, I would back away from the water, spray myself with the Listerine, and wait as long as I could before I rinsed it off. The first times you do this, it seems to burn. You might try diluting it with water at first if need be.
  • Spray the shower floor with Windex after showering because the Listerine doesn't seem to kill the mites and the shower floor was covered with ones that were washed off but not killed.
  • Spray your feet several times (while in the shower) because a lot of mites seem to try to hold on to your feet and they will become infested.
  • Also, after a few days of sitting, the spray bottle seems to weaken the strength of the Listerine, so make fresh batches regularly.


Ivermectin is an anti-parasitic that can treat infections caused by roundworms, threadworms, and other parasites. It must be prescribed by a doctor.

After we started to use Ivermectin on a weekly basis, we noticed a big difference.

Tell your doctor to prescribe it for you since it is now considered a first line of defense in dealing with sarcoptic mites. If you do start using it, make sure to not drink any alcohol since it can cause serious reactions.

I had read about people getting good results after they stopped eating sugar so I decided to give it a try.

After about two to three days I noticed a big improvement and so did my wife. If possible, start a candida diet. The mites seem to be attracted to people with infections or fungus problems.

Some Recommendations

  • A basic candida diet means avoiding sugar, alcohol, grains and glutinous foods, fruit, starchy or sweet vegetables, processed meats, dairy (except butter), and beans and legumes (as well as a few other things).
  • Easy sugars and carbohydrates to cut out of your diet include any sugar you're adding to drinks, or consuming in drink form (including smoothies, fruit juice, and sugary coffee drinks), all forms of bread and desserts, and almost all snacks (like dried fruit and nut mixes, chips, and candies.)

Improve Your Immune System

Some people who have had problems with these invisible biting mites also are immunosuppressed. My 15-year-old is on immunosuppressive drugs, and I feel that also led us to have more problems with getting rid of the bugs.

Increasing your overall health means getting as much sleep as possible, eating well, and engaging in regular exercise.

Some Tips on Sleep

This is a hard one because these mites really disrupt sleep patterns.

  • Showering with Listerine (as mentioned above) right before bed seemed to help a lot.
  • Sheets need to be washed daily (see below).
  • Spray the plastic cover of your bed a few times a day with Windex and wipe it off afterwards. Be sure not to spray right before bed!

Cleaning Tips

  • I cleaned every possible surface with Windex.
  • I tried sprinkling many different things in our carpets. Borax seemed to work the best.
  • Don't forget to sprinkle it on the car carpets too.
  • I mopped with 20 Mule Borax. It made our hardwood floors look terrible, but gave us good results with the mites. You can find it at the grocery store near the laundry detergent because it is listed as a laundry booster.
  • It also helped to put borax in my shoes since they would quickly get infested.

Laundry Tips

These things breed in dirty clothes. The biting after doing laundry was unbearable until I figured out the washing routine. Here's what I recommend:

  • Bag and seal dirty clothes in trash bags until you're ready to wash them.
  • Wash clothes with bleach, detergent, and 20 Mule Borax in every load.
  • Try not to drop the clothes out of the bag into the washing machine from a high distance. This could cause mites to be carried back to your face and head on the displaced air.
  • Throw away used trash bags quickly. Do not reuse.
  • Using the dryer and drying clothes for long periods of time didn't work to kill the bugs.


  • Get dust mite mattress covers with a zipper and seal up your mattress.
  • Spray it with Windex several times during the day and pull your bed away from the wall.
  • Some people have to throw away their mattress and get an air mattress until the mites are gone since air mattresses are easier to clean.

MSM Cream

MSM is a chemical found in plants, animals, and humans. It can also be made in a laboratory and people use it as a medicine for a variety of ailments.

We found that making an MSM cream was very effective. You can find all the ingredients you need at a vitamin store or pharmacy. Here's how we did it:

  • Mix one-part powdered MSM to 12-parts hand cream of your choice with 1/2 teaspoon of tea tree oil. Microwave for 15 seconds and stir.
  • Apply cream all over your body to dry out and repel the mites.

Any person or animal you can remove from your environment is one less host for these things.

Luckily for us, my mother was able to watch my two younger children, take them to school, and pick them up from school for three to four months while we worked on eliminating the bugs.

If you're able to do something similar, you should.

Ozone Generators

An ozone generator is a machine that creates ozone, which is a type of oxygen molecule.

Ozone generators have proven to be a great source of help to those who use them. I've never used one but people who do see results rather quickly.

Use caution because you need to do certain areas of your home one at a time and then air out the rooms. You should not breathe ozone at all, so exercise extreme caution if you try this method.

Some people use propane heaters to heat up their home and cars to above 130 degrees for a few hours and they've seen success with getting rid of the bugs.

You can hire someone to do this for you, but it will be expensive.

In fact, someone even posted that when they called a company to do this, they were told that the company is not responsible if anything gets melted and that the heat treatment would cost $10,000 dollars.

If you do this, research beforehand and think about the risks involved. I cannot be responsible for any damages.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE): Kill Bugs Without Chemicals

Diatomaceous earth is an off-white talc-like powder made up of the fossilized remains of marine phytoplankton. Up close, it looks like shards of glass. On any beetle-type insect, DE gets under the shell and punctures the body, causing the bug to die.

Many people have used this product in living spaces to help get rid of bugs in their environment. A duster will help spread the DE. Remember to use a dust mask when spreading it.

What Didn't Help Us

Enzyme cleaners and peppermint sprays did not work for us at all.

Many people do get relief using enzyme cleaners, but since it cost 95 dollars and did nothing for our mites, I feel I should mention that it was a waste of money. Some people could use the 95 dollars another way.

Online scabies and lice medicines did not help at all either.

Be Careful of Bold Claims by Companies

Some companies that claim a very high rate of success never called to see if their product worked for us. My question is how they can claim such a rate if they never call people back to see if it worked?

It's possible that they just go by the return rate and assume that everybody that did not return the products are healed. I did not write this to bash any companies. I'm only saying this to help people find a solution to their nightmare.

You Can Beat This

These mites can be beaten. My family and I are a living example. Try and relax. Don't think about the bugs too much. Stress is a big contributor to immune system problems. Take vitamins, exercise if possible, and pray.

Find discussion groups like the ones mentioned below and join in:

  • Scabies Support Group: Even though these mites are not scabies, this group of people will understand what you are going through. I learned all my cleaning methods there.
  • There's a good discussion group here.

You're Not Alone

Isolation is a big problem with these mites, and that can lead to depression. You need to talk about these issues with others. I found that the only people who really understand are those who are going through something similar.

Most non-affected people make a joke about it, change the subject, or offer simple, useless advice because they don't really understand what is going on. But that's okay. There are a lot of people who do understand. Post questions or helpful hints below. You need to communicate with others, even if we can't help.

Don't bottle it up.

Stay in it for the Long Haul

Also, remember this is a long fight. There were no silver bullets for us. Even if the doctors could have identified the problem, it would have been a long process.

Keep that in mind so you don't get discouraged. A lot of people feel that if they can just prove to the doctor they are really suffering and it's not just in their head that the doctors will be able to give them a magic pill.

That would be nice, but please don't get your hopes up. Remember that the healing will come, but it is a slow process.

I hope this helps others. It is how we were able to get back to a normal life after almost ten months of misery. I hope this will help other people and families. God bless you.

How long have you been dealing with these issues?

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    • profile image

      Lainey Glick 9 hours ago

      I have been dealing with Cedar knats or No seeums for at least 4 months. I have tried all the fogers and windex but lesser amounts than suggested above, The adults are gone. I am left with no seeum bugs that can be seen on clothes. They look like little black dots. But not in the air.

      I am out of my mind with the. I read the article above and it helped me realize I am not the only one with this hell going on. I hardly get any sleep and am so exhausted too.

    • profile image

      Tracy 8 days ago

      A lot of this sounds like what I have been fighting for 3 years. No seem parisites called springtails. DO NOT let anyone tell you they are harmless, and do not bite. They are way worst them just biting. I have had it confirmed no doubt it is springtails. I tried everything that was out there messy stuff and unsafe stuff. The only way I can control them is with a bug fogger, and cedarwood oil based products. It kills them and is safe around kids, and animals. I try to remove them before I use it still. Look up Wondercide cedarwood. Keep house clean pickup everything off the floor. I throw dog bed and any clothing on floor in the dryer daily, I hope it controls the bugs. I have found nothing that kills the eggs. Keep researching what it could be. Oh yes I have found that vinegar water, and soda water to drink help too. Also rinse you nose with salt water. It seems they are attracted to people with a fungus problem it is like they can smell it or something.

    • profile image

      Lexy 10 days ago

      Hi, I’m Lexy and I’m 21.

      I am so reassured yet saddened to see that there are others who are suffering this sadistic parasite. My WHOLE family thought I was crazy (actually considered taking me to a psych ward) and I honestly couldn’t blame them. It is surrreal to even think about/ say out loud. “There are bugs living under my skin.”

      Although this is something I couldn’t find in these posts... are anyone else’s symptoms only like 6 months out of the year? (For me it’s usually Christmas time to June) It seems like they hibernate or something.. or only like hot weather? I just don’t seem to have any symptoms from June until mid winter.

      At first my initial thought was that it was bed bugs. We flipped my room upside down, washed EVERYTHING thouroughly, bought a new mattress and even tried several foggers. All of which have turned out ineffective.

