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Are You Being Eaten by Invisible Bugs?

Updated on January 08, 2016

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If you are being plagued by invisible biting bugs, you have come to the right place. Although I do not know what was infesting our family, our home, and our lives, I'm sharing what we did to help get rid of them.

Freedom was NOT an overnight thing or something that came quickly or easily.

If none of the recommendations on this page help you, it is my wish for you to never to give up the fight. You must pray for courage and strength and go into attack mode on this 21st-century plague.

Maybe you thought the bugs were going to go away on their own. Maybe you question if it's really happening.

You have rashes. You feel bites. It feels like something is crawling around your face, head, and hairline. You can't find any answers on the Internet, only more questions.

You find many products claiming that they can get rid of these mites but after trying a few, some of which might be high dollar, you begin to lose hope. The companies may even put you on their mailing list, sending you emails that use terror to get you to order more products in greater and greater quantities.

I know what you're going through. Initially, my family also ordered a ton of online remedies but they were all a waste of time and money. Instead, healing only came once we made a plan and stuck to it.

Don't give up hope. Please know that you can and will feel better, but you cannot give up hope.

Unable to find answers on the Internet or from doctors, I went frantic trying to get someone to believe me and felt terror at the thought that I would never rid myself or my family of the mites. I fell into a deep depression because I felt so helpless, at the mercy of something I couldn't even see.

With persistence, however, I beat them. You can too.

The Bite-Mite Protocol

I will not go into detail of how this started or how doctors ignored us. Instead, I will tell you how I was able to rid my family of five (including myself) of these invisible biting mites. This is the protocol that we used.

Permethrin Cream

Permethrin is an anti-parasitic that can treat head lice and scabies.

Though the creams seemed pretty much useless in ridding ourselves of the mites completely, they did help keep the mites off of us. Sometimes it seemed to make the mites mad, and they bit worse, but eventually they died. We were able to use the permethrin cream to get the mites off of my five- and six-year-old children.

Warning: Do not try to use the cream more often than prescribed. I did this once trying to get a good night's sleep and woke up very sick. I thought I was going to pass out but luckily I made it to the shower. I felt better after I washed it off, but I could still feel the toxic effects.

I realized that Windex original does kill the mites, but you need to spray a lot of it. You will need a respirator from a hardware store — the kind that is used to spray pesticides. Spraying everything in our house seemed to bring the number of mites way down.

  • Use the Windex to spray out your cars, homes, and work area wherever you work. I work in an office building, and Windex did not look out of place there.
  • When you spray your home, make sure to reach the ceilings, walls, floors, and every nook and cranny.
  • I would spray my car as I exited, since it isn't really safe to drive with a mask on, and it can bother your eyes if you spray too heavily with the Windex and then immediately enter the car to drive.

What to Avoid

I did try spraying with plain ammonia, but the results were not half as good as Windex. Also, you need to be careful of mixing bleach with Windex because the Ammonia-D in it and the bleach will make toxic fumes. Do not spray these chemicals right after each other.

Though the Windex did not stain our off-white carpet, you should still use caution when spraying it on light-colored items of value.


As you probably already know, regular showers with soap, water, and shampoo have no effect on the bugs.

I found that spraying original Listerine on me in the shower from a spray bottle helped rinse the mites off. It seemed to bother them enough so they let go. The crawling feeling would also go away so I could sleep better and concentrate at work.

Listerine may also help wash off scents you are marked with, or at least disrupt pheromone communication between the mites.

  • In the shower, I would back away from the water, spray myself with the Listerine, and wait as long as I could before I rinsed it off. The first times you do this, it seems to burn. You might try diluting it with water at first if need be.
  • Spray the shower floor with Windex after showering because the Listerine doesn't seem to kill the mites and the shower floor was covered with ones that were washed off but not killed.
  • Spray your feet several times (while in the shower) because a lot of mites seem to try to hold on to your feet and they will become infested.
  • Also, after a few days of sitting, the spray bottle seems to weaken the strength of the Listerine, so make fresh batches regularly.


Ivermectin is an anti-parasitic that can treat infections caused by roundworms, threadworms, and other parasites. It must be prescribed by a doctor.

After we started to use Ivermectin on a weekly basis, we noticed a big difference.

Tell your doctor to prescribe it for you since it is now considered a first line of defense in dealing with sarcoptic mites. If you do start using it, make sure to not drink any alcohol since it can cause serious reactions.

I had read about people getting good results after they stopped eating sugar so I decided to give it a try.

After about two to three days I noticed a big improvement and so did my wife. If possible, start a candida diet. The mites seem to be attracted to people with infections or fungus problems.

Some Recommendations

  • A basic candida diet means avoiding sugar, alcohol, grains and glutinous foods, fruit, starchy or sweet vegetables, processed meats, dairy (except butter), and beans and legumes (as well as a few other things).
  • Easy sugars and carbohydrates to cut out of your diet include any sugar you're adding to drinks, or consuming in drink form (including smoothies, fruit juice, and sugary coffee drinks), all forms of bread and desserts, and almost all snacks (like dried fruit and nut mixes, chips, and candies.)

Improve Your Immune System

Some people who have had problems with these invisible biting mites also are immunosuppressed. My 15-year-old is on immunosuppressive drugs, and I feel that also led us to have more problems with getting rid of the bugs.

Increasing your overall health means getting as much sleep as possible, eating well, and engaging in regular exercise.

Some Tips on Sleep

This is a hard one because these mites really disrupt sleep patterns.

  • Showering with Listerine (as mentioned above) right before bed seemed to help a lot.
  • Sheets need to be washed daily (see below).
  • Spray the plastic cover of your bed a few times a day with Windex and wipe it off afterwards. Be sure not to spray right before bed!

Cleaning Tips

  • I cleaned every possible surface with Windex.
  • I tried sprinkling many different things in our carpets. Borax seemed to work the best.
  • Don't forget to sprinkle it on the car carpets too.
  • I mopped with 20 Mule Borax. It made our hardwood floors look terrible, but gave us good results with the mites. You can find it at the grocery store near the laundry detergent because it is listed as a laundry booster.
  • It also helped to put borax in my shoes since they would quickly get infested.

Laundry Tips

These things breed in dirty clothes. The biting after doing laundry was unbearable until I figured out the washing routine. Here's what I recommend:

  • Bag and seal dirty clothes in trash bags until you're ready to wash them.
  • Wash clothes with bleach, detergent, and 20 Mule Borax in every load.
  • Try not to drop the clothes out of the bag into the washing machine from a high distance. This could cause mites to be carried back to your face and head on the displaced air.
  • Throw away used trash bags quickly. Do not reuse.
  • Using the dryer and drying clothes for long periods of time didn't work to kill the bugs.


  • Get dust mite mattress covers with a zipper and seal up your mattress.
  • Spray it with Windex several times during the day and pull your bed away from the wall.
  • Some people have to throw away their mattress and get an air mattress until the mites are gone since air mattresses are easier to clean.

MSM Cream

MSM is a chemical found in plants, animals, and humans. It can also be made in a laboratory and people use it as a medicine for a variety of ailments.

We found that making an MSM cream was very effective. You can find all the ingredients you need at a vitamin store or pharmacy. Here's how we did it:

  • Mix one-part powdered MSM to 12-parts hand cream of your choice with 1/2 teaspoon of tea tree oil. Microwave for 15 seconds and stir.
  • Apply cream all over your body to dry out and repel the mites.

Any person or animal you can remove from your environment is one less host for these things.

Luckily for us, my mother was able to watch my two younger children, take them to school, and pick them up from school for three to four months while we worked on eliminating the bugs.

If you're able to do something similar, you should.

Ozone Generators

An ozone generator is a machine that creates ozone, which is a type of oxygen molecule.

Ozone generators have proven to be a great source of help to those who use them. I've never used one but people who do see results rather quickly.

Use caution because you need to do certain areas of your home one at a time and then air out the rooms. You should not breathe ozone at all, so exercise extreme caution if you try this method.

Some people use propane heaters to heat up their home and cars to above 130 degrees for a few hours and they've seen success with getting rid of the bugs.

You can hire someone to do this for you, but it will be expensive.

In fact, someone even posted that when they called a company to do this, they were told that the company is not responsible if anything gets melted and that the heat treatment would cost $10,000 dollars.

If you do this, research beforehand and think about the risks involved. I cannot be responsible for any damages.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE): Kill Bugs Without Chemicals

Diatomaceous earth is an off-white talc-like powder made up of the fossilized remains of marine phytoplankton. Up close, it looks like shards of glass. On any beetle-type insect, DE gets under the shell and punctures the body, causing the bug to die.

Many people have used this product in living spaces to help get rid of bugs in their environment. A duster will help spread the DE. Remember to use a dust mask when spreading it.

What Didn't Help Us

Enzyme cleaners and peppermint sprays did not work for us at all.

Many people do get relief using enzyme cleaners, but since it cost 95 dollars and did nothing for our mites, I feel I should mention that it was a waste of money. Some people could use the 95 dollars another way.

Online scabies and lice medicines did not help at all either.

Be Careful of Bold Claims by Companies

Some companies that claim a very high rate of success never called to see if their product worked for us. My question is how they can claim such a rate if they never call people back to see if it worked?

It's possible that they just go by the return rate and assume that everybody that did not return the products are healed. I did not write this to bash any companies. I'm only saying this to help people find a solution to their nightmare.

You Can Beat This

These mites can be beaten. My family and I are a living example. Try and relax. Don't think about the bugs too much. Stress is a big contributor to immune system problems. Take vitamins, exercise if possible, and pray.

Find discussion groups like the ones mentioned below and join in:

  • Scabies Support Group: Even though these mites are not scabies, this group of people will understand what you are going through. I learned all my cleaning methods there.
  • Birdmites.org: There's a good discussion group here.

You're Not Alone

Isolation is a big problem with these mites, and that can lead to depression. You need to talk about these issues with others. I found that the only people who really understand are those who are going through something similar.

Most non-affected people make a joke about it, change the subject, or offer simple, useless advice because they don't really understand what is going on. But that's okay. There are a lot of people who do understand. Post questions or helpful hints below. You need to communicate with others, even if we can't help.

Don't bottle it up.

Stay in it for the Long Haul

Also, remember this is a long fight. There were no silver bullets for us. Even if the doctors could have identified the problem, it would have been a long process.

Keep that in mind so you don't get discouraged. A lot of people feel that if they can just prove to the doctor they are really suffering and it's not just in their head that the doctors will be able to give them a magic pill.

That would be nice, but please don't get your hopes up. Remember that the healing will come, but it is a slow process.

I hope this helps others. It is how we were able to get back to a normal life after almost ten months of misery. I hope this will help other people and families. God bless you.

How long have you been dealing with these issues?

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    • Colashock 9 days ago

      I am very happy you & your family found some relief, now getting better..as always the Healing Process takes a long time trying many things. My wacky symptoms started last Spring while sitting on house carpet, #1 got bitten by bug from house plant #2 soaking in the bathtub a fly flew in bathroom vent (company who cleaned did bad job) I was bitten the Back Spine #3 While sleeping mosquito flew in my ear, Dizzy, couldn't see, Black out for 5 min wozzy. #4 Dad has the worst hygiene kitchen problems, he washes dishes in the same bowl where he cleans raw fish than cleans fruits/mix salads. I got infested with parasites, I literally had worms. Went to ER of course Doctor said I was "Delusional; There are no such things as **Worms or Parasites in this world**" I should take some Antidepressants. Saw a Naturopath diagnosed me w/Anemia, Parasites, Mineral+Vitamin Deficieny, Weak Immune, Liver, Kidney, Eyes Prob. Insomnia+Depression; Allergies to Dust, Grass, Snow, environment, Need to drink filtered water & fliter shower. Definitely not Delusional!! That was back in Feb 2016, Been on this 85% Raw Food Veggie Green Diet I am Celiac Lactose Intolerant. She said all food must be Organic, I have problem digesting Meat, only Organic Fish/Turkey/Chick once/month; lots of Fermented Veggies; Must buy Vitamix Blender ($750) for smoothies.

      Thinking back I am allergic to pets, my friend who has 2 Pitbulls were sick she came over and I became more sick. Its a mix of many symptoms, there's Mold in the house, during summer got bitten "Lymes", Parasite Infection, these non-stop Sinus/Yeast Infection won't go away with Fevers Chills Pain Swollen Joints Tremors every month. Unexplained hair & weight loss, I am 5'11 - 103lbs. Out of nowhere my closet had crazy black dust mites after painting my room, I got the bites on legs etc last summer. A year later looking at the blanket I see these dead black bugs in the corner, its dead ; Should I throw the blanket out? Its a "Special Edition Snoopy" I bought in Japan than carry back to Hong Kong and moved back to Canada.

      Anyhow, this past August I saw another ND he said I have Fungus Infection all over my body, Mercury & Heavy Metals Poisoning of 9/10, Chemical Poisoning 9.5, I need to do some IV Injections. Parasites gone into my bloodstream therefore I'm low on Vitamins & Minerals, Thyroid Issue, Body not absorbing nutrients, Low white/red blood cells. Basically I'm a "Hepa-Vacuum" once I step outdoors my body absorbs every toxin pollution fungus bacteria germs from environment or ppl or pets. He gave me a Vit B12+C+Mineral Injection $300 lasted in y body for 4 hrs... He put me on some Homeopath Supplements Pascoe-Quassia Similiaplex drops with Caprylex (Fungus/Parasites). I also take Sun Warrior-Liquid Light for Heavy Metal Detox, Probiotics at Night.

      When I was born I had to be Resuscitate having Asthma attack, even as a baby grew up with stomach problems, now Leaky Gut. I have Chemical Sensitivies, I wash laundry with Borax & Baking Soda instead of Bleach, maybe sometimes soak in Vinegar for Mites. Vacuum Mattress w/Baking Soda shaken thru added w/an aromatherapy oil prevents dust mites before putting cover on. Make sure your Vacuum System has Hepa Filter and You can buy a UVC wand for your mattress. I bought a new steam Mop Sienna Luna (99.9% kills bacterial pathogens fungi spores) by turnng on the heat 180c, I add Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 35% in Distilled Water to mop floor.

      For the body, I bought Activated Charcoal Powder from Winners (has Jojoba Oil) which absorbs toxins & waste in body, mix with Hempz Triple Moisture Shower (Hempz Oil Organic moisture back in body) dust mites eat dead skin, creates itchyness. Thymes Oil gets super expensive, I bought Thymes leaves boiled with Refined Coconut Oil, put in jar fridge, heat & use dab with cloth over itchy area for soothing....Or mix in shampoo for itchy scalp. Definitely to eliminate itchy skin, read more on www.organiclifestylemagazine.com It's been a long expensive lonely depressive non-supportive journey for me, my family disowned me, my employer terminated me, my debts are high, doctors think I am crazy my symptons don't exist. I don't want to hear another thing about Morgellon Disease.

      It has been 1.5 years for me, as my symptoms accumulated, gotten worse. I went for Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions, this helped only if you get treated right away. If you can afford 3 treatments over 3 weeks, find Ozone Steam Infrared Sauna or O3 Steam Sauna (sit naked in this casket while Ozone steam for 30+ min). Originated back in 1940s in Germany, I tried this in August seeing ND in Vancouver, Canada. You will notice a huge difference,, very beneficial. For Dust Mites at home, I bought these Bamboo Charcoal Sticks from Japan (2-3 in a cup holder) in bedroom near Heat vent, another set in Bathroom, Picks up Dust, Grabs Toxins from Air, Mold Mildew, Fungus. Big thing is dust, you can order them on amazon or Muji or ask your japanese/korean/chinese grocery store. (very affordable)...

      Those worked for me. I have nothing against Windex but you're absorbing toxin back into your system creating a new allergy.

      I sprinkle Sea Salts on my carpet & closet I read it kills mites.

      Any ideas how to get grout off my bathroom tiles? My issue is I have Fungal Infection on my Hands these doctors won't referred me. good luck everyone..

      Before travelling make sure you get your Hep shots, do some investigating in hotels before reserving, there are many infested by fleas/scabies.

    • Very helpful 11 days ago

      I had scabes 4 years ago, this is not as bad but it is awful I get up to twenty bites a day I'm alergec to the bites to these so i'm covered in small soars. I am

      wondering can if they are coming from inside me . They bite all day but most

      at night. They are tan and multi leged I find that Sarna cream helps with the severe itching .This started in Costa Rica I moved into a hot area. again no one else was affected.I'm wearing down . Any sugestions ?

    • Emily 11 days ago

      I found that using the Windex with Ammonium 3 was the best way to kill the bugs; however, I also used Neosporin or triple anti-biotic ointment, and a fungicide ointment from Wal-Mart Pro-Ex for athlete's feet (0.88c and it has the same ingredients that the brand name ointments) on rotation with the Windex very useful as you must kill also the collembola's food source (the fungus and bacteria that they bring in their stomach and grow it on you to feed on). So, using a two prong approach: Windex & fungicide triple antibiotic ointment gave me the best results. I hope that this will be my last bout with them. my skin looks like if I had a chemical peel, and the cleaning is exhausting and expensive. The water and electric bills have been huge. I cleaned everything with Windex and use disposable paper towels to dry myself as I could feel granules on my skin. I prepared my own shampoo with baby shampoo, tea tree oil, cedar wood oil and castor oil (to help heal the skin) and take Zyrtec (Costco's brand 10.00 vs. 35.00) for the itching. Went to the Hispanic market/farmacia and bought sulfur soap with salicylic acid, sulfur ointment for acne and Iodine ointment and Iodine topical, but that one hurt because is based with alcohol and my skin is raw in some areas. I used it in the new lesions asap. Went to my local East Indian store and bought neem oil and neem soap. The man at the store was very helpful, he showed me the neem juice to take two capfuls every morning on an empty stomach to fight the infection of the skin and strengthen immune system. I also bought some sandalwood soap and incense but that was to make me feel better. bought all types of vitamins at Costco and took three tablets each every day. Also, since they gave me a lot of problems in my eyes, I could feel them walking under my eyelids - just horrible- eye drops every hour. My budget is shot, but finally I had some relief. I hope that this information helps because I learned a lot from what everyone else is sharing. The doctor's don't want to help which is amazing, or maybe not so amazing.

      For the person with black mold mites - a dehumidifier. the best that you can get. set it at under 30% humidity if it has a way to be set. Spray with Windex everything and set the dehumidifier. run the extractors in the bathroom 24/7 for a few days. find the source and remove (inspect walls, under and behind cabinets. bathrooms, sheetrock, etc...).

    • Sue Brown 13 days ago

      One product that is awesome for this problem is Quassia, a natural wood product that comes in chips or ground wood powder. You can make a "tea" from the chips, strain, and put in spray bottle, spray anything with no staining, fumes or aftereffects. The powder can be directly applied to hair, human and pet, or on floors, car, coats, bed, clothes, whatever. It works really well, and no fumes. Quassia is a tree in the Caribbean, and apparently, the Carib Indians used to carve their bowls and utensils from it so bugs wouldn't get in their food, it can be purchased at health stores that sell in bulk, or online. If you're someone really affected by chemicals, this works well instead of Windex, etc. Good luck, we're all in this together.

    • Cherish 2 weeks ago

      I'm so glad I've found this post. I've too been dealing with this issue for a few years. Lately I feel it has got even worse, and I have not been Able to sleep at night. Its hard for me to focus, and its worse when I stress. I'm going to try the suggestions I've read and hopefully it works, because I am truly drained. And to try to make it to work with No sleep is unbearable.

    • Barbara 2 weeks ago

      I just found out today that I have black mole mites in my apartment. Today is January 2 2017. Please somebody help me.

    • Cory Palmer 2 weeks ago

      Thanks Dravenous, I will try the Windex too!

    • Dravenous 2 weeks ago

      The Windex WORKED.

      I had to be very vigilant. Sprayed EVERYTHING Every Day for about a month. FINALLY, no more itching and biting and scratching.

      THANK YOU.

    • Cory Palmer 2 weeks ago

      Great suggestions. Add to this: These mites love moisture! Eliminate it as much as possible with a dehumidifier or air conditioner, heat, and fans. Fix any leaks. Get hygrometers for all rooms and monitor the humidity. Put down toilet seats, plug drains after using and mop up any spills & don't leave out any open water sources. Dry wet towels in dryer immediately. Now, you have to make sure you are dry also! Powder with cornstarch your groin area, bra area, socks, shoes, and use dry shampoo throughout the day. Sprinkle it onto your sheets before bed and use a fan to cut down on moisture while sleeping. The mites are attracted to our sweat and carbon monoxide. My doc said its important to keep our skin healthy. So I loofah daily, apply aloe vera gel and then a grapefruit body butter. The mites don't like these, but my skin does!

      Keeping my clothes & bedding clean and using a bed bug mattress pad, plus taking a antihistamine an hour before bed has allowed me to sleep better and restored my sense of humor.

      Make your environment inhospitable to these f*ckers and eventually they will move on!

    • Tryingtohelp421 2 weeks ago

      I had same symptoms, (nighttime bites, itching, crawling sensations), went to urgent care, and they said allergies. I thought no way, but took their advice and took Zyrtec everyday till I could see an allergist... now no more itching feeling or bites! Don't know what allergy it could be, they said food, but I've been symptom free for three weeks! Only get itchy when the 24hr med wears off. I tried windex, bleach, tto, listerine, but only the Zyrtec has done anything to get me sleeping at night and stop itching during the day. If just for some relief and sanity, try it! Worth a shot, and it helped me.

    • Mandie86 3 weeks ago

      No you can't spray your dog with Windex but you can sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth on them. You can buy that from a chicken feed store or some pets stores have it.

    • Ann Hanselman 3 weeks ago

      can you spray dogs with windex

    • Ryan 3 weeks ago

      This is a spiritual issue.. the problem goes way deeper than most will ever realize.. I am not a conspiracist.. I'm a scientist and business owner. The bacteria found, agrbacterium is a bovine issue.. normally.. you're getting part of this from eating gmo foods.. most people effected also have the bacteria that causes Lyme disease.. get a microscope.. you'll see this is part bug and part fungus.. and part technology. It is also coming from the air.. the good folks at Cambridge now have created something called an atmotube that detects many different variables in the environment.. and reports it through an app on your phone.. we are being poisoned.. in every possible way.. it makes the body toxic and fungal.. and mites and other predators will be attracted to it. This thing really is a demon. The only solution is to remove your body as a potential host.. by maintaining a healthy ph balance (slightly alkaline).. might be time to dedicate some time to your relationship with God.. however you may define that..

      I can promise you, if you keep looking for a worldly explanation you will go down 1000 rabbit holes and feel more crazy and hopeless than you did.. from the inside out is the only way to beat it.. stress makes the body more acidic.. so do whatever you can to try to keep calm.. because this devil loves an acidic host to attack.. the answer is not of this world.. it will force you to raise the frequency of your physical/emotional and spiritual being.. some of you may wish to continue to run in cirlcles looking for an explanation that you could tell your doctor about.. there is NONE.. the minute you start looking at your diet, your relationships (forgiveness) and your relationship with your divinity the sooner you will be on your way to healing.. this illness, or pest.. is a fear device.. in a way it's a test.. fear is not real and.never to be believed.. it's only job is to replicate more fear..

      Search alkaline foods and change your diet immediately.. you'll start to see results in a week.. stay the hell away fro

      Walmart and other stores with tons of gmo junk.. they are a hotbed for all this stuff.. alkaline foods are electron donating and Increase the body's voltage.. In other words alkaline and life supporting can be interchanged.

      Good luck to all.. god bless you all.

      if anyone would like to know how I beat this in about one month (I have no affiliation to any product or company) I'd be happy to share.. but this is a personal journey, a spiritual journey.. it may contain similarities between some who have gone beyond it.. but in the end this journey is our own.. and will be unique to each..

    • Jane G. 3 weeks ago

      My encounter with 5 dermatologists has led to me being told that I suffer from "Ekbom's Syndrome", aka: delusions of parasites. Needless to say, a few of them called my Psychiatrist, whom I see occasionally for my refills for my anti-depressant. Anyway, my Psychiatrist became angry because these dermatologists were basically diagnosing something, "out of their sphere", so to speak. All without running any tests, and in a matter of a 15 minute office visit! My Psychiatrist me assured that I am not suffering from delusions, which is a form of PSYCHOSIS.

      I DO HAVE A POINT: It is impossible to tell a doctor to give you a prescription for Ivermectin, if they think your delusional. So, in all of my searching I found a solution for myself, but I am NOT in any way giving advice. So here's what I did: I went to Amazon (where you can buy almost anything) and found Ivermectin paste 1.87% FOR HORSES, and READ THE REVIEWS...YEP. I DID IT...I would take one syringe of paste and take a 1/5th and the remaining 5ths every other day.

      THE GOOD NEWS: It worked. My skin healed very fast.

      THE BAD NEWS: You must do at least some of what this article encourages you to do- or else, plan to be reinfected.

      ***In closing, there is something to be said about taking those radical steps in your life, towards elegant modification. Simplify-And we all know what that means! De-clutter to make your life a living heaven.

    • jg 3 weeks ago

      My encounter with 5 dermatologists has led to me being told that I suffer from "Ekbom's Syndrome", aka: delusions of parasites. Needless to say, a few of them called my Psychiatrist, whom I see occasionally for my refills for my anti-depressant. Anyway, my Psychiatrist became angry because these dermatologists were basically diagnosing something, "out of their sphere", so to speak. All without running any tests, and in a matter of a 15 minute office visit! My Psychiatrist me assured that I am not suffering from delusions, which is a form of PSYCHOSIS.

      I DO HAVE A POINT: It is impossible to tell a doctor to give you a prescription for Ivermectin, if they think your delusional. So, in all of my searching I found a solution for myself, but I am NOT in any way giving advice. So here's what I did: I went to Amazon (where you can buy almost anything) and found Ivermectin paste 1.87% FOR HORSES, and READ THE REVIEWS...YEP. I DID IT...I would take one syringe of paste and take a 1/5th and the remaining 5ths every other day.

      THE GOOD NEWS: It worked. My skin healed very fast.

      THE BAD NEWS: You must do at least some of what this article encourages you to do- or else, plan to be reinfected.

      ***In closing, there is something to be said about taking those radical steps in your life, towards elegant modification. Simplify-And we all know what that means! De-clutter to make your life a living heaven.

    • Kae r 3 weeks ago

      My apartment has 1000 so of these. There are little white things flying in my home now only a few it has been 5 months. Everyone thinks I'm crazy they have tried to lock me in a crazy home twice because of these. I stayed out of my home for a month they are still alive! I have so many on me they are making me I'll. Alone and afraid.

    • fatalreview 3 weeks ago

      heat works the best and its what the professional exterminators use-this lady spent a lot of wasted time asking doctors and the internet-she should have just called an exterminator-one who specializes in organic non toxic methods-for your person you can use a plethora of plant essential oils-not the watered down stuff the pure concentrated form--there is a wonderful mix called Thieves Oil-during times of plague some rather unethical types found out that they could rummage the victims of plague for valuables if they used this oil-obviously the rat fleas did not like it and the thieves made out well like bandits-find the ones that suit you and they will take care of mites, fleas, nits, fungus and even ants-I have used sage burning and lining ant trails with calendula, marigold, tea tree, eucalyptus and a few others alone or in combo-you don't need the poison-please god don't ever use a PinsSol related product-that stuff is horrid-several cancers have been linked to it and other cleaning products -remember your Auntie who loved the smell and was constantly scrubbing things? dead of cancer-right?

    • Mandie86 4 weeks ago

      @Tod Wilkinson I COMPLETELY agree that these are the pests that are discussed in the bible for end of times. The bible says 'the worms shall eat them like wool.' I have thought I had mites, then carpet beetle larvae, clothes moth larvae, and horsehair worms!! At least I know Im not crazy!

    • Mandie86 4 weeks ago

      I also feel intermittent biting @seriously concerned. I can be laying in bed and it's like they attack me...my face and arms and then my cats and then complete silence...like a tornado. It seems like to me they are airborne and group together and fly around or something. What I do is keep a lint roller by me and as soon as I feel the crawling I take a piece of the tape off the lint roller and stick it on where I feel the crawling. You will see what looks like grains of salt on the lint roller!

    • Colwoll 4 weeks ago

      The windex treatment is a godsend. I also found a heavy application of body oil after showers and then removing the black specks that cover you helps so much. Dealing with this for at least 6 months but really got bad when the furnace turned on. I thought I was crazy but then when I really looked these black specks were all over my sheets and clothes. I have tried everything but by god , WINDEX of all things !! Also using DE, tea tree oil, borax and byebug in laundry and rinse in hair. But am finally making a dent. Thanks for all the helpful solutions

    • fawzi 4 weeks ago

      a safe way to trap insects in bathroom, it show in this youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SB7Sh8-foZo

    • Tod Wilkinson 4 weeks ago

      seriously concerned. Yes, I too have had all that happen. The only think I don't notice is others itching around me. I live in Eastern Oklahoma. I think this is some sort of pest that Bible and all talks about in the latter days.

    • sk2016 5 weeks ago

      @mjhan, I think cold temperatures probably slow the mites down, but I wouldn't rely on it completely. Last winter I left most of my clothes outside in about -18C for some periods of time, and it helped a little but didn't really solve the issue. But yeah they do prefer warmth, so freezing them is one tool that does help a bit.

    • mjhan 5 weeks ago

      Seriously Concerned,

      Yes, I have experienced the symptoms you listed. It is worse in the winter when it's darker, our cats are indoors and the house is closed up. DE is very effective - wear a dust mask. We're about to do a 1 month candida cleanse and thoroughly clean everything. We must make ourselves and our homes inhospitable (to mites).

    • mjhan 5 weeks ago

      Anyone here, are mites sensitive to freezing (as in, below O degrees F)?

    • the sally 6 weeks ago

      Hello friends! We've had several of you join the FB page (see my previous post). Please remember if you want to join the group, to send me a friend request and a message to join the group. FB won't let me add you to the group unless we're friends.

      Hang in there people. FB: Sally IBM Dover

    • Feargol 6 weeks ago

      @Seriously Concerned - Demodex Mites - they can be the cause. use Tea tree oil on skin and scalp. add to cleaners and shampoo. add to laundry when washing it. also, spray the house with Pine Glo from the dollar tree. buy a sprayer bottle and use the sprayer directly onto the Pine Glo bottle. you could also spray with Pyrethrin and bomb the house. wash all bedding daily and throw away make up, etc... spray the tea tree oil on hairbrushes and wash well. Ivermectin for horses (apple flavor) apply to skin and take for 5 days only the doses for your weight as in the label. repeat in 14 days as new eggs will hatch. continue treating skin and house with the tea tree oil for at least 120 days. Use scotch tape on skin that feels like crawling. you won't see anything they are microscopic, it helps remove a few of them. You can ask your doctor to check you for demodicosis.