      I have lost 2 cats this year (both 8 years old) claiming to have gotten sick and being deficient of blood... very mysterious.. my vet attributed one to an auto immune disease and the other as diabetic.... those of which I don’t agree with. (Try not to think about it it just hurts to much)

      I am very concerned that this will last for ever, I mean it really seems like it. I have always wanted a big family and I am saddened and heartbroken at the thought of passing this down to my kids. :(

      I just feel so alone. I can’t talk to ANYONE about this with out them thinking I’m going crazy again and I need to be hospitalized... none of my friends.. family.. co workers.

      I feel defeated :-(

      I am trusting in god to get me through this and I am praying for all of you who are suffering.

      God bless you for speaking out, and sharing your stories.

    • profile image

      Cathy Marsden 11 days ago

      I'm not sure of what is biting me I have red looks like bites on my back legs side none on my arms or face what ever it is please help me get rid of them I can't afford new furniture don't know what to do

    • profile image

      Marti 12 days ago

      Thank you

    • profile image

      Debbie 2 weeks ago

      This past month had my first experience with this problem.Struggling to find natural methods to eradicate mites?bugs? Constantly being bitten or stung.Pain ranges from mild to real bad.This "condition" is life changing.Itis exasperating keeping up with what is required to get any relief.Any natural remedies that have been effective?

    • profile image

      Chris 2 weeks ago

      I've been having good luck with castor oil. One part water, 1 part castor oil, one part vinegar. And a little bit of dish soap so that the oil breaks up in the spray bottle

    • profile image

      Andy's nightmare 6 weeks ago

      These bugs will make you crazy for sure!! This is the 3rd time in 4 years I've dealt with this so I've been searching every site I can find to figure out if anyone knows where they're coming from.

      I've come to the conclusion that the bugs came in with packaging from Asia after ordering stuff online again. It's the only logical solution after ruling out all the other possibilities. There are also no natural preditors for them so it gets out of hand quick...

      The only way to solve the problem is everything in the house needs to get soaked, bleached, or burned.

      I hope everyone manages to beat this nightmare and hopefully never go thru this again!!

    • profile image

      Buggedout 6 weeks ago

      Oh I just read that he said Windex works better than plain ammonia!

    • profile image

      Buggedout 7 weeks ago

      It's ammonia in the Windex , I think? Alcohol works for the ones I have but my aunt has another type that I can't see, which bite me when I stay at her house and alcohol does not work on them. But ortho bug barrier works on hers. (I have to rinse sheets several times.) My aunt's son is laughing about me with everyone and saying that he has to see them to believe it. Well that's the problem. You can't see them!

    • profile image

      Theresa 7 weeks ago

      My husband and I would like to talk to the guy that used Windex on everything/mixed Msm into lotion. We are at our wits end. Thank you

    • profile image

      esh110 7 weeks ago

      I created a group on Facebook for anyone suffering through this or previously suffered it. For discussion and support.

      It is a closed group, by the way. No worries about dealing with people that don't believe you.

    • profile image

      JC 8 weeks ago

      I have been dealing with the same thing described by many here on this site for about 2 months and it is a nightmare. I have seen 2 dermatologist, and a family doctor, who didn't have much to offer, except Permethrin cream which kills bugs on your body, but you get reinfested quickly. The Permethrin is fairly toxic and you can kill bugs on you and your pets by bathing in as warm/ hot water as possible with enough Dawn blue dishwashing liquid for hand washing dishes to make the water blue. You need to leave it on your/or pets skin for 5 min. Then rinse well. This was told to me by a veterinarian who specializes in animal Dermatology. The trick is to kill the bugs in your environment as much as possible before you bathe yourself and pets. I have found that vinegar mixed with water equal parts kills the bugs, but of course, more hatch out. My vet suggested spraying my car with the vinegar water solution, spraying inside my house with it as well, then bathing myself and cats with Dawn liquid, leaving the house and using foggers that kill fleas and their eggs. I did this ( used foggers that were primarily Pyrethrin based, must read instructions and handle carefully as they are toxic, so leave no food/water bowls for petsdishes or food products for pets or people exposed. This process did kill the bugs, but after about 6 hrs we were getting some bites, I presume from hatching eggs, or ones that hid in crevices. I did get Revolution drops on my cats per vet recommendation, supposed to kill anything that bites them but takes several weeks to start working. I have some success mixing Eucalyptus oil, and Lemongrass oil with Jojoba oil as a carrier and rubbing all over my body as it keeps them from biting so much. Don't put this on pets though unless a vet okays it, as many essential oils can seriously harm pets particularly cats. I rub my cats down with half Apple cider vinegar half water on a cloth which helps keep their bites down, and use the same thing on myself.

      Any laundry that can't be bleached should be soaked in really warm to hot water with the Dawn blue liquid dishwashing soap ( till the water is blue) for 30 min., then wash as usual. Using bleach in all other washes has killed the bugs for me. Be sure where you place clothes after laundered is free of bugs by wiping down with vinegar water. I did also spray my mattress and box spring and bed frame with the Eucalyptus Lemongrass, and Jojoba oil mix which will keep bugs away for 2 days or so. The jojoba oil doesn't stain fabric, but is pricey. I use Lemongrass or Lemon Eucalyptus oil to wipe down wood furniture. If you can wear flip flops or any shoes that can be washed in the Dawn liquid and change them when you change clothes and shower it helps a lot. For other shoes I spray with Neem oil ( be sure it's only Neem as sometimes toxic chemicals are added to it). With everything I have described, I still have the bugs, but am doing better than before. Also keeping a couple of plastic bins in bathroom that you can make fresh batch of hot water and Dawn liquid before showering or bathing and place your clothes in keeps from spreading the bugs. If you make a bath, add some shower gel and a good amount of tea tree oil or Eucalyptus oil, it will kill the bugs and give your body a break from the Dawn liquid.

      I have been doing a vast amount of research to try and find what type of bugs these are. I spent $400 having pieces of clear tape with possible specimens analyzed with no success, spoke with Entymologist in 2 states, who were willing to identify a specimen, but would not recommend any treatments or anything else to help. So we are pretty much on our own to figure this out. Heat will kill these bugs and you can rent a heater called a salamander, and treat yourself, but I have a lot of antique pieces that can't take the heat. So far, the most likely culprit that fit observed characteristics are Dermanyssus Gallinae ( bird mite), Chelytiella mites of which there are 3 varieties, Blakeii- that gets on cats, one that is specific to dogs, and one that is specific to rabbits or rats. All of these can bite humans and infest homes. There is also Peymotes Herfsii (straw itch mite), that is least likely. Good luck. I will post more as I learn anything relevant.

    • profile image

      Mandy 2 months ago

      Hey Michelle!! Unfortunately I know exactly what you are going through! My poor kitty cats are going through the same thing as well as myself! You asked about how to help your babies. Well l took my cats to the vet and they were diagnosed with demodex mites. I don't believe it...I think mange mites but anyhow he said to bathe them in lime sulfur dip that you mix with water. I ordered it on Amazon and it helps. Also diatomaceous earth helps. It's available at a farm store and online. You can sprinkle it on their back. It's safe as long as you buy the WHITE pure kind! I sprinkle them and let it stay on. It's ok for them to lick it. Heck people drink the stuff because it's supposed to help with internal parasites. My cats are very old like yours so I've been cautious with things but these do work....not a fix all but helps a lot! Mine would bite and lick and run around the house meowing loudly it was so pitiful and my heart broke!! :( Also put advantage II on them monthly. My vet said that's better than frontline as frontline has lost its potency. I believe these are mites sent from satan!!! They were in my fur babies ears as well and they jumped off on me too and stung me something bad so you are not alone. I hope this helps you! :)

    • profile image

      Michelle 2 months ago

      This article has helped so much. After being sick for 9 years, it started with nodules on my lungs, the doctor said was nothing. Everyday, I had a new symptom, everything from cysts forming all over and my liver and spleen enlarged to the latest symptom, small bumps all over my body. I sprayed myself with an antifungal and they started to go away. We moved to a new place and I have cats and dogs who started itching at there ears. I started giving them ear mite treatment and then my cat shook his ears and whatever came out of his ears went all over me and stung like crazy, they crawled through my clothes. After I used water they got in my eyes and in the corner of my lips and in my ears. I've read everything on this page and others. How do I get them off the animals? They are all at least 10 yrs old and looking at me like help me mommy. 2 of them just sit and stare at me now. One meows at the top of his lungs and cries all the time now. I think the mold can all so come from foundation cracks. The last 2 houses I rented had that so I got one of those mold tests and the last house had as aspergillus and cladosporum. This new place we are renting has cracks all over and I noticed a water spot on the ceiling. To be a renter we have to pass all these rules but the owner can cover everything up with paint and new carpet. I'm so tired

    • profile image

      Theresa Callahan 2 months ago

      Invisible critters that bite are real... Mites !!!!

    • profile image

      Michelle 2 months ago

      Oh my gosh!!!! I hate these little evil things so much!!!! It’s bern 2 weeks since I started noticing a constant itchy feeling in and around my couch. We have 3 dogs who like to sleep on the couch but know they are not allowed. When my husband & I aren’t looking they sneak onto it. I believe my dogs brought in some type of invisible itchy friend to our house. I had them groomed, treated for fleas, and they are still scratching. My couch is leather so I sprayed it carefully with insecticide then washed it with dawn dish soap & water. I vacuumed & shampooed the carpet only to have a few days of peace until it all started up again. It’s bern 2 days of constant waking up with a crawling bug all over me sensation. And it is getting worse. I seem to be the only one in my home that feels these little devils. My sons & husband seem immune. I am so frustrated & tired. I just want to cry. Now this morning I woke up with welts on my shoulder & on my head. I don’t know what to do. Please help!!! I’ll try anything, however, moving & getting rid of the dogs are not an option though.