    • FRA 6 weeks ago

      @Seriously concerned - Demodex mites could be the cause. Try using Tea Tree Oil. apply to skin and scalp. add it to the laundry and cleaners that you use around the house. Spray everything with Pine Glo from Dollar Tree buy a spray bottle and the sprayer fits the Pine Glo bottle. You may also want to check sulfur ointment and Ivermectin (the one for horses that taste like apples) applied to skin overnight and taken internally just a small amount depending on your weight, see the box instructions for weight and dose. Pyrethrin insecticide can also be used. be careful not to spray it on food preparation areas.

    • AMIn 6 weeks ago

      Everything you see posted has happened to us. Crawling and can't find anything. Spent thousands on sprays, sent bug samples to entomologists, and burned all my furniture with cloth. It started in April and it's now December. We just found out the root cause of the bugs is mold. The mold spores caused the bugs to attack us. They were in our house and cars, they followed us. The mold spores in our house were sticking to us and the bugs were attracted to the spores. We have killed the bugs and we still felt things crawling on us. Under a microscope we saw long black strands and thought it was a larva stage. After searching and speaking to specialist, it’s mold. Wish I knew this back in April!

    • Seriously Concerned 6 weeks ago

      I can only think of a few reasons why this would happen. The fact is that it is definitely happening. I try to tell people what's going on or look online and find no answers and only I'm told that I'm probably crazy. But that's definitely not the case. It started a few years ago I felt like there were bugs crawling on my legs and then it started getting worse and itching and my butt crack and underneath my scrotum. So we ended up getting lice shampoo and shaving my body hair. That day it seemed to go away but it was only a few hours later on the newly shaved skin I felt crawling coming from my buttocks and then going into my skin. Very uncomfortable. I immediately tried applying more lice shampoo but it seems to not work only make things worse. Later on that week I started feeling them crawl body as if I had just released them and they were trying to find a new place to go. And I sure did. I called all the way up into my face all over my head. Imagine the feeling of a bunch of invisible bugs crawling all over your nose and the prick biting your skin. It comes in waves at one moment I feel like there crawling everywhere and the next moment I feel like all stops. Over the past two years it's gotten worse. I can feel it coming out from between my legs and crawl all over my body onto my face and into my hair. It's an absolute nightmare. But the worst part about it is that I think that they fly. All I have to do is be standing next to a person even 5 feet away and all the sudden they start scratching their nose and face the way I do whenever the kids are crawling on me. If there's anybody who has experienced anything like this or knows what this is comma please tell me because it's gotten to the point where all I have to do is sit next to people and they start itching. Not only is it annoying to myself I don't want to be infecting the people around me. Has anybody ever experienced anything like this? If so please tell me what it is and what I can do to fix it.

    • RNolivia 7 weeks ago

      @SallyKumo I truly do appreciate your advice.

      A bit of an update as I had a new exterminator that came over to check the house yesterday.

      On the flea trap he found what he thought could be a "carpet beetle". While I have had a ton of random holes in my bedding and just recently I started finding holes in certain articles of clothing.

      I am thinking the tiny things found in the the lint are the larvae of the carpet beetles. They dont bite humans but their shed skin may cause skin irritation.

      2) He mentioned "Mites". The black specs found in my daughters bedding (on the feather bed which I will throw out tonight) actually move. The windex did kill the ones that i sprayed on the mattress and feather bed and Saturday I actually slept through the night (well..ok still up every few hours but far less) which was nice.

      But last night they were back at it.

      Physically, I had my labs done a month ago and my Vitamin B 12 and Vitamin D were within normal range. I asked to view the results and they were in normal range and not on the low side oddly.

      I agree with you that diet is always a contributing factor to some extent. I have cut down my sugar (not cut out) and have been eating more fresh fruits and veggies than I have in a long time..The protein is usually eggs or lean sausage, so I will definitely give the decrease in sugar a go.

      Thank you for the ideas and I will gladly look them up this evening once I put my little one to bed. I have not actually explained to her what is going on, so she enjoys watching tv while I inspect her clothing and bedding.

      Thoughts and prayers for any one out there going through similar things.

      PS- I have a doctors apt booked for my daughter as her rash is getting worse.

    • Sally D 7 weeks ago

      This has been a wonderful resource. I've learned so much and improved my situation. I am thankful for all who have taken the time to share, comment and respond.

      But I'm finding the format of this and other sites makes it difficult to have discussions. So after a few email discussions with others, we've created a Facebook group page as we feel it will better allow us to have more fluid, specific, and timely discussions. We've set up the privacy as a secret group due to the fact that many of us (myself included) do not want this page showing up on our "liked" or "joined groups" and we certainly don't want others not in the group seeing what we've posted. Unfortunately, there's too much stigma and lack of understanding by the general public to put a public, or even closed, group out there.

      Because it's a secret group (no one outside the group on FB will know you're a part of it and they will not be able to see any comments or posts), you will need to "friend request" my FB account: Sally IBM Dover and private message me that you want to be in the IBM (Invisible Biting Mite) support group. We will send you and invite to join the group. This particular FB account is set up solely for the purpose of promoting and helping this group, so we will not have other groups, friends, or interests interfering.

      We feel the "secret" privacy setting on Facebook is the best option due to most of us not being comfortable publicly belonging to a group named "Invisible Biting Mites." It makes it a bit more difficult to join, but feel it's the best way to go.

      Please consider joining. It's strictly meant to offer support, suggestions, and solutions to this nightmare we've all been so unfortunate to experience. It may take a little time, but hopefully in a few weeks we can have a number of knowledgeable members that can answer questions and offer support.

    • SallyKumo 7 weeks ago


      Where there is mold there can be plaster mites which are white and round and move quite quickly; they are slightly smaller than a colored cake sprinkle -they are easily identified, and in the adult stage they become transparent and can fly. Although harmless to the majority of people, some people are allergic to them and they can cause welts or rash-like skin problems. If this is the problem, moving may transfer some, but they quickly die off without mold as a food source.

      The other details you mention sound a lot like what troubled me and thousands of others for several years. It turned out I had B12, Vit D and folate deficiencies, and supplements helped that to resolve. As did a commitment to improve my diet to a lot of vegetables, water and getting adequate B12 and protein. Amy Yasko (look her up) has a lot of info on the internet about nutritional deficiencies and many people with symptoms such as the black particles and skin issues, cognitive difficulties, etc report huge improvement and a return to health over time -including me.

      One thing I would say is, moving house, discarding possessions and frenzied cleaning routines don't help a problem that is metabolic. There's ample evidence that the black particles are a combination of melanin, sebum and calcium oxlate crystals being exuded through the skin owing to impaired metabolism due to vitamin and nutrient deficiencies -and professional entomologists have looked at the black particles and found that they are not alive -they are not insects of any kind. In other words, throwing away all one's things and moving house hasn't been the answer for thousands of people, but eating well and learning about and correcting nutritional deficiencies has.

      Wish you and daughter the best in all things.

    • RNolivia 7 weeks ago

      Oh my goodness I am so glad I found this!!!

      I am hoping someone can help me answer the following question as my story is slightly different.

      My young daughter has had bite marks which are itchy. My dog constantly is scratching but i cannot find any bugs on him whatsoever. I have had welts on and off for just shy of a year which were 'possibly shingles" according to the doctor.

      Recently, I learned I most likely live in a home which has black mold. The humidity was at 60% until i started opening windows daily.

      I cant comment on seeing any bugs on myself or my daughter, but I have been finding on my bed sheets each morning tiny grain like black specs. If you run your hand along the sheet you can feel them. Now in my daughters bed I am seeing the black ones but clear ones as well (but still able to feel them.

      I have started seeing tiny little black things in my towels, blankets etc (looks like lint but is hard to pull out). When I put them in water, upon closer inspection it is not lint....its a bug! I have no clue what type.

      The exterminator just said I am paranoid. I know its not bed bugs. I bought a flea trap thinking maybe fleas? Nope, No fleas...

      This tiny black thing is so embedded in fabric that I need tweezers at time to pull them out.

      No matter how much I clean, wash everything in hot water and dry on high heat they keep appearing.

      I am seeing these tiny white black specs in my car now, near my desk at work... I am slowly going crazy. I am moving but do not want to bring anything to my new house.

      Has anyone had a similar issue or have you been able to determine what these bugs are? (again I havent seen any on myself or my daughter, just in fabric.

      Any advice is greatly appreciated. I have some photos as well if anyone is willing to take a look.

      My symptoms have been, itchiness, feeling like I am being bitten but don't see any bugs.

      PS- recently had pest control put mouse bait boxes in home as I was hearing noises at night. I also have rats in the area ( our city in ontario is full of them, so they have hit the suburbs now as well!).

      I pray we all get through this. I am sending what positive energy I have left to all of you going through this.

      - Olivia

    • Fortune 7 weeks ago

      this information is great because when I first went to urgent care one night the P.A. said it was acne, and the same night well 4am to be exact I couldn't take it anymore so I went to the E.R. and they sent me home with a scipt for klonopins and my discharge papers said that i was treated for anxiety and dillusions of mites and skin feeling sticky, silky and really smooth , especially my face, and I finally had a doctor at a different urgent care say that i had an allergic reaction to dust mites and bacteria thats why my eyes were blood shot and swollen and that sticky skin right on my eyelids. These mites are coming out of my faucet it seems like when I wash dishes and when Im in the shower all i see are bubbles all around me and an ocassional bite on my foot while shaving my legs. When will this stop?

    • sk2016 8 weeks ago

      I wish all of you lots of courage and good vibes!! I'm really grateful for this site because for me it's one the very very very few places where people really get whats going on and talk about it.

      I've had these bugs for a year and close to three months now. I've moved once, got rid of 90% of my possessions and changed jobs once. I was careless at first and I didn't think they would spread anywhere that easily because that didn't feel plausible. Silly me....

      Have you had to change jobs because of this? I had to change mine because they spread into a workplace I was at when this first started and I had no idea how to deal with anything right when this began. I started a new job last august, however, thinking that I'd be able to control them. But then this is an office job where I've had to sit on chairs that have fabric on them, and they spread there in like one week. So far I think no one notices anything, they seem to affect very very few people. But most of the time I'm either depressed about the fact that they DO affect me or worrying about whether or not someone else has caught them from there and just isn't saying anything.

      This is a horrible situation, and like many of you have said, so isolating, because it's just so invisible and non-existent to other people, but it affects your own life in so many and concrete ways. And it is difficult not to feel ashamed about not getting rid of it, because so many people just don't understand this situation. They think that if you got a bug in your house, then you either use some pesticide or get treated like with scabies and that's that.

      I visit very few places now, have visited very few places during this year. I keep panicking about having spread them to my friends' and loved ones' homes, and never being sure if that has happened or not.

      I'm doing pretty well with cleaning and doing laundry, I can get the bugs down to very low levels, and I'm pretty sure I'd be mostly rid of them, if I hadn't spread them to the places I've had to work at. I get them back from there all the time and it's the most frustrating thing. Now I'm thinking of trying to find some outside job, because clearly I can't be in inside places for long periods of time and not infect that place as well.

      At times I'm really really desperate and really sad about this. But I need to find strength to keep going and doing these routines, and I will find it. It's just so damn difficult sometimes.

      Again, wishing you all lots of strength as well!

    • Kay 8 weeks ago

      Windex really helped. I was surprised it actually worked..

      Thankyou for this Information..

    • Gak99 8 weeks ago

      Thank you so much, FamilyMan LM for your post!! It is so helpful to know one is not alone in this fight against the microscopic, even as I continue to search for the final solution. 21st century plague, indeed. I'm still trying to get doctors and pest control people to believe me.

      For those out there looking for more answers, check out Jill Ishka's website yearofthemite.com. Her book The Year of the Mite is a must read.

      @3dogs I was unable to find Richard Kuhn's ebook through an online search...

      @robbie My issue also, has only been a problem during a couple of months in the summers, and I kept thinking I was getting rid of it. This year it has continued for four months. I think because we've had wetter, warmer weather this year. At least I am able to get some sleep after encasing my mattress in plastic and bathing in a cup of Epsom salt, about 25 drops of Cedar Oil and half a cup of hydrogen peroxide before bed. I am washing all my clothes and sheets in hydrogen peroxide, as well.

      I'm realizing I may have to move, get rid of my car and change jobs to escape this plague. I'm just so grateful that my son is not affected. Praying for everyone who is battling this microscopic menace.

    • sdogs 2 months ago

      This protocol covers about everything, but at just below the level of absolutely, which many people need. Check out Richard Kuhn's ebook and blog. He is a biochemist who has dealt with and studied this problem for over 10 years and cured himself of Lymes (went into remission). He's had years to gather info, test food, drugs, and products on himself, study, find doctors - basically take the information you have to the max. His 3 areas agree with your information - internal body (most important diet, supplements, meds from natural immune boosters to Rx's of the highest degree not easy to find), external body (bathing, skin, scalp, eyes, etc.), environment (house, clothes, car, linens, etc.) He sells liquid debriding soap products, that go IN the pores where the ba***rds hide. Although he sells products, he is for real and not about marketing. He has responded to every email I've written to him. And the products really help. If you don't want to buy his soap sample to get the ebook, call and just ask and they'll send it to you free.

    • Jan 2 months ago

      I would also suggest that you buy cans of hot shot bed bug and flea fogger at first sign of them. Make sure temperature is lower than 65 degrees. Fog with one (or more cans depending on size of your home) every 2 days to 3 days for first few weeks. As they can reproduce in as little as 5 days from hatching.In addition immediately buy windex original, mule team borax, clean everything-throw away all that you can, etc. Use borax in laundry as well as put on carpets (all carpets) immediately then immediately use pine glo (get at dollar tree) and carpet cleaner in carpet scrubber-scrub all carpets and mattress. Use a dehumidifier when done. Throw away any small carpeting rugs immediately. Skin so soft works the best to relieve itches.

    • di 2 months ago

      Oh my gosh...thank you for posting all this information. I thought I was losing my marbles. It started slowly about 2 years ago. I believed it was lice so I treated. some relief but quickly the itching returned. I thought maybe fleas from a friends lovable dog...flea shampoo and hide a dog collar under my bed...again some short relief but a few days later. Its been that way for so long. This past summer the doctor finally sent me to dermatologist who did some patient blaming, of a kind, and told me it was my fault because I kept washing and debriding the bites. In essence, which came first the bite or the cleansing? I have given up hope with the doctors... tried Listerine but not as disciplined as I should be...never tried windex. Tried online demodex products...got 2 nights sleep and here we go again. YES for the isolation and depression. I have a professional job and I sit far from people in meetings and keep my hair up. I have become a sort of recluse...A Howard Hughes even! I am going to use ALL these recommendations above. I am so desparate...I pray at night for them to be gone only to cry when I wake up and find more bites. They are in three locations in my lower scalp. I manage to keep cleansing those areas but sometimes I think I would like to shave my head. So thank you thank you thank you for more suggestions that I am going to begin tomorrow morning

    • robbie 2 months ago

      Every year at the beginning of summer for the past few years...

      Bite, bite, bite.. Scratch, scratch scratch.

      No sleep going cray, cray cray..

      This lasts for three months and I dread the warmer months hoping it wont come back..

      But once again I can feel the invisible demonic creatures treating my body like a smorgasbord.. I have tried all the potions and lotions but to no relief.

      I pray these parasites will die with the same pain they have given me...

      Can I get an amen...

    • deanna 2 months ago

      Hi, I also have this problem. began 10 years ago.. I attribute to carpet! not sure. cannot get rid of.. no matter what I do. Doctors baffled. Moved 3 times since. Still no relief. Will try the Windex

    • J in Alabama 2 months ago


      I really found all of your post informative and very inspiring! Thanks. I have been doing some research for my mite/hexapod issue as ,I think, I may have rat mites due to rats in our building and Collembola (Springtails). One other advice from the Internet that I have discovered is that insects do not survive well in low humidity; therefore, I am trying some dehumidifiers and hygrometers (from Amazon) to bring the humidity level down to 40-45%. I also have been fogging with Cedarcide with some success. I do the mopping as you mentioned with Windex. I am making some progress in week 12 of my ordeal that we think occurred due to dirty landscaping mulch, the intense heat of the South in August, the rats, and possibly fungus- mildew in our attic that affected some ceilings. The Collembola are highly attracted to moldy things. I hopeful about the dehumidifiers; perhaps others may try , too. J

    • festusfirst 2 months ago

      This is really amazing. i got the message rightly on time. http://humdifierweb.com

    • Jamie 2 months ago

      I'm relieved to know that my family and I aren't the only ones dealing with this..... although I am sorry to hear that you're suffering also. Thank you so much to the author for this page and great information!! God Bless you!

    • Nancy 3 months ago

      Please sign this period petition as well. I hoping that if it's two petitions maybe somebody will do something about it. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/please-u...

    • Mandie86 3 months ago

      These things are from Satan himself!! Me and my cats are affected. They stick to your walls. I actually found one on the wall just about formed and showed it to my vet. I showed him how I could break it apart and it would mold right back together. He confirmed it was some kind of larva but didnt know what kind. You can actually wipe the sticky goo off your walls! Look very closely because they look like a speck of dirt. I go through my house each day wiping them off to prevent them from 'growing' full size. For the ones already on you you can use Sulfur 8 hair ointment. You can find it at Wal Mart in hispanic section. You rub it all over your body and wait...they then start to crawl out of your skin. Its like a scifi movie!! You can also scrub with Diatomaceous Earth(food grade only!!) its something you put in chicken feed. I sprinkle it on my cats and it keeps them away from them. Internet says people drink it in water. Havent tried yet but I will because at this point I would probably eat poop if it would help! Its like living in a nightmare that you cant wake up from!! I really hope this nightmare ends soon!!!

    • deliciousmess 3 months ago

      Here is my list..


      Dryer sheets


      Clove oil

      Fast orange hand cleaner or lava soap

      De... Earth (spelling idk)

      Toothpaste the orange with stripes

      Liquid bandaid many coats for a mask, let dry then peel off.

      Windex everything..

      Get DE.. get it at the feed store a powder puffer to spread it around.

      I didn't know to get a powder puffer so I refilled a gold bond foot powder container and tried puffing it..

      I also got neem extract from Walmart and another from Home Depot. Says 2 spoonfuls to make a gallon. I used one cap ful for a regular size spray bottle.

      I puffed the powder everywhere.. even on the walls.. cause I can feel when they hit me walking around the house.. some times they back of my neck some times around my ankles..

      Once your finished DE puffing.. vacuum.. vacuum everything. Then spray with the neem.. this is not the same neem that you find in the grocery store.

      Spray spray spray til the spray bottle is emty.. you can make plenty more.. spray spray spray..

      The neem in the grocery store will be in the health food section maybe near the pharmacy. The same area where you find tea tree and clove oil.

      When you undress to bathe, do it slow so stuff doesn't go airborne.. as you undress try to make your clothes come off inside out.

      Use plastic bags from the grocery store. I like the ones from target because they are thicker than normal. Double bag them. Tie one bag then squesh the air out and dump it upside down into the second bag. Squesh the air out and tie it. Let them sit at least a week before washing. Use a laundry mat, they have larger machines that have higher temperatures.

      Want to how many are in your skin and where smooth toothpaste on skin and let it dry. You'll see air bubbles.

      Leave the bathroom door or window open for air flow. These bugs like moist heat.. you don't want them all active when your trying to clean your body.

      Spray windex.. use borax.. use a sponge scrubber.. the tan ones are no scratch.. you need to exfoliate so the clove oil can get in there easier..

      use LAVA soap or FAST ORANGE hand cleaner.. it will help release the bug glue.. read the ingredients it actually has a lot of good stuff.. Aloe, Lanolin, Glycerin, Pumice & skin conditioners.

      When you bathe, Just hot enough to open your pores, not so hot you pass out. Once you start sweating,

      apply a 50/50 mixture of Clove oil/soap)

      Clove oil is very very strong. It will bring the eggs to surface and kill them. It will start to burn after about thirty seconds. It will burn for a minute to minute and half. If it does not burn you need to add more clove oil.

      It burns like a very strong icy hot or bengay.. not the blistering kind of burn. Keep away from your eyes and mouth.

      I am not a dr and not giving anyone advise. I am only giving whole hearted suggestions that have really helped me after spending hundreds and hundreds on things that didn't work. Hoping to save someone the headache that I've been thru.

      I had applied so many things to my skin trying to fix it, I ended up in the ER. They put me on iv antibiotics then released me with a script for antibiotics and pain meds.

      Well, when they took me off the super iv and sent me home with some bullshit pills.. well, they were not strong enough and three days later everything the iv had surpressed surfaced and.. back to the ER

      This time with burns that blistered my face from my nose, around my checks, down and around the back of my neck.

      At the time I had no idea there were things living on my skin. I was explaining to them I had used different products trying to clear my skin of what I thought was acne.. all weeks apart.. tea tree oil.. charcoal mask.. turmeric.. a chemical peel and.. just went on and on.. the dry were like yes, we can smell the tea tree oil.. (that was three weeks prior) I was like wha..

      At the same time all this was happening I was shopping Amazon and came across this uv flashlight. What it's for is to show pet stains in the carpet. You turn off the light and any pet stains glow. Well the flash light worked

      As I am shining this flashlight all over the house, some how I noticed if I shined this light on these blemishes on my skin they would move.. so, I'm sitting there on my bed in the middle of the night.. after having some acne crap on my face.. shining this uv light on my skin watching it move for hours.. it was making to goo surface.. so I thought. In reality it was blistering.. but my face was not feeling burnt. Much like when your outside getting sunburnt but you don't realize it til hours later.

      Let's just say.. the next morning. I felt like I had no skin on my face. It was soooo painful.. I had I giant bowl of ice water I was dunking my face in for hours to finally my sister made me go to the ER. Which is not something I do.

      Once they got the pain meds going and I could finally relax. That is when the crawling started. I brought with me th uv light so I could explain it to the dr.

      But they were like.. what.. when.. why.. several different doctors asking the exact same uestions. I finally said.. you can ask me the same thing all night long but my answer is not going to change..

      They said this is not a chemical burn or any reaction to the uv light.. it's something else.. the dr orders a bunch of test and cultures.. for staph infection.. I'm like wtf..

      The cultures came back negative. But they admitted me to keep me on iv meds. So they could monitor everything. They even did a ct scan to make sure I wasn't in danger.

      After a few days of iv and healing, and burn creams so my skin was all shiny.. in my hospital bed I'm looking in this small mirror at my neck and I see it's moving.. I feel it's moving.. it doesn't hurt.. but it's like a flaky skin just slowing being drug around on my skin..

      I'm staring at it for hours then when the nurse comes in I tell her I have something crawling in my skin. She tells me that's my body reacting to the medicine that it will go away eventually.. man was she wrong..

      These things have become an infestation. I have large wounds on my scalp. My scalp is squishy. It almost looks like a cartoon. Like I was bonked on the head with a frying pan. It's changed the entire shape of my head.

      My hairs falling out..these things are in my eye lids crawling in my nose.. eyebrows.. my ears.. oh my ears.. I did not even notice but they have made themselves a nice cabana or something in the crease behind my ears and it's causing my ear to puff up and hurts like swimmers ear..

      I've done all the cleaning and bathing and everything and nothing has work until the clove oil has made a difference.

      Last night. I first used it while I was in the shower. I added it to ivory liquid. It burned like hello. But.. only for a minute. After I got outta the bathroom and cooled down.. I could see on my face.. little. Itty bitty clusters of white what I assume to be eggs. four or five in each cluster all in random areas on my face. Like little white Easter eggs still under the skin but you can see them.

      When I noticed these this morning. I tried using the clove oil with olive oil and the results were nothing. I'm not sure what went wrong. So I'm going to try with the ivory liquid again tonight in the shower.

      I'm thinking had I known while my face was still hot and pores open it maybe possible to extract them. Not sure. I will update if anything magical is discovered or if I remember something I forgot to mention.

      Don't forget to clean your shower curtain and anything decorative laying around, decorative towels, anything fuzzy or fabric. Don't close the bathroom door when your finish bathing. Let it air out and cool down. Happy bugs are infesting bugs. Keep the ac cold. Like a hospital. Copper. Drink from copper. Sit on copper. Surround yourself in copper.

      Anything your not using, box it up til this crap is gone. It's just one more place for them to hide and wait.

      If you have a spare room.. relocate to it.. stay out of your room long enough to let the bugs die off.. no host no bugs.. keep spraying neem and windex. Keep DE puff..

    • ghostbugged 3 months ago

      When I originally answered your test question for how long I have been pestered by these things I said three years or so but honestly in retrospect I have been plagued by these things for way longer. In fact when I would take a bath I would see them almost invisible to the naked eye floating in my bathwater and I would collect them in a jar, it got so bad that I even collected the little end baubbles of my hairbrush because by that time everything was a possible suspect bug to me. My boyfriend thought I was nuts, to this day he isn't bothered by these things as much as I am well lets just say he isn't bothered by them at all despite the fact that just the other day he was examining his arm with a recently purchased by me tiny microscope type of jewelers ring that sports a small light to help illuminate the area you are looking at.

      He asked me to look thru this device and tell him if I sw what he was seeing which was a small black microscopic leech like thing ok hair but it was moving very slowly and crawling on his arm in his skin. Now he believes me but they still don't bother him like they effect me I suffer very badly from these little organiasms they cause me to itch so bad I end up with welts and still I cannot stop itching its horrific when it gets like that, but generally I end up with bites from insects I cant find or see despite the fact that when I put certain creams on the one that seems to work best is from wallmart and it is 2x stronger for chiggers, etc. this lotion numbs the wound and them also so I assume the become paralyzed and that's when you can actually feel them roll off your skin in the lotion hundreds of them little mite like balls I didn't have the microscope thing then and now that I do the bites are more pronounced welts all over my body scars from these welts beginning to form so much so that I don't want to wear anything that shows my legs , arms, buttocks, back, feet it's so awful! I can't begin to tell you.

      Back to the bug crazed collecting phase where I finally got enough courage to have my boyfriend take me to the emergency room thinking that they would at the very least have a microscope on hand which they didn't I won't go into detail I will just say that they thought I was crazy, didn't even consider the possibility that I might be right about the bugs being a problem as I watched the microscopic little white fibers move on my coat Blk coat made them easy to see with the naked eye. What happened next was exactly what my significant other told me would happen. I was given my own armed security guard and placed against my will in the psych ward, placed on debilitating drugs and placed in a situation where I was on a 72 hour watch that could extend into indefineately fortunately for me my lawyer friend coerced them to let me out I was moving and didn't need the added stress at the time I really think I might not have made it out of there if not for his help.

      bottom line= I feel these things are a product of our corrupt governments experimentation on it's citizens. I am of the belief that these multifaceted diverse invisible pests are coming from chem trails along with the aluminum oxide, barium, and strontium = radioactive elements and Alzheimer symptoms from the aluminum oxide. Morgellens makes sense and I honestly can attest to the fat that what I am finding beneath my little microscope which I recently purchased one bay for a dollar or two free whipping it works wonders a little getting used to and your off to the races these things are fantastic I suggest everyone suffering like I am gets one you wont be sorry, my biggest problem is that finding any bugs has been problematic since they are elusive or is it that they are what I have been finding? hmmm? and what am I looking at beneath my microscope thingy? Little bits of golden and I mean bright bling shrimp like creatures with hair in them or other bits of what I had thought was scabs from my countless owies brought on by these elusive mites ? funny thing is that these little things I isolate and peer into the microscope thingy at seem to have hairs and one thing I can say is that some of them have black hairs I'm blonde and so is my guy so this doesn't make sense now does it ? sometimes these hairs are rather long and other times like they might belong to the creature or whatever these things are they don't look like anything I would call a creature I don't see eyes well let me take that baack some of them do appear to have eyes and others don't but they all have those tell tale hairs going thru them ? some type of alien bug perhaps or lab created by our own madd scientists ?

      It is safe to say that thesedays not much suprizes me anymore and I will end this by saying a sincere thank you to all of you for having the courage to speak up and offer your antidotes and support as well as your own experiences with this strange phenomenea ( however its spelled ).

      you can contact me via provocativealchemy@gmail.com I reside in southern California san diego area.

      Thank you for letting me vent and for letting me know I am not the only one suffering from this dilemma/ailment. I plan on trying a few of theses antidote's asap!



    • Kevin E 3 months ago

      The "Invisible Biting Bug" can also be a sign of an allergic reaction you are having to MOLD!

      I was tormented by unexplained itchiness for weeks, after discovering a huge black mold problem in my apartment, I knew I had found the source! Breathing in mold spores triggers the bodies defense mechanisms and allergies arise as a side effect of the war between fought inside your body.

    • cat 4 months ago

      Chest rub works well then they just scratch out and the rub captures them, you will feel them in the rub and you know exactly when they are dead and gone if not quite dead put a bit more on. Good luck, hope this works.

    • NATASHA 4 months ago

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    • Mei 5 months ago

      Thanks for the article. May I ask how much borax do you mix with a gallon of water do you use to mop the floor? Also, how long does it take to see improvement after mopping?

    • John Smit 5 months ago

      My frustration from minimal too unprofessional very quickly since I could sense his disbelief early in my conversation. I am immediately told him if his medical training did not speak with him to deal with when I was describing to him I needed them to get me Doctor Who could, and asked him to please leave the fucking room if he wasn't going to treat our situation serious since he was asking so many questions from a highly skeptical standpoint.

      I asked him to look at the fibers underneath my nails and of course was dismissed even though there was an excessive amount it didn't match our clothes etc, and even at this point I now know even if I could prove what it was in that room that night that virtually nothing probably would have been done since it appears The medical community is either oblivious ignorant or just under some kind of chokehold with the morgellon subject.

      His diagnosis was scabies, and prescribed us some topical skin creams to apply on our selves and our son. He prescribed this to us because he said that he could see physical trauma to the skin and definitely didn't believe something had aggravated our skin he just didn't believe the element of the story that had to do with physical visible fiber movement on my skin.

      Leaving hospital we decided to return back to our home since the doctor told us that it was a treatable situation.

      Before I applied the cream I shaved my body head to toe and took a bath. I had no more symptoms at the time, but I do feel slight differences with my mental mechanics and ways words can't really put a finger on, but in a nutshell has to do with my speech. I am mediately forget what I'm talking about sometimes mid-sentence, and often draw blanks on many cognitive tasks.