    • profile image

      Glenzel davis 2 months ago

      These things are a constant torment.

    • profile image

      kk1966 2 months ago

      I joined because, after over 2 years of suffering, and trying all the same remedies, to no avail, listed by others, I finally stopped using everything on my body, as I wanted to see what happened to my skin with no treatment. To my surprise, my skin showed classic signs of yeast overgrowth. I went out and bought OTC anti-fungal cream and covered my body with it. Within 2 days, the incessant burning (sensation of insect stings), crawling sensations, horrendous itching, e, stopped. Open, oozing lesions dried up, and the black specks and hair-like things started coming out of my skin like crazy. I was able to quit washing my bedding daily.. Realizing that this had to be some kind of strange new fungus, I started using anti-fungal shampoo as shower wash, and to wash my hair, shaved all body hair off (except head), and continued to use the anti-fungal cream. I felt almost normal again, but still struggled with the odd new bump or blister. After much research, I realized that I likely had Sporotrichosis, or some other fungal infection that mimicked it. I had done a ton of yard work shortly before my symptoms began. I, then, knew that the cream was only killing the surface fungus, but couldn't get deep enough into the skin, to kill the fungus that was multiplying deep in my hair follicles. I discovered that an old cure for Sporotrichosis that is still used in poorer countries, and is safer than our "civilized" anti-fungal pills, is SSKI (super saturated potassium iodide). I found others online, who too, eventually discovered that their symptoms were caused by fungus, not insects, and had been cured by SSKI. One person, was now the spokesperson for the supplier of the SSKI that he used, so I purchased from the same company. Treatment is lengthy, but I am happy to report that, since I started the treatment, and put my 2 large dogs on it, we are all getting better. At first, we seemed to get a bit worse, as all the fungus was coming to the surface at once, but, after a month, that is slowly stopping, and I no longer even have to use the topical cream, as the itch is bearable now. I never join these discussions, but it broke my heart reading about your suffering, knowing that I may be able to help you, a lot sooner than I discovered how to help myself. God bless and good luck.

    • profile image

      J miller 2 months ago

      Oh my goodness, this is the worst night ever. I did all my ususl routine, daily lice shampoo scrub, 5% premathin on..okok I did forget to lint roll but I felt like I was getting ahead. I went to the hospital near death, I thought for sure yesterday and got - well you know - treated like all the other posters,...dose of oral for the internal and the 5% stuff. I have faith at least it was better last night. I just noticed a bunch of, like a line or roll of what feel like blisters. I hate this. Today I'm all of the sudden getting bit on my fingers. Yes I washed them. I'm so tired. I have lost 15 lbs since this devastated my life, a month in now:(

    • profile image

      dale 2 months ago

      Invisible bug sensations?

      Yes, it is real. I believe its a new thing that no one has knowledge of. I can totally relate to everyone's stories & hopelessness, i hope we can learn from each other. the professionals can't help. I wish they could live in our shoes for a day. I have taken samples to the dept of agriculture & pest control companies, they say its lint or looks like crystals magnified. because they dont see any legs, wings or claws than its in your mind or its static electricity. Nope, ive done my own tests and theyre real..believe me. The good part is we're gonna figure it out ourselves..So ive tried everything. DE bug sprays, borax 20, windex, bleach, fragerance oils, etc. dont waste your time or money. Heres what i know. they are very  microscopic, i dont believe they're after me or my blood/skin, they dont just so happens that they like were i live, i can feel them usually touch my hairs or in my clothes moving about but thats enough to drive you crazy. The first 2 months they were all over me, non stop, pure torment, suicidal even. well things slowly got better if you stay patient and work it. A fact is wetness demobilizes them. So a spray of a water bottle or a shower can help if you really need to sleep, theyre on the floors or even walls so dont blow a fan toward a wall then your bed. blow it out into the hallway.

      Most important goal is they're not on you or on your bed so you can sleep..true. So keep working it. Isolate your clothes in bags or containers after washing or use bed does have a allergy/mite resistant sheet and cover. So decluter (is a must), chaulk up cracks/pipes/holes. Vacuum a lot with a Hepa filter. And my last thing has been fire. Fire consumes anything. using a spray lysol can and a 8" grill lighter. I go around or whenever i feel something usually at my ankles now and spray a small spirt of fire, then make sure it is out immediately, be careful, youll get it. Be very allert & safe, do very small spirts and have a wet towel and fire extinguisher on hand, Be safe folks. Dont burn your house down with you in it..but nothing else seems to be working. Stay away from paper or even cloth. but after 9 months now my life has gotten better, i sleep ok, i still dont invite ppl over yet, i threw away most of my stuff. But God is good..i dont know why i was chosen for this to happen to me except that maybe i can help my fellow human.

    • profile image

      dale 2 months ago

      Invisible bug sensation?

      I did everything, Spent $1,000 atleast.

      My last resort was FIRE.. last resort because i didnt want to burn my house down or me. I use a can of Lysol and a 8" grill lighter..i only do short spirts and put it out immediately w hand or wet towel..usually it goes out on its own in 1 sec. be sure to have a fire estinguisher on hand. But after some trial and scares you will get good at it. Stay away from paper and cloth.

      So clean house good, throw away almost everything, chaulk any cracks and pipes, vacuuming w a hepa filter helps, i still put clothes in freezer and everyday i do some hits w this Lysol torch..and ive felt a big difference. Still have to keep on it regularly..but life has gotten better..much better. Its been 9 months..and i was suicidal and going crazy for my first 3 months. no one would help one..but God has..

      You have to seal all cracks..use fire or freeze them ..then suck them up. They are real..and no one will advise you.

    • profile image

      shazgoldie 3 months ago

      Anyone who says these things are not real are in my opinion the crazy people, nothing works! I have used every spray, powder for every type of Flea Bedbug and Lice. I ripped up carpets, replaced settee, new bed, new quilt and pillows new bedding several times, I hoover my bed every night my settee several times a day, used steam cleaners, steam sprayers, jet washed rugs, I iron my clothes too within an inch of their life, and my life is still plagued by whatever these things are. I just can not believe that we can put men on the moon talk to people in Austrailia and fly enormous jets at lightning speeds, yet we cant eradicate a stupid little mite. Someone needs to get their act together before these things invade every home and place around us.

    • profile image

      Tmask 3 months ago

      You mentioned about the mites not dying in the shower, but piling up in the floor of the shower. Can you actually see them?

    • profile image

      letitisha travis 3 months ago

      i cant take this anymore i have went from getting rid of bed bugs to lint mites

    • profile image

      Keniya Hill 3 months ago

      Thanks for the advice I felt just like you I went to the hospital again and again tell them I have bugs only to be told that it was dirt on my shirt and I was just needing to bath but had enough and went to get another opinion and thank the Most High for bringing me back for the proper help

    • profile image

      PaigeNgunnar 3 months ago

      They sell ivermectin through vet supply stores in the form of horse paste. $8/ per tube- No RX needed. I didn't want the "delusions of parasites" in my medical record forever so I refused to fill the anti psychotics and now after 2 years of fighting these things we are getting our lives back. My 240lb husband takes a little less than the size of a dime and my 3 year old takes less than a pea.

    • profile image

      Lisa 3 months ago

      My kids and I have been waking up with "bug bites" that are bumpy and itchy but we can't see any bugs anywhere! Could you actually see these mites on you? I can't seem to find the cause!

    • profile image

      Adam 3 months ago

      I like to call them my "Kryptonian Fleas" :)

    • profile image

      Lisssa 3 months ago

      I've been taking gabapentin for my back and it doesn't relieve the biting feeling. I'm just tired of not being able to come home and just relax. I'm tired of the black dots. White dots. Loosing hair. Itchy feeling. Afraid to be in a relationship and explain this to someone. I'm just mentally n physically exhausted of cleaning and washing.

    • profile image

      Nadine Burr 4 months ago

      Been suffering from same symptoms for 3 months (sensation of bugs crawling on face, into my ears, eyes, nose, itchy scalp, misery!). Believe an allergent (mites) caused this via either (1) my cat OR (2) PILLOWS PURCHASED AT WALMART (started just after purchase). Tried many things. Some suggestions:

      1. It is NOT all in your head so relax about that.

      2. Find a 'decent DERMOTOLOGIST' (good luck) and tell them you want the ORAL PILL that kills scabies, etc callrc IVERMRCYIN,ONLY. ACCEPT NOTHING ELSE.

      3. Prior to taking first dose of the pill STEAM clean couches, mattresses, chairs, etc. They love my sectional couch! Also steam clean carpets and mop with hot water all floors. Also dust. Then take first pill. Clean up daily again (so to speak) and take e second dose after or as prescribed by your doctor/dermo.

      4. SUBJECT OF GABAPENTIN: I have been on, prior to this infestation and also now, GABAPENTEN 1200 mgs + daily for other ailments. Dermo. just said if the 'bug pills don't work' we will use Gabapentin.' Well if that were the case I SHOULD NOT BE HERE COMPLAINING BECAUSE GABAPENTIN SHOULD BE HELPING MY SYMPTOMS!

      IMPORTANT: I am not saying DON'T TAKE GABAPENTIN. It dose not mean it may not help others with the effects/symptoms of the mites. I have Roseaca so I believe an irritant (mites on pillows or cat) caused a stimulation of the population of the Demodex mites (already on EVERY HUMAN FACE), like an allergic reaction of sorts. With Rosacea studies have found that Rosacea patients have 'more' demodex mites on their face than a 'normal' face so an irritant just stimulated their reproduction to an excessive amount. Humans do not have enough space on their face area for 'extra mites' SO you feel them crawling and even falling from your face, etc. due to overpopulation. Must take the pill (kills the mites or irritant) and clean up with hot water/steam to get the population back under control.

      5. Lastly, I was given a name of a 'Dermo.' who supposedly deals with type of 'situation' with or types of meds. Be careful that the medical community is not prescribing you psychotic meds because they can not see a problem or fix the problem so they think your brain is playing tricks on you (like OCD) and then put you on meds. This trestment may work for some, BUT please try the bug pill + steam cleaning + dusting first.

      Good luck to all and God Bless.

    • profile image

      ceablue 4 months ago

      Going on 11 years. I have never felt so much pain or been this sick.

    • profile image

      Linda 4 months ago

      I have been attacked by these invisible creatures. My husband is not affected at all...he is under Chemo Therapy tx now....I used bed bug spray, got rid of the couch....and now they re occured in my bed last nite...I am at husband thinks it is my stress over him causing this...Help

    • profile image

      HealedOfBugs 4 months ago

      if all of you want your lives back, go get a prescription for Gabapentin. There are no bugs. One of you tell me that you've seen a bug. The specks and glitter, fine, i saw those too, but you know, it's your own pathologic thinking and anxieties that are manifesting these symptoms for you.

      Don't believe me, i went through this for a year and a half, then i finally actually listened to someone and consulted with both a neurologist and psychiatrist, also i'm a medical student currently in medical school.

      Let me ask you something else, when's the last time you listened to anyone, but somebody on a forum telling you to try something that works for 3 minutes then the bugs come back.

      Listen, if you are going to listen to anyone, please listen to me, and don't brush me off as someone that doesn't understand. I know full well, and i cried from the depths of my soul in the middle of the night when i couldn't sleep, and i wondered why god was punishing me in such a manner, and i thought i must have done so many bad things that god hates me, but i'm an idiot and all of this, whatever it was, was easily cured by 1 pill, and if you think i'm crazy and you're going to brush me off, just try it once. Just for the hell of it. You already are giving yourself magnesium poisoning from countless epsom salt baths, and destroying your skin from surfactants and poisons in windex, let alone breathing it in.

      Let the doctor you see tell you you're crazy, that's ok, but then ask for a prescription for Gabapentin, and i promise you, you will get your life back

      i swear this to all of you

    • profile image

      InvisibleItch 4 months ago

      @FamilyMan LM

      What kind of schedule did you use the ivermectin and permethrin in? And how did you get your doctor to prescribe it so often for you? How many doses did you take?

      Thank you!

    • profile image

      Vickie 4 months ago

      Can these be carried around by the dogs and cats? We have been working feverishly to get rid of these things getting better but it seems like something keeps bringing them back and we have only been dealing with them for two weeks.

    • profile image

      Witsend 4 months ago


      I'm curious, you speak of having the sensations and how the mind could have created them, but what of the things we see? Did you never have the lint pieces that roll up on a lint roller as black? Do you not have the salt and pepper specs all over your body and under your skin? And what of the glittery looking specks? If you've not dealt with any of that, then we're talking of two different things. Yesterday my hands started itching and in that exact spot I could see a black Speck under the skin. I found that if I use Germ X it pulls those things to the surface. I need to germx my whole body but I don't know the effect that would have on my system. I suppose it couldn't be much worse than routinely spraying my body down with 91% alcohol.

    • profile image

      Witsend 4 months ago


      You're not alone. I believe there are so many people suffering from this in silence because none of us want to tell anyone. I've noticed of late when I go to buy my 91% alcohol, it's always either out or nearly out. Walmart is even carrying a generic equate brand now. It's selling like hotcakes. Windex is always low too. Over the last year I've spent so much on alcohol, Windex, lint rollers, bugbombs, and bleach. And if this is helping, I shudder to think what they would be like without it.

      I want my life back. I'm so tired of everything revolving around cleaning, showers, spraying myself down with alcohol - the isolation of not getting too close to anyone, it's just too much.

    • profile image

      Lisssa 4 months ago

      I too have been suffering from these damn bugs for the last 3 years. I've tried everything. I'm so tired of having to come home every day and wash. I'm tired of not being able to get a good nights rest. Lost a lot of hair as well. I never heard about cutting the sugar. I spray every thing with 99% alcohol. Use lint rollers constantly n see the little black or white bugs after I just washed my clothes. I feel neurotic. I pray that god helps me and I try myself to get rid of them. I don't know what I did to get this but I'm so tired and I don't want to tell anyone anymore

    • profile image

      Seconds 4 months ago

      I have been battling with skin crawling sensations, many doctors sent me for psychiatric evaluation, I was more than open for any solution because after decades of battling these mysterious you start to question your own sanity.

      As of this year, my symptoms have become lessened thanks to zyrtec. No more pressure sensitive skin, I can drag a pen across my flesh with out overreaction of histamines.

      My current symptoms involve the inability to speak in close quarters with others, as my dialogue seems to cause violent sneezing bouts and immediate sinus drainage not by me, but others I speak to. This is why I've been sent to a

      Psych doctor. Ironically, I induced these and symptoms by various psych doctors. Some admit to symptoms being on set by my presents. Two referred me to an ear nose and throat doctor. I've had endoscopy, colonoscopies, currently awaiting scope of sinus passages. The psych doctors did help as far as ways to manage stress which have been ask the difference with personal symptoms, along with histamine blockers. Believe it or not, the mind is so powerful it can mimic illness and induced stress related hysteria, which can lead us believing we have things we actual don't, and create by believing ourselves. The first exercise we engaged in was embryonic breathing, this relieves the mind of all emotional attachments. The pattern will take years to correct, but it's simple. Method involves taking controlled breathing, 6 breathes per minute, inhale from abdomen, belly should move NOT CHEST. Exhale should last 4 seconds, complete emptying out and pausing for 1-3 seconds before next 4 seconds inhale. The effects kicking in immediately, mix this with an antihistamine block susuch as Benedryl, Zyrtec, Claratin, and see if you don't feel some relief. And I'll be very intimate, I have had these crawling sensations since age 10, I'm now 30, and the best results have been psych prescribed. I have had chicken pox, dermatitis, gonorrhea, scabies, I've been in relationships with herpes carriers, and never once developed any cold sores, or lesions anywhere. Also I have had Viral Meningitis three times. I pray and have completely changed my lifestyle from an outgoing athletic social smoker to, routine exercise, work, and volunteer, I fine mind alerting satisfaction in providing help for less fortunate and ironically with them I can speak without causing them to sneeze, or become affected by sudden sinus evacuation. My current ear nose and throat doctor has found my oral health causing sinus to collect and accumulate environmental irritants, and is testing me for lung worm infections that lead to subcutaneous sensations as well as involuntary muscle movement. I have had a life long bout with itching, welts, and mysterious soon skin crawling sensations, in all the psych doctor help to relieve my self-inflicted stress with the breathing techniques and other methods of stress management along with the antihistamine blocks, I greatly encourage entertaining a psychiatric evaluation is any case that doctors can't find any solution, chances are the problem is self stress infliction , the mind is a powerful force that can trick us, once is convinced. God bless us all.

      Kind regards,


      Youngstown, Ohio

    • profile image

      Simple solution guy; 4 months ago

      Round 2 with these critters....

      Ash, yes ash. Have a fire, collect the cool ash dust your hair rub on your body and say good bye to these critters. Smoke seems to get them out of rooms cars etc. incense... Good Luck! Worked for me.. SSG

    • profile image

      sk2016 4 months ago


      Yeah, that's actually my conclusion too. My symptoms were a lot less for the first week of antihistamins, but then came back. and they really do feel like actual bugs, so now i'm basically back at square one again. ah well.

      some things that have worked for me lately: mix your shower gel with salt and apply the mixture onto dry skin and let it stay for at least a few minutes.

      also after shower and before going to bed i have moisturised with oil mixed with tea tree oil. it doesn't seem to matter whether the oil is coconut or any other oil, i've been using just regular rapeseed cooking oil. anyway, i take one cup of that and mix two teaspoons of teatree oil with it. this combination really helped with reducing my bites.

    • profile image

      InvisibleItch 4 months ago

      @sk2016 You have dermatographism because of the bugs. I have the same thing and I've never had dermatographism before in my life. No professionals know what this is we are dealing with. I'm trying to get someone at Mayo Clinic to listen but I need to gather more evidence.

      The best product I've found to use so far are flea sprays with piperonyl butoxide in them. It's made life tolerable again!

    • profile image

      Shannon 4 months ago

      More the Half of my hair has fallen out and I look like I have aged 10 years in 2 weeks. I cannot stop crying or itching at this point. I cannot deal with this anymore.

    • profile image

      sk2016 4 months ago

      Hi Patty, for me it seems it's only spread to my mother. I stayed at her home for a couple of nights in June last year, and she started getting symptoms sometime in November-December last year.

    • profile image

      Patty 4 months ago

      Hi. Did others you've come in contact with casually ever "catch" it from you? It seems to affect only one person I know.