      My wife seems to be two minor degree traumatized from the situation and since then has shown some severe swings of emotional state since then and has become manic depressive in which we were going to see if therapist about now. Prior to August 2015 my wife and I had been together six years and this has never happened. She refuses to research morgellons disease with me and has a hard time talking about that night.

      A couple notes to end on.

      •I'm not sure exactly what it was we had that night but there were some observable symptoms that I later researches were aligned with morgellons. I did collect some of these fibers which were commonly seen in other people with this issue and place them in a jar and took many pictures.

      • this particular case was not a psychiatrically related situation. This was a very very real physical event and hands-down the most painful thing I have ever undergone in my life and feel bad for my wife and also so bad for my son that he had to go through that as well at two years old.

      I understand there are isolated incidents out there were people with personality disorders have episodes that are translated as the symptoms I have just mentioned above.

      And if A medical expert would say that is so with my situation, then he would also need to console a mathematician to calculate the mathematical probability my wife and two-year-old son would simultaneously develop an extremely rare mental condition on the same day at the same time. And which I would definitely think it's safe to say the chances of that happening again I would probably be as likely as getting struck by lightning on the day we win the lottery standing under flying pigs leaving chemtrails.

      • I will say I do not understand why we have never had symptoms again since then but I do not feel that it has left my body. I also do not understand why we never developed sores or lesions that protruded these fibers. We have never seen these fibers and have had no other incidents remotely similar. Which makes me think it could have been something else, but as I googled the symptoms of other parasites none fit the description of crawling on your eyes, biting and stinging to the degree these do, and most importantly no other might or parasite fit the description of blu other might or parasite fit the description of colored fiber, fuzzy.

      I can't say whether this was a man-made or naturally occurring life form but I will say whatever it is, it is very real and it will change the life of anybody whoever is unfortunate enough to undergo this nightmare. You literally feel like you're being eaten alive and can only be described as hell. It's a nightmare, and I wish our government had the balls to either admit they don't know what's going on but will look into it more vigorously, or somebody was trying to play God in the lab somewhere in something is seriously gotten out of hand.

      I don't understand how a microscopic virus like this zuku virus is more of a big deal than this. I understand that Virus is serious, but of other people before me have had the pleasure of experiencing what I did there is no way that the people in political positions are unaware of this. Viruses provide symptoms such as fever sweat etc., The symptoms that this produces are not symptoms. Symptoms are something your body does to alert you something is wrong. The sensation of Being bitten is not a symptom, it's a response to pain being inflicted on your body.

      We haven't told anyone else because we don't want others to fear being around us. If you choose to discuss this story on the Internet or any other forms I ask that you keep my email anonymous and keep anything relating to my identity anonymous. I am only sharing the story because I feel that this is a problem that is only in its infancy stages. We are concerned because we have no idea how we contracted it and why the rest of our family did not contract it. we cannot pinpoint anything we did differently anything we ate or any other variables that isolate the call we cannot pinpoint anything we did differently anything we ate or any other variables that isolate the cause but one idea we have is possibly the lice but our two daughters did not contract the fibers, so If it wasn't that then the mystery lives on.

      If it wasn't for that horrific night, I still to this day would not know what morgellons disease was if asked about it. But now I know. It's a nightmare, and I'm sure will reach the status of a "known publicly recognized" epidemic in our lifetime.


    • John smith 5 months ago


      I'm from Indiana. I had never heard of more gallons disease and had no deep knowledge of skin parasites in anyway since I had not known anyone with issues such as scabies or dust mites I had zero interest in the subject altogether and would have not been able to hold a conversation prior to August 2015.

      We are a pretty typical normal average American family. We do not abuse drugs and have no history of mental illness in our families or ourselves. Our kids are on the honor roll involved in many sports and my wife is a private client wealth manager at a prestigious bank.

      In August 2015 my wife and I were married, which was also the same month that our kids had returned back to school. We have two sons and two daughters, 1st 2nd and 3rd grade, and a 2 year old. That month our daughters came down with (super) head lice that was very difficult to get rid of which it also spread to myself and my wife along with our youngest son our oldest son did not get it because of his military like buzz cut. After trying everything for about two weeks we finally got prescription shampoo which was really just the pesticide. We finally shed The atrocious super head lice.

      One day toward the end of August, I had taken the kids to our apartment community swimming pool and while sitting on the side of the pool watching the kids swim I began getting a little itchy. About 10 minutes later it felt like 20-30 small ants were sporadically all over my body crawling. As time progressed the quantity of bugs it seemed to be on my skin or all over including my hair scalp the bottom of my feet the inside of my mouth my eyes, nose, everything.

      When I looked closely at my skin I could see what appeared to be little miniature white fuzz balls which could've easily been explained as dust particles in the air dirt etc.. The intense sensation of literal skin crawling was soon accompanied by biting. When I say biting it felt like a very large insect biting such as a horsefly or fire ant. I had begin entering the most painful thing I have ever undergone in my life.

      When the kids and I had returned home from the pool, I noticed a few missed calls from my wife so I returned her call. When she answered the phone she was crying hysterically, and said that she felt like something was biting her face and eyes and could not sit at work anymore and had to come home. As I talk to her on the way home all I could hear her saying "Ow, ow, please God make it stop, me." This was extremely alarming and a huge rude awakening that something a little more serious was going on in our household. What's unusual is the coincidental timing that we fill our symptoms as if there was a certain incubation That had been met which would also be likely to suggest that we were exposed to this possible morgellons parasite through The same method and time.

      My first thought was it was some kind of parasite that the head lice may have contracted and carried passing on to us. Neither one of our daughters suffered the more gallon syndromes but our youngest two-year-old son did. When my wife arrived home we made the decision to rent a hotel for the night to get away from our stuff and our house in fear that our kids who had not showed symptoms yet may contracted through our home since we have no idea how we got what we have.

      When we arrived at the hotel She and I were in obvious pain as we were checking into the hotel, and the clerk offered to call for medical assistance twice. We refused and informed him we would be fine.

      We immediately rounded up all of our clothes placed them in trashbags as our daughters took a shower first and dressed in clean clothes and laid on the bed watching TV until they fell asleep. My wife and I were anxious to get in the shower and turned the water temperature up very high and steamed up the bathroom and hotel room. What we noticed was the symptoms escalated quickly in the humidity and heat, more frequent biting crawling

      and then a new symptom...

      Little black hairs.

      My wife was scrubbing herself over and over until her skin was raw and red, my two-year-old son was crying and holding himself all over switching where his hands were as if he was covering places he was being bitten and as I looked closely at him I could see a black little hair on his chest moving. I was thinking "surely that's just a hair that got on him from possibly someone who shaved or something that was in the room before us, and surely it's just appearing to move and I'm just kind of freaking out."

      But as I look down at my own arm very closely and held my arm still It appeared as if my hair on my arm was was flickering as if something was crawling in between it, like a dog running through tall grass but much much slower. My eyesight is actually very good not microscopic quality, but it was definitely good enough to see there was movement on my arm that appeared to be hair. So I grabbed my shaver and shaved my alarm off so I could eliminate this doubt and provide myself clarity that my hair was not moving and that I was just under nightmarish stress.

      After shaving in rinsing my arm from fingertip to shoulder on my left arm I could see much more clearly that there were in fact hundreds if not thousands of very tiny black hairs moving on in and under my skin and Withrow scratching I could accumulate them underneath my nails where several receded under my fingernail. There were hundreds of these things. I rinse my arm underwater intensely at this point just to ensure this isn't the hair I just shaved off sticking to my arm, submerged under bathtub water soap and a dry towel vigorously on my skin , into my shocking horrified surprise these thousands of hairs remained in place moving crawling through out my skin. The biting continued my wife continued to scream along with my son in agonizing pain, as I'm discovering that this is just my left arm in a fight examine my right arm and wrist of my body there was a presence of these things all over my body from head to toe and I could scratch them out and pull them out with tweezers and as I lied them down in the sink which was white you could see them still moving with no water to create movement.

      They were everywhere. In the bathtub I could see them all over my wife and sons skin.

      After a few more minutes in the shower we made the decision to get dressed and head to the hospital due to the in Enormous amount of pain. As we began loading up into the car the air conditioning was on by default since it was summertime, and works very well. When driving for just 2 minutes I could sense The crawling and biting starting to fade. When we arrived in the bitter cold hospital with the air conditioning set on tundra mode, almost all symptoms had vanished almost in a synchronize manor among the three of us. Didn't quite make sense at first but appeared to be shifted by the temperature.

      We checked into the emergency room and asked to see a doctor right away. When we sat down in the emergency room we were asked to describe our symptoms and we did and told him everything that had just happened. There were two doctors and one intern along with the nurse.

      When the doctors heard what we had to say I could tell that just a few sentences into my description I had lost their interest. I was asked if we had been doing any drugs, and I had sarcastically told him

      "no but if we were do you think our two-year-old son is also in a drug induced delusion scratching and screaming just for shits and gigs to see what the doctor has to fucking day at 3am on a Tuesday?" I'm not a fucking quack, and if I was you think my wife and two year old son are in on the scheme and we like coming to this fucking place on a work and school night?

      I had no idea what moregallons disease was at this point which also meant I had no idea that the description of the symptoms would be so easily in commonly dismissed in the medical community.


    • RichO 6 months ago

      I just figured it out. My uninvited guests are not the 'little white dust' cheylietalla mites. Mine are bird mites. How do I know? Because 'ground zero', where they are prevalent, is about ten feet from a birds nest outside my kitchen door. The bird built its nest in the spring and I started noticing the itching more and more in June and July. These things are completely invisible to the naked eye and activity on high humidity days is the worst. This is the second time I've had them in my home in the last 5 years. They were here for a 9 months to a year the first time. Now at least I know what I'm dealing with.

    • Jim 6 months ago

      Two comments that may help others get instant relief for problem areas on their skin:

      1). I use 90% isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle (mist). This seems to kill on contact. Downside is you need good ventilation to use it, and I'm sure it's not good to overuse it on your skin due to possible absorption. I use as last resort, but keep a spray bottle by my bed to get back to sleep quickly after a bite.

      2). A surprisingly effective non-chemical remedy is sticky lint rollers. I get them in a 4-pack and keep one handy at my bed always also. They work quite well for clearing these bugs from a specific spot, and from sheets/blankets.

      Both of these are temporary of course, but have helped me a lot

    • torquemada 6 months ago

      it is June of 2016 and I have just found and read this article as well as the hundreds of comments. Your right when you affirm "yes..there are people suffering just like you" what relief to be reading privately what has been the creepiest skin issue I have had privately for years.

      My belief at this time is that I have a human variant of plant "scale". I have deeply embedded hard shelled burrorers in my eyebrows, scalp and now ears. I DO NOT HAVE CRAWLING SENSATIONS. i really don't have unusual itching. 9sometimes?)

      what I have are these teensy tiny bugs(?) that have a head and a tail and can only be seen in a blood smear on white paper or tile. They are burrowed so deep one starts bleeding trying to get them out..then I take my gloved finger and smear what I pull off. some times it is a black dot ,any times its the guys with the pointed tails..a few times I swear I am looking at a tiny fly. I see wings reading these comments has convinced me I have found the right people and can share this horror and be understood. for me it starts with what seems like an ingrown hair..a granular bump. once you start digging you can feel hard shell tops with your fingernail but pulling off is impossible!! it can be done but they are never gone all away...they reburrow or something like many others here it is associated with hair

      When I have had the itch attacks..i have to use ice..nothing else works.

      yes you feel like you have gone sci-fi nuts!

      But,, for me.. I am convinced that there is absolutely some kind of scale creature living in my skin. I am very familiar with plant scale (there are many many varieties of plant scale)

      I welcome additional contact. thank you for being here!!!



    • Eve 7 months ago

      I'm a 89 yr old women, never had a bug in my life, single most of my life, still no bugs. When I'm 83 I move in w/a daughter....couple wks later, felt something moving under back of hand, got my own apt and then felt this same sensation on a shoulder, noticed my little dog scratching at her ears and eyes. To make a long story short, I spent over $1500. on Windex, read the ingredients ...ammonia...so I got household ammonia and diluted it 2 to 1, that helped more than Windex. Saw on UTube, Toni's formula using powdered mustard 1 tsp to very small amount of water and mix that with bath wash and shampoo, really helped for the few hours after showering with it. Tried to mix it strong enough to make a spray and just clogged up spray guns so that was out. Miserable nites, left light on so dog and I could sleep but they slipped in nose, eyes and mouth and poor little pooch would wait her turn to get her eyes washed out each morning after I did mine. Somehow, I think I started using Hydrogen Peroxide 3% , had always had that on hand, and used it to wash out mouth and had used it at times in my ears and kids ears from swimming. Relief! Happened on to Earth Clinic and found Ted's formula of HP diluted to 1% and 2-3 TBSP of Borax, tried that, no relief except a little for dog and that didn't last too long, still use before her bath and soak her good with after she is out of bath, tends to dry out her skin and loses lots of hair from it but it helps. Back to Hydrogen Peroxide 3%....I spray my body before my shower with it full strength, if the mites/bugs on your it will sting a little so what, HP is oxygen and can't harm your skin. It finally subsides after about 5-10 minutes and oh the relief! I keep a small spray bottle in every room, spray my face very often, big , garden size sprayer for the house, I do this before I go to bed at night, my daughter told me when I moved to NV that there were a lot of bed bugs so mattress and box springs has been covered from day one but still spray them, under the bed in closets, every where. I can't vac every day, 9 vertebrates gone and can't stand the pressure and also can't change sheets daily so have to put up with more than you young guys. Since I ingested these buggers for several years, I ended up with a heart attack and stent and even the doctors said I should not have had the heart attack so who do you think caused it, these little fellows got in my blood stream. For a whole year I wake up with a terrible headache, brain fox, extreme fatigue + all the other systems so last month I started taking Bromelain and Papain 1500 mg, 2 a day plus Black Walnut Hull Herbal Combination by Nature Answers 2 x 3 day, Just ran out of the Black Walnut but headache is gone, most brain fog is gone, feel like a human again so have ordered more Black Walnut.

      I saw where a fellow finally found some of the critters, do di I, first time I was on a plane and out of my jacket rose this "thing" with like vapor stream behind it but could see this tiny white thing, I was mortified but luckily a child was sitting next to me and he was in his games. Never could find another one until recently and sure enough just like the other fellow, it was on my pc, got to the States Head Entomologist and he came up with Cheylietella also. BUT, no solution on how to kill them. The pest people are as much afraid of them as we are. when you go to your Congressmen, mine told me to go to the Health Dept...big help! 'm sticking with HP, Tea Tree Oil and Oregano Oil and spray like HELL with it all combined.

      Here in the jtown I live in in NV if you go to Walmarts, Dollar Store, you have a hard time finding Hydrogen Peroxide on the shelves ; i ALSO USE A LOT OF 70% RUBBING ALCOHOL TOO ON MY BODY, and it takes days before they restock EITHER ONE OF THESE PRODUCTS so what is that telling you, HP is helping! Start cleaning out your guts, spray and PRAY!!

    • Niklas 7 months ago

      It is very common with Cheyletiella mite in houses and bedsheets. Changing your sheets at least once a week, weathering your room with open windows for half the day and every day, sweeping your floors clean and don't make your beds immediately after you're getting up but leaving them for a couple of hours. Doing that for a couple of months will kill them. They feed off from skin flakes and love warm beds.

    • Kathy Kr 7 months ago

      Finally Found a sample after 10 years!! I found a sample of this damn bug about 3 weeks ago. I found it crawling in and out of my computer keyboard. It is very difficult to see. I happened to be in broad daylight, but in the shade. The computer was on for 10 minutes and then timed out for 30 minutes. Then I saw them. It looks like white dust that crawls. I've tried since to collect more samples and have not been able to find any. But the day I saw them, I collected a sample and brought it to a bug expert/dermatologist who identified the bug as the Cheyletiella mite. You can actually see a video online of them if you google "little white bugs in my computer". They infest pets, and will go on people as well. However, there is a lot of mis-information on the web about their lifespans and how much they bother people. Because I've been out of the environment with pets for 4 weeks now and I still have the issue, granted, it is trending in a better direction. I am about to start the cedar oil protocol, hopefully this will be the end of my 10 year saga with these horrible pests. I am debating on doing Ivermectin, which I already have a prescription for, but it is pretty harsh. I'm going to try the cedar oil first. My story, previous to the last 4 weeks, is listed below. Please read if you have pets, because you can get relief while living with pets if you use Revolution every two weeks. It's a God send.

      I've unfortunately had this issue for 10 years since my last high school reunion. I went to NYC and came back with large bed bug bites and then the problem started after that. I never found any bed bugs. And then started having bites and the crawling sensation like fleas at night and in the dark and then in my clothes in all day parts, but mostly at 5pm or 5am.. Whenever the lights go out.. In the movies, on a plane, they seemed to wake up.. I even used to sleep with the lights on, using a face mask, but then they would crawl under the mask and it would creep me out. I ended up having multiple bug guys tell me they didn't know what it was, I've had a heat treatment, only one and it may not have been totally effective. I've used diamactus earth, I've used windex, bleach, etc.. I've moved 6 times in the last ten years. Once getting rid of all my furniture and bagging my clothes and had the cat flea dipped and once, just last week, moved and got rid of all my clothes, towels, bedding, luggage, anything with fabric. The only thing that gave me relief from these bugs was something recommended by a pet Dermotologist. I investigated this route because it always seemed to me that when I held my cats that u would get bitten, or wherever they sat, there would be creepy crawlers in the couch or on the bed. The less I slept with the cat, the less crawlers in the bed. They recommended I use Revolution flea control every two weeks on the cats.. It is perfectly safe as some kittens are allergic to fleas and need to be in this medication their entire lives.

      Continuing from previous comment.. Anyway, the Revolution gave me near perfect relief for the four years I lived with the cats. There was even about 8 months or so where I was able to not put the Revolution in at all. I thought I was rid of them.. However always in the rainy season in Calufornia, the my seemed to act up. I just started the Revolution again and it went away.. Sometime it took a week or two. The initial treatment four years ago took about 2 months to fully feel bug free. I was able to have a normal life. But, the problem was not completely eradicated. I actually split up my fiancé, who owns the cats. He never really totally believed me as he was not being bothered. Which was a huge source of anxiety for me. So the Revolution was a godsend. You cannot use a cheaper flea control brand, it won't work, I tried. But last week, I moved out, and left my fiancé.. I now have the old original horrific bug problem again. I find myself trying all remedies again. Vacuum every day, wash bedding every day, put everything in plastic, use windex, just trying listerine. Will try some more things on these other sites. But if you have pets, you are lucky because you can at least get

      Relief while you look for a permanent solution. I am interested in investigating what a fellow said a few posts back about it possibly being bed bugs in a larve stage. I do notice that the less time I devote to controlling these thing, the larger they seem running through my clothes, and the larger the bites. When using the Revoltion, they seemed to be kept at a very small stage or just completely gone. It doesn't quite make sense with my discoveries that an air filter seems to make the situation better, nor that a total apartment heating didn't get rid of the problem, but did make it a little better for about a week. ( pre-Revoltion). At this point I am tempted to literally get rid of everything I own. Put all my family photos and documents on a hard drive and stay for a week in a hotel with insecticides and call it a day. I actually read that one guy did this after two years of the problem and completely got rid of them. This may be my next desperate move. My sanity and peace of mind are worth more than my stuff. Other observations over the years.. Getting rid of all carpeting helps, especially while using Revolution in pets. Oddly enough, I seemed to have found a sticky clear substance on my wood furniture that once cleaned off with windex or whatever, seemed to help alley ate issues a bit. Ironing sheets helps and sometimes lice treatments, LiceFree helps a little. Besides that I could use any and all suggestions before I do a complete revamp of all possessions.. In the olden days, people would just set their possessions on fire when infested and start a new.. I guess now we just trash them or get rid of them somehow.. But hopefully it won't come to that.

      One last comment.. There were / are a number of ways that I know these bug issues are not in my head. 1) after being bitten one time I had the bites examined by an expert Dermotologist who was also a bug expert.. He said I was definitely being bitten by something. I could never find a damn sample as hard as I tried with magnifying glasses, tape, vacuum bags, heat lamps over water..maybe I just didn't try hard enough. 2) a neighbor in the building where this all started in Marina Del Rey, CA also had the same problem that his girlfriend didn't feel, but he did. 3) when I travel, aside from a couple sensations on the trip away from home, I don't feel anything. I went on a two week cruise, felt nothing, came back.. Same issue. I travel frequently for work, feel nothing while I'm away. 4). Mostly feel the issue in bed or sitting on a couch.

    • VortexGurl 7 months ago

      I feel for you all. I have dealt with this for over 10yrs. I lost my marriage over it, lost friends & some just thought i was bonkers. I did & still have a few friends that believed everything & stood by me. I do feel very fortunate to have been a patient of Dr. William Harvey, a retired NASA aerospace doctor who came out of retirement to help people with this. I drove over 12 hrs just to be able to be treated by him. He was an expert on this, Lyme disease & morgellons. He has since passed away. After the fail of my marriage i moved back home & got to be seen by Dr. Susan Kolb who finally got the CDC to recognize & investigate the strange condition. You all have to do what works for you to be able to manage & deal with this. To this day most doctors will tell you that you are delusional. Stay strong.

    • Valentine 8 months ago

      Hi everyone,

      Is it possible that this is somehow came to israel?

      experiencing some of the mentioned above symptoms like the crawling and the biting but not at very high frequency

      was thinking im staring to lose my mind then stumbled upon you guys

      was this reported outside the US in general?

    • Tracy 8 months ago

      In addition to all the great advice, keep house clean, all of the advice. Try using products with cedar wood oil that is what is finally getting rid of the buggers for me.

    • SallyKumo 8 months ago

      @ Sue walke

      Diet is the key. The white specks are calcium oxalate, and the black ones a mix of calcium oxalate, sebum from pores, keratin and melanin -all of it coming from the skin. It's an indication of poor nutrition. Vitamins B12, C, D3 and E are important, as well as dark leafy greens and fruits and other veg every day. NIACIN 25mg a few times a day REALLY helped the skin symptoms for a lot of us.

      Look up mthfr (DOT) net; millions have this problem but tens of thousands are getting well by learning how to support their bodies with sound nutrition.

      Yes, these symptoms are really nerve-wracking and make it almost impossible to sleep. It is possible for health to be restored, it takes a few weeks to feel better, and a long-term commitment to eating properly and not reverting back to bad eating habits. I know: been there twice! But never again!

    • Ajay 8 months ago

      Well I have a kinda similar problem with a little difference. well some 2-3 yrs back a pigeon died in our balcony. While cleaning the remains, I got some miniscule insect on me and it was on my hair. It was very small to be noticed by the eye normally. One has to concentrate real hard to be able to see it. Its a very small white grey kinda crawling or walking insect. But really really small. And the thing is that it started eating my hair or what I dont understand but i lost a whole lot of hair after that. I have become with quite scanty hair which was just the opposite of what i was. I went to the doctor and he prescribed a whole lot of creams and shampoos and stuff. Well I thought at first I got rid of it. But every few hours or sometimes I feel something walking on to my hair, face, around the ears etc. Its mostly associated with hair. Not plain skin as such. Everytime I feel somethings moving on my head or around and I try to grab I find pieces of hair for sure. And once in like 10-15 times I do get the insect too. I have been troubled from quite some time and don't know what to do. Luckily my wife doesn't feel that she has got any of these insects. I have already lost a lot of hair and don't wanna become bald. And the sensation of something moving and itching is really horrible. Although I don't get any kind of rash or bite marks as such. Can you please help.

    • SallyKumo 9 months ago

      @ Jody Mac

      No doubt you will come back to this.

      I do not think we will find out exactly what is causing this for some time.

      I encourage you to read my first post above yours and think about getting physically strong through nutrition. I tried all the things that everyone does, but what worked was getting healthy with diet and supplements. A strong immune system is the key, and whatever it is simply will not be a bother.

      I do know many people who got well with the information I posted in my first post. It is a long haul; much improvement seen in the first couple of weeks, and a gradual return to full health nine months or so. Like others who got well doing this, I got it again because I lapsed into poor eating and not taking care of myself, on top of stressful situations that impacted my immune health. People seem to have recurrences, but they get better again when they take supplements, vitamins and eat well, so it seems that it is something in the environment that can't be avoided, but a strong body is how to not have it bother them. I am now back on the supplements and diet for three days, after three awful days, but last night had a peaceful night and a lot of needed sleep; so progress is already evident. And I will keep at it until I am fully well AGAIN.

    • SallyKumo 9 months ago

      This was a terrible problem for me for three years. Like everyone else I tried everything to get rid of these biting mite-like things, ivermectin (a lot), sulfur soaps, selsun blue shampoo, tea tree oil, even some things that I shouldn't have used. Noithing worked. Then I followed Dr Rich Van Konynenburg's Simplified Methylation Protocol (avail on the net, free info) with supplements, vitamins and mostly fresh fruit and veg, and I stopped eating all fats and sugar. And slept a lot, and stopped with all the vacuuming and laundering. Within a week I was 50% better and nine months later 100% better; I took the vitamins (D, B12, folate) minerals (magnesium, selenium, zinc, taurine) NAC, etc, and used valerian for my stress for just over a year because every time I stopped I was itchy again. I am aware of several dozen people who have gone the same nutrition route to get well, and say that to encourage people looking for help. I do think that this is something present in the environment and that some people simply aren't bothered by it; probably those with strong immune systems. I do know for myself, that in the process of Rich's nutritional regimen, I still found these all over my house (gradually decreasing in clothes, bedding, skin and scalp) but they did not bother me even though I reverted to an average house and laundry cleaning schedule when I began with Rich's nutrition schedule.

      I had over three years of good health until this month (april 2016); in the last five months I've had two severely stressful situations and not eating well. Needless to say, it has begin again with the appearance of mite-like things in my scalp hair, nose, ears and on clothes, bedding and household surfaces. I think this is a mite or something like it because when I feel many biting, stinging sensations I get dizzy, my nose runs and I get localized muscle cramps; obviously my body is reacting to something, and obviously not a delusion because of the consistent physical symptoms.

      In the UK there are (last count) about 300 people with the same problem, and no doctors or dermatologists that are willing to help; delusional parasitosis is their only response -one dermatologist is now branding himself as a psychodermatologist!

      I am dismayed and concerned that so many new people are reporting this problem; in 2009 I was aware of maybe 3000+ in the US and 300 in the UK, that the US numbers have tripled is cause for serious concern. The previous CDC look at this and their response of 'delusional parasitosis' is inadequate, insufficient and not a wide enough scope of investigation. I think that doctors should be addressing patient requests for help in a more constructive manner (more doctors are reporting having it, despite thinking previously that it was a delusional condition), collecting samples via a stringent protocol and sending them to the CDC for investigation and research. It makes no sense that we have a taxpayer funded governmental department that is not taking this seriously, given the current vast numbers of people reporting this problem, when compared to the historical increase of numbers year on year since 2007. Perhaps WHO should be asked to look at this -there are reports of this problem in Europe, N. America, South Africa, NZ and Australia, and the numbers are growing, and those affected still suffering for years.

      My current plan is to eat well, rest as much as possible, spend time out doors in the sun, continue with Rich's nutritional suggestions, and will post again about progress.

    • Jody Mac 9 months ago

      All the info provided is helpful I agree.... But what exactly are the types of mites that we are dealing with? I have yet to find out that crucial bit of information. I've been to four separate extension offices,a dozen exterminators and several doctors and no one can tell me what's crawling on me and biting me and destroying my life. I can't treat it if I don't know what it is.

    • ToyKenny 11 months ago

      I am finding some relief, finally. I think the Borax in washing machine and Bounce in dryer has been instrumental in controlling the attacks. Also, Windex. But I need to vacuum more and in a 4 story carpeted townhouse with many stairs and destroyed skin on hands, I can't seem to get it done.

      Thank You!


    • Rob 11 months ago

      Edited: I have noticed that these new vapor cigarettes seem to be a problem. In addition, the probiotic type diet - - eating saurkraut or kimchi (fermented cabbage) and cutting out the sugar seems to have worked for me. Note that the chemicals used in these vapor cigarettes are mainly from China and they do not have any government inspections/limitations on what they can put in them. These ecigarettes have helped me quit smoking tobacco cigarettes but they are certainly a chance threat in many other limitless ways. You should try to at least drop this junk and see if it helps. These vapor ecigarettes have been out for the last several years and that is roughly the time when most people have started taking note of their symptoms. I can definitely feel the difference! It seems that there are other possible causes for invisible bugs but quitting this junk first is the cheapest route in getting rid of these bug like sensations. Obviously, there may be multiple causes for the crawling and biting but it is good to rule out chemicals that you have direct control over. I hope this works and if it does help please let everyone else know your results. Thank you and good luck.

    • Rob 11 months ago

      I have noticed that these new vapor cigarettes seem to be a problem. In addition, the probiotic type diet - - eating saurkraut or kimchi (fermented cabbage) and cutting out the sugar seems to have worked for me. Not that the chemicals used in these vapor cigarettes are mainly from China and they do not have any government inspections/limitations on what they can put in them. These have helped me quit smoking tobacco cigarettes but they are certainly a chance threat in many limitless ways. You should try at least try and drop this junk and see if it helps. These vapor cigarettes have been out for the last several years. I can definitely note a big difference! It seems that there are other possible causes for invisible bugs but quitting this junk first is the cheapest route in getting rid of these bug like sensations. Obviously, there may be multiple causes for the crawling and biting but it is good to rule out chemicals that you have direct control over. I hope this works and if it does help please leat everyone else know your results. Thank you and good luck.

    • asprin 12 months ago

      aspro with water as a body wash,then left to dry.mark.

    • Sherry729 12 months ago

      I am writing these few things below to help those who are feeling desperate and editing this beginning part because I realized my post at FamilyMan LM did not show picture of what kind of sulfur butter I use, and that this was the site to give me the most help all these years. I am trying to combine the posts doing my best to get any helpful information to people as I can:

      Sulfur Butter by Braunfels Labs on Amazon

      This at least brought them up, along with the other procedures i mentioned in prior posts at w.AfterMite.com, so I could get them off.

      1. One to relay my desperation at one point (in hopes that if I could be that bad and under my disability circumstances (see other posts at w.AfterMite.com) and come this far that anyone can) and

      2. Two to say that sometimes after I would get the mites up and moving with the sulfur butter (see other posts) I would actually vacuum them off when I was able. I AM NOT SUGGESTING ANYONE DO THIS, I am just making the point of my desperation, in hopes as I say that if you keep after them doing the best you can daily you will win the battle against them. I tell you IMO showering as opposed to vacuuming them got many more of them off.