    • profile image

      Terri1020 4 months ago

      I must disagree with your comment on Enzymes not being effective. I have found them very effective, yes they may be pricey but you can get a concentrated gallon for around $75 dollars and it make gallons and gallons of product. The creams you mention are poisons and pesticides and they work by absorbing into your blood stream, then the mites eat on you and get poisoned. That is very dangerous. Enzymes are organic and safe to use and work. The only downside is you have to spray frequently but for my health and safety I can live with that. Also, enzymes break down the shell of the mite or bug where those poisons attack the nervous system and bugs develop an immunity towards them where they won't with an enzyme. Just my two cents.

    • profile image

      sk2016 4 months ago

      @ Terry Rose

      Yes of course, I think it's clear that because there are many posters here there are also many different conditions and I'm also positive that some of these definitely are problems with parasites.

      But in my own case I haven't been sure if my symptoms are from parasites or from some other case, and I thought that what I found out could be of use to someone else as well. :)

      Best of luck to you too!

    • profile image

      Terry Rose 4 months ago


      The doctor can not explain it when you wear loose clothes and the red marks appear as a quarter size welts. It is the stinging ones I got from the plane. It is explained in the article above. Good luck. These parasites make white or green sticky stuff in my lungs. Every day breathing gets harder. Take care.

    • profile image

      sk2016 4 months ago

      Hi everyone! I have some news about my situation. I went to a dermatologist today and got diagnosed with Dermographism, here's some info on it:

      I'd never heard of it before, but the symptoms seem to match pretty well with mine. Apparently when you have dermographism, your skin may become irritated from very small things, such as tighter clothing, and produce welts and bitelike marks as an allergic reaction. The sensation of things walking on your skin can be related to histamin reaction on the skin, caused by, for example, tight clothes, and the itching feeling often precedes the welts and marks. Even nervousness can escalate the symptoms apparently, which certainly does fit my situation.

      Also the way to diagnose or test this is super simple: try to 'draw' long lines on your arm with a pen or something that's just a little sharp. For me the red lines will stay on the skin for like five minutes. If the marks stay visible long, then you may have dermatographism. That's actually where the name comes from, that you can 'draw' on the skin and it stays there.

      I AM SO CONFUSED BY THIS, I went to the doctor expecting to be laughed out but they did take me seriously. I'm not completely sold on the diagnosis yet but it does sound more believable than anything I've come across before. I also got prescribed antihistamins, which is the only medication for this condition, to be taken three times a day for a month, then twice a day for some time and possibly I'd need to continue taking one pill a day indefinitely. Apparently this condition may continue for many years in a row. Do you have any thoughts on this?

    • profile image

      saad 4 months ago

      I used insectecides but with no use. I will follow the methods recommended by people who faced the problem & succeeded in solving it! So important to exchange views over the internet. I have a bigger problem than getting rid of invisible inesects if anyone can help! I was born in 1945 in a town called Nablus in Palestine which was occupied in 1948 by Israel; I am not allowed to visit my home by the Estate that was created after I was born! Any suggestions because this really bugs me more!!! cheers

    • profile image

      Terry Rose 5 months ago

      Different parasites

      About 8 years ago I noticed black stuff I thought was dirt but it would not wash off. I disappeared into my hand! My husband did not believe me when I told him. Especially when I frantically told him they were inside now. Go forward a year and I leave my home in San Antonio and travel north to Arlington, Texas where my sister's live. I saw her doctor at her appointment and showed him the scars these black things made on me. He was aghast when he saw them!

      He told me he had seen these things years before in Africa. They are black or white, microscopic when they hatch and they get as big as you can imagine. (I believe, from what I feel, that there are ones in my intestines that are 1 1/2 inches wide and maybe a foot long). They can jump8 feet and they are airborne when tiny. He said when they have filled your body and your heart can no longer function because of them, you will drop dead. Six times he said

      " You're screwed!"

      In San Antonio a very famous BBQ place said it was pepper. Who put " pepper " on fresh sliced onions?!? When does pepper appear on your plate when you did not put any on there? Here in Ohio the Alfredo sauce has big black specks in it.

      I do not know why in all these years I have never seen another person who feels everything as I do. I feel every stabbing bite. I felt when they filled my feet and moved up my legs and so on. They have been moving in my chest for quite a while. I really hurts when the big ones move. I now get sharp pains in my

      head ,chest, and abdomin. I assume that is when they bite me.

      They burrow into everything! If they do not find moisture they will dry up and die. ( There are white ones dead all over our floor, furniture, counters, shower doors. The list goes on!).

      We are now in Cincinnati, Ohio waiting to get into our new house. In all the time I have had these things I have noticed them all over this country. They are very bad here as there is plenty of water here, fountains and retention ponds everywhere!

      They are very bad in some foods from stores. Frozen foods should not have "vanilla beans" that move from the ice cream in the bottom of the bowl to the top of the inside rim! How when they have been frozen?!?

      If I want to bake anything first I put this oven on broil for about an hour. Next I can bake and no black specks in my food.

      They look like crumbs on your counter. Trees and grass are dying very badly here. Notice concrete with the pebbles showing. Yep! It is the ones from Africa.

      You can kill them with bug bombs, spray alcohol on them, Windex. Anything to dry them up. Remember if they are bad in your house bug bomb. A few days later bomb again. A few more days later bomb one more time. I do not know the gestational period for these things but this should do it. Until they get bad again. My husband would never bomb them again. Eggs hatched

      and I was back where I started.

      About 6 years ago on a plane in the US I caught the stinging parasites. So now we have spread them and I am back in a home with them very bad here. Even though I move into our new house soon, it will be just as bad there as it is here. They are in everything we own, furniture too.

      I pray every day that our Lord will take me to him but every day I wake up and it is another day like each one before. Pray for me. I never get better, only worse.

      The ladies that bought our house in San Antonio have since then abandoned it.

    • profile image

      Terry Rose 5 months ago

      These things are very bad here. My husband never believed what I said. On an airplane there should not be "dust" that makes a sharp right turn! In the US! We are carriers and so is my sister who visited us once. I believe we are allergic to them when we feel them. She scratched until she bled! I am now doing hard scratching too. Everyone who comes in contact with these things are carriers. Our new house will be bad too! Terry Rose

    • profile image

      Sharon 5 months ago

      Mold can also cause the feeling of biting and stinging. It can also cause sores and lesions of ur skin that don't heal quickly.

      Check ur AC/ HEATER filters.

      Look for small drip leaks in ur attic and under ur house. one little continues drip can grow a whole garden of mold and make u very sick. The mold becomes systemic, IN YOU- ON YOU.

      There r tons of mites and other microscopic bugs that eat mold or fungus growing on or in u.

      this mold attracts the bugs TOO YOU! Get a GOOD air purifier that u can move from room to room. U will be SHOCKED at the difference this will make. A good air purifier can take in particals as small as .03 microns!! It will suck up the mold spores in the air. Run it 24/7.

      If u have rooms in ur house that don't get warm, get a small portable radiant heater. Keep it on low. Or get a dehumidifier. If u find the air is better after using the purifier, then u def. need to find the leak.

    • profile image

      Sharon Bradshaw 5 months ago

      I thot heat would do the trick too.

      My car was infested. So left it closed in HOT HOT HOT ARIZONA SUN!!!!!! It may killed some, but after 6 months of not driving it, there still enough live mites left to reinfest it.

    • profile image

      Witsend 5 months ago

      What are the things? Does anyone know? What are the shiny glittery looking things that seem to be on every surface and floor?

      Nothing seems to work. For months I've been doing Windex, 91% isopropyl alcohol, swiffering nearly every day mopping every third day, spraying alcohol on my bed everyday, and changing bedding every other day. I buy new pillows and sheets every 3 to 4 weeks.

      I spray my body with alcohol, I wash my hair with Windex. Nothing seems to work.

      They aren't just inside the house, they're also outside on the patio. I can take baby wipes and wipe them off my skin. Little black dots. I get bit by little pieces of lint. But when I use a lint roller the show up as black.

      This is the most bizarre thing I've ever known, and I've been battling it for about a year.

      My office has them, my vehicle has them. I've fogged my car numerous times, vacuum it 2 to 3 times a week and spray it down with alcohol or Windex on a regular basis. Nothing seems to be destroying these things.

      I'm exhausted and I spend so much money on cleaning products and Bug Foggers.

      How is this not being talked about publicly?

    • profile image

      AlertChristiansCOM 5 months ago

      Invisible bugs are caused by demons. Ekbom's syndrome is a doctor's name for this. Another name found online is IBBS Invisible Biting Bug Syndrome. The cure begins with casting out the demons. I don't know of anyone else who has properly identified the cause as demons. And I don't know of anyone else who would cast out these demons.

    • profile image

      Penny Lover 5 months ago

      I've been in what seemed like a living hell the past 10 days/2 weeks. I've followed a lot of the advice on this page (and reader's comments) following continuous stinging and bites, especially through the night. I haven't been able to sleep so not been getting into the office. I've had my flat fumigated twice and have finally come to the conclusion that I have a parasite. The fumigation company told me nothing could have survived the cleaning processes and it is probably on me, and they were right. I'm in the process of being treated for scabies through my doctor (I had to insist as there are no physical signs at all so he didn't want to prescribe it). I also don't think that's what I've got but it's helping for now. I'm having a sample analysed at the doctor's who should be able to tell me exactly what it is and prescribe the correct medication.

      Good luck to you all. Don't lose your head. Try to keep as normal a life as possible whilst you're trying to work out the problem.