      I was actually bald in the front of my head, just in back of my bangs (thank God I have a ton of hair). My family thought at one point that I had actually done this to myself from touching it all the time! I did receive apologies when they unfortunately got them. When I first started to realize I had these my hair was down to the middle of my back. Needless to say it is quite short now.

      In my observation: Although they seem to live in/on your scalp and body, they do seem to eat? your hair and use it to go up and down. When my hair was very long and we would hot iron it, I would find like these melted, hard unexplainable bumps on it.

      3. My ex-husband actually got rid of them by just using Ovante shampoo and conditioner. (i believe this is because firstly he had a mild case and caught them early. Secondly he does not have any animals living with him.) This was not enough for me.

      I hope and pray some of this gives people hope. i know how important that is while dealing with these buggers.

    • Sherry729 12 months ago

      I thank God I stumbled here at one point when I felt like I was going to go over the edge! In the beginning you can feel like you are in the twilight zone and terrified by what is happening to you.

      The most important thing is I know we all can be rid of this, even just in the last few days, after years of fighting this I am down to tiny, tiny ones that i am sure will be gone very soon. These are some of the things I have done and or observed.

      The second thing is that I have read that some people are using some toxic chemicals on their bodies, I was so desperate that I did this too. It won't make a difference that I could establish in the long run because the third thing is:

      TIME. Time is the third thing you need know. You keep showering and maintaining your surroundings and with time you will see they get less and less. I know this is the hardest one of all to take, we are so use to instant fixes it is hard to accept it is time and nothing else, that will overcome these at this time.

      I also know that they were going back and forth off the little 5lb dog that lives with me. It started to go quicker once we started to wash the dog with flea soap and then put "Ted's Borax" mix for mites on her. (Ted from Earth Clinic - mite mix is hydrogen peroxide, borax and water. If you use 3% hydrogen peroxide from store you have to add 2 cups of water to every 1 cup hydrogen peroxide to make 1% hydrogen peroxide).

      (I am not a doctor, entomologist or any other person with such qualifications. My only qualification is that I had them and they are gone and if I can help people not suffer the way I did then Amen. Just so you know I went from having them so bad I had sores all over and was put on antibiotics twice for staph infections. In my opinion, I know, I did not have staph infections but that is how badly I was infested.

      If you have what i have I can give you a few things that have helped that I think may not have been said but haven't read all posts:

      1. Sulfur butter pic of the one I used:

      If you use this one (I have no connection) and have what I have, you will notice granules of various sizes, this is the mite and this will help you to bring them up on your skin so you can get them off. I tried others with sulfur but most had oil that made it too thick and goopy to get them off. (It took me years of trial and error to be able to even establish some of the information below, I just want to save anyone I can all the trouble and fear and all else that comes along with this.)

      2. Ovante shampoo and conditioner (I have no connection). I have been using this for over a year and helped tremendously (but expensive).

      3. Selsun blue medicated, switched to this lately and noticed people have already mentioned this.

      4. Borax in the various ways already mentioned. I also use as a scrub on my body.

      5. Prosilk shampoo and conditioner. This one I have to say is most helpful lately. When I am done with my shower I can actually get a comb through my hair with just a few snags from the mites, whereas before I had many more snags.

      6. Listerene regular kind (not the blue one). Put in spray bottle and spray yourself in the shower and scrub.

      If you are dealing with what I have I can tell you a few things that I have observed:

      1. The nest is in your scalp. Unfortunately they seem to burrow in there. (I think I heard that Ted from earth clinic website was the one to identify this, but don't quote me as i am not positive). I am sure of this for me though. They will go down to all your extremities, especially your feet, and even climb off you into the environment. Then they come climbing back up from your extremities and environment and back into your scalp. (When climbing around they are not very particular they go in your nose, ears, mouth, etc.)

      • This is why it is important to keep your environment clean, especially around your sleeping area as the activity is mostly at night).

      • When you are dramatically infested as I was, you will notice little ones all over your sheets in the morning.

      • Also if you pay attention when vacuuming you will here a clicking noise. These are the little buggers being vacuumed up.

      2. Some good websites are https://dengarden.com/pest-control/invisible-bugs by FamilyMan LM (also I do not know him). It is just that this website gave me the most hope and peace when I started looking for help years ago and I am so glad I have now found http://www.aftermite.com and another is earth clinic.com, I am not connected with any of these I just found them helpful.

      3. If you have a dog, they will definitely travel between you. Even if you don't let the animal sleep with you any more or hold them, it won't matter. I had stopped my daughter's little 5lb dog from sleeping with me years ago and just in the last few months did I realize they were actually getting to me still from over 10 feet away.

      4. I soak my clothes for 6 to 8 hours before washing in at least borax or borax and hydrogen peroxide or whatever things I feel will be helpful.

    • Susan 12 months ago

      Sorry it posted before I was finished

      Anyway he say BB works and is available in 25 0/0 lotion. I could not find any in Canada so I ordered from e pharmacy Australia Hope they let in the country. Also checked for other BB and it's available for horses called killitch. Apparently it 35 percent. If worse comes to worse will try killitch


    • tom poster 13 months ago

      was in arabia next door apt neighbour had stray cats as pets.one cat has bleeding on body

      1st symptom long bleeding mark appears on ankle while sitting at computer

      small cold sore herpes like blisters appear on thighs after sitting in chair

      I then leave middle east and arrive home to a continental climate with cold winters.

      long scratch marks appear on body after laying down for just a few minutes.

      Marks appear again after sitting down in same area on back-as if the source had crawled there.

      bite marks appear at nite small or become bigger last for awhile

      track marks appear on clothing leading to seams.

      line of tiny orange dots like trail on clothing

      orange dots and dark spots and blood spots appearing on bedding

      active at night in early early morning

      scampering or moving felt on body

      bugs never ever seen

      generalized on eyelashes like demodex nostrils back arms exposed areas

      can get in clothing or on floor

      can crawl and scratch marks appear quickly.

      also at same time noted tiny tiny flies- appear like dust motes that are not-quite strong wasp like fliers even against slight breeze and have seen them target my heat signature while in cold fall temperature.They fasten to objects -plastic cloth and then drop off like dust then fly up attracted to co2 or heat

      once or twice in association with these flies- a tiny exploding sensation on my skin like something small inside the epidermis exploded or they fired a chemical or dove right into the skin-hard to tell they are really tiny and almost hard to see at times.

      wrote a letter like this to etymologist at local univeristy and got called delusional- he recommended a psychologist-so this is the type of thing you can expect from some professionals.be advised.

      What I deduce:

      Problem is an animal- some sort of parasitic insect or arthropod mite

      It damages skin and may feed on skin or blood or other component in skin or blood- ie fungus or other infection.

      It may be zoonotic- from an animal

      It can move, It gets in seams of clothing and bedding

      Characteristics- long straight marks -bites or chemical trail that burns skin or egg laying line

      Small bite red marks

      "No see'um" I have never seen the animal other than the flies, which are so small many would mistake them for dust floating in the air.

      No one I saw doctor or pest control had ever seen or heard anything like this.

      By the way apparently very contagious.

    • MichelleS622 14 months ago

      I picked my buggies up in my garden. When I came in I felt something but I didn't think much of it. I lay down in bed for a nap and that's when all hell broke loose! It was an invasion and I had no idea what it was. It only affects me. Not hubby, not dogs. I think my husband thought I was crazy and he got exasperated having to change the sheets every night. I've only had this problem for 4 months. I shower right before bed. But still they came. I did something very unhealthy and put bug spray on before bed. It worked, but I knew it was bad to do so I stopped. We finally figured a routine and I was bug free. Until I did the laundry. Then it started all over again. And when I put clean clothes on I could feel those little mf's crawling around. Mine seems to be a little different from others on this hub. They don't go in my hair or face. They're interested mostly in my arms and legs. I don't get red marks when they bite. And, I get a reprieve until I do the laundry. Now that I've figured that out, going to try some of the suggestions about washing clothes. This has been a nightmare and I find myself depressed because I feel like this will never end. I must tell you about something I did a few nights ago out of desperation. Please don't think me a nut job. When you're dealing with these parasites you'll try anything. I'm not suggesting this as a cure or anything. Just sharing my experience. The other night I was lying in bed with buggies crawling on me. I was petting my dog and when I do I get something on my hands. It's like oil or wax or whatever. If you have a dog you know what I mean. So I was lying there and I thought the bugs don't like the dogs. So I smoothed the hand I pet the dog with on my arm, just to see what would happen. As I'm doing I'm thinking how crazy I am!!! But, they stopped biting my arm. So then did the same with my leg. Again, they were gone. I have three dogs, and I pet all of them and applied the aroma of dogs to my body. The bugs disappeared!! I didn't change the sheets the next night and no buggies appeared! I couldn't believe it! I've been walking around the house and have done laundry and they haven't touched me. Now, obviously this is a impractical solution because you probably don't want to go to work smelling like a dog! I'm just mentioning it as a temporary solution if you're desperate for sleep. Hopefully the suggestions here will help with the laundry and I can finally rid myself of these little monsters! Good luck everyone. This is a terrible thing to deal with.

    • AdaH 15 months ago

      I'm just curious why so many don't contact a pest exterminator? That's how we ended up figuring out that it was mites that were tormenting us. When they sprayed with a miticide - we got a lot of relief in about 3 days. Of course, it took time to figure it out and there was a rodent (probably) rat in the crawl space so when we repaired the crawlspace and evicted the rodent, the mites jumped on us. All that said, the tips in here have been spot on to at least get some sleep. Thanks.

    • figaitout 15 months ago

      hi guys, hope this gets out to ya!

      I too have had the heebie jebbies,

      got something from my birds,,, or so i thought,,, tried everything...........

      check this out!http://www.morgellonsuk.org.uk/micromyiasis.htm

      got fruit flies? thats what made the connection for me!

      we always had a bunch of tiny flies which i dissmissed.

      get rid of those puppies and be well! god speed all you sufferes!


    • no body 16 months ago

      1 thing will help you have one night sleep try it change it .Put the bounce fabric softner sheets on your bed,It dose help .

    • searchedtobelost 16 months ago

      I have had this problem multiple times. For whatever reasons, these microscopic bugs love my body's make-up. What I suggest doing is buying Frontline for big dogs and putting that on. Do it a few hours after showering. Don't shower for multiple days after to allow it to absorb. It may take 2-3 days for it to kill all the bugs.

      You can spray your yard and house with Bifenthrin, a pesticide, to kill the bugs in your environment. Read the directions carefully.

    • Nightmare from Hell 17 months ago

      @Janod31 At last, I finally met a dermatologist who was able to prescribe me something curable for my super itchy scalp & acne like blisters on my body & face unlike all the other useless dermatologists I've met in my current town (UAE) and hometown (Seoul), which is Betnovate Scalp Application. The recommended usage is only 3-4 times a week, but the 1st week of trial I had to use more than few times and now it has gone down dramatically that I can't explain how thankful I am. Please give it a try for scalp itching if it's available instead of soaking it with Borax!

    • miteone 18 months ago

      Hi to all of you and don't give up hope.

      My husband, me, and all our livestock and pets have suffered for six years now.

      We live in germany

      I am not about to say we have solved the problem, but the crawling and itching is decreasing.

      My researches in the internet in countless sleepless nights and my thirty years of constant medical studies, have led me to my theory about our problem. Plus I am an hay fever patient, and therefore used to allergic reactions.

      The facts: Crawling feeling on nose, in nose, in ears on forehead, eyelashes, eyes, on body.

      Bumps especially on buttocks, under breasts. Red spots especially in face, hairloss.

      Our livestock looses hair and itches constantly their ears. (goats and rabbits)

      Our cat is constantly itching her ears.

      What we have done:

      Treated our animals with Permethrin, Butox and Ivermectin.(to no avail, so we stopped)

      Doing a lot of washing and cleaning. Bath in epsom salt.

      Here is my theory:

      We have a mold mite infestation. My veterinary would say: You have an environmental issue.

      Previous something about mold mites:

      There are a lot of different kinds of mold mites. Even experts won't know every species. But they have a lot in common.

      They feed on mold.

      There are 4 stages of their development. Egg, larvae, nymph and adult mite.

      Important to us is, that the larvae emerge let me say after 4-6 days after egg laying.

      That means after this time there are very tiny little baby mites emerging. They are a lot smaller, than the adult mites, and very quick, and becoming more everyday......

      Too, they are very hairy fellas.

      And most of all, hey they actually eat mold......therefore they have to be very strong fellas I think.

      It is nearly impossible to battle against them, because they are resistant to the most poisons.

      If you can kill the living mites there are always the eggs which you cannot reach.

      If you want to win the battle, you can only battle the mold.

      Where would that mold be?

      In our previous very wet house, mold was under every drawer, in our clothes, in our hay, straw and grain, even in our dry cat food, tea and spices.

      Mold in house:

      If you are a house owner, insulate your house against humidity from below ground.

      If you rented an apartment move........

      Mold in furniture:

      Throw away......

      Mold in clothes:

      This is the main item.

      Why are clothes becoming moldy?

      Because they aren't washed properly. That is not our fault, I repeat not our fault!!!!

      some reasons:

      -cotton is getting moldier. Just after harvest in large bales the cotton is pressed and inside the bale

      the cotton is wet and molds.

      -the washing detergent is faked. Have a look on the label, there are only 20-30 % of washing agents, the other major part is filler material........

      -modern washing machines do not use enough water to clean and rinse properly.

      Our clothes are becoming dirtier and dirtier every day.

      This is what we have done:

      First of all throw all clothes away that are not needed anymore. I know that hurts, but it can also be relieving somehow.

      Soak everything in water with Natriumcarbonat.

      I use 10 l of water and 2 really full tablespoons of Natriumcarbonat.

      Let it sit for 4 hours minimum.

      It is amazing how much dirt comes out......

      Then put it in the washing machine.

      But a word to the washing routine also. I used to put too much clothes in the washing machine.

      Now I put only half the load in it. If you are unsure how much clothes will fit put them on a scale.

      In the beginning we change our duvet covers and towels every 4 days.(Remember the eggs are hatching after 4-6 days, and we don't want any baby mites crawl on our faces and in our ears!!)

      Now we change them once in a week, because there aren't so much mites to lay eggs anymore.....

      Don't forget the blankets your pets lay on..............We wash them in the same routine as above!!

      Mold in hay,straw and grain:

      That is a big problem all over the world. We are feeding only haycobs with our horses and goats.

      The bedding would be of wood shavings.

      No use of straw or hay pressed in round bales.

      Mold in dry catfood:

      Freeze it and put only a small amount out of the freezer everyday, or like us, feed wet food only.

      The freezer is our new best friend. We put everything in it, for later use which isn't packed and sealed properly.

      At the end one word to the itchy bumps, rash and crawling sensation.

      It is real, and it is not. Now comes my theory of these symptoms.

      Once the mites crawl eventually on our skin, they seek a place to hide. Where could that be?

      Our nose cavernities, ears, mouth, hair, under breasts in groin area. Once we scratch, we eventually kill them. But their saliva and lost hairs are causing an immune reaction on our skin, like a nickel allergy. Let me explain: If I put a fake necklace with nickel on, first there would be no problem. Then in the evening I put it off. After wearing it several hours, I will become itchy and getting itchy bumps just around the neck. These sensation will last a few days...... It is called immune reaction type 4.

      Histamin pills will not work for this.

      If there are mites on our bodies everyday, it itches, but the mite mustn't be there at the same time it itches. This would explain, why so few mites are caught.

      I know this was a little too long but my shortest attempt to tell it. May it help a lot of people.

      All these issues mentioned above are the result of not treating the gifts god has given us like they have to be. May god lead us to turn the vessel around and walk the right path.

    • razmanugget 18 months ago

      There is a list of treatments at: AfterMite.com

    • razmanugget 18 months ago

      Sooo.... has anyone really beaten these mites? We have had bird mites for over a year. We're close, but then they just keep coming back.

    • Johng544 18 months ago

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    • Susan 19 months ago

      I am finding some relief, finally. I think the Borax in washing machine and Bounce in dryer has been instrumental in controlling the attacks. Also, Windex. But I need to vacuum more and in a 4 story carpeted townhouse with many stairs and destroyed skin on hands, I can't seem to get it done.


    • Janod31 19 months ago

      Sorry it posted before I was finished

      Anyway he say BB works and is available in 25 0/0 lotion. I could not find any in Canada so I ordered from e pharmacy Australia Hope they let in the country. Also checked for other BB and it's available for horses called killitch. Apparently it 35 percent. If worse comes to worse will try killitch

    • Janod31 19 months ago

      Just purchased on line book on parasites. It was all about tapeworm and other internal parasites. So I emailed the professor and said I needed info on skin and scalp external parasites. The response was try first

      Benzyl benzoate, nothing can withstand that. It's ugly

    • Janod31 19 months ago

      Nightmare from hell

      Thanks for your input. But I already bath with borax and Epsom salt and castor oil. It helps to some degree. But the hair is still the biggest problem. Maybe I'll try using more borax on hair.

      My next try is going to be pulsed magnetism and see if it helps. If it does I will post. Take care and thanks

    • Nightmare from Hell 19 months ago

      @Janod31 If I were you I'd probably soak my hair & face in borax. I mean they're also used for dish washing so wouldn't be so harmful for face unless you've got very sensitive skin. My initial plan was to wash my hair with borax to get rid of them, but somehow after the whole steam cleaning the beddings and the entire flat with borax they seem to be dead? or it scared them away?? Give it a try with borax. I know how irritating it is to feel them in your hair and helpless that everything you've tried won't kill them. I wouldn't say they're completely gone right now but my life is pretty much back to normal at this point. All thanks to Borax i guess!?

    • Janod31 20 months ago

      Nightmare from hell.

      Thank you for your info. I plan on trying it for laundry and hope it helps.

      My big problem is getting the crap out of my hair. After washing hair they all go to face. Then they are right back in hair It seems they start in hair and move from there.

      Thanks again hope it works

    • Nightmare from Hell 20 months ago

      @Janod31 I filled up a bucket with 40% hot water 60% listerine. Try this only on cotton or jean & underwears material since these mites love to infest on them.

      Vinegar also works but your laundries will stink like vinegar even after machine wash. and one more thing, I finally received 20 mule team borax shipment & steamed my whole flat with steam cleaner (mix of borax with water) steamed bed frame, sheets, shoes, clothes etc. It seems like borax kills these things after the cleaning I "thank God "that it got rid of these dirty mites infested in my hair and I'm finally able to sleep in peace without bites up until today!! Wish all the best of luck!

    • roana 20 months ago

      yes it is a nightmare from hell. Thank you for this posting it has helped me tremendously. I now know I am on the right path. Seems mine is taking a full turn around. Hair loss thank goodness does not show as it is thick, now my poor gorgeous teeth, soon i shall be looking like Babayaga. LOL. I too strangely just did my own thing as I believe in a holistic approach. I, too had had enough of doctors. Please do not drop this post. Prayer is important guys. God bless you all. Good luck to everyone.

    • Janod31 20 months ago

      Nightmare from hell

      Interesting about soaking with vinegar and listerine. Would you be kind enough to let us know exactly what amouts of each you used to how much water. Or did you use full strength ?

      Would appreciate your input

    • Nightmare from Hell 20 months ago

      I've noticed many of the"victims" of these mites are non US residents like myself and after many different experiments I figured out how to get rid of them from my laundry and car. Since 20 mule team Borax detergents aren't available in the UAE, I was able to get rid of them after soaking all my laundries overnight in both white vinegar and listerine then machine wash them the next day with regular detergents and miraculously I couldn't feel anymore crawlies and itching especially on my jeans! I've sprayed both Windex & Listerine in my car, but listerine seems to do the magic instantly than windex. I couldn't feel anymore itchiness or crawlies after applying both 100% eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil (available in any pharmacies) all over my body and hair after shower and in the morning before going to work and they do work!I've been living the past few days in peace without any bites, crawlies, itching and I do pray for those still battling with these mites all over the world.

    • BOXEDCLOCK 20 months ago

      My problem started when a rat moved into my garage. After weeks of my guilt trip of trying to figure out a humain way of getting rid of the rat he left on his own. But he left me a going away present. Some kind of invisible mites. I could feel them crawling up my legs when I visited the garage.

      Now I have been dealing with them for about a month. I can't see them at all so they are not your usual rat mites.

      I sure appreciate this site as it has been a lot of help.

      One thing I would recommend to everyone with this problem is a Google search of "Mighty Mites-National Geographic. It will show what a huge amount of different species of INVISIBLE mites that there are.

      I believe this has so much to do with why people come up with so many different remedies that work for THEM.

      So if you read this article in National Geographic you might not be discouraged if some particular remedy doesn't work' {also has some real ugly pictures of some of the mites-maybe ignorance is bliss in this case?}

      What has worked for me so far'

      1. Not washing-microwaving=I live in drought plagues California so all the washing is impractical. I just wash my cloths in the usual way and than microwave the dried clothes EACH time before putting them on. {can't do that with pants or anything else that has metal such as a metal zipper]The same with bath towels, blankets, every bit of cloth that will come in contact with my body.

      2. Diatomacious earth-- I took out my wall to wall carpeting but I still use DE all around the house, especially throw rugs. I also sprinkle it inside any cloths that I can't microwave such as pants that have metal zippers.

      The beauty of using it on your cloths is that the DE keeps killing the mites all the time. Even when your body reinfestes them.

      3.The Car--I park it out in the sun -problem solved.

      4. Body--Before going to bed I take a quick bath {nothing special} than I towel off with a microwaved towel. After that I cover my whole body with a quick sprayed on coating of a diluted Kleen Green enzyme mix.

      {I use a small sprayer like might be used for perfume 2 or 4 0z.} Spritz it on than rub around with your hand] The mix is 1 part Kleen Green to 10 parts water. I don't think that this kills the mites but it does calm them down enough so that I can get to sleep.

      For the day time I have been experimenting with different things. I don't like covering myself with oil so I have substituted water.

      Currently my mix is {by volume} 1 part MSM than add 10 parts water,

      mix, than add 1 part Tea Tree Oil.

      Msm it very inexpensive but not so with Tea Tree Oil.

      The interesting thing is that if you go look up the MSDS {material safety data sheets] on Tea Tree Oil it doesn't look all that safe. It can be absorbed into the skin and can affect various organs. So the fact that it is an organic substance might not be so reassuring. The same goes for Boric Acid {Roach Prufe}.

      From looking at MSDS sheets {which I recommend before putting anything on your body] Pine-Sol actually looks to be less threatening.

      People have been using Pine-Sol for years. So I'm going to try Pine-Sol which besides being cheap is easy to get and the MSDS even lists Pine-Sol as having insecticidal properties.

      5. Bed--Matress covered by a Bed Bug cover-Boxsprings not covered by anything but lots of DE. {if the mites want to crawl thru DE to get to me-Good Luck}

      I count myself lucky in that, from what I have read in many of these posts, my

      mites are relatively easy to deal with. They hate dryness which is why DE works so well and the Enzymes bother them to. I think that the Tea Tree Oil kills them and hopefully the Pine-Sol will to.

      I might be also be trying an Epsom salt mix in my body spray.

      So this is what is working best for ME so far in dealing with my particular mite problem. The thing is that I think that there are a whole lot of different invisible mites out there so try not to be discouraged if some particular remedy doesn't work.

      I particularly like using my microwave. Sometime it smells like you have actually cooked the SOB's. Revenge is so sweet.

    • Nightmare from HELL 21 months ago

      I seriously have no clue!!!! how this could infest this fast but i first caught it from my car after valet parking my car at this 5 star international hotel in Dubai, UAE along with a BIG HUGE flea! I complained to the hotel that valet guy must have been infested or they parked my car somewhere in a trash side of the hotel! Is it possible for fleas to be hosting these mites? I've been going through this for a month now and I thank God that I've found someone going through exactly what I am all over the GLOBE since no one here believe what I'm going through although I've infested my flat and my office in a month! I was able to find Windex (called Mr. Muscle here), clorox bleach, sunsel blue, listerine locally but I had to order Borax and Cedarcide spray online and it'll take about 2 weeks to arrive. The only problem is getting rid of them from my hair and clothes. They seem to infest and bite my scalp although i've been trying to treat it with head & shoulder shampoo and lice shampoo!!! IT'S CRAZY!!!!!

      I've done internal car wash once but they re infested since I couldn't get rid of them off from myself and from my clothes!

      but Thank you so much Familyman for creating this blog and post! This really gives me hope that one day they'd be exterminated after a long work of cleaning and time investment.

      Anyone else in the UAE or atleast in Dubai going through the same thing??

    • itchy 21 months ago

      my bites come on my torso (never uncovered places) when I'm fully dressed,sometimes hours after getting dressed and in car, in meeting, in recliner, I feel the bite, scratch and have immediate itchy bump. if it is "something" I'm sure I kill it because its only 1 isolated bite each time. I live 5-7 mo in south and 5-7 mo in north so altho clothes is clean, it often hangs in closet many months between washing and wearing. many bites seem to be at waistband or other seam. can something be dormant, then when I put clothing on it wakes up, and is hungry? what can it be? its been happening both up north and in south for several years now. have never seen anything? HELP!

    • unifiedbeing 22 months ago

      Here they are… after 3 years of self diagnosis and testing… are you all ready? First… breathe a huge sigh of relief!!! Now, grab a pen and paper and get ready to go to the store… READY?! (* means to research!)

      – *SELSUN BLUE MEDICATED or pharmaceutical grade 2.5%

      – BAKING SODA!!!

      – COCONUT OIL!!!!

      – PEPPERMINT or LAVENDER or *THIEVES, essential oils !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      – grapefruit seed / citrus laundry detergent !!!

      – BORAX (laundry) HOT AS POSSIBLE !!!

      - sprinkle baking soda dripped with essential oil on bed, let sit, vacuum

      get away from a mattress until you get a new one or get yours fully disinfected (which I dont think is possible) ... sleep on a plastic air mattress with non cotton sheet/blanket ... get white so you can bleach.

      (while going to bed) – shower, use a soap the makes skin dry, no moisturizing

      - use freshly bleached white towels, pat dry, DO NOT DRAG ACROSS SKIN

      – Selsun Blue Medicated … use lightly as a lotion to kill, overnight, wake up shower again… using heavily can work as a *chemical peel if skin is really damaged from them, top layer will remove and new clear skin will show… DO NOT USE ON BROKEN SKIN, it will absorb into body and give you cancer… if skin is broken, blistered, bleeding, open… DO NOT USE… use Apple Cider Vinegar(dry)apply coconut oil mixutre!!! this will cleanse and heal skin really fast to where you can use selsun on that area.

      – use selsun in shower after waking up (hot water opens pores,selsun, let stand until tingling occurs, wash off, cold water closes pores) skin should be overly smooth, pat dry

      (before putting on clothes)

      (Mix together)

      coconut oil, baking soda and essential oil… 85% coconut, 10% baking soda, 5% essential oil… melt, mix well, let cool to solidify, cover infected area, rub in deep. a little goes a long way. make sure its slightly coarse enough with the baking soda texture. put on clothes that have been treated with BORAX and citrus detergent

      If its a really bad situation, get rid of all your clothes and bedding… the time and energy it will take getting them out will be far greater then the amount of money spent on cheap replacements,


      – GET AN AIR PURIFIER, HEPA filter


      get the selsun and coconut oil/baking soda/essential oil mix (I RECOMMEND *THIEVES, its made of 4-5 oils that are all effective on their own)… if these fail you, then you’re fukt… as a final resort (which most of you are at), try a *chemical/skin peel… this happened on its own with the selsun, and amazingly, THEY NEVER RETURN TO AN AREA A PEEL HAS HAPPENED !!! I was getting them around my eyes face arms and yes even the penis! worst skin experience of a lifetime! but guess what, they are not returning because I performed a skin peel and I can have sex again. REAL DEAL, PEOPLE! (if someone could verify that they dont return after a peel, that would be great!)


      take into account everyone else and whats working for them… I went from worst case scenario to 95% healed… many times now that I think about it … I get reinfected using blanket and clothes… take this **** seriously, this has become a huge issue with people all over the world.


      I just got a Zapper, search for parasite zapper. I got the Z4ex. I also got electrode pads that the clips hook onto... out of the box, I felt nothing on 30, 2.5... but on 15hz, it burns really bad ONLY on the few deep bites sites left... they have been burrowing deeeeep and then they make it swell, so these are deep slightly swelling burrows... and the 15hz feels painful like its electrocuting them or whatever is in there... I put the copper rods on my face and the pin prick bite marks are the ONLY places on my face that burn/sting ... this is really crazy, no other skin area is feeling anything, but these bite marks/burrows are DEFINITELY feeling it.

      I have been doing a few minutes on and a few minutes off, going through each frequency while on... and the bites are now not burning much at all, I think I have to leave it off longer. The recommendation is 7 on, 20 off.

      I would like to mention that I have done a few other things that may have helped...

      I was taking oregano oil (90) in water bottle for a week or 2, I felt i was overdoing so I stopped.

      I also got the Young living TheraPro oil diffuser and this also might be helping a lot, I thought I was overdoing it, so I dont do it as much, I turn it on with clothes hanging in closet, I think it helps deter them. using oregano oil, thieves, peppermint.

      My diet: I am a vegetarian, close to eating vegan. I feel this parasite has gotten, is getting me sicker, so I only feel like eating once twice a day... I am a heavy pot smoker which is not helping. It makes me eat less when I smoke more. I have been heavy heavy on probiotics, chilling out on sugar, eating raw coconut oil... just read an article about ground linseed (FLAXSEED) and ground clove in warm water, tea, will rid many many forms of parasites. just started a few days ago, I think its helping, only had 4 cups so far. Like many have said, this is also an internal battle. I have had one on my eyeball for the last few days!