    • profile image

      Jonas Richardson 5 months ago

      We where having the same problems visiting a dermalogist for many years without no help it is so stressful I hope we get help in all we read thank you all

    • profile image

      ScarlettL 5 months ago


      I am on day 4 of symptoms to say I feel heavy-hearted and pretty hopeless is an understatement. I have so many questions, and so far, this is the only thread that I feel is helpful at all. I still have so many questions. On the top of my list is to call my doc for something to help me cope with this stress. I went to the ED on day 2. The doc obviously had no clue and prescribed me the premitherin cream or whatever that is called. At this point I am on day 2 of no sleep and incredibly emotional. I wonder if my live-in boyfriend thinks I am crazy. I am afraid to eat or drink since I now feel them in my mouth. This is JUST after clearing my daughter (7 years old) of headlice from an outbreak at daycare. My symptoms include invisible bugs and a crawling sensation but also finding what look like borrowed eggs on or under my skin. I am finding white, teeny tiny worm like things in place a I never wanted to and I am ready to set myself on fire (only half joking). I don't see things flying at my face just the intense crawling and sometimes biting feeling and I feel very alone in this. Is this from the upstairs neighbors and their obsession with feeding birds on their patio? Is this from our public pool? Line drying my bra over night? Our pet hamster? Mold I found in my daughter's room? Right now I spend a lot of time standing naked in my bathroom reading articles and looking around afraid to touch anything. My urine is super dark , probably from not drinking much water. Is this contagious? Now that they I have them in my mouth I am afraid to kiss my boyfriend. I work in a medical office where I share a desk with 3 women . I fear I won't be able to hide this much longer from them. This is all I can think about. I am to the point I have considered getting myself admitted for mental health reasons and forcing them to help me but then fear I will feel guilt in leaving my family to deal with everything. I am ready to buy all things disposable. I have bought Windex and Listerine and will get my Rx cream today. I am just sick over this. I don't know that I could handle this for months. I am already not strong enough for this. I also don't have a ton of money to deal with this. I am just broken by this nightmare.

    • profile image

      Sal99 5 months ago

      Use Wondercide, borax for washing clothes, and use advantage spray on pet after it's dry after a bath.

    • profile image

      Debbie 5 months ago


      I googled this and don't come up with a clear product. Is there another name or an addition to the name?

    • profile image

      lifeswayy2short 6 months ago

      hmmm I tried all these things spent sooo much money and none of them work. Guys the ONLY thing that seems to work is Pet Shield: Bug Killer spray honestly it kills these bastards, it really works it kills them and all I have to do is spray it on my clothes, hair everywhere and I now have relief!!! Please try it, just this alone nothing else and it will work.

    • profile image

      Sarah Mason 6 months ago

      I am exhausted from them...and cant explain to anyone the extent of their impact on me. I tell my Mum but I think she thinks I am slightly delirious as do close friends who I only mentioned it once or twice too and Doctors are just in severe denial or do not care about the cause ( literally said that) and just prescribe topical antibiotic cream, which got me into this strife in the first place, ie over prescribed antibiotics. I have had mites twice with a few months reprieve in between however they seem twice as resistant this second time round and all the natural remedies from my first invasion do not seem to be any use now. I am liberally applying neem and tea tree oil combined with coconut oil. DE powdering my body and house. My one super weapon was ZZ cream which provides some relief for the majority of my face but the critters are in all my sinuses and behind my eye socket...arghhhhh they are literally driving me bananas but I will not quit as that is just not an option. Thank you for your advice with the windex... I am going to hammer my environment and my dog tomorrow with everything. But this is exhausting. The nipping on my neck is the worst and the whole experience I feel is aging me rapidly...and in my single state this is not helping me feel at all desirable. I never usually write on these sites but it is nice to unload to other fellow homosapiens who are struggling with the same ordeal.

    • profile image

      Todd Pruitt 6 months ago

      Threadworms pinworms mites nematoda roundworms these are the cause of all problems with human beings and animals man has made the names for these conditions gout psoriasis fibromyalgia spinal problems all these things are in your joints cause inflammation so if you can get rid of the damn parasites for parasites

    • profile image

      omar4589 6 months ago

      Hi so here was my solution to the invisible bugs which were ruining my life, laying eggs in my scalp, travelling from my hair to my pants, jumping in my eyes, infesting my clothes. You name it, i had all the worst symptoms. Couldn't sleep for almost a year. Now lo and behold -- just like how all 3 doctors i saw thought i was absolutely nuts and each diagnosed me with delusionary parasitosis -- now all of you are going to think i'm nuts. Let me tell you all something. While i was dealing with this, i wondered why so many people would write posts, then disappear, and never come back to share what happened to them. So now i'm taking the time to tell you what happened with me. Eventually i got an appt with a dermatologist. One of the top ones in toronto, ontario, canada, where i live. Right away this guy said 'phantom limb syndrome', you have misfiring peripheral nerves that are making it seem like you have bugs and i suggest that you either take gabapentin or an anti-psychotic. So obviously i thought this guy just doesn't know. None of these people know who haven't experienced what we are experiencing. So, on my way home i stopped at my grandparent's house and the bugs were so bad -- and obviously just like me, i'm sure all of you have tried every damn remedy off these forums to no avail. Well, i just couldn't take it anymore so i thought what the hell i'll pop a few of my grandmother's gabapentins. --- now here's where you're all going to think i'm crazy --- it worked. It fucking worked. No joke. And now what i've come to realize is that i have peripheral sensory nerve damage which manifests as the exact thing we're all going through. Fucking invisible bugs. I know all of you think, this guy doesn't have what we have, fucking don't believe me huh? are you sure? I had the bugs so bad i shaved my head 15 times, and i had long, beautiful, black hair and look gorgeous with it, and i would rather shave my head, spray bug spray on my head, jump in a pool of bleach, bug bombed my place 4 times, my car once and almost went brain dead from the fumes. Let me break it down to all of you go get a damn prescription for gabapentin from your doctor and try it. I swear to god all of you do it. You've tried everything just like me, now go to your doctor who will think you're bat shit when you tell them the story, but then tell them you think gabapentin might work. The problem is general practice doctors, not all of them see peripheral neuropathies that manifest like this. Gabapentin is generic, there is no possible way i can make money off this. I am writing this post for all of you. WHo never wanted to go near anybody because you thought you'll infect anybody you get near. THe weird thing is, my bugs used to shoot off my body and attack people, and i swear i would see people flinch when the bugs hit them in the eyes. Even my girlfriend got the marks that i got. So there was something organic, and you know where i think it came from; shitty clothing, clothing with elastane fibers. THose fibers act like parasites, BUT, when you take gabapentin, they can't harm you because gabapentin acts on your nerves. Please everybody get gabapentin. Most likely you are hypersensitive to something which is associated with your peripheral neuropathy, and was cause by something real. Like for me, i think mine was caused over time by alcohol and toxins. A lot of other causes are diabetes, trauma, certain medications, addictive drugs. But no doubt about it, my hypersensitivity to elastane make it was worse and i swear to god there's something in the fabrics coming from overseas, fucking cheap fabrics from india or indonesia or something like that. But please, please, please, all of you try gabapentin!!!!!!! PLEASE!!! If any of you again don't believe i have the same thing as you, re-read my post, i had everything the same, they infested my clothing, my hair, my apartment, my car, i thought i was infecting other people, they would jump in my eyes, my ears, go in my nose. Fucking all of it. Go to your doctor and get a prescription for gabapentin. THanks, if you would like to email me please do at: youngdoc83 @ hotmail . com

    • profile image

      Risa 6 months ago

      Use hot shot fogger it is amazing!

    • profile image

      julie poccia 6 months ago

      DE is the way to go! I had canaries and they brought in the mites. It was hell until I dusted everything with diatomaceous earth. I used eatable grade and made sure to blow it into the electric outlets. We were mite free in about 2 weeks.

    • profile image

      Margaret 6 months ago

      I was near total despair until I tried spraying myself, my pants legs, my sleeves, the back of my neck, my elbows, and my ankles with the commercial bug repellent "Off!" That seems to fend most of them off (but not all), and at least I'm able to sleep now. "Off!" doesn't solve the infestation, but it seems to offer relief.

    • profile image

      Liam 6 months ago

      May be talking about different conditions here but it seems it's a virus in your blood. I have an underlying parasitic worm saga that is separate from this and still dealing with but regards this topic I put antibacterial mouthwash copiously on my shins and this diminished the biting significantly. On my shins because I just had a flea problem that I solved by a flea bomb and some flea spray. The flea problem that I only saw one at a time but obviously freaked me out each time I saw one seems was from a non flowering houseplant so that definitely puts me off that particular hobby.

    • profile image

      T. 6 months ago


      Question regarding the Ivermectin.

      My MD prescribed a one time use dose (I confess that the list of possible side effects concerned me) but I haven't taken it yet.

      If you took it weekly may I ask what the dosage was and how many weeks you did that?

      Did a GP prescribe or a specialist?

      Going on three months with this and about to lose my mind.

      Thank you so much!


    • profile image

      Siafuyu 6 months ago

      I rented a room in a friend's house and began to notice when I sat in a fabric chair in the LR I could feel tiny things crawling on my feet, and around my face upper arms, ears and hairline. I would feel tiny little stings that itched, but could never see anything. I never felt them upstairs.

      In time we also got fleas in the yard because of stray cats, ( my friend is not very clean nor on top of things ). I finally got him to buy some Bengal Flea Plus spray from Walmart as a preventative for the house feeling that it would also kill what I suspected was mites in the carpet and furniture. So far since spraying it I have not felt anything and my poor little dogs have quit constantly scratching when lying in the floor. It is also by far the best flea killer for your home that I have found.

    • profile image

      Carrie 6 months ago

      To FamilymanLM,

      Thank you! From the bottom of my heart, thank you. It is shocking how little information is available or readily accessible about these mites and their uncanny ability to devastate a household. I suffered an infestation and found your article only after several wasted days of miserable attacks, confusing misinformation, ostracism by judgemental unaware indivuals, and an inability to find a solution or even to identify the problem. Your article provided for me a place to begin the ending of this nightmare. Your 10 month battle reduced mine to two long months. I appreciate your efforts and I hope you are rewarded in joy.

    • profile image

      Bruceci 6 months ago

      Mites lives in your ears ,Put a burning cigarette near your ear, bugs will jump on cigarette and to be die. you will hear the sound. Try it !!!

    • profile image

      Pollywog 6 months ago

      I think I had mites and a Crowley Under the Skin feeling on my hand. I put thieves spray on I spots and it has gone away

    • profile image

      Danie F 6 months ago

      I've been fighting this for a year now. There are some new suggestions around here...some old. I've gone through most of the guessing stage already and have narrowed down a few things that worked for me. However this will only work if you have the same bugs that I have.

      Do you get bites at the same time of night every night? Is it somewhere around 4-6am? Do the bites feel more like stings? Do you own a pet? Do you feel like things are moving on your skin...but nothings's there?

      Important: Do you feel something is in your hair or along your hairline but do not have lice or scabies?

      *optional: Have you ever seen tiny white bugs jump/fly from your body?

      If you answered yes to all of these you probably have what I do. And if you do, may god help you.

      Here's what to do to at least get a good nights sleep. It's not your environment, it's you. Unlike most people here a lot of what you're fighting is internal. It's a parasite. The good news in this is that you don't have to throw away anything, but I do recommend you change your bedding at least once a week, and shower every day. Also, you're walking around barefoot---you can't anymore. Have a pair of house shoes waiting for you at all times. It's an indefinite game of lava for you now.

      How to get relief.

      1. clean your house.

      2. Lysol your house. Buy both the floor cleaner and the aerosol can version. Use the floor cleaner as intended, but make sure to spray down your bedding and any and all curtains in your room. It's not you who needs protection from your needs protection from you.

      3. Take a Borax bath. If you do not have a bath in your home...find someone that does. Or buy a mini swimming pool. Do what you got to do. The details of the bath are: 1. Rinse your body off in the shower. 2. Take a COOL shower (preferably using dawn soap) 3. fill a bath with HOT water. Add 1/2 cup of borax and one FULL bottle of regular hydrogen peroxide (found at the dollar store). 4. Submerge yourself fully under the water for as long as you can stand. Spend as much time in this bath as possible until the water looses heat. Make sure to flip over as to soak the whole body. 5. Drain water (you might see the bugs in the water. They are dead). 6. Lather body with dawn soap and take another shower.

      Always change your bedding after a borax bath. You should only need this type of bath once a week, as it kills any adult "mites" you may have.

      When you can, get to the doctor and do a permethrin treatment. Make sure to do the treatment TWICE and TWO WEEKS apart.

      Most importantly. Stay sane. There is light at the end of the tunnle. The great news is this mite only seems to thrive during the spring/summer months. So you'll only have to deal with it for 2-3 months at maximum. Then it will be out of your life until a year later.

      If you have any birds---get rid of them. If you have any bird nests in/around your home. Also get rid of them. The main suspect is that we have birdmites and my mother has scarring from birdflu...even though she never had birdflu. It's better to be safe than sorry.

      If you have other pets... this should go without saying. You can no longer sleep with them. They are also infected.

      Stay strong, and Good luck!

    • profile image

      barbara rich 6 months ago

      I know what you are going thru I spent hundreds of dollars to try to get rid of them I did all the home remedies also I kept seeing kleen green naturally enzymes on the computer I thought it was too expensive but I found my miracle I put mite meds in dogs ears an if I get abreak out of bugs I get out my miracle spray it can be diluted cleaner an bug killer not harmful to people or pets

    • profile image

      Travis Wilson 7 months ago

      These little red flying bugs in my carpet and windows. What r they?? I live in Tulsa Oklahoma. E mail me at

    • profile image

      Mandy 7 months ago

      Marie bless you. I feel the exact same way! I feel like when people are talking to me they are looking at them thinking wtf?! If they dont see them I dont know how not because the damn things are crawling all over my face! I do notice people scratch a lot when near me. I feel so guilty that Im probably infecting them. This is horrible!!!

    • profile image

      Marie 7 months ago

      Its so frustrating especially when your at work and you feel all the crawling and itching from head to toe , I feel like people is just staring and sees it too I am so depressed by this i cry even at work

    • profile image

      Backstage01 7 months ago

      dear Jenng

      I've had this problem to and sympathize with your frustration. Moving will not do anything. please don't move again. What you need to do is the follow.... Buy a new pair of shoes. DON'T try them on at the store. you should know your shoe size. So trying them on isn't necessary.

      Now you should also buy a new mattress and pillow. If you can't afford to at least buy a new pillow and a waterproof pet safe slip for your bed. flip and rotate your mattress and cover it with the slip cover. They only cost $25.

      Do all your laundry in hot water. Be sure to run it in the dryer for a long time. This is important. Its the extended heat that will kill them.

      And finally use the lice creme the doctor gave you. Once you've done all your laundry and treated yourself THEN put on the new shoes. All your old shoes are garbage now. I promise you must throw your shoes out with extreme prejudice. These bugs live off the swet in our shoes and mattresses and can hibernate for years. putting your shoes in a bag and storing them away for years will do NOTHING!

      It might not hurt to shampoo your carpets too. But 99% of the battle is the mattress, bed sheets and shoes.

    • profile image

      Delores Smith 7 months ago


      Tell me how do I save my little chihuahua? She is an 8 yr Rescue that I cannot re-home again. She is special. How do I stop her itching???

      Thank you,

      Dee Smith


    • profile image

      Roy Naylor 7 months ago

      I have many different varieties see & can't see nugs. They come on diffent colors, red orange white nlack, that come in different sizes. What are they & can I buy over the counter product that will kill them.

      I am very desperate, tried a lot of products

    • profile image

      Hi, I am having the same symptoms and found out from one site that this is due to mould s 7 months ago

      I have the same symptoms. My place has high humidity and I read some where this is due to mold spores. The crawling sensation got worse when I switched on my aircon. After I wipe down my cabinets, walls and ceilings with vinegar mixed with water, I felt better. I used an air purifier last night when I slept and the symptoms are now gone. I concluded these are mold spores and not springtails. I also started to drink Apple vinegar every day to detox. Take care everyone.

    • profile image

      Lois 7 months ago

      I have this feeling of crawling and bites with no sign of anything there.I use restless leg pills cures the feeling as long as you take the pills.

    • profile image

      Aprilallyr 7 months ago

      @Ryan I agree this is a spiritual battle as well please elaborate to tell me how you got the issue under control in a month!!! Plz

    • profile image

      jenng 7 months ago

      My dermatologist believed me because I had bites all over- of different sizes. It doesn't really matter because all he could do was scrape for scabies (which it wasn't), and have you try ivermectin just in case (which isn't an ongoing daily treatment). He felt bad, but he's a doc not an exterminator and bugs aren't his specialty (not that exterminators will help). I've had two years of this joy and moved/tossed ALL of my stuff- only to have them stay with me. Now I'm broke, sleeping on the floor on a shower curtain-covered mat, with NO soft or fabric furniture and stacks of bins with my clothes/ few remaining things. I don't use towels, soak my laundry in cedar (an hours-long process), and steam/bag all my clothes. I'm sure people at work think I'm nuts (funny, since I'm the psych specialist), but I don't hide it, since I no longer care. Not sure how much longer I can do this. Physically, I'm screwed since I have a severe back injury and have to sleep on the floor or sit on a hard-backed chair, hand wring laundry, get on hands and knees to clean everyday and stand for hours everyday steaming. My back can't sustain the bending and work anymore. Not sure what options I have left, except move again and somehow ditch my car/office on the same day? Crazy that you're good until one day invisible bugs destroy your life and all you've worked for- while people simultaneously tell you "no, they're all in your head", those bites all over you are probably something else. Well, my 'imaginary' bites itch like hell. Trying to keep my sense of humor, but late at night I'm starting to pray for the end....

    • profile image

      Wayne Bufford 7 months ago

      every nite i put the bug zapper on moths very tiny you cant see them at nite time they get on your face and when you wake up you got bits on your face dont no what to do thank you

    • profile image

      Kate 7 months ago

      Thank you for a long time I've been feeling crazy I have candida sometime and gluten sensitivity I cannot eat gluten without getting yeast infections. I feel these things inside my nose all the time coming out pull White fuzz out of my nose when I put my hand over my face and wipe my face I see little white specks and it just builds and builds and itches and itches and when I go to sleep and wake up I have a layer of sand on my eyelashes. Everytime I bring it up to people they tell me it's anxiety that it's in my head imagining it that it's just dust mites.