      As a glimmer of light to some of you, I am confident that I am doing the right things. I was able to get rid of most all bites/marks with selsun and have a sex life again. They keep coming back from clothes/bedding though... but I know whats getting rid of them, I have prayed to the great spirit many times to guide me and show me the solutions, the wisdom of healing. and I feel I'm almost there, In tears of humble gratitude I wish you all the best

    • eric 23 months ago

      7 years of hell with these things. i have no sex or social life. i have tried all cures. they are living on & under my skin in huge pactches now. its driving me crazy. i skratch & itch tell i bleed. my body is scared from them. they come after me worse when im stressed or rundown. i pray & pray & spray & spray. its a nightmare created by the CDC or some labs. they are nano bugs probably dropped with the chem-trails. the love me but dont bite any of my roomates, my whole body is covered. they itch on my bald head & bite on my ears & in my nose. the seem to target my buttocks which looks like i have measles. i cure who ever created these things cuz ive had 3 pest control guyz (one a good friend) try to help

      & aafter looking at them under a electron microscope my friend who has been in pest control for 36 years said ive never seen any thing like this. it has a hard protective shell that is not effected by bug sprays or dryers. There stingers are bigger than there bodies & they dont have normal legs. just 6 stumps. they start out as an egg that looks like salt or sugar then break open to let out thousands of microscopic white things that then morph into a white grub like thing that crawls into your pores & lays eggs that hatch into a bigger bug that really bites hard & you can see & feel. then the stay under skin feeding & start to move to other areas. if you pick them they bleed profusely & then create a scab that is more like a hard mole for protection. they can stay for months. i now carry them with me everywhere & im starting to lose my mind over it. ive lost my peace & social life. im afraid to tell anyone for fear of being treated like a leopor. God help us all please.

    • Sandra Stanley 23 months ago

      I have a waterbed that I need to use for pain issues (that I have not been able to use for quite a while now.) How do I enclose it in a mite sheet protector and where would I find one? I really would love to go back to my bed. I have had to use a lawn chair to sleep on because the beasts have been raping me nightly and it really hurts. I am also autoimmune because of Addison's disease and I have had several serious illnesses because of them. Email me at Sandra.Stanley@comcast.net.

    • Tim 23 months ago

      I've battled this for years.

      I discovered that a Claritan a day seems to prevent the crawling sensation.

      Reaserch concluded that it is most likely emanating INTERNALLY because of a neurologic transfer issue within our skin cells.

    • Caribbean bugs 24 months ago


      Which form of Ivermectin did you use and how much?

      Please, going on our 8th month of dealing with this pest after my husband rescued some magpie chicks. Their nest was infested. We have tiled floors throughout. Leather furniture, encased all our mattresses and pillows. Some days seem to be better than others, the biting has subsided but the crawling continues. But my heart breaks for my 8 year old who gets desperate from the itching. The most exasperating part is that they get in your nose!!!

    • anom 24 months ago

      Ive been suffering since childhood. 2 months ago I somehow stumbled across the term Morgellons. So just for fun since i always itch among other things I tried some of the remedies. All I can say is all the years of nothing from doctors I now have some form of relief. I would really hate to side with meeko but it seems to me that our Leaders could resolve the issue but don't. It seems doctors are afraid of liability or something. I guess what ever it is it is and is gonna continue to be.......ongoing approx 27 years.

    • anom 24 months ago

      punishment for being born if you ask me

    • meeko2005 2 years ago

      Sorry to sound like a paranoid lunatic, but I believe that I was targeted for this infestation as were many. I worked for the DOD under several DARPA projects and was pushed out. You all may or may not have been collateral damages from a similar circumstances. Can you truly prove that anyone has been "cured" when the scientific establishments feigns ignorance?

    • vivb755 (@) gmail.com 2 years ago

      Symptoms: upon laying down to sleep, feel crawling sensation on my scalp. Wake up with 2 to 3 pus-filled acne-like blemishes on my face and/or scalp. This insect does not like the light, and becomes active almost always at 10 pm, exactly.

      Evidence: dark brown solid, non-sticky 1/2 mm diameter spheres on my bed sheet in the morning, usually 1 to 3. I sent that to Research Associates Laboratory, who found it is some kind of acari (mite or tick), but they don’t have the capacity to tell me which, or even if it’s a mite or a tick.

      So far, everything I’ve tried has not relieved, Except putting a 50/50 mix of mineral oil and cedar oil on my scalp and face before bedtime, leaving it for 2 or so minutes, and rinsing it off.

      I’ve tried: EcoRaider spray, FabriClear spay, Ficam W spray, Crackdown Residual Spray.

      Next up: Surrender PesTabs spray plus Martin’s IGR spray, plus 5% permethrin lotion and ivermectin tablet.

      Based on my symptoms, does anyone know what type of bug this is? The laboratory found it’s none of these: Cimex Species, Dust Mites, Bed Bugs, Head/Body/Pubic Lice, Fleas, Collembola, Demodex Mites, Dermestic, Dermanhyssus Mite, Notoedres Mites, Otodectes Mites, Ornithonyssus Mite, Pyemotes, Scabies.

      What’s the likelihood it is chiggers, or rodent mites…?

      Feel free to email me to compare notes, share tips, combine research efforts, etc at vivb755 (@) gmail.com

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      After 17 years of this misery, we have found the following to be helpful:

      Apple Cider Vinegar, 1/4 cup in 16 oz. glass of water at night.

      Merlot Wine (only) 2-5oz. glasses

      Eliminate sugar and artificial sweeteners from diet.

      Baby oil on the body at bedtime.

      Enema when needed to stay regular.

      Growth inhibitor with pesticide spray.

      Amlodipine (Blood Pressure Medicine-prescription).

      Again...these are helpful....When they're bad, They're BAD!!!

    • Help 2 years ago

      They are all over me and its been like this for years progressively getting worse!

    • DH 2 years ago

      Hi Randy...how long did it take to see an improvement? Are you using this in your car and was it a bad infestation?

    • Randy 2 years ago

      I'm having some success with IGR mixes available on amazon. These interrupt the insects life cycle. Too early to tell if it's THE solution but so far so good...

    • DH 2 years ago

      Family Man and everyone...I would appreciate any feedback that you can provide. Has anyone had a severely infested car and been able to rid it of this invisible parasite? I mean the type of infestation where you feel them everywhere in your car even blowing out of the air vents. If so, how did you do it and how long did it take? I am currently trying high-level ozone (40,000 mg) and it isn't working. Possibly, it takes multiple treatments? My next plan is nylar and menthol crystals. Please let me know if there is any hope.

    • riverwynch 2 years ago

      I am grateful for your site. I have spent countless hours, looking for hope on various websites, and I've spent a small fortune on lotions, creams, farm meds., soaps, pesticides, etc. I have been suffering for over four years, and I knew there were scores of people like myself, who are desperate for any relief from this evil menace, but I didn't realize how many there really were until I found this website.

      Thank you to FamilyManLM for your input. I have been using Listerine in large quantities for the issues in my mouth, but hadn't tried showering with it. It made these things fall off in the tub, and my hair is soft for the first time in a very long time. Organic cold-pressed coconut oil has been beneficial. I use it in my eyes, on my eyebrows, and in my hair. I put it on toast with honey for a snack, when I crave something sweet.

      When this first began, I was being bitten on the backs of my arms, on my temples, and they swarmed my head/hair. I now have knots all over my head, and think they may come and go from the top of my scalp. My eyebrows have knots on them as well, and they have lost a lot of the hair, so I look ridiculous. My teeth began going bad, and I was very sick. I had to have them all pulled, and now they are in my gums. I totally understand what others are going through, though there are many variables. I have seriously considered ending my life on many occasions, but want to try to help someone else if I can, so I fight. I lost my job, my friends, my self esteem, what looks I had, and my light. The only things that keep me going, are the sites like this one, and my fellow sufferers.

      My partner isn't affected, or won't own up to it. He thinks I'm nuts, but knows something isn't right. He rides the fence. My daughter is the only one in my family that will at least listen, and offer to help.

      My heart goes out to all of you, and I hope we see the day come soon, when our government officials man up and do the right thing.

      The government has to be aware of what is going on, as there are too many of us suffering.

    • Lord Please Help Me 2 years ago

      omG...i wish I would have found this information many years ago. I have been dealing with this problem for almost 14 years. I have been to Hospitals, Dermatologist, Neurologist, Family Dr's. I had biopsy after biopsy. The Dr's would refer me over to other physicians, some even laughed at me when I told them I felt something crawling in my head. I have lost ALL of my hair. I avoid going out at night, that is when they are more active. I am up 2/3 days can't sleep. I have tried all kind of lice shampoo's, pet shampoo's, antibacterial, Selsun Blue, Sulfer shampoo's and. I have been really isolated and depressed over the years because of this horrible problem. It use to be just my head, now it's my back my legs, my face, my ears. I was too embarrassed to talk about it. I tried sharing with close friends and they laughed at me saying I was saturating. I am about to order these things now and I hope they work for me considering it have been a lllllooooonnnng 14 years. I am so sad, sometimes I just want to kill myself

    • Tom Pasche 2 years ago

      I've tried everything nothing works but Cynoff EC insecticide it takes a few weeks but it works. Finally!!!

    • Fightingagoodfight14 2 years ago

      Spraying water with lemon juice is killing them on my face, skin & hair. They are attracted to the water but the lemon kills them. Eating veggies & fruit and taking probiotic.

    • Gaylehere 2 years ago

      Hey All, I've been maintaining and am still using the goat's milk soap base. I don't use any more chemicals, though. I do eat cabbage and garlic most every day and am still juicing. I still try to bathe/shower 2x a day. ................................I have made a lotion out of goat's milk soap. The goat's milk has the smallest proteins of all the milks and there's something important about proteins when I study cancers, diseases, etc. and using proteins to kill the cancers and diseases. It's called Manna Lotion. 1 cup Epsom salt, melted with 1/2 cup of water, then add .4 oz goats milk soap base, melt that. Add 12 oz concentrated goats milk, beat with mixer for about 5 minutes or use a food processor. Add 1/4 cup raw honey and 1 Tablespoon vanilla extract. I whip it with the mixer, making a great lotion to treat the skin. It softens the skin, smells great and tastes horrible. The goat's milk is at Walmart. The goats milk soap base is from Peak.com. I got some pump bottles from a beauty supply store.

      I hope everyone is doing well. Gayle. : ]

    • enilda 2 years ago

      This book " Biting, itching mite survival guide: How to eradicate mites from body, home and life " help me to get healthy from those invisible bugs. I think may help you too. I had those bugs for almost 1 year. you can find the book in Amazon.

    • vernett 2 years ago

      How much Ivermectin is needed for a person whos weight is 120 to 123 pounds? Taken 5 days on 2 off?

    • Janod31 2 years ago

      Hi I was so excited about

      The lotion Garnier with L-Bifidus because how it worked on me. It must have been in conjunction with the lime juice. I'm sorry to say it didn't work the same way for my sister so I thought I would let you all know.

      It's not expensive approx

      $4. So not too much lost.

      It may or not work for everyone.

      Take care everyone

    • Gaylehere 2 years ago

      Hey All, I forgot to mention about the soap. It's goat's milk. I love it because it really cleans the skin to squeaky clean. I gave some of the soap away to different people so they could tell me what they think. One girl, with acne, said, "It works better than alcohol." I don't know what's in it, but it is great at getting the skin cleaned off of these parasites. It also stopped the burning I got from bathing in the Lysol concentrate. I bathe with the Lysol concentrate, 1/8 cup, and then shower with soap. I do wash with dial or any other soap first. I use the goat's milk soap last. I ordered mine from Peak Candle Supplies. It's actually a soap base without the lye.

      I hope you're thinking about juicing to help the body heal it's self. : ) Gayle

    • Gaylehere 2 years ago

      I've been using the Gloves in a Bottle a lot and am on my second gallon. [I did share some : )] It's very effective at sealing the skin to prevent air from getting to the parasites. Bert's bees stops the rosacea very well. Recently, I started mixing the Lysol concentrate with alcohol. 1/2 and 1/2. It stops the crawling. If it burns, and sometimes it does, I use the Gloves lotion or the Bert's bees face cream on the area. When I take a hot bath using about 1/8 cup of lysol concentrate, I have relief for a while. Sometimes it burns in places and sometimes it doesn't. It just depends on where the parasites are coming out onto my skin.

      I have a sore on my leg. Looks just like a spider bite. It used to be a blue vein in the shape of a face. Now, it's a big sore which has lasted about a month. The doctor wants to cut it out but I said no. He does not understand that the infection is in the whole body, not just on my leg. Witch hazel, when left over the sore for several hours, decreases the redness and also removes bruises. I am surprised that such a simple product helps so much.

      Vinegar in the wash [1/2 to 1 cup] removes the lint and what I call the parasites in my clothes. I don't have to iron so much. When I don't use the vinegar, I am always surprised that these parasites can live through the dryer.

      I have been juicing as well. Cabbage, broccoli and brussels sprouts have been shown, in studies, to help cure cancer. The "juicing experts" say green leafy vegetables heals us. I do feel better and will keep doing this and give feed back when I know more.

      I think, because everyone seems to have this, even people without all the symptoms, that our foods contain no nutrition. Sugars and caffeine are killing us, especially since the foods we eat have so many man-made additives rather than simple nutrition. When we start to eat right, the body will begin to heal us naturally. It's the way we were made in the first place. Man was not made to be sick. The body was made to heal it's self.

    • Janod31 2 years ago

      Hi just out of shower and had to share. Who knows this might help.

      Did the lime juice & coconut oil on hair again second time this week. It does help what I call grit out for a while. But after shower put on new lotion I bought on whim and wow. Upon applying stuff was rolling off like crazy. It actually freaked me out. The more I put on the more thread like and small fluff and all white stuff kept coming. From all over arms, legs, body.

      I settled down and thought ok this is getting the stuff out. Incredible.

      It's Garnier Body intensive 7 days repairing lotion. It has L-Bifidus + Shea Butter. I know there were others with L-Bifidus If this helps in getting rid of the stuff?

      And it's non toxic and meant for skin great.

      Just thought to let you know. Good Luck.

    • Janod31 2 years ago

      @ujinga-ujinga: Hi I just checked with Home Hardware re sure killer you mentioned. They have no such item. Is there a different name it goes by? If so would appreciate knowing what it is. Thanks

    • BugginOut 2 years ago

      Hi to all,

      Just wanted to stop in and give another update. My family and I have had this "disease" for several years and have experienced many of the same symptoms that you and yours have. My first visits here to this page I too was searching for a "cure". I am not certain if that exists, but there are ways to clean your environment, but the biggest cleanup has to occur in our bodies. That is where this epidemic begins or thrives. I speculate that after our bodies become so polluted then there is a spill off into our environment, homes, vehicles, etc. We can clean, clean, clean our homes and never truly eradicate "it" from our lives.

      My family and I suffered from the insanity of the itching and biting sensations. We too thought they were invisible mites. And while there is something to the bug theory, the bugs and such are not interested in us until our bodies are so polluted with morgellons, fungus, molds, and bacteria that we attract them. In 2012 we were so polluted with all these that we had found spring tails, pseudo-scorpions, scabies, and yes mites. But, all of these are attracted to our bodies based on the overload of Morgies, fungus, bacteria, and mold that our own bodies suffer from. We have sat in areas that have a mold or fungal issue and we start itching. But I think its like a reaction that we might always be sensitive to (an immune response that creates a histamine reaction in our bodies).

      So after all that cleaning is important and a part of taking care of yourself, but start with eating a healthier diet. Strive for a more alkaline diet from eating fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking lots of water with lemon, fresh juices, less meat, and a lot less flour, processed products, sugar, and even sugar substitutes. I use dark honey for a little sweetener. From what I've been reading buckwheat honey is the best. I haven't bought any but that will be my next purchase. I still drink coffee and iced tea but I admit I'm hooked to caffeine. I do substitute green tea and I like it, but I still can't give up my coffee.....yet. We take Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, and Coconut Oil capsules. Vitamin C I take a 6-1,000 mg tablets twice a day, Vitamin E 1-400 unit capsule twice a day, Vitamin D 1-5,000 unit capsule once a day, and the Coconut Oil Capsules 2-1,000 mg capsules twice a day. My husband cannot take as much vitamin C as I can, he's more sensitive to it than I am. He takes four capsules twice a day otherwise he has a problem with diarrhea. We did get rid of our carpeting, still use a far infared sauna, vacuum 1-2x a week, and use our air ionizers/filters about once a month.

      Your body will help guide you and you can build up a tolerance to it. It isn't an instant cure, but the change will be gradual and you can begin to enjoy life again, find focus, and sleep at night. Best of luck to all of you. We are much much better and still run through lots of scenarios about what this might possibly be, what a true/complete cure is, if a complete cure exists, is this man-made, is this airborne, is this related to Lyme disease? There are so many questions and the doctors only want to tell you that you have delusional parasitosis. Avoid antibiotics, if you possibly can. I personally believe that trying to kill something that occurs naturally in nature will just cause it to mutate (survive) and according to recent research this has been discovered true.

      Mtdewcougar and Gaylehere,

      I hope you all are doing well. I check in and read posts occasionally, but I wanted to let you know how we are doing. My Mom is hanging in there and she's getting healthier as the weeks go by, just like we are. I'm not sure if we will ever change back to our old ways, but not really appreciate the little things.

      Everyone has their own path with this thing, at one time I wanted to try the Ivermectin horse paste, now I'm glad I didn't go that route. I think the less toxic the better. God Bless and hang in there.

    • ujinga-ujinga 2 years ago

      i used sure killer spray form home hardware and bought mattress protector and covered mattress seems the bites have vanished and washed all my clothes with bleach and also have gold bond itch powder plus bought all a special itch scalp shampoo (hope this helps)plus vaccum like crazy clean or dusty area in house

    • Gaylehere 2 years ago

      I have recently learned about oil pulling. With all the Morgellons going around and our teeth are suffering, I thought you might like to know this information.

      "Oil pulling or oil swishing is a traditional folk remedy that involves swishing oil in the mouth. It is mentioned in the Ayurvedic text Charaka Samhita, where it is called Kavala Gandoosha or Kavala Graha. Ayurvedic literature describes oil pulling as capable of both improving oral health and treating systemic diseases such as diabetes mellitus or asthma. While scientific evidence is lacking to support any systemic benefits of oil pulling, some studies have suggested that it may reduce oral plaque, halitosis, and gingivitis when included in a regular oral healthcare program.

      The person holds in the mouth approximately one to two tablespoons of oil for 15â20 minutes (on an empty stomach) before eating/drinking then spits it out and washes the teeth, gums, tongue (softly) and palate thoroughly. Cold pressed (raw) oil is often said to be critical to the alleged effectiveness. Sesame oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil and olive oil are the most recommended. Oil pulling is usually recommended to be done first thing in the morning, followed by rinsing the mouth with (sea salt) salt water and then brushing the teeth in a normal morning routine."

      Hope all are doing well. : )


    • mtdewcougar 2 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: Thought I should add one more article to read, this one is fairly hard to read also, but its got some really good info in it regarding morgellons, our health, and possible causes. kind of proves what many of us have already figured out that the use of chemicals such as bleach, hydrogen peroxide, and other oxidents are not helping at all but making things worse. The article is a little technical, but not so bad that its impossible to understand. Oh yeah, it also talks about the bodies PH and the implications it has on this problem with us. take care



    • mtdewcougar 2 years ago

      @Janod31: Janod, i couldnt tell you if the grit in your hair is them or not, but if i had to guess id say yes. I shave my head so i cant say ive experienced that., but i do know the stuff thats so small you cant see that comes from my scalp most definitely feels like a hard small piece of sand or something. Would be interesting to try the lime juice like you did and then when the gritty stuff is in your hair to try rubbing in a bunch of coconut oil and then washing your hair.. the coconut oil is good for your hair anyways and maybe with the lime juice and its antifungal properties as well as its slickness the grit will come out of the hair easier,,,id try it, but like i said...no hair...lol

      I bought some eucalyptus oil the other day, still experimenting with it to see what it works best with,. but so far it seems fairly promising. keep on fighting, also hoping for some real solutions soon.


    • Janod31 2 years ago

      Hi to all I just wanted to share mr experience with fresh lime juice. I put tru sifter so no pulp and put on my scalp and hair. Rubbed well and left on 30 minutes. Had to shampoo several times it was sticky.

      After that there was tons of grit in my hair that wouldn't come off. It felt like I had put glue on my hair and then rolled it in sand.

      Is this whatever coming out? This stuff wouldn't wash off and you can't see it but the texture of hair like sand. I did nix yesterday and still some sand but not as much. Did the lime kill stuff? It kind of makes sense.

      Craig read the sites you wrote about and what I got out of it was use antioxidants like vitamin c e nac and they are looking at magnets

      It's quite technical but hopefully they will be able help us soon.

      Good luck to all praying we can solve this soon

    • mtdewcougar 2 years ago

      couple of new lab results have been released from the carnicom institute, one is titled "DNA Isolated" which can be found here: www.carnicominstitute.org/articles/dna_isolated.htm

      and the other one is called "Growth Inhibition Achieved" which is found here: www.carnicominstitute.org/articles/growth_inhibition_achieved.htm

      Carnicom claims to have isolated the DNA of the organism causing morgellons, also he has found a way to keep it from growing.. From my understanding after briefly reading these reports, I guess its a bacteria that is very hard to kill, it forms sheeths made from keratin for transport as well as to protect itself from harm, keratin is a protein that our hair and finger nails are made out of. He has quite a few interesting findings on morgellons, i think its at least worth the read and some consideration.

      I really hope you all are doing well and can get better soon.


    • Gaylehere 2 years ago

      I found a great soap by accident. I wanted to make my own soap and ordered some Goat's milk melt and pour soap base. The company sells the soap in big bars. I cut the pound into 4 bars. The soap seems to bring the parasites out somehow. I've used it for a week now and no longer take vinegar baths, or clorox baths or even salt baths. This soap gets the skin so very clean, better than the dial my husband uses. With the dial, I notice a residue, like a wax or sticky something. With the goat's milk soap, the waxy film does not stay on the body. I squeak everywhere after using the goat's milk soap. I ordered it from peakcandle .com. I found the product to be cheapest here. The company is a good business for me so far.

      I really was surprised at how powerful and gentle the soap is when I started using it. "How could goat's milk clean the skin so well?" I thought. It works better than any other soap I've used and no, I'm not going to make any soap. It's too dangerous to use the chemicals.

      I hope you are well. : ) Gayle

    • Gaylehere 2 years ago

      @Janod31: Limes and Borax are great for cleaning the skin. It will help you to maintain, in my opinion.

    • Gaylehere 2 years ago

      I've found a lotion I may have mentioned before. I'm still using the vinegar lotion I made. Then I put Gloves in a Bottle over it. A lot of the time, I just use the Gloves in a Bottle. It's a great lotion for sealing the skin without all the mess. It does "catch" a lot of the debris which comes out on the skin. I think this lotion would be good for people who still have to work for a living. It's at Gloves in a Bottle.com.

      Hope all are keeping your spirits up. It's hard, sometimes, but well worth the effort.

    • Janod31 2 years ago

      Hello everyone hope all are doing as best as can.

      I wondered if anyone has tried and had success with magnets, fresh limes and the borax antibacterial dish soap. Did you try any of these ? We're there any side effects. Would truly appreciate any input.

      Thank you

    • Fightingagoodfight14 2 years ago

      Sleep with a bag of ground alfalfa by your bed. Sprinkle it on your skin before sleep. It either kills them or chases em away so you can sleep. Use MoldStat to spray your vents & any damp or musty places. Sprinkle salt in your carpet. Add essential oils (Peppermint, or Eucalyptus) to your lotions & laundry.

    • mtdewcougar 2 years ago

      Here is some information that I think helps to confirm that this in some way is a fungal issue, if for nothing else the video is interesting when you consider they say 250 million are infected.


      Also this article from Merck is an interesting read also concerning the above.


      Im not saying i think what we have is just this, but add the gmo factor and other things and I think we end up with some sort of a strain of candida new to science.

      Hope all are doing well, dont give up you can get better!


    • Fightingagoodfight14 2 years ago

      @Fightingagoodfight14: It worked well, but looking for capsules made from organic berries (because berries are high in pesticides).

    • Gaylehere 2 years ago

      @Gaylehere: My husband now has the same sores on his back that I've had on my legs. He's got crusting, too. He does not believe and will not let me treat him at all. I feel very badly about it.


    • Gaylehere 2 years ago

      Hey, I wanted to share what I'm doing for maintenance. For the bath, I use the Lysol and Dawn dish detergent. Vinegar in my bath helps gets the bugs out, too. If I get rosacea in a spot or on the face, I use the Bert's Bees royal jelly cream. They also make a soap with royal jelly in it. I use that in my ears to help stop the crawling. I think it's the royal jelly which stops the rosacea. Garlic daily or any other anti parasites foods, raw pumpkin seeds are good and effective, and bath/shower at least once a day. It's a process for me, until I find another medical cure, I'm listening to Grandma.

      I also got a better recipe for a vinegar lotion which stops the crawling bugs we can't see. 4 cups vinegar and 1 cup salt stirred well. Put on the stove to begin heating. 1 Cup cornstarch mixed with 1/2 to 3/4 heavy whipping cream and mix that well. Add cornstarch mixture to heated vinegar/salt mixture. It makes a thick lotion. Yea, it stinks, but it's effective.

      I have gotten a few rosacea spots from the vinegar lotion, but I just put the Bert's Bees with royal jelly on the spots, and within 10 minutes, the rosacea goes away. I also still like to use the Neutrogena beach defense sunscreen. It smells good. If that lotion burns, I also use the Bert's Bees on top of the area to stop the burn.

      When the parasites are attacked with the treatments, a histamine is released by the parasite and the body to try to kill it. The inflammation is not good.

      A cure for cancer has been found. The scientists said what kills the person is the sores on the organs which never heal. Sounds like morgellons to me.It's all about proteins. I also eat all the eggs I want. It's a complete food with protein and other vitamins.I have gotten kidney stones from eating extra protein. I use lots of apple juice to soften the stones. As soon as I start to feel some pain around the kidneys, I start drinking the apple juice and the pain goes as the stones are quickly softened withing a day or so. It works better than anything else I've tried.

      The maintenance is going well and life is getting more normal. Hope you are doing well. : )


    • palomine55 2 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: Thanks, Craig. I'll be sure to take plenty of precautions, just in case.

    • mtdewcougar 2 years ago

      @palomine55: I really dont know if its "contagious" or not, but What i do think is that it is everywhere in our environment. I know that i was living with a married couple that had this or morgellons as some call it and right at the end I also got it. So i think being around them increased my rate at getting it, but i really do think that it is literally falling from the sky everywhere.

      If you look at carnicom dot com and look at some of the research he has done, he is under the belief that everyone is infected with it, which sucks if true..lol really though i believe we are all exposed to it and all carry it now, i also believe that the reason so many dont have problems with it is because their immune systems arent detecting it, and for some reason those of us with symptoms out bodies did detect it and the immune response is alot of the symptoms we feel... not all of them, but some of them....treat it as a fungal infection interior and exterior,,take extra good care of your feet, get rid of any callouses, fungus, and keep them dry and clean will help quite a bit. coconut oil works well to get the stuff from skin, avoid breads, sugars, carbs.....basicaly treat as a fungal problem and u can get symptom free with time..

      Now as far as your son is concerned i say buy a real good filter for your ac/heat vacuum everything well, tell him to dose up on vitamin C and probiotics, and go for it,,, if it is truly everywhere well then no matter what hes being exposed, I knew the married couple and hung out with them everyday for four years before moving in with them, during that 4 years i never had a single symptom, and yes i would stay the night there now and then, it wasnt until i moved in for ayear did i get any probs....

      hope this helps a little? ps...wash hands frequently with something like hibiclens while hes there..



    • palomine55 2 years ago

      Is Morgellons contagious?

      I was thinking about letting my son stay with me for a while, but I'm concerned about the possibility that he might catch whatever it is that I've got. I've read that young men in good health are usually not bothered by it, it just attacks people with weakened immune systems. He's 30 years old and in good health.

      Last summer, soon after I first started to experience biting, itching and crawling sensations, I spent some time with him at his apartment while I was in town visiting him. He rode around in my car with me, too. We shook hands. This was before I knew anything about Morgellons, otherwise I never would have risked exposing him. I thought it was fleas.

      He hasn't shown any signs of having contracted Morgellons from me. Does that mean it would be safe to let him stay at my house for a few days? If not, how about riding around in my car with me? I always spray it down with alcohol before I get in.

      How about meeting him somewhere? Would it be safe to spend some time together in a restaurant if we don't shake hands or have any physical contact?

      What do you think? Does anybody have an opinion on this issue?

    • Gaylehere 2 years ago

      The powers-that-be are discovering that cancer is all about proteins. The so-called bad proteins move through the body through the blood vessels. The man-made protein is supposed to encircle the bad proteins [I call them parasites. That's what they look like in my pictures and other's pictures.] and smother them. The new cancer cure is being studied now and it may take a year or so. The scientists are doing the study and they need to find a drug company to make it. I think, because I believe morgellons is a parasite, the cure for it is on the way. In the meantime, I am still eating anti-parasite foods and keeping my body clean, using Gloves in a Bottle for the skin, in general, and using Bert's Bees lotions to stop the rosacea as I treat different areas. My life is nearer to normal but the biting feeling when the worms come out of the skin still bothers me. The itching, crawling, sensations are in spots on the back, mostly. I think the cancer is coming out gradually. I feel hopeful. Hope you are better.


    • anonymous 2 years ago

      @HelpMe3: I moved from southern california to Las Vegas, and got a humidity meter to tell me the humidity in the house. I have lived in Vegas now for 2 months with humidity never going above 20% and it does very little to relief me of symptoms. Don't waste your time with the dehumidifier.

      I did get the fogger and Cedarcide from Cedarcide.com, very expensive, but after fogging for 3 days, the crawling sensation is gone. Now I'm just dealing with the pin pricking, bumps, and tingling on my skin.

    • Gaylehere 2 years ago

      A clove of garlic will take the pain out of a tooth. It's a natural antibiotic. I used some garlic, chopped up well, on my back, where I feel the most crawling now. I'm not sure yet if it will help. I have been bathing in a tub of warm water with some concentrated Lysol in it. The first couple of baths, my skin burned in some spots. Now, i have no burning at all. Maybe it's helping. I do feel some bites after the bath. I try to take two a day, morning and evening.

      Hope everyone is keeping your heads up. It's so hard, sometimes, but we can overcome this thing.


    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      Hey Everyone. I hope you are getting better and sharing your secrets. I have found one secret that has been under our nose. I take vinegar baths, sometimes adding salt, mouthwash, lots of soap, whatever to cleanse the skin and stop the crawling, biting, sores, etc. There's a lotion anyone can make using 1/2 cup Vinegar, @ 1 teaspoon Salt. Stir that and blend it. Add 1 heaping teaspoon Corn Starch and mix it well. Heat it in the microwave or on the stove to a slight boil so the mixture will thicken to a lotion texture. Stir often. It's wonderful. Caution: If you are new to this type of condition, the vinegar will hurt. Wash it off immediately. The first time I used mouthwash on my head, it hurt so badly, I couldn't even cry. I felt like I couldn't breathe. Yes, I left it on. Now, I immediately wash any product off if it hurts. Now, products don't hurt so much. I am in maintenance mode. Thank you, God.


    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      I found some great info on honey and cinnamon. I am always looking for "cures" and I think this is one of them. From facebook.


      I have many requests to re-post this! So here it is again!

      Great information!! Cinnamon and Honey...! Drug companies won't like this one getting around. Facts on Honey and Cinnamon:

      It is found that a mix of honey and cinnamon cures most diseases. Honey is produced in most of the countries of the world. Scientists of today also note honey as very effective medicine for all kinds of diseases. Honey can be used without side effects which is also a plus. Today's science says that even though honey is sweet, when it is taken in the right dosage as a medicine, it does not harm even diabetic patients. Researched by western scientists:

      HEART DISEASES: Make a paste of honey and cinnamon powder, put it on toast instead of jelly and jam and eat it regularly for breakfast. It reduces the cholesterol and could potentially save one from heart attack. Also, even if you have already had an attack studies show you could be kept miles away from the next attack. Regular use of cinnamon honey strengthens the heart beat. In America and Canada, various nursing homes have treated patients successfully and have found that as one ages the arteries and veins lose their flexibility and get clogged; honey and cinnamon revitalize the arteries and the veins.

      ARTHRITIS: Arthritis patients can benefit by taking one cup of hot water with two tablespoons of honey and one small teaspoon of cinnamon powder. When taken daily even chronic arthritis can be cured. In a recent research conducted at the Copenhagen University, it was found that when the doctors treated their patients with a mixture of one tablespoon Honey and half teaspoon Cinnamon powder before breakfast, they found that within a week (out of the 200 people so treated) practically 73 patients were totally relieved of pain -- and within a month, most all the patients who could not walk or move around because of arthritis now started walking without pain.

      BLADDER INFECTIONS: Take two tablespoons of cinnamon powder and one teaspoon of honey in a glass of lukewarm water and drink it. It destroys the germs in the bladder....who knew?

      CHOLESTEROL: Two tablespoons of honey and three teaspoons of Cinnamon Powder mixed in 16 ounces of tea water given to a cholesterol patient was found to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood by 10 percent within two hours. As mentioned for arthritic patients, when taken three times a day, any chronic cholesterol-could be cured. According to information received in the said Journal, pure honey taken with food daily relieves complaints of cholesterol.

      COLDS: Those suffering from common or severe colds should take one tablespoon lukewarm honey with 1/4 spoon cinnamon powder daily for three days. This process will cure most chronic cough, cold, and, clear the sinuses, and it's delicious too!

      UPSET STOMACH: Honey taken with cinnamon powder cures stomach ache and also is said to clear stomach ulcers from its root.

      GAS: According to the studies done in India and Japan, it is revealed that when Honey is taken with cinnamon powder the stomach is relieved of gas.

      IMMUNE SYSTEM: Daily use of honey and cinnamon powder strengthens the immune system and protects the body from bacterial and viral attacks. Scientists have found that honey has various vitamins and iron in large amounts. Constant use of Honey strengthens the white blood corpuscles (where DNA is contained) to fight bacterial and viral diseases.

      INDIGESTION: Cinnamon powder sprinkled on two tablespoons of honey taken before food is eaten relieves acidity and digests the heaviest of meals

      INFLUENZA: A scientist in Spain has proved that honey contains a natural 'Ingredient' which kills the influenza germs and saves the patient from flu.

      LONGEVITY: Tea made with honey and cinnamon powder, when taken regularly, arrests the ravages of old age. Use four teaspoons of honey, one teaspoon of cinnamon powder, and three cups of boiling water to make a tea. Drink 1/4 cup, three to four times a day. It keeps the skin fresh and soft and arrests old age. Life spans increase and even a 100 year old will start performing the chores of a 20-year-old.

      RASPY OR SORE THROAT: When throat has a tickle or is raspy, take one tablespoon of honey and sip until gone. Repeat every three hours until throat is without symptoms.

      PIMPLES: Three tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon powder paste. Apply this paste on the pimples before sleeping and wash it off the next morning with warm water. When done daily for two weeks, it removes all pimples from the root.

      SKIN INFECTIONS:Applying honey and cinnamon powder in equal parts on the affected parts cures eczema, ringworm and all types of skin Infections.

      WEIGHT LOSS:Daily in the morning one half hour before breakfast and on an empty stomach, and at night before sleeping, drink honey and cinnamon powder boiled in one cup of water. When taken regularly, it reduces the weight of even the most obese person. Also, drinking this mixture regularly does not allow the fat to accumulate in the body even though the person may eat a high calorie diet.

      CANCER: Recent research in Japan and Australia has revealed that advanced cancer of the stomach and bones have been cured successfully. Patients suffering from these kinds of cancer should daily take one tablespoon of honey with one teaspoon of cinnamon powder three times a day for one month.

      FATIGUE: Recent studies have shown that the sugar content of honey is more helpful rather than being detrimental to the strength of the body. Senior citizens who take honey and cinnamon powder in equal parts are more alert and flexible. Dr. Milton, who has done research, says that a half tablespoon of honey taken in a glass of water and sprinkled with cinnamon powder, even when the vitality of the body starts to decrease, when taken daily after brushing and in the afternoon at about 3:00 P.M., the vitality of the body increases within a week.

      BAD BREATH: People of South America, gargle with one teaspoon of honey and cinnamon powder mixed in hot water first thing in the morning so their breath stays fresh throughout the day.

      HEARING LOSS: Daily morning and night honey and cinnamon powder, taken in equal parts restores hearing.

      â½Â¸.â¢â¥â¥â¢.¸⽠Thanks for Sharing! â½Â¸.â¢â¥â¥â¢.¸â½


    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      @lovespell0: Hope the moderator removes this soon. It does not belong here.

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @palomine55: Palomine55, I think they are called untreatable parasites, "Toxoplasmosis is considered to be a leading cause of death attributed to foodborne illness in the United States. More than 60 million men, women, and children in the U.S. carry the Toxoplasma parasite, but very few have symptoms because the immune system usually keeps the parasite from causing illness.

      However, women newly infected with Toxoplasma during pregnancy and anyone with a compromised immune system should be aware that toxoplasmosis can have severe consequences.

      Toxoplasmosis is considered one of the Neglected Parasitic Infections, a group of five parasitic diseases that have been targeted by CDC for public health action."


    • palomine55 3 years ago

      @jenkipr: Check out stopskinmites.com. There are lots of helpful suggestions there as far as doing the laundry and taking care of your skin. I like the body wash she recommends. It costs $30 but lasts about three months. I found a cheaper altenative to the sunscreen product -- Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus. I ordered it from amazon. I also like the Aveda rosemary mint shampoo. Since I started using those products, I've made some progress. The fogging helped, too, but I'm not sure it's really worth the $1,000. If you can afford it, by all means, you might as well give it a try. It definitely reduces the population of genetically modified organisms or whatever you want to call them. Some people call them the devil's bugs.

    • jenkipr 3 years ago

      I just happened upon this blog/site. I think this is the problem I am having. Something that appears invisible is biting me, but seems as if it is just while I am in or on the bed. Recently bought a new matress and cover. I thought I was losing my mind. My daughter has felt it as well when she sleeps in my bedroom. There are so many suggestions that I don't know what to try first. I will continue to follow the feedback on here. Thanks!

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @HelpMe3: Yes, definitely internal and external. Doctors have no cure for the schistosomiasis or toxoplasmosis, even though meat is sold DAILY with toxoplasmosis. If you boil meat and it bubbles up like it has soap in it, that's parasites. Throw it away or the FDA says to cook it on high for some time until the bubbles go away. I'n not so sure it kills the eggs, though.


    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @Janod31: 3 to 6 months doing it daily. Show 2x daily using a neem and/or tea tree or something to kill the parasites. No sugar. Use anti parasite foods, garlic, pumpkin seeds, etc. Mustard gets the parasites out of the pores at the top of the skin. sorry for the bad news. See fb Steve Beddingfield. He has pictures of the attacking parasites.


    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      Hello, I have found a technique for treating some of the skin sores. It's from acne.org. 1-with soap and water and hands, wash the skin. Pat dry with a cloth or air dry. no rubbing. 2-apply peroxide [It stings]. 3-apply oil and rub in with fingers. (macadamia nut, jojoba, or mineral oil.) 4-water off with hands, not a cloth. Let the skin air dry or pat dry with a cloth. I love how this treatment helps my skin. Hope it helps. : )


    • BugginOut 3 years ago

      The treatments need to not only be external, internal, and to your surroundings. Whether this is a fungal infection that gets blown out of proportion or something else, it definitely is something that is also an internal issue. Taking really good prebiotics along with probiotics, cutting back on sugar consumption and building up your immune system is a good beginning. Keeping your skin clean by using soaps like Dr. Bronner's natural soaps or body soaps that have few ingredients (the more natural the better). We use either a Head&Shoulders shampoo or a Tea Tree oil and Mint shampoo. You can make your own shampoo by adding a couple of drops of natural mint oil and a couple of drops of tea tree oil to a baby type shampoo. Just be careful when the shampoo runs down your face and near eyes. Keep them shut and don't allow this to get to near your eye, it will irritate your eyes. Wash towels and bedding daily, till you no longer feel that it is necessary. Humidity and moisture is not your friend, however sweating through exercise or the use of a dry heat (infrared sauna) is useful in helping to clear up the body.

      Fungus and mold infestations in your living quarters or where you work are dangerous for anyone, but people that have this problem seem more sensitive to the environmental effects of mold, particularly how it affects your skin. Personally, coconut oil is a very good anti-fungal, anti-parasitic and my family takes one to two 1000 mg capsules daily in addition to the pro and prebiotics, we take anywhere between 6000-10000 mgs of Vitamin C daily (spread throughout the day). Vitamin C helps to boost your immune system and creates a form of natural hydrogen peroxide within the body. Don't let this scare you. Start slowly and increase while spreading it out over the day. Make certain to eat something with it so it does not upset your stomach. Some people may be sensitive to it if they take a large dose out of the blue (without food). This is not a quick fix by any means, however this problem did not appear overnight, so stay with it. Drink plenty of water, eat clean, and get plenty of rest. Hope this works for you and your family. We have been using this regimen for a while (over 6 months) and only have occasional itchy episodes in response to the environment, weather, or what we eat. So hang in there. Whatever this stuff is and how it is transmitted will be discovered one day.

    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      @Janod31: I never did the saran wrap. They like humidity. I also don't use coconut oil alone. I add a few drops of essential oil that kills fungus & bacteria and even some lotion to th ecoconut oil then apply. Also, this is not a one time fix. None of us have discovered anything that fixes it with one application. It takes time but you should feel some relief right away if it has the hopes of working for you for a while.

    • Janod31 3 years ago

      Just tried the coconut oil left in on for 5 hours covered in Saran Wrap tight. Washed hair out 5 times. Got no relief. How many times do you have to do this before it works ?


    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @HelpMe3: Hey HelpMe3, Once the parasites [toxoplasmosis and/or schistosomiasis] or lyme disease gets to the body, it slowly gets sicker daily. Then other parasites from outside our bodies are attracted to us. The problem is not the parasites but the lack of doctors who are willing or knowledgeable enough to treat for them. To date, there is no cure for the eggs of parasites and there is no cure for toxoplasmosis or schistosomiasis once it causes cancers in the skin, organs and other parts of the body. The only resources I have found is cleaning clothes with vinegar, getting and keeping our houses clean and washing ourselves often. Holistic healing has helped to decrease the population but I am not sure there is a cure. I have tried parasite meds [holistic and others] but there are so many parasites built up and they reproduce so fast, the process sometimes seems to be an uphill battle.

      The parasites have to breathe. Covering the skin seems to decrease some problems but is not practical for people who have to work for a living. I have found a wealth of information on facebook on the morgellons sites. Some have said they are cured or that they have returned to almost normal lives. I'm on track myself but I still have setbacks. My battle is not yet over. I hope the best for you.


    • HelpMe3 3 years ago

      While this site has a ton of good information I found www.invisibleparasites.com to have valuable info pertaining to humidity. It seems that this is an external and internal battle. What do you all think?

    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      MoldStat diluted with water in hand pump is providing massive relief in my home, car & work environment. spot treating as needed with rubbing alcohol in spray bottle. adding vinegar to my washing machine again with borax & arm & hammer powder laundry soap. Eating garlic & even spread some pure minced garlic on my sores helped a lot. Wish I could remember to take my colloidal silver every day. I have a machine so it costs pennies per batch. Eating raw organic vegetables & fruits (peanut butter is good on celery & carrots too). Sweet tooth? blend coconut milk with yogurt & fruit or with a splash of pure maple syrup & cinnamon. yummy!

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Queenie, did you find a solution? I did. I use mustard. I rub it in, wet my hands, and rub some more, rinse the mustard off my hands and rub some more with the wet hands. For some reason, the mustard and rubbing [not hard] gets the parasites out. I have gotten pictures of them after getting them out with the mustard. If the face gets hot with rosacea, I cover with Australian Bees wax from the ethnic hair care section or vaseline. I leave the wax or the vaseline on till I feel the "cool." The parasites release a chemical which burns the skin and the body is actually trying to fight the foreign invader, so the body and the parasite are releasing histamines to fight each other. I have gone so far as to take anti histamine meds and it helped, but I think the wax and vaseline works better. Keep working at it. It's persistence which will help you to win. Gayle

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Sarah, I know what to do now about the terrible itching. There are several ways to deal with it. The most important part is to cut off the air to the pores. Steve Green wrote a book about things in the kitchen to help w/o going to the doctor. Mustard heals burns and takes the pain away. He says to use mayo or miracle whip on the head for @2 hours, then wash if a person has dandruff. I have done this and I have also put the mustard on for a time. It works. Be diligent and persevere. My head no longer itches. I do still sometimes have itching in the ears. I squirt mustard in them and put tissue over that in my ears at night. Otherwise, the parasites get on my face. It's trichinosis. I have gotten pictures of the itchy critters from my ears and so have some others from fb on the morgellons sites. It won't hurt to try if you've done other things and it didn't work. Gayle

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @Gaylehere: On the shelf at Tractor Supply. No need to ask for assistance. It's dog dewormer.

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @Gaylehere: It's at a Trucking Supply store on the shelf.

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @laboheme: You're on the right track, trying to identify what you have. It seems to be a slow process but as we begin to eradicate some, we find others, then we can try to get rid of them as well. I think it's epidemic. The FDA approves meat with "some" parasites in it. That's why they tell us to cook out meat to well done. If the meat is boiled and bubbles up like it has soap in it, THAT's PARASITES. Either cook it for a time on high or throw it away. Even after cooking for a time at a high temperature, some of the eggs do not die off.


    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @MG_sep_2010: For me, water does not decrease the crawling feeling. I had a lot lot lot of crawling two years ago. Now, it has decreased to one spot on my back on the left side. I have been using vinegar baths and mustard like soap. Somehow, the mustard gets the stuff out of the skin. I can honestly say the crawling feeling is extremely decreased. The decrease has taken time. If you want to help decrease it more, Australian Bees Wax in the ethnic hair section helps and vaseline is my second choice. The bees wax is thicker and stays on better. One person, from facebook, suggests applying vaseline, covering the area with a cotton cloth [like tee shirt material] and then covering that with plastic wrap. I have not yet done this but she said it was very effective because no air gets to the skin and kills the parasites near the surface. The process is called a poultice and no harsh chemicals are necessary for it to be effective.


    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @Janod31: The zapper helps to kill some of the parasites lodged in the subcutaneous skin. The parasites are abundant. The zapper helps some, but it only helps. It does not eradicate the parasites. A man named Steve Beddingfield suggests fenben. He says some have actually been healed using it. He is on facebook. I am still using natural products in my body and on my skin to deal with the parasites. Trichinosis seems to be the worst culprit. It's in wild game, beef, pork and other meats. That's why the fda suggests cooking meats to well done. If the meat has some of the parasite in it, it is approved for sale to the public.


    • MG_sep_2010 3 years ago

      hi all, what do you think, why drinking a lot of water decreases symptoms of MD (e.g. crawling)?

    • Janod31 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: Craig would you be kind enough to tell me where to get this gum spirit turpentine Which brand and exactly how you used it. Would appreciate it a lot. Thanks


    • Janod31 3 years ago

      Craig this gum spirit you mention where is it available and what ratio did you use. Can you use on head face?


    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @Janod31: Janod, what i use is a mixture appx 50/50 but no real specific ratio ive tried. i only do it on one area at a time like my scalp one day my legs the next.. heres a link to a video i found on youtube about using it also


      just make sure what you use is 100% pure, as a friend pointed out to me turpentine can be dangerous so use in moderation. I do know that it used to be used to treat scabies and lice infections so i guess im saying use at own discretion., I still have not found anything that works as well. as far as using on hair, hmm i dont know, i shave my head, but i dont see why not. i mostly have just used it on my scalp and neckl and legs occasionally..

    • Janod31 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: Hi Craig was wondering about the gum spirits turpentine what's the mixture ratio.

      Any side effects and can this also be used on hair and scalp. Do you use it daily? Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks

    • Janod31 3 years ago

      @BugginOut: Thanks for your info.wasn't able to post. Still having grain like balls in scalp and some travel down. Seem to stay in clothing.

      Have had doctor send samples to health department to analyze

      Should be back next week. Will post and let you all know what results come back. I'm thinking of trying neem but am concerned if any reaction to it

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @squeegieclean: squeegie., the advice by fighting is all good advice, one thing i can offer is for your dog you can get some selsum blue and give him a bath and shampoo him with it, leave it on as long as he will let you and it will help immensely, it will actually help you as well on yourself. treat this as if its a mold problem and you should have best results. google candida spit test and try it to check for candida fungus, its not completely accurate, but if you get results at all it is indicative in the very least of a problem. test you ph if you can get some ph tape, id bet money that you are pretty acidic as so far just about eeveryone ive talked to with these symptoms that have tested their ph are very acidic. 1/4tsp of baking soda in water in the am drink it and then again at night, dont do it right before or after eating though give it an hour at least before or after, this will help get you more alkaline, avoid sugars as well... its very possible to get rid of the symptoms, it takes a little work but very doable.. best of luck to u

    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      Read labels. I went to find an anti-mol, anti-fungal & whenI read the label on one it is made from clam shells. I am allergic to Shellfish (makes me stop breathing). I can't take that chance. Also read from mold professionals not to use foggers. The mist dries before making contact. The anti-mold solution must saturate & be allowed to dry completely. It kills as it dries. Found a cheap hand pump sprayer at Home Depot. Want to try the natural solution mold menace but I can't find it local. Plan to order on-line but wanted to do something now before the holidays. Sprayed moldstat plus in vents & carpet. Diluted per instructions. wiped down computer desk, keyboard & mouse with it. Wore goggles, mask & gloves. Lowes has it cheaper than internet. I dont like using toxic stuff, but need a fast solution. Will keep you posted.

    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      @squeegieclean: Hubby didnt believed me till he got them. Maybe you should ask her to read these posts? Cleaning alone wont get rid of them. Antifungul home & body will give you relief. A few drops of essedntial oil to washer. Orange, eucalyptus, peppermint... whatever is on sale or cheapest & 20 mule team borax.

    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      @ppinero: Have you figured out a proportion that works for you? I find that I need to switch up what I'm using so they don't predict how to overcome my remedies. I use coconut & or walnut oil mostly & ass other natural things to it that are anti-fungal.

    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      @Janod31: I couldn't post for a long time as well. Worried that we were locked out. We NEED eachother. Sure wish we had a back-up plan where to meet in an emergency. :)

    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      I am thinking we may be suffering from Mycotoxins & other molds and the GMO's. Haven't figured out the connection. But since all the natural things that Craig suggests do help a lot, I am thinking it's bacteria, fungus etc. We do have mold in our HVAC vents & I found a natural product that I can "fog" into the vents from Mold Menace .com. Found a fogger from cleaner today .com but may find one cheaper at home depot. Going to give it a try but we are dirt poor until January.

    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      I am beginning to think that we may be suffering from Mycotoxins. We found relief using Craig's suggestions but they are not completely gone. I think I am getting reinfested from work. I am thinking of trying the natural product from mold menace . com & a fogger (cheapest fogger I found was from cleaner today .com). We have mold in our HVAC vents and would like to fog them & fog my work area. If the natural stuff doesn't work, I may try the toxic stuff from the same place I can get the fogger, but the msds sheet scared me. We have had flu like symptoms for a few months now when we spend a lot of time at home. I'm sure it's the mold. But we saw a video once claiming to be GMO in meat. Under magnifying glass it looked like a string/hair but it moved & wiggled. Bent in half. When cut in half it attached itself back together. I felt "crawlies" on my face & caught it in my finger & thumb. Looked under 10X magnifying glass and saw the exact same thing. Freaked me out. The coconut oil, walnut oil solution stopped it from moving & seemed to melt it. We eat as much organic & non-gmo food & liquids as possible.

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @laboheme: \Hello LB im not still here, well not really lol just bounce in now and then to see how people are progressing with this bs. Im sorry to hear that you had a relapse of this crap, but imo you are mostly on the money with your assessment of the problem. I still do not believe that the bugs are the problem, but more of a symptom of some sort of fungal infection. One thing that helps prove that at least in my mind is the fact that those who cut out all sugars and a diet like you mentioned almost always report symptoms going away or at least a dramatic improvement. Fungus loves sugar so we gotta stop feeding it as best we can. give gum spirits turpentine a try mixed with a carrier oil of your liking, you got to keep putting it on and keep the skin saturated for a bit to basically smother this crap, but seems to work well especially if you can get a hold of some antifunal creams to add with it. theres a guy on youtube that has a recipe for using turpentine internally as well you can see the video about it here www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7ZPpaGmOw0

      i like your idea about the plant scales, especially considering ive heard alot of different people say that they tested positive for having agrobacterium in their systems. I really believe this all has something to do with GMO foods, chemtrails and agenda 21.

      who really knows for certain though what it is? All we can do is try to remain positive, stress as little as possible, spend at least as much time looking at positive things as we do negative things, and just try to do the best we can at whatever we do. attitude does matter.

      anyhow, good to hear from you , just wish you were clear of this still also.. best wishes to you!


    • chris-yu-355 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Hi, how do you "shower with epson salt and tea tree oil diluted with hot water"? Do you make a paste and use it like body wash? Please help, I am a new victim of the same problem too and my problem started sometimes at the end of this October.

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      solution- gum spirit turpentine mixed with a carrier oil- coconut oil,olive oil... apply to affected areas until problems are gone- 2-3 days does not get any easier than this!!

    • laboheme 3 years ago

      Hi everyone, this is LaBoheme...i am back. :( I was able to get ride of these things for quite sometime but now I am convinced this is an epidemic going on in my community, as a. I am noticing other people with similar issues (sores on their skin from picking), b. Scratching, etc. No one is talking about it but having been thru this before, I know...

      So here is the deal: i am convinced that this has to do with plant parasites. I often find fungus gnats in the middle of nowhere...or in my car, one will appear out of thin air. I think the eggs are somehow in the carpet of my car (maybe from falling off of me?) and then they hatch...i think the same thing for the house.

      What i am not sure of is how many different types of bugs am i dealing with h.ere. Often times i will notice scab where i didn't have one before...so i pick it (gross i know) but it's because i feel a bump right below and it itches. The "scab" is not really a scab - it is a "scab colored" pseudo-scab and the bump below it is one of the round things. This is far-fetched, but i think these scab things are what is called "plant scales". I find them all over my body...and this is the same thing that happened when i had this before.

      Now for the things i am pulling out of my skin, the ones that are in my scalp are small, round "balls", white in color. When i discovered the trick to suffocate them on my scalp a couple years ago, i discovered once they are suffocated, they are drawn out of the scalp. I used Palmolive grapefruit dish soap, used probably the entire bottle with my hair piled up on my head, slathered an entire jar of mayo on top, and put a plastic grocery bag over the top and tied. I left it like that for an hour. At the end, my head was red and raw, but these f*ckers were OUT.

      Well i did the mayo thing again recently, and a lot of them came out (it just feels like you've got a bunch of salt or sugar in your hair that wasn't there a few minutes before)...but there were more, and because i didn't repeat immediately, they came back. Now they are getting into my face, neck, and what is new, starting to see these on obscure places where i never had before - my back...my leg...my neck...the back of my ears. And the ones on my neck and back of my ears, it will appear as a slightly raised patch...but i don't feel any bumps. Then eventually, sometimes i can pick at it and it will go away, or i will pick at it and dig out something from my skin - more eggs i think they are...sometimes in weird shapes, and most of them i dig out of my body that are NOT in my scalp are different than the small round white ones.

      Okay, here is the other thing: the other day when i was on my laptop in the dark, i saw this littttttle tiiiiiiny dot moving across the screen. I had to stop what i was doing to truly focus on whether i was really seeing something that small....well i was. So i was able to scrape it up onto a pink post it note and i took it into some light. It was whitish/greyish and probably smaller than the top of a pinhead. It crawled around some then it JUMPED (not flew) off of the paper and down the sink, or wherever it jumped to. I never saw it again. This happened before a cpl years ago to my phone, but i killed the little bug and thought nothing of it.

      Now after having seen that, i am convinced i have an actual bug, rather than some far-fetched science fiction space story, like some nano particles are invading my body. Idk, maybe they are, but i doubt it. I haven't had much crawling this time around, but i have noticed that with the more cotton clothing i wear, the more i feel the crawling...and it's most always in the back and front of my shirts...almost never in my pants...and almost never in non-cotton material. I've thrown away a lot of clothing to date. Not worth trying to wash them out and get reinfested.

      My issue is...trying to identify these things so i can destroy...or maybe that doesn't even matter. Maybe the goal is to just destroy and it's immaterial to know what species. I also want to say that the first go round when i discovered the vinegar bath and not all of them came out of my skin, there was a LOT in my back. I had to get my kid to slather vaseline on my back and then cover it with saran wrap. I left it on there for like 30 minutes and they started biting HORRIBLY...my back was burning so bad. But it killed them! I am going to do this again...all of it. The whole 9. I was in denial again...who wants to think they have bugs living in their skin?!

      I also noticed that i did a yeast cleanse and i had NO issues. None. Period. I was not eating flour or any carbs that broke down to simple sugars...nor was i consuming any sweets, breads, cheese or alcohol...did that all at the same time as the yeast cleanse. I can say that when my bday came around and i wanted to celebrate, i started eating breads and sweets again and BAM. It's back, and really bad.

      ***I AM CONVINCED AND RESOLUTE THAT IF YOU HAVE A STRESSED IMMUNE SYSTEM THAT YOU ARE AT RISK*** Also note, the more you eat the stuff i was eating, the more your immune system is compromised.

      Now i have to stop eating the junk and start the yeast cleanse again.....this is crazy.

      If anyone has any new tips and tricks PLEASE offer them up. I also wanted to ask about the Diatomaceous Earth i introduced to this group a few years ago...i started it but never finished it. Has anyone found any success with long term use of this?

      Btw, Mtdwcougar - HELLO!!!! Can't believe you are still here! I wonder if any of our old 'friends' are still here?


    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      Anyone use alfalfa in their bath? Been helping me a lot.

    • ppinero 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Hi Alice,

      Can you tell me the exact proportions you use for the coconut oil, msm, Epsom & tea tree? Also which brands and where you purchased them? I would really appreciate it. I cannot sleep.


    • Tedonline 3 years ago

      Neem Extract as an Insecticide

      In India mainly, but also Asia and Africa, grows a tree all plant enthusiasts should be aware of, Azadirachta indica, commonly known as the "neem" tree, and a relative of mahogany. Extracts from the tree�s seeds contain azadirachtin, a relatively safe and effective naturally occurring organic insecticide. Let me preface the comments following, by reminding you that the terms "naturally occurring and/or organic" do not universally mean safe. Pyrethrums, rotenone, and even the very dangerous nicotine are all organic insecticides that should be handled with great caution. Neem extracts, on the other hand are very safely used in a wide variety of cosmetics, as a topical treatment for minor wounds, as an insecticide in grain storage containers, bins, and bags, and a whole host of other applications, and have extremely low mammalian toxicity. I'll limit this discussion to its use as an insecticide.

      Neem works in many ways. It is effective both in topical and a systemic applications. It is an anti-feedant, an oviposition deterrent (anti-egg laying), a growth inhibitor, a mating disrupter, and a chemosterilizer. Azadirachtin, a tetranortriterpenoid compound, closely mimics the hormone Edison, which is necessary for reproduction in insects. When present, it takes the place of the real hormone and thus disrupts not only the feeding process, but the metamorphic transition as well, disrupting molting. It interferes with the formation of chitin (insect "skin") and stops pupation in larvae, thus short-circuiting the insect life cycle. It also inhibits flight ability, helping stop insect spread geographically

      Tests have shown that azadirachtin is effective in some cases at concentrations as low as 1 ppm, but some producers use alcohol in the extraction of neem oil from plant parts which causes the azadirachtin to be removed from the oil. Some products touting neem oil as an ingredient actually have no measurable amounts of azadiractin. I use what is referred to either as cold pressed or virgin neem oil. You may also occasionally find it referred to as "raw" neem or "crude" neem oil.

      Neem oil is most often used in an aqueous (water) suspension as a foliar spray or soil drench. Commonly, it is diluted to about a .5 to 2% solution, but the suggested ratio for use in container plant culture is 1 tsp. per quart of warm water. A drop or two of dish soap (castile or olive oil soap is best) helps keep the oil emulsified. The mixture is then applied as a mist to all leaf and bark surfaces and as a soil drench to the tree's root system. It should not be applied as a foliar spray on hot days or in bright sun as leaf burn may occur. Remember to agitate the container frequently as you apply and do not mix anymore than you will use in one day. Neem breaks down rapidly in water and/ or sunlight.

      Some users of insecticides feel the need to observe the instant results of their efforts in order to be convinced of the effectiveness of what they are using. The application of neem derivatives does not provide this immediate gratification. There is virtually no knockdown (instant death) factor associated with its use. Insects ingesting or contacting neem usually take about 3 - 14 days to die. Its greatest benefit; however, is in preventing the occurrence of future generations. It is also interesting to note that in studies it was found that when doses were given, purposefully insufficient to cause death or complete disruption of the metamorphic cycle, up to 30 surviving generations showed virtually no resistance/ immunity to normal lethal doses, so it appears that insects build no �resistance� to azadiractin.