    • profile image

      Rosalie 7 months ago

      Thank you for sharing your experienced with this little monsters...I have been suffering with this bugs for a month now..First it was bed bugs in my bed found two of them and never had this in my entire life...Threw old bed and bought a new one..I thought the story will end to that and I'm happy...Then itching continues and felt bites all over my body...I have no animals in my house never had one..So found fleas jumping on me..At work, as a private nurse, my patient have 5 cats, the other nurses whose working for her had bites too but not as bad as I am...They treated the cats but never taken to vets..Found fleas on their beds and couches ...Didn't work for couple weeks til they finally cleaned the whole place..They only did the carpet washed but never treated...I finally contained the fleas problems i had in my house that brought from work and in my car...Now the problems is mites which I knew the place I worked have mites too...It's frustrating I got bites but can't see them...I rubbed my skin with cotton balls with witch hazel and I can see a very tiny dot on cotton balls ..I guess those are the mites ...I can't sleep at night have to take Benadryl put me to sleep and not to feel any bites ...I can't eat, depressed and stressed and even have panic attack about all this...I was terrified !!.I even called pest control to do spray defogged my place and around the house...Seems like not working at all..I can still feel all the bites ..

      I feel like insane itching but don't see anything ....I am happy at least I can read stories like this and it's a relief for me not to.think I'm going crazy ...I know some people thought I was just crazy about all this but am not...I even thought somebody playing witchcraft on me..I prayed and meditated and even tried everything possible to kill this monsters ...I'm going to try all the tips you have said and I hope soon this infestations will leave me alone...

    • profile image

      Debbie 7 months ago

      I truly think it's fungus/yeast related. My situation has been improving since I began doing Aqua Chi weekly, and using MMS. I've not done the MMS protocol heavily. But can tell a difference with just 3 drops twice a day. I'm also using it in laundry and following ComDeus microwave protocol :-)

      I've done the Aqua Chi four weeks straight in the yeast pulls out of my body is less and less each week. I do have a lot of heavy metals which they say are environmental toxins, likely all of the cleaners Etc I've used trying to rid myself and my home of this craziness. It does float in the air and I found Lysol helps tremendously with that.

      ComDeus, have you used the MMS to spray on your body and to clean your home? I've applied it on my body with cotton balls. It works exceptionally well for mosquito bites too. Also, I started to get a fever blister from too much sun and began applying it in the fever blister never went any farther. This stuff is amazing. I'm just afraid to do the internal very heavily.

      I've been dealing with this for over a year. When it first started I thought it was head lice. No one in my family had ever had head lice so I didn't know what to expect. I had just moved into a rental after selling my home and the nightmare began. I'm moving this month and doing everything within my power to be as rid of this stuff as I possibly can. Both internally and externally.

      I encourage you all to hang in there. Do everything within your power to get healthy. I believe vitamins are important as well as getting outside and exercise. Even if it's just getting out and walking.❤

    • profile image

      C Dra 7 months ago

      I started seeing swarms of invisible bugs (actually invisible to others). I feel them crawling on my face. One doctor suggested a yeast infection. A psychiatrist put me on an antipsychotic. I'm on disability for bipolar disorder and I've never felt so frustrated because I am sure this is "not in my head". Because I'm on disability, I have no funds to buy massive amounts of anything. I barely get enough to just live on. I'm in subsidized housing. I run the risk of eviction if the manager thought my apartment was infested. I can't talk to anyone. They all re-assure me it's nothing. I've tried spraying with tea tree oil and water. I bought the permethrin stuff but am afraid to use it as I react horribly to so many medications. I have an autoimmune disease, and I'm diabetic. Many infections... I've been on steroids for inflammation. One thing I find that helps the itch is Zyrtec. I'm afraid to sleep in my bedroom. Moving and throwing out clothes... these things are not an option. What do I do. My anxiety is thru the roof, I'm a bit hypo manic as I can't sleep. I just feel like bugs are crawling all over me. Every once in awhile I feel one slam into my face. Thanks for listening.

    • profile image

      LindseyL 7 months ago


      Thanks for your response. I ask because I have a theory these things targeted me because I was immunosuppressed on prednisone at the time. Which antibiotic did you try? I am contemplating trying suppressive dosing of doxycycline.

      A little of my story...

      I suffered with this for 5 months last year in another state. I managed to rid myself of it with a crazy amount of cleaning, covering or getting rid of anything upholstered or not washable, daily pesticide spraying and multiple doses of ivermectin. I probably poisoned myself but I got rid of it! Then I moved and I am convinced they came with me on a throw pillow I had saved in a bag. (Didn't think anything would survive 6 months in a plastic bag!) But I was wrong. I am cursing myself for getting that pillow out. Now they are back in a different state and a bigger apartment with new furniture that is likely now contaminated and not salvageable. (Though I'm going to try DE and I feel like a dehumidifier is helping.)

      The problem is that now it seems my husband is a host as well where as he didn't seem to be before. I fear I will never get everything clean like I did before now that I have a much bigger home with lots of fomites. :(

      I am a medical professional and I will never write off anyone with delusions of parasitosis ever again. I am trying to do some research if anyone has good connections please share them. I have found some larval appearing structures on microscope and need help of an entymologist who will listen.

      Praying for us all,


    • profile image

      Omar 7 months ago

      Hey guys i made a big breakthrough in finding a natural product to keep these things at bay & off of you for a good amount of time. It's just regular Glysomed hand cream. You can buy it at walmart. I swear i tried everything permethrin, pyrethrins, tea tree oil- to the point when i used anymore i felt like i was braindead. Rub glysomed all over your body including your head if they are going to your scalp (they were living in my scalp). God what a difference that made. Also, you gotta throw out infected clothing, and clean the hell out of your place. Don't just vaccum the ground, take the head off the vaccum and vaccum the air- these things were just hovering all over my place. I'm not completely rid of them yet, but wow what a huge difference just glysomed completely all over your body, vaccuming, and throwing out infected clothes. Try it!

    • profile image

      antibiotics 7 months ago

      Ya the antibiotics worked for the invisible bugs but now I am on my death bed from cdiff due to excessive antibiotic use. Pick your poison as they say.

    • profile image

      Lana 7 months ago

      I have had this problem too. For about a month now I've had trouble falling asleep at night. I'd feel like something bit me or was crawling on me and I'd look and not see anything. I live with 3 other people and none of them have any symptoms of bites or anything or the sort. I started to go crazy not even going to lie. I thought it was bed bugs. I spent an hour checking the mattress and box spring, base boards, walls, other furniture, and nothing. Well about a year ago when I was in a different apartment I started getting little red bumps under my under arms they wouldn't really itch but felt tender and sometimes a little painful. I know for sure it wasn't bed bugs then either. I use same mattress even at my place I'm at now and obviously if it would've been them the problem would've grew worse and in more than one area other than my bed. In fact, even when I was sleeping somewhere other than my bed (yes I got that paranoid) I'd still feel like something was crawling on my skin and my body felt so hot to touch and just super irritated. Still no bites or nothing just red bumps under my under arm again. And a few here and there on other parts of my body such as my legs. Well as much research about insect bites and other things I came across folliculitus. Soon as I read up on it everything was true to what I was going through and made sense more than anything else. Not saying that it's not mites, since I am not 100 percent sure, but it could be possible a lot of you are going through this as well. Folliculitus makes you feel as if something is crawling on you or even biting you. Although I rarely had the "bite" feel. It still could be possible. You can get this from sharing towels, not changing out your razors, whirlpools, hot tubs, scented soaps, etc. my marks almost look similar to a pimple. And I even thought at one point that's what it was causing this but I do believe it's folliculitus. When I'm trying to sleep at night it's almost feel like my hairs on my body were moving and was causing the "crawling" feel. But again, I could be wrong but in leaning towards that this is what it is causing the problem. Anyone else ever have anything similiar?

    • profile image

      AmberH 7 months ago

      I just found your site. My prayers for help have been answered. Bless you FamilyManLM! I have been plagued with invisible bugs, black moths, noseeums and others for years. Moving has been the only answer to some of the infestations, but escape from one only leads to another kind of insect to combat, and some bugs just follow us to our new place.

      This sounds like the answer to the invisible "mites" that have never quite gone away.

      They are prolific in my new place.

      I wanted to let LindseyL know that prescription antibiotics in pill form (a form of steroid) has been effective for me where most biting insects are concerned. It takes about 2 weeks before results of less bites takes effect. It cuts bites by more than 80%, and is worth the side effects to me. You have to stay on the medication for it to continue to work. I have yet to test the antibiotic on noseeums, they are one of the new bugs attacking me in my new place.

      Also, I have 2 indoor cats and an enclosed balcony where one of my cats discovered the biting "mites" and shared them with the rest of us and the apartment.

      The cats are not leaving.

      I'm going to look into antibiotics for them, but would appreciate any help or advice in alleaving their suffering from the bites.

      I pray daily for all who suffer from these "mites" and other bug infestations, especially those who have been marked as "delusional". Though some may be, there are still new insects being discovered, and a closer look into their claims of "invisible" bugs should be given.

      Thanks and God Bless!

    • profile image

      Debbie 7 months ago

      Thank you, ComDeus. I so appreciate you and your help from experience. ❤️

      What else did you use it for? I'm wondering about spraying body regularly as well as home environment. (Walls, flooring, etc). I read about putting it in air return and closing house up for a few hours with fan running. Did you try that? This house is seriously infested. It has been worst year of my life. I'm moving soon and sadly getting rid of most furniture, as I won't risk taking them with me. I have a few wood pieces I don't want to part with and want to figure out a way to keep them. Any ideas??

    • profile image

      MARILYNhooooooo 7 months ago

      i have been attact for too long. im tired. need help getting these out of my clothes

    • profile image

      LindseyL 7 months ago

      Just out of curiosity had any of you recently been on a steroid medication of any kind?