      I have been using neem oil for five years as both a preventative and fixative and have had no insect problems on my container plants. Applications of cold-pressed neem oil are most effective for use on mites, whitefly, aphids, thrips, fungus gnats, caterpillars, beetles, mealy bugs, leaf miners, g-moth, and others. It seems to be fairly specific in attacking insects with piercing or rasping mouth parts. Since these are the pests that feed on plant tissues, they are our main target species. Unless beneficial like spiders, lady beetles, certain wasps, etc., come in direct contact with spray, it does little to diminish their numbers.

      Neem oil does have an odor that might be described as similar to that of an old onion, so you may wish to test it first, if you intend to use it indoors. I've found the odor dissipates in a day or two. As always, read and follow label instructions carefully.

      Neem oil can be purchased from many net or local sources. My favorite brand is Dyna-Gro pure, cold-pressed neem oil. If you have trouble locating a source, you can contact me via the forum or directly.


    • ellahere 3 years ago

      @anonymous: RM, sorry if I did not read before, but what is it that is happening to you?

    • ellahere 3 years ago

      Hello there, is been some weeks since I wrote here. I have been doing good, I'm almost discharged frm my Lyme specialist. I see her in 2 weeks,,I'm antibiotic and herbs free,,just keeping my Lyme diet and some vitamins and detoxing which is very important.

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      Here's another good site listing some of the causes of some of the symptoms some are experiencing. You may want to look over some of these if you are still having troubles after making sure you do not have bed bugs, lice, etc. affecting you.

      Zoonotic Filariasis: www.merckmanuals.com/vet/zoonoses/zoonoses/zoonotic_diseases.html


    • Janod31 3 years ago

      Am I the only one who can't post. No new posts

      since September 20th

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      Zoonotic diseases are contagious diseases spread between animals and humans. These diseases are caused by bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi that are carried by animals and insects. Examples are anthrax, dengue, Ebola hemorrhagic fever, Escherichia coli infection, Lyme disease, malaria, Plague, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, salmonellosis, and West Nile virus infection.

      Maybe morgellons should be renamed a zoonotic infection.


    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      Hey All, I wanted to share a note I received on fb after I posted a note about neem:

      GAYLE i also noticed you are having success with neem oil I did too. Soaking in a bath with neem helped me too I am tickled that you're making headway Yay!!! Just wanted to say hi!

      Neem may be the ticket for which we've all been waiting.... : )


    • Janod31 3 years ago

      @BugginOut: Thanks coconut oil is helping so is the msm cream. How do I get them out of my car. Any suggestions. Have vacummed and sprayed with windex except for leather seats etc.

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      I've been using Neem for a week now and am seeing improvements. At first, I had teeny, tiny crawling and now that is GONE!!! I had crawling on my back every day for a long time and now that is decreased. The crawling in my ears came back and my back itched, a lot.

      I've been using the mustard to wash with in the shower. I rub it into my skin and stuff, like paper, comes out and I repeat until the hot water runs out, sometimes : ). I really like using the mustard and I also purchased some neem soap. I like how clean it makes my skin feel, but I really got it because it is working. The neem is not overnight, but one week later, I am pleased with the results.

      I know the proof is in time, so I will post again in a week to let you know of my progress. If you are interested and think you may have morgellons, you may visit my fb page. It's a good way to get to know people for me and I have learned a lot from others.



    • Janod31 3 years ago

      @BugginOut: Thanks doing better with coconut oil and msm cream. But need to get them out of my car. Leather interior. A y suggestions

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @palomine55: I think it is important, until you can get your closets vacuumed out, to keep the clothes in a bag or bin. I still keep mine in bins. If you have lint on your clothes, iron them. Using a cup of vinegar in the wash will remove a lot of lint and make the clothes softer. The site for shanspirations is good. I saw money-saving tips there.

      The crawling and biting, in my pictures, is transparent worms. Some are "long" thin and some are short, but most of them have faces. When they come out on the skin, a sting is felt and they do bite and suck to feed in or on the skin. If it's a fungus or bacteria, it could cause some itching and if it's gram negative, it makes a hole in the skin with proteins so it can go in and out. None of the activity is visible to the naked eye.

      That's why it's important to seal the skin as much as possible. Using a waterproof product like Gardner's lotion by Crabtree and Evelyn, Gloves in a Bottle, or even sunscreen that dries on the skin is helpful. I used vaseline, shea butter and oils for the longest time, but it is very messy. These days, if I feel an itch, I use the household mustard because it has vinegar in it and is not painful like using straight vinegar. I use sunscreen and Burt's bees products and whatever waterproof, sealing lotion I can find.

      I sure you already know about seeing three bites or two bites together. That's an indication of bed bugs. If you are not having these bites on your skin, it probably not bed bugs.

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @palomine55: Palomine55, It depends on how much work you want to do. If you have movement and it drives you crazy, wash again or apply something. It does take time and if you have to work for a living, it's hard to deal with everything like you may want to. Mint is excellent to help get rid of the bugs but, again, it does take time, like months. The bugs need to breathe, so if you seal your head with a treatment, getting rid of them will be quicker. You may want to leave the shampoo in for a while, like 30 minutes, but if it starts to hurt, wash it out. After 2 1/2 years, I found out about the mayonnaise treatment and the next day, I felt bugs moving down my neck like fleas, but it was only "lint." Then I used the mustard. I still have some movement at times, but it is no longer every day.

      It's good to work from the inside out as well as working on the skin. Taking anti parasite foods and, if you want to try the health food store, they have an anti parasite 30 day treatment. I've done this twice and only had some relief, but again it takes time.


    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Hey Alice, When it all started, I used Lysterine first and it hurt, a lot. When anything hurts, I wash it off as quickly as possible, Whether it's a lotion, cream, or something harsh like vinegar. Then I reapply, either right then or later. The problem is in the pores of the skin and they are deep into the skin. Since I've been working on it a while, chemicals are not as painful, but if they are, I wash it off and then reapply.

      I would suggest something to take the air out to leave on your head. They need to breathe. Mayonnaise has oil and vinegar in it and is easily washed out of the hair. Leave it in at least 30 minutes and as long as 2 hours. The mayo is not my idea, it's from Joey Greenâs Magic Health Remedies book.


    • Janod31 3 years ago

      @BugginOut: Thanks for you info have used the coconut oil and it seems to help except they migrate from scalp to body. Use msm cream and get shiny fish scale like spots when massaged come off and apply more and same. Is this bugs being expelled? Has anyone else experienced this?

    • Janod31 3 years ago

      @BugginOut: Thanks been getting good results with coconut oil but they seem to migrate from scalp to body. Apply msm cream to body and massage and find shiny plastic like spots when rubbed come off. Apply more cream and do same. Is this bugs or whatever being expelled. Look almost like small fish scale for lack of better description Has anyone experienced this?

      Also vacummed car and sprayed carpet & glass with windex but not leather seats etc. felt biting and crawling. What can I do to get rid of them on leather. Help anyone.

      The good news is when rolled bed with lint roller today only 2 tiny black spots on sheets. Hope this is a sign of good things to come. Wishing all a speedy recovery

    • huelinliang 3 years ago

      Add 60-80 drops of Lemon Eucalyptus to about one oz of water and spray on your skin and rub and spread. It would repel mites completely'

      Filter mites by TrueAir by Hamilton Beach (from amazon.com) and spray the filter to kill mite with rubbing alcohol. Make sure there is no bird nest, bird house or bird bottle near your house to attract infected birds. Make sure there your house is sealed well from outside air.

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      Hey, I've been using the neem now for a week. I was amazed at the amount of "lint" that came out of my head. After a shower and washing with mustard for over 30 min and then using the Irish Spring body wash, I look in the mirror to see lots of white lint balls in my hair. At first, I was appalled, but after I thought about it, I did have a lot of vibrating in my head the day before, especially on the right side. The neem is killing all the parasites in my head and I thank God for this product.

      The good news is that the crawling and feeling of crawling is decreased tremendously. I have not taken garlic or aloe vera every day, as I did before, and I am eating some sugar foods. Actually, I'm eating sugar foods like I did before all this started almost 3 years ago.

      I thought it was the lotion, Gloves in a Bottle, but I purchased some Neutrogena sunscreen that does the same thing (and has a pleasant smell). The first few days, after using the neem, I had itching TO THE BONE. Oh, it itched. I just put more table mustard on the area. When an area gets inflamed and red, I use the mustard. It hurts and itches at the same time, so I know it is working. Today, after getting out the morning shower, I didn't have the teeny, tiny crawlies I usually have every single day. I keep waiting for them to come out and cause the crawling feeling, but I just feel under the skin.

      For me, the neem is the ticket. It's not the lotion, cream, edible organic diatomaceous earth, salt, vinegar, or anything alone. The neem kills anything that sucks on or bites us. A little goes a long way and it takes time. The parasites forget to eat and they die when they try to molt to the next stage.

      It seems that every time I get some headway on the parasites, I start to get a cold with red and watery eyes. I put salt or baking soda around and some in my eyes. That kills them. I accidently got a picture of all the worms sticking out of the holes where the eyelashes are. I don't care if everyone has them (demodex mites?), I want to get rid of all parasites. After I treat for the very red eyes, my nose and throat become inflamed, like I have a terrible cold. I use the zycam after the red eye goes away and the cold spreads to my nose and then throat. The zycam stops the symptoms and heals the body. The zycam melts work better than taking zinc pills every day when a cold is in progress.

      I'll let you know in about a week if I am still getting better. I know my face no longer has the tiny bumps under the skin no one can see but that I can feel. The parasites are dying off, finally.

    • BugginOut 3 years ago

      @palomine55: Matt,

      My husband and I have used the Cedarcide oil for our home and cars. Understand that this won't completely cure you, but it may help. Just understand that you can spend thousands of dollars on Cedarcide and still have issues. The Cedarcide will continue to seep from furniture a year after spraying. We ended up buying several of the ionizing machines. We still run them when we are not at home and then clear the house out when we get home, these help to kill bugs, and offer some bacterial protection also. Hospitals in Europe use ionizers to disinfect the air and help to stop the spread of pathogens.

      Mtdewcougar and I agree on many of the basic beliefs about this new "'plague". The overload of fungus, yeast, etc seems to cause mites, springtails, and other forms of "bugs" to be attracted to our bodies.

      It cannot hurt to wear gloves when taking care of clothes. After you get your bodies under better control you won't need these measures. Believe me there is hope, it just takes time there is definitely not a quick cure. Stay with the protocols, be patient you will eventually notice improvements. Thanks.

    • BugginOut 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: Hi mtdewcougar,

      Hope all is well. I agree that microwaving the coconut oil is not necessary. It melts quickly at body temperature anyway. But, all I can say is that the positive effects of organic coconut oil are many. Internal and external positive effects for coconut oil abound. There are tons of positive articles on the anti-bacterial properties and the positive effects of lauric acid in coconut oil.

    • BugginOut 3 years ago

      @Gaylehere: Gaylehere,

      Just like I did wash it good several times. I am just saying what has worked for me. I didn't want to have to deal with the smelly mustard or mayo on me. Mustard can be used but I might suggest that a powder be used and mixed with an oil like organic coconut oil or cold pressed olive oil. I have never attacked any of your methods. Why are you so defensive when someone offers something different from your choices, that gives relief.

      My understanding is that this is to share useful information, and that is all that I did. It is a person's choice to use whatever protocol they choose. I have never attacked your methods (not that I didn't think some were questionable), but that is what respect is about. It is a personal choice if someone prefers to use the condiment regimen over the coconut oil. I just don't think it is your place to attack my choices. I have never attacked or argued with your choices. So let the forum do what it is supposed to "provide information", and leave out the personal stuff. By the way I am a woman and have very thick hair, which was thinning before using the coconut oil treatments. So don't make assumptions.

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Alice, it sounds like you are on the right path, hopefully you have got on top of this soon enough that it wont be such a long process to get better. One suggestion I have for you is to add a little iodine to your coconut mix now and then, not so much that it stains your skin but as strong as you can that doesnt. do a section one day another the next. Personally I like using steam now for cleaning and disinfecting, works great no toxins., of course the humidity from the steam can be a problem, but i live in the desert so it doesnt seem to be a problem for me. One other thing make sure your house is mold and mildew free, no leaking pipes under the house or anything, lots of people say mold/mildew in the home makes this way worse ( I tend to agree with that). Lastly make sure your feet are in as good as condition as possible, no fungus on skin or toenails, if u have alot of calluse/dry skin on your feet soak in the coconut oil, i liked adding peppermint oil to my mix, it seemed to really work well and the first time i soaked my feet in it i was mortified by how much skin and gunk sloughed off of my feet. Really hope this is a short journey with this for you.\


    • anonymous 3 years ago

      I'm a new victim of this issue and thanks to everyone's posts and this website, I've been trying different things and noticing a huge improvement. Here's somethings are helping:

      - After waking up, I wash my sheets, and spread my bedroom, mattress & blanket with Windex, then close the door b/c it's very toxic & leave the house

      - No sugar what so ever in my diet helps ALOT! I'm really having to control my diet & craving. I had several macaroons & the next day was terrible!

      - I also drink diluted vinegar and swallow freshly chopped garlic after lunch (No chewing b/c of bad breath, and doing that at night gives me heartburn & I can't sleep)

      - Eating lots of dark green leafy veggies: high in Vitamin C content. I googled top 10 food with high Vitamin C content and am rotating through those in my diet.

      - showering with epsom salt (2lb for 88c @ Walmart) & tea tree oil diluted with hot water. I can't use Listerine or Windex b/c I'm allergic to alcohol & my skin gets rashes from those 2 substances.

      - After showering, i put coconut oil mixed with tea tree oil & MSM powder & epsom salt on my skin & hair, and I leave it on b/c coconut oil is good for your skin anyways, better than lotion b/c lotion contains many chemicals that's toxic. This coconut oil mixture really keeps them off of me during the day & at night when I sleep. The crawling has really almost disappeared. Plus, people tell me I smell like I just came out of the spa, which is nice.

      - exercising helps alot. When I'm working out, the crawling goes away

      - I also keep my clean clothes in large containers with mothballs (containing paradichlorobenzene), I got the 4oz pack (16 balls) for $1 at the dollar store.

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Tiff,

      Please make sure to post back your progress with this regimen. I do hope it works for you, I think it sounds pretty decent for the fact its not just about trying to kill the mites but also focuses on improving health,. hope you do post back your progress.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @BugginOut: Hi BugginOut,

      how long did you and your family get on the VitaminC/Salt protocol before you got rid of this mite problem? Thanks.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: could you please share what helped and what made you worse? Thanks vvv much.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @Gaylehere: Gaylehere, regarding hair, how long did it take you to get rid of them in your hair. I have long hair and really don't want to shave. When you say consistent treatment, which treatment did you stick with? thanks.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @Gaylehere: Can you help me - can you email me about this pharmacist - and how are you getting rid of the infestation in your house? I'm going crazy....


    • anonymous 3 years ago

      It's happening to me again - I thought it went away when I put my sick cat down in 2010 and I wasn't going to get more cats - but I did - and now I'm worried that they too will be infected. I sleep alone because my husband doesn't seem to have it - I'm too weak to try all of this stuff - I need someone to talk to - it all started when my cat that I put down killed a mouse and we did not discover it right away - it had bled into the floorboards where I keep my clothing on racks - we don't have closets - like I said it went away for a while and now I have it, but my husband doesn't seem to. When I sit at my computer it happens. Please someone contact me just to talk. roseheredia@yahoo.com - I don't have a washer dryer and have to bring my things tot eh laundry - it happens after I touch clothes a lot - but again, my husband doesn't have it, except he has red bumps on his head but I think that is something else. He's too busy workign all the time to help me - and I have to work myself, I do transcriptiopn work freelance.

    • palomine55 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: Thanks, Craig. Sorry about the wild goose chase on the shanspirations blog. I think she has decided to de-emphasize the entire episode, so she's not making it very easy to find her posts on that subject. Shannon and her husband recovered from the infestation and are trying to put it behind them. But you can find the protocol if you Google "Help! I'm being bit by something that I can't see!" I think there's some good advice in there, and apparently it worked for them. Also, there are a ton of comments from people dealing with the same problem. It's obvious there's a massive cover-up going on, no doubt because it's all connected somehow to GMO foods or military-sponsored biological experiments. Apparently the Army asked Cedarcide to develop a product to kill a mite that they couldn't kill. That's probably why there's not much about this in the mainstream media.

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @palomine55: Matt of all the things I have tried cedarcide is not one of them, but if its helping and not hurting why not. I do think though the mites are not the problem but really just a symptom, But getting the numbers down in our living environment should help with the symptoms some. I do agree with what you said Megan Wells states about the mites being attracted to a fungus on and or in us, Personally I think we are attracting just about any mite or arthropod that eats fungus so although many cannot bite us, I believe that are others that can ( which btw i believe this is why so many morgellons sufferers end up getting lymes disease also, eventually something comes along carrying the spirochette that causes lymes, bites us and transmits that bacteria, I dont believe only tics carry lymes anymore...but who knows?) I agree that alot of the itching, crawling, even alot of the stings are caused by a fungus and or by the mycotoxins they release. some may be our histamine response to the fungus and that also can cause itching. but yes my thoughts are most of the bites or stings we feel are from a fungus, but im not ruling out occasional mites or critters bitingas well.

      I used to store my clothes in plastic bags i imagine the bins are fine to use? I liked the bags because i could put all my dirty clothes in a bag and then I would use my vacuum and suck all the air out of the bag and tie it shut. I also kept my clean clothes covered in bags as well. I found that if I Ironed my clothes after washing that this helped me tremendously with the symptoms, I used the high steam setting at first then went over again without steam to insure everything was dry.. I also would now and then iron my sheets and blankets laid out on my bed so the mattress got the steam and heat too.

      I agree with you with how you try to not let clothes out of the dryer come into contact with what your wearing. as far as gloves? if it works for you and isnt causing u harm why not use em. regarding recontaminating yourself and such, I think these critters are literally everywhere in our living environment the numbers will be higher as thats where we spend majority of our time (sleeping) so i do agree with trying to get their numbers down but dont get to overboard with it, cleaning all the time is not healthy and will wear you down and your immune system, chemicals will wear down your immune system as well avoid using them whenever possible.

      Honestly sounds like youve got a good start on things already, keep in mind though that you will never kill all the bugs out there, so make yourself unattractive to them so they leave you alone. Eat as healthy as you can , avoid gmo food as much as you can, sugar is your enemy, and funguses best friend so avoid it as much as possible, exercise every day at least a little bit..

      you can get better from this, the longer youve had it the longer it will take to get rid of it, but its possible to do. Dont cause yourself harm trying to treat this,

      I checked out shanspirations.org and im not seeing any protocols or even anything talking about mites or morgellons or anything of the sort,

      what helped me the most for the external symptoms is peppermint oil iodine and either lotioni or coconut oil applied to skin.

      Internally what helped me most was pills called candida clear, eating better, less sugar swimming daily and or exercise.

      I hope i didnt miss any questions. check out the post from bugging out about the salt and vit c protocol and then check out the site they recommended about it, salt is good stuff, natural sea salt that is, that protocol helped me tons too, and i still use tons of salt,, natures antibiotic basically. alright its really late and im wiped out, hope my answers make sense..lol.. should have gone to bed hours ago...lol


    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: ty

    • palomine55 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: It feels like something is crawling on my scalp, but I can't see any debris up there.

      As I understand it, it's necessary to fight this war on several different fronts at the same time -- in your environment, on your skin and inside your body. I've started following the protocol outlined at stopskinmites. I've been fogging my home and car with cedarcide every day, using the recommended shampoo and body wash, washing my linens, towels and clothes every day, and much more. I'd be curious to know what you think about that protocol and the idea of fogging with cedar oil.

      Megan Wells, the Hawaii resident who runs the stopskinmites web site, says the crawling sensations one feels are the mites, but they don't bite. They're attracted to the fungus underneath and on your skin. What feels like a biting sensation is actually the fungus breaking through your skin. Do you agree with that?

      Do you think it's OK to store all your clean clothes in plastic storage containers? I spray them down with alcohol regularly to keep them clean, and I throw all my dirty clothes in trash bags and then throw out the trash bags when I'm done.

      When I take the clean clothes out of the dryer, I try not to let them touch the clothes I'm wearing. Is that important? Also, if I put them down on the table to fold them, I spray the tablecloth with alcohol first. Does that sound like a good idea to you? When you take clean clothes out of the dryer, is there a risk just from handling them with your fingers? Is it better to wear gloves? I've been wearing rubber gloves a lot. Do you think that helps?

      Another protocol I found that sounds interesting is here: shanspirations.org I'd be curious to know what you think of it.


    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @palomine55: By activity do you mean itching crawling feelings, or do you have debris coming from scalp now? If there is stuff coming from skin personally I think you should collect a bit of it and look at it underneath a magnifying glass 60x magnification should be enough 100x even better. If its mites or bugs you will see them with magnification, you can also use a piece of clear tape and stick it where you feel activity and look at the tape with the magnifying glass. That way you can get a grasp on whats affecting you anyways. over the years ive seen lots of things that look like mites, but never anything moving, other than the fibers/fungus growing under timelapse video.

    • palomine55 3 years ago

      @BugginOut: I shampooed with Aveda rosemary mint shampoo today, which is recommended by stopskinmites.com. Now I'm getting lots of activity on my scalp. Could it be bugs trying to flee? What should I do when I feel that sensation? Just leave it alone until the next time I shampoo, or is there something else I should be doing?

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @Gaylehere: www.wikihow.com/Use-Coconut-Oil-on-Your-Hair-and-Skin

      good instructions on oils, although i disagree with microwaving the oil, dont nuke it it takes something good out of the oil, cant remember what, heat it in hot water....

      gayle good luck to you, maybe you will do what the thousands of others havnt been able to with the same products, get rid of this,,, i tried what youre doing for 5 long years, f i v e years!!! get rid of chemicals and other junk our bodies do not need, clean with steam eat real food, exercise, you will get better, the fungus/bugs are everywhere, if you are healthy and have a healthy ph the fungus and bugs will leave you alone as they cannot survive on or in us if our bodies are in a health alkaline state.. they need a more acidic environment to live, most chemicals are acidid, ALL pharmaceuticals are acidic....i wont post any more to you and will let you take your own path with this, i just hoped I could convince you to look at all the people posting even 5-10 years ago all the same treatments you are today hundreds of thousands of posts showing that yeah it may reduce symptoms, but none of them worked to get rid of it. , i had to learn the hard way just like most others who are still trying to kill the symptoms while overlooking the cause. make yourself unhealthy to the bugs and the bugs will stop bugging u

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago


      Neem is a tree. The bark, leaves, and seeds are used to make medicine. Less frequently, the root, flower, and fruit are also used.

      Neem leaf is used for leprosy, eye disorders, bloody nose, intestinal worms, stomach upset, loss of appetite, skin ulcers, diseases of the heart and blood vessels (cardiovascular disease), fever, diabetes, gum disease (gingivitis), and liver problems. The leaf is also used for birth control and to cause abortions.

      The bark is used for malaria, stomach and intestinal ulcers, skin diseases, pain, and fever.

      The flower is used for reducing bile, controlling phlegm, and treating intestinal worms.

      The fruit is used for hemorrhoids, intestinal worms, urinary tract disorders, bloody nose, phlegm, eye disorders, diabetes, wounds, and leprosy.

      Neem twigs are used for cough, asthma, hemorrhoids, intestinal worms, low sperm levels, urinary disorders, and diabetes. People in the tropics sometimes chew neem twigs instead of using toothbrushes, but this can cause illness; neem twigs are often contaminated with fungi within 2 weeks of harvest and should be avoided.

      The seed and seed oil are used for leprosy and intestinal worms. They are also used for birth control and to cause abortions.

      The stem, root bark, and fruit are used as a tonic and astringent.

      Some people apply neem directly to the skin to treat head lice, skin diseases, wounds, and skin ulcers; as a mosquito repellent; and as a skin softener.

      Inside the vagina, neem is used for birth control.

      Neem is also used as an insecticide.

      How does it work?

      Neem contains chemicals that might help reduce blood sugar levels, heal ulcers in the digestive tract, prevent conception, kill bacteria and prevent plaque formation in the mouth.

      From: Web MD

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @Gaylehere: Gayle I am "better" or even better sounding cured from this. I go to my friends house all the time where i originally caught this and even though they are both infected still doesnt faze me at all anymore. Finally stopped producing the specks and fibers from my skin a couple months ago and its been well over a year since i had any crawling itching or stings.

      The most common cause of pneumonia is bacteria, viruses next leading cause, then you have fungus which is rarer, and then rarest is parasites, which happens almost only in immunocompromised people (hiv,hep...). Look im not saying Im some medical guru, because im not im just a lowly EMT I and or a lowly CNA, but I do know how to research, just because you read that something can happen a certain way does not necesarily mean its how it always happens. Go get bloodwork done, quit guessing at what is wrong with you. You say treating this shouldnt hurt, but ive read so many statements by you say how you tried this and as soon as you did your skin started vibrating, or burning, ot itching,...do you realize alot of what you feel is your skin responding to what you are putting on it? neem for instance you said earlier you put it on and your skin started vibrating.,..hmmm that almost sound like one of the known possible side effects of using....neem. heres some more possible side effects of neem: "Children: Neem is UNSAFE for children. Serious side effects in infants and small children can happen within hours after taking neem oil. These serious side effects include vomiting, diarrhea, drowsiness, blood disorders, seizures, loss of consciousness, coma, brain disorders, and death.

      Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Neem oil and neem bark are UNSAFE to use during pregnancy. They can cause a miscarriage.

      âAuto-immune diseasesâ such as multiple sclerosis (MS), lupus (systemic lupus erythematosus, SLE), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), or other conditions: Neem might cause the immune system to become more active, and this could increase the symptoms of auto-immune diseases. If you have one of these conditions, itâs best to avoid using neem.

      Diabetes: There is some evidence that neem can lower blood sugar levels and might cause blood sugar to go too low. If you have diabetes and use neem, monitor your blood sugar carefully. It might be necessary to change the dose of your diabetes medication.

      Reduced ability to have children (infertility): There is some evidence that neem can harm sperm. It might also reduce fertility in other ways. If you are trying to have children, avoid using neem."

      I agree treating this should not hurt....anyone

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip, if left in the hair for @ two hours gets rid of dandruff.

      Mustard is used by cooks when they encounter burns. The mustard instantly begins healing the skin and the burn has no painful effects. The combination of the turmeric, vinegar and mustard is very healthy for the skin and it is usually right in our kitchen and is very inexpensive. The mustard is also effective in drying out pimples. Some teenagers have severe cases of acne and the mustard heals their skin in a week, if left on and used consistently at night.

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: I've used the coconut oil and it is very difficult to remove. I still have long hair and the oil is not necessary. There are other products one can use which will be as effective. Shampoo does not get out the oils like these, even after 5 or 6 washings. That's why a lot of women cut off all their hair when they get this condition. It's too much work to keep long hair it and to deal with all the treatments.

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @Gaylehere: This is easy to answer. How do you get the mustard or other condiments out of your hair? yupp you guessed it Shampoo. oils are actually very good for your hair, mustard oil is best for people with dry hair, coconut oil is best for people with oily hair. Heck my x used to get hot oil treatments for her hair all the time. One perk of using say coconut oil is its odorless, mustard or mayo on the other hand makes one smell like a sandwich.

      ps coconut oil and olive oil both are natural antifungal and anti parasite not sure if mustard and or mayo are or not also mustard and mayo have other things added in it most oils are going to be 100% coconut or olive oil....

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: Craig, no one is better. I have said when all this began for me that maintenance is the cure. It's a part of old age. It's just that we are experiencing the same symptoms others are experiencing but do not realize that they also have "morgellons." I go to old folk's homes and they all have the same symptoms but call it something else.

      All the answers are in the Bible. We are not to eat pork or shellfish, etc. We are not to touch dead people. If people were more "clean," they wouldn't get this in the first place. Even if someone is cured today, they may go to a restaurant and get some type of parasite again. Why won't doctors treat for parasites anymore? Just like the pharmacist said today, "We're not any different today than we were 40 years ago, but doctors don't treat for parasites anymore." Steve says he is better. Has he told you any differently? There's one other lady who says she's better who went to a holistic healer. The other two people who said they were "cured" are the two ladies who said they did the vaseline treatment for 6 days straight with no bath, but they have not given any follow-up information to let us know they are still better.

      Is anyone really better anyway? I can't name anyone who is clear of the morgellons. I know that recent studies show that eating broccoli, cabbage and brussels sprouts "kills some types of cancers." They're looking for a vaccine to kill toxoplasmosis because millions of Americans have it. It's when doctors wake up that Americans will get better or until we find "the cure" that we'll get better.

      Did you know that pneumonia is caused by a parasite and so is leprosy and dandruff? Yeah, it's all abnormal to our bodies and there is a way to heal people but we have yet to find the answers. At this point in time, all we can do is maintenance and that maintenance should not hurt, if at all possible.


    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @BugginOut: So, how in the world does one get the oil out of their hair??? Mustard, mayo, even lotion will be better for people with hair, especially long hair like on women.

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      I found an interesting article on MSM. The bottom line is that it says that if people think they need msm, they probably just need more protein.

      http : // en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methylsulfonylmethane

      The parasites invading the morgellons sufferers love protein, so it would make sense that they would need to consume more of it to help them get healthy.

      I spoke with a compounding pharmacist today. He said he knew only one person who mentioned morgellons. I purchased a lotion called Gloves in a Bottle. It seals the skin like the bees wax but soaks in like a lotion. He is the only person in my area who sells this lotion. It's expensive and is worth every penny to help alleviate the crawling and biting feelings on the skin and can be ordered on the internet. The pharmacist also suggested I buy sulfur, which I did. It's a fine powder and he said it's best to mix it with some type of oil. The best news, for me, was that he mentioned a doctor from another country, who will treat people for parasites and I don't need a referral, Thank you, God.

      I told the pharmacist about the Neem and he said he tried but couldn't get it in the pharmacy as a result of the regulations. Health food stores don't have the same rules pharmacies have, but he thought neem was a good idea.

      I mentioned that I was taking garlic and aloe vera pills and he said, "Well, garlic has sulfur in it." Perhaps he's right about the sulfur. I purchased some powder and will mix it somehow.

      This morning, after I sprayed the neem, my skin vibrated all over. My skin even vibrated on my head. Maybe it's finally killing off the rest of the parasites. I just wish I had used the neem three years ago, when all this stuff started. It would have been over by now.


    • BugginOut 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Janod,

      I have used coconut oil (food grade) you can find it in the grocery store. A little goes a long way. I have a jar for internal use (cooking etc) and a jar for external usage. I used the coconut oil on my scalp massaging it in and then leaving it on for an hour with a cheap shower cap (dollar store you can get a pack of a dozen or so for a $1). The coconut oil will definitely run so wear something old and use old towels. I did this twice and got rid of them on my scalp. Spectrum organic Coconut oil is available in most grocery stores for around $6-7 and there is enough to use on your head and your family's and still have plenty left over for the rest of your body. Be very careful if you put it on in the tub. In fact I'd suggest you apply it over a sink and massage it in, then put the shower cap on. Pretty simple and effective. I washed my hair several times afterwards with a tea tree and mint shampoo, or head and shoulders type shampoo. These are what I use daily and they seem to hold them at bay. Understand that you need to treat the body from the inside out too. Study about the vitamin C and salt protocol. Google it. Dr. Linus Pauling's research on vitamin C and cancer is amazing and definitely worth reading. The vitamin C helps the body to create a form of hydrogen peroxide (not what we typically think of) but this helps to boost our body's immune system. I think this method is much safer than taking food grade hydrogen peroxide internally. I am skeptical about this personally, but there may be others that have tried it. I am also researching another protocol but won't post anything till I have given it a try myself. I'll keep everyone updated.

      Thanks and here's hoping that everyone finds relief from this "new" plague.

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @Gaylehere: Gayle do you remember about a year ago jumpin my sh$% about a treatment i had emailed you that someone named scabdraggr recommended as a cure for this? I told you even then when i sent it that it sounded ok, but kind of scary at same time?? well fyi scabdraggr is not better still and aalthough some who have tried his treatment said for a bit that they were improving, as far as i know none have been healed by it and as soon as the meds were stopped it came right back as before (which was my experience just with the ivermectin on a 5 day on 3 off schedule for 2 months...which btw is a crazy high dosage and dont do it if you value your liver)

      Anyways who is scabdraggr? Yupp Steve Beddingfield. why is he recommending treatments as a cure yet still has this? do the math. you want to get better? For real? read the posts of those who have gotten better, and i mean better for at least a year... we all did it the same so far as i can find. theres quite a few if you google around, ,., biggest one comes to mind is Mr common sense..but theres more... ignore the ones that are getting better for years on end...they arent... the truth is out there, you just have to stop looking at posts about remedies that offer "relief" and start looking for posts by people who are clear of this. rode the rollercoaster for 5 years, you have yet to name one single thing that at some point i havent tried.. always thinking i was getting better...i wasnt... proof is in the pudding.

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: What about the Ivermectin treatments? Steve Beddingfield, on facebook has a video and site which talks about how it got rid of all his "bug" problems. It's not just eating right, it is also using something to get rid of the pest from within.

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @anonymous: There's a lot of products which can work on the scalp. I have not tried the MSM cream. Mustard or mayonnaise or miracle whip for an hour or two (recommended), vinegar and baking soda, Lysterine original, mint, even Ben Gay cream, and then there's tea tree oil in the shampoo. It's just that the treatments have to be consistent. I never got better in one use, but over time.


    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      I've been studying on Neem, Ivermectin and other "dangerous" chemicals used to treat what I call morgellons. I think the neem is the safest product out there. Garlic, pumpkin seeds, and other anti-parasite foods is great, but not always effective, unless taken in very large quantities and for a long time. Anyway, the mustard is working great. I still have a lot of sores. I hate to tell you this, but, in the sores, are worms. My camera does not lie. When I have the itching and burning and sores start like a burn or even a small hole that gets bigger [I didn't have these symptoms at first], there are worms squeezing in and out of the skin. In the ear are worm-like creatures like aphids and toxoplasmosis. The truth is hard to believe, but knowing the enemy allows for a cure.

      Neem works, ivermectin works. I think not eating any sugars or caffeine works and eating an anti-parasite diet works. Bengal Roach spray sure got rid of any bedbugs. I don't see any bugs after spraying that stuff for a week or two.

      Edible Organic Diatomaceous Earth is great to use as a powder. I can't honestly say it gives relief, but not much can live on the skin with that stuff on your body.EODE was worth every penny I spent on it. I'm still using it. The As for getting rid of parasites from the inside, EODE is supposed to help get rid of certain types of worms and parasites like giardia, tapeworms, etc.

      A person is not supposed to itch and have bites. The skin does not do that on it's own. Only something which does not belong can cause the skin to feel that way. A virus may do that, but in my camera, the virus is tiny little lites and then there are clear, short worms and longer thin worms and most all have faces. Here's an interesting article I found on toxoplasmosis and how millions of people have it and it causes blindness, memory loss and problems when we are older.

      http : // sciencelife.uchospitals.edu/2010/12/06/vaccinating-the-billion-brain-parasite/

      Thank God, we have another day. Gayle

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      I have a question regarding the MSM cream. Can you or should you also apply it to scalp?

      Tried it yesterday and after applying and a minute later

      Massaged and rolled of tons of stuff which first seemed like skin but then saw stuff in it. So I guess it helps with them leaving. Now would like to try it on scalp to see if same results. Thanks

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @BugginOut: Thank you will try our best but it is not possible for one of us because of cancer. We will keep looking and checking.

      Wishing everyone health peace

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @anonymous: I'm doing the whole stopmites.com regimen. Haven't gotten all the stuff yet.

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @Gaylehere: Gayle mites are in a different class than most insects, and accordingly most insect sprays will not kill mites. The little buggers are fairly reselient from what I understand. Even many of the various miteacide's available more target specific mites and will not work on all mites.. Also must factor in that many bugs/mites have developed resistancies to the bug killers out there. one thing though bug killer still kills is us and our environment, use sparingly and follow the directions precisely, stuff like that has a tendency to accumalate inside us and one day u might hit that threshold and next thing ya know you have a reaction and wind up with very little brain function if any.. there was a story on the news not so long ago where a lady did exactly that, one day she was fine, she used more insect killer and next thing ya know shes in a nursing home because she no longer could care for herself...

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Hi Ella, good to hear from you and that you are feeling better. Ever hear any word from bentbill? hopefully hes better as well.

      best wishes.


    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Janod, one thing i did that helped get a grasp on what was going on is I kept a daily journal, In it I kept track daily of what I ate, what I wore, my activities that day and finally how my symptoms were that day. After about a month I started to see patterns and how what i ate/wore/did each day did or didnt affect my symptoms. After 2 months it was pretty obvious to me what was going on. I know it sounds stupid, but really it was a huge help in getting better as i could phase out things that made me worse.

      Bought a new keyboard today, but will try to keep my posts short for a change..


    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      @palomine55: Green bug did not work for us. Cost a lot of money & just repelled them for a while. When it wore off they came at us in angry masses.

    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Some Alfalfa has been contaminated with GMO's. Just thought you should know if you have not heard.

    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Don't waste your money on it. It just chased them away for a few minutes & they came back mad & biting. There are many great suggestions on this site. All are natural ones. I see you already received great advice about balancing yourself from the inside. Continue to read the posts. You will see who gives good advise such as mtdewcougar & who'se advice you may want to take with a grain of salt. Stay strong.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      I thought you were talking about heat treatment that sites like www.wallworkht.co.uk perform, completely different though.

    • BugginOut 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Hi Janod,

      I have not been on for a while, but I watch the threads. I wanted to let you know as someone that has gone the route of using cedarcide spray. Whether it is called "Greenbug, or Cedarcide" it is cedar oil. All of the treatments that you are referring to work to eradicate "bugs" from our environment. I won't disagree that there is an element that attracts "bugs" of all sorts to us, our homes, and vehicles. You can spend thousands of dollars to get rid of them from these places and the cedarcide does help, temporarily. We did multiple treatments on our home, my Mom's home and vehicles. We also used diatomeceous earth (food grade) on our home and ourselves. These things did not eradicate the problem One thing that you might want to do is to check for heavy mold or extremely wet places in your home. That is another area of concern, attracts various critters. But, the real issue is our internal terrain. Our bodies are a much bigger problem. I personally believe that everyone has this problem to some extent. You can see the dark spots, or outbreaks of pimples or itchy spots. All called various problems, or non-specific rashes. The bath that you tried may offer some temporary relief, but is not a permanent solution. Just be very careful not to irritate your skin too much, otherwise you could actually make things worse. I suggest that you go to a web site and do more research. The problem has a lot to do with our diets. My family and I have been on the Vitamin C/Salt protocol for a while now and we are nearly symptom free. We will continue on this protocol the rest of our lives. Understand that when you begin this that you may experience herxheimer effects. Which is basically your body trying to get rid of the bad stuff and fight this off. We have never been diagnosed with Lymes disease but it is all possibly related. We have had a hard enough time trying to find doctors that did not think we had delusional parasitosis or that we were somehow causing our symptoms. But, anyway give some time to researching the Vitamin C/Salt protocol. A web site to start is

      ://www.lymephotos.com/lastword/index.html. You can copy and paste the site into your browser and use the http in front of the colon at the very beginning. This is one of many sites. This is not an instant cure and you will have some days of setback (we did) don't be discouraged, hang in there and keep up with the protocol. Try to eat better, more fresh fruit and veggies, use fewer toxic chemicals, a healthier lifestyle, etc. These are some of the things we have been using and they offer the best hope. Best of luck! My biggest suggestion is to treat yourself from the inside out. Praying for peace and comfort for everyone suffering from this.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      Just was on site and wondered if anyone has tried this cedercide and if it worked? I'm tempted.

      The web site is stopskinmites

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      I tried the cure with the alfalfa and instead of just dropping in the capsules I opened each one and added it to the water. Then it struck me that it looked just like the bathtub photo showing stuff that supposedly came out of her skin. That's when I realized someone is mocking us. I did the bath with alfalfa grape juice, dawn dish detergent and a couple of drps of tea tree oil. Then put glycerin on sparingly and rubbed and white crystal like particals came off. I then put on aloe Vera gel and continued to massage in until no more stuff came off.

      Anyway just want to let you know this cure on you tube is a hoax.

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: I'm finally able to leave the house for a day and not have to go home. I notice improvements. Many people have the same thing but do not realize they are experiencing the same symptoms. The bengal roach spray is dangerous, but I'd cover the mattress with a blanket before I put on the sheets. It's a necessary evil, like clorox.

      The neem is safe. It's been used since before Christopher Columbus by the indians. so it must be useful and not too dangerous. Neem is also sold in the health food stores and may be considered safer.

      Vitamin A is definitely useful in reducing pimples, along with E. The pimples are caused by toxoplasmosis, at least mine are. I have the pictures to prove it. Usually, antibiotics are given to treat toxoplasmosis. I did read on one site, though, that the vitamin A is a natural healing for this condition.

      The best healing, in my opinion, is odorless garlic pills, pumpkin seeds and aloe vera pills, no sugar, no carbs and no caffeine.

      I just know I'm getting better and am no longer home bound.


    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Not yet, after almost 3 years.

    • palomine55 3 years ago

      @anonymous: I'm getting ready to try the protocol outlined at the stopskinmites web site. Just Google stop skin mites to find it. You have to fog your home and car with cedarcide multiple times, plus follow lots of other instructions

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      Please help me! Been dealing with this for 1 month. I'm going to try all theses things. Has anyone gotten rid of these things?

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @Fightingagoodfight14: I never saw this post from you until today, but since i just saw it, well...Thankyou.... Also thanks to you for the kind words you said a a few days ago. Im glad you and your husband are finding relief from this, hopefully it goes how mine did and the days of being symptom free will keep getting to be more and more until you realize it isnt bothering you anymore. Dont know if you have access to a tens unit, but ive been hearing a little bit here and there that they possibly offer some help with getting rid of this.. no'one I know, but still is an interesting idea and ive wondered before if maybe current might help. Anyways thanks for the greet..peace

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @Gaylehere: You might try using mustard powder instead of regular mustard, its much stronger so make sure to dilute it with enough water so it wont burn your skin.

      where are you getting your info on toxoplasmosis? I dont think much if any of what you posted about it or its treatment is correct. For one I think you have folinic acid confused with retinoic acid, they are not the same thing, retin a contains retinoic acid, folinic acid is what is used for toxoplasmosis.

      your post is filled with things that can cause a person serious harm and I think you need to rething your treatments because for the past 18 months you keep saying you found another great thing to use and how youre getting better, but in fact by your description of symptoms they sound much worse than they did a year ago. dont spray bug killer on your bed, it will get thru the sheets sheets are very porous, it will destroy your immune system, could give you cancers, could kill you. not safe remember there might be young ones reading this site for help and they may not know the risks of using toxic substances in their bed and or environment.

      lastly saying that garden safe is safer than any other treatment, well that should be criminal you telling people that,. heres what garden safes website has to say about exposure:

      " If a HUMAN is exposed to Garden Safe products, call 1-800-633-2873 immediately. The medical center is staffed seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

      If an ANIMAL is exposed to any other Garden Safe products, contact your pet's veterinarian. As an alternative, you may wish to contact the National Animal Poison Control Center at 1-888-426-4435. Please note that this center charges for consultations."

      hmmm that doesnt sound to me like they are saying its safe to use on our bodies.

      I am not picking on you, but you and the treatments you are doing are killing you, maybe not killing you fast, but they are not doing you good, and its irresponsible to post things as safe when they are far from, also so much false information about things in your post, perhaps you could include references to the info you state so we can see what the source is and if its reliable or not, because honestly you should check some other sources on toxoplasmosis, because the info youve given is so far from correct it could be dangerous. just remember if you state something is safe, you need to make sure it really is because you never know who might be reading this and take your word for it.

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @anonymous: I don't know. The only thing I left out was the http, so it should work. Look up Steve Beddingfield. He has done several videos and has the best pictures I've seen. He's also on Facebook.


    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @palomine55: I was going to get the Greenbug stuff, but my husband said no. Cedarwood oil can be purchased online and hyssop oil is also good for the skin. It was used by the lepers in the BC days, according to the history in the Bible.

      I found that the Bengal Roach Spray kills any bugs around. The bugs in morgellons are on the inside of the skin and in the body. Greenbug cannot help that.

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Yes, I read that article and I think the alfalfa is so great for the skin, but I did not want to use the detergent. Also, the lemon is excellent as a repellent.

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      I have found a few new products which have helped me tremendously. For the ear crawling, I used the AUSTRALIAN BEES WAX in the ethnic hair care department.

      For the hair, MAYONNAISE or MIRACLE WHIP is said to get rid of dandruff. This product is good for black or white people's hair. It has vinegar to kill the bad stuff and oil to soothe the skin, especially for the new people, for whom everything hurts. I added vinegar to mine. It gets the stuff out of the pores and it feels like toilet paper coming out of my skin.

      MUSTARD is used by cooks to take away the pain of burns. It exfoliates the skin and stops itching, per a book written by Joey Green. I have used the mayo for one week, then I used the mustard. I use the mustard now to wash in the shower. I rub an area, the stuff comes out, then I rinse and repeat until I just have to finally get out of the shower. I shower twice a day, morning and evening. I find much relief using the mustard. I put some on a pimple and left it overnight. It dried it up. I know it wasn't a miracle, but it looked like one.

      IRISH SPRING BODY WASH, orange, "helps prevent breakouts," [or any Irish Spring body wash] is so awesome and gets the skin so clean. It's better than any dish detergent I have ever used, thinking the dish detergent would be the strongest. I melted some sea salt in a little water and added the water to the body wash. The salt didn't change the consistency of the body wash much and I think it's healing to the skin. Pimples are caused by the toxoplasmosis parasite and doctors give a person a retin A medicine to get rid of the parasite. Vitamin A will also work to help decrease the population of the parasites and decrease pimples. Add vitamin E, if you are having troubles with bumps on the skin.

      The Irish Spring did dry out my faceActually, I think the bacteria came to the surface, and I put Johnson's baby oil gel [the off brand is just as good] on my face or the dry skin to help that. The oil gel is thicker than the vaseline and it soaks in to the skin like lotion.

      BROCCOLI, CABBAGE and BRUSSELS SPROUTS has been shown to kill "some types of cancers" according to a news story I heard on the news sometime last week. I eat it with lemon and sometimes add heavy whipping cream to give it a cheesy taste. The LEMON helps to get the body to a more alkaline state. It's so good for the body and, if it kills some types of cancers, I need all the veges I can get to heal from this morgellons.

      RAW PUMPKIN SEEDS from the health food store also kills parasites. I put mine in a blender and made a drink out of it. The seeds taste good with milk products. I have taken a two week break from garlic and aloe vera pills and I can tell a difference.

      Finally, NEEM kills all types of bugs. It is not instant, but it stops the bug from eating because they "forget to eat." Other bugs are affected in that they can't grow from one stage to another. When they are going to the older stage, they die. I purchased mine from Lowes. Garden Safe makes it and it is safer to use than the other products people are using to get rid of the bugs of morgellons. I spray my legs every three days or so. It does not stay in the body long because the product breaks down quickly.

      If you are having troubles with bed bugs, or think you are, I used the BENGAL ROACH SPRAY around my bed every night for two weeks before I'd put on the new sheets. I put a blanket between the sheets and the mattress to keep the spray from getting through. I haven't had any more problems with bed bug bites since then.

      I have noticed from talking to people who have the morgellons condition, that most all of them like caffeine. If at all possible, slow down or better yet, quit the caffeine habit. My sister quit teas and coffees and is so much better. I'm still working on it. : )



    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Janod everyone ive talked to that has tried the sun detergent and alfalfa said the same thing that it didnt help at all, i tried it and it didnt help me at all either. Mms or magic mineral supplement as ive seen online, if its what im thinking of is made out of sodium chloride. not sure if it works or not, but heres a good site with good scientific debate in regards to it : www.thenakedscientists.com/forum/index.php?topic=15081.0

      I will say that the married couple i got morgellons from tried it and it did not work for them, but they also are the type not to be consistant and follow directions precisely so that could factor in.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      Has anyone tried the morgellons cure? The lady claims she used sunlight detergent with bleach for colours and by accident 25 alfalfa pills dropped into the tub and all this stuff came out of her in the bath.

      It's on healtforlife.com

      Also just google cure for morgellons. There is a photo on you tube of the tub. Interesting. Oh she also used 40 drops of mms.mms is something I don't know other than it is minerals. I can't get it here. Maybe online

    • palomine55 3 years ago

      Has anybody tried Greenbug? The claim on their web site that they can treat Invisible Biting Bug Syndrome with a cedar spray:

      There are people in this country suffering from an unexplained sensation of being attacked by bugs and one of the potential causes of this problem may be mites. Occasionally homes have birds nesting on their homes that are infested with very small mites. If the birds leave and do not return, the mites can find their way into the home and will bite the inhabitants. The same can happen with rat mites. These tiny pests are atypical of most very visible pests and could possibly be the culprit in some instances.

      To treat for the mites, you should fog any room you suspect may be harboring mites. To fog, utilize 1 quart Greenbug for People for up to 1200 sq ft. Starting at the far side of a room, aim the fogger output directly at all potential hiding spots making sure the mist penetrates thoroughly. Pry fabric apart, point into electrical outlets, blast up under heavy furniture, fog all nooks and crannies as you move your way out of the room. Continue to direct at hiding spaces until there is a dense fog in the room. Allow the fog to penetrate 4 hours to overnight. There is no staining or residue. (Back to Solutions)

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Janod, maybe try cutting out the clorox but keep using the borax if you can. I found ironing my stuff with the steam setting on the iron on high worked really well for me. just make sure to iron with the steam off afterwards so the clothes dont stay damp. If this is a fungus attracting mites like i think it is, using clorox and other toxic chemicals cause more harm than good, it kills beneficial organisms on our skin that actually help protect us and keep balance in check, kill them off and the bad stuff gets to grow unchecked, kind of like when you are on antibiotics and you get thrush or whatever if you dont take probiotics. Think about how hard athletes foot is to kill, its just another fungus, so if it is some type of fungus causing this, well it would explain why its so hard to get rid of it, I treated it as a fungal problem and eventually got better, stop eating sugar, eat healthy (avoid gmo foods as much as you can) and hopefully you will start seeing improvements quickly. It may take awhile to get symptom free, but it is possible.. best of luck to you my friend.


    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @Fightingagoodfight14: Hey let me ask you a question, kind of hard to describe but im hoping you will understand what im talking about. Have you noticed when you are rubbing the essential oils in or coconut oil in that sometimes you hit a spot on your skin that even though you have lots of oil on it, its like the skin is sticky? You can literally be pushing your finger on it and it will stop your finger regardless of the oil....I Think if you reach that stage in the skin that is the actual fungus or whatever it is, if you put iodine on that spot and let it sit a few minutes, when you rub it again the skin and sticky spot will roll off with your fingers... Im pretty sure this is the cause of this, and what the mites and such are attracted too. how I have found it on my skin is basically choosing a "hot spot" and then just keep applying the coconut oil and iodine to that area for a hour or two keeping it wet the whole time, and rubbing it in quite a bit, after awhile you reach the sticky layer...hopefully you understand what im talking about, if not, try it out on a bad spot. just keep putting the oil on it and rubbing it in every few minutes.. under the scope this sticky layer is really strange, very spiky and almost algae like looking...

      p.s. yeay I got my internet back!! =)

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      Hi Gayle

      I tried the YouTube you suggested and it comes up as no such thing. Can you provide a link? I would be very interested on seeing it.

      Thank you

    • palomine55 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Thanks, Marie. I have lots of questions since my ordeal started just a few weeks ago. Anyone who can answer any of these questions, please jump in.

      Here goes: Is it OK to spray sheets and pillow cases with rubbing alcohol? How about diluting it with water? Will it still be effective at 50-50 or 75-25? I placed pie pans with DE in them underneath my bed posts, so theoretically, that should kill the mites that try to climb up onto my bed from the floor. But so far it doesn't seem to be working very well.

      Could some of them be drifting down from the ceiling? Or maybe I'm being bitten by mites that are already in or on my body when I get into bed. I also sprayed DE along the baseboards and that seemed to kill a lot of them. Will low humidity kill them? I know fleas require at least 50 percent humidity to thrive, and they prefer 70 percent and higher. I bought a dehumidifier when I thought my problem was fleas, and I've gotten the humidity in my home down to 40 percent. Will that have any effect on the microscopic mites? When you spray alcohol on your keyboard and other places, should you wipe it off with a paper towel or just let it dry? Perhaps spraying the ceiling and walls would help.

      Is it OK to walk around the house barefoot or should you always have shoes on your feet? I just bought some flip-flops today for wearing around the house, and I'm planning to spray them with alcohol periodically. I tried spraying DE in a mixture with Windex on my car seats, but that didn't seem to work. Alcohol seems to be more effctive.


    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: Welcome back!

    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      @anonymous: I use borax & a few drops of eucalyptus or other essential oil. works great. I used to feel the crawlies when I removed sheets from dryer. No more. We stopped using blankets. We wash sheets every morning. Have a bed bug mattress pad on mattress, box spring & pillows.

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      The following video is so moving. I have gotten some new pictures lately of bugs. I have never seen anything like them. They almost look like aphids. The video is not mine nor my pictures, but what you can see is what I see but perfectly clear.



    • anonymous 3 years ago

      Hi guys, just dropping in...

      I've been feeling better,,,hello to everyone..

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      If bird mites are in the house or carpet or outside, wouldn't a bug killer do the trick. I used Bengal Roach Spray around my mattress and in the bedroom, every day for two weeks. I have not had any more bug bites at all since then. Wouldn't Bengal Roach Spray, or some other type of bug killer, kill bird mites?


    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      There is a person on Facebook named Steve Beddingfield, who has taken some wonderful pictures. For those who have pictures of your own, you may want to compare your and his. I have a picture of some type of bug or creature shooting out a string and the string is connecting to another one. I call it the Morgellons Fiber Bug. It's very interesting. From what I've learned, I think people are infested by a lot of unknowns, such as worms, bugs, fungus and molds.

      Recently, I learned of a study which found that eating broccoli, cabbage and brussels sprouts kills some types of cancers. I wonder if some of the "cancers" is not part of what's bothering the people who seem to have morgellons. Maybe a cancer is worms and bugs eating people up. I'm taking Vitamin A for toxoplasmosis, vitamin B, C, E and protein foods. With the vegetable meal plan, I use a lot of lemon. I mix water with lemon, heavy whipping cream and some protein drink mix. I'm hoping it will help. Also, I abstain from sugars as much as possible. Evidently, cancers cannot live without sugars but the body can. Many seem to have success with a no sugar meal plan who have morgellons symptoms.

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Janod, If the results from the university said it was Lepidoptera and microleps that sounds entirely plausible to me, not because I think they are the root cause of this, but because like most every single insect or mite that seems to be found by people with this problem they are insects that eat fungus They also tunnel and some are parasites to other insects...some people (myself included) think liverworts is part of the soup that makes up morgellons and yes, the bugs you mentioned are known to also eat liverworts, not all of the families of them eat fungus and the other stuff i mentioned, but definitely some do as their food source. there is also another user on this site who thinks cloth moths are part of their problem as they think they have found them on and in them, im still thinking all the various insects found with this are in fact merely a symptom, which is why noone seems to ever get rid of it, because treating symptoms is not an effective way to getting healthy. western medicine proves this every day by example. Try googling morgellons and insects or sometjhing similar and one thing you will notice is that those who talk about finding insects or mites or other critters., most all of them are insects that eat molds or fungus, most not being critters known to infect humans, but seemingly are. As an interesting side note, most of the critters found also seem to be the same ones you would find in a decomposing body.. SO I guess i have made it clear imo this is caused by some sort of a fungus, but thats just my opinion and how i treated it eventually and finally got better. look at all the morgellons videos, tons of them showing a fungus like substance, very few showing actual moving critters...

      ps thanks for the kind comments a few days back, I finally got things falling into place better and got internet service hooked up again...day by day lol best I can do for now.


    • anonymous 3 years ago

      Not every bird carries mites. Only infected birds carry bird mites. I never had bird mites problem before. I am from far east and from countryside, so there are chickens and ducks and turkeys nearby, and I never heard any problem from anybody. I think the problem is from global warming. Warmer temperature promotes some species to prosper. It is reported one infected bird could carry thousands of mites, and since they lay a lots of eggs, reach to millions easily. I would get rid of birdfeeder if I were you.

      Listerine and Windex make you feel good because they contain alcohol, but they contain other unwanted stuffs. Windex contains detergent and ammonia and more. Windex is to clean glass, not a lotion for your skin. Rubbing alcohol is 70% isopropanol. There is 50% isopropanol too. They are cheap and pure.

      If you can see dots or fiber in bedding, they are not mites. They are some visible bugs. I am not an entomologist, and maybe you could ask some lab in a university. I am sure they would be happy to help you.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      I have a birdfeeder hanging on my back porch and I bring it inside periodically to refill it. Could that be a source of my bird mite infestation? I'm not sure if I have bird mites or some other type of mite, but I'm going to try the pan of hot water in a dark room to see if I can catch any of them.

      I've been using the birdfeeder for about three years and never had any problems with mites until recently, so it doesn't seem likely that was the source, but you never know. Do you think I should get rid of the birdfeeder as a precaution?

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      Thanks Marie

      We don't know what we have that is the problem. It is getting less but we can't seem to eradicate them.

      What we get in bedding and clothing is white fluff like stuff

      And when squished it rolls out long like finer. Also when clothing and bedding sprayed with alcohol after laundering many black small insects appear we roll with lint roller to get them off and the roller is full of black dots

      They still bite. Sent samples to university but were wrong ones all came back as none biting Lepidoptera and microleps. Will again send sample but will be more selective. In the meantime have been using listerine and windex along with all laundry stuff.

      This is now 6 months and the little black bugs are still biting

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      I don't know anything about bird mites in bedding or clothing. Bird mites just float in the air since they are so small and do not have wings to fly, but they could zoom to target and sting with sharp needle. They only bite certain people and not everyone, which is a myth. I feel like they target people with higher body temperature. Bird mites infect bird first and bird has body temperature said to be 101 degrees. I don't understand why someone has problem with bedding and clothing and could not see. Also, if someone feels Listerine ease itchy, probably because it contains alcohol. Rubbing alcohol (70% isopropanol) will do same, and it cost only 99 cents per 500 ml. I keep in spray bottle to kill mite after I trap them with air purifier or air conditioner filter.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      I am not a microbiologist or entomologist but I don't think spores will bite or crawl. I think there are more than one kind of bird mite. Crawling on your face and biting your skin is one kind of mite, and there is another kind which does not crawl but bite with sharp needle. I find Lemon Eucalyptus to be effective for repelling mites. I add about 20 drops into about 20 to 40 ml (about 1 OZ) of water (I use bottle water from stores instead of tap water since I make several hundreds ml for many days), I use spray bottle bought from beauty product store. Shake hard before use and spray little bit on the skin exposed after shower, and rub with palm to spread thorough. I also add about 5 to 10 drops into lotion and mix well and apply to skin. Do not apply to your face if you rub your face hard with towel if you wash your face in order to remove dead cells from your face, since it would burn your face. I put facial cream first, then after a few min I apply cream or lotion with Lemon Eucalyptus and spread thorough. You can either spray water suspension or mixed in lotion, or facial cream. Most important is cover your skin thorough, since I found bird mite would sting any area not covered by Lemon Eucalyptus.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      Is there anyone that can tell me what they get and see in bedding and clothing even after laundering. Can't seem to get rid of whatever it is. Who has had success and what did you use. I am currently using borax detergent and Clorox and no success Help anyone?

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: Sorry that you are having these financial problems. Wish I was in position to help I would. Been there keeps your spirits up it will get better.

      Your mom is not gone. She will be watching over you. Good luck

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Amanda, Is there any way you could move? It's not any biting bugs or anything, but mold sickness is very subtle and dangerous. Some say it causes asthma. I don't know if you're young, but if you're not, the mold will affect you more severely. Mold spores don't bite, by the way. If you are in a lease, mold is reason enough, almost anywhere, to get out of it without paying any fees. Mold is dangerous. If you choose to stay, you may want to get a bunch of bleach to try to decrease the mold.


    • anonymous 3 years ago

      How do I tell if what is crawling /biting me is bird mites or mold spores? I just moved to a new place that's located in the basement of a triplex and I didn't notice it at first but it smells like mold. Also the front to my place is located under a large deck for the apartment upstairs and on the corner ledge of the deck outside my door was an abandoned birds nest across from my door.So....what do you think it is? THE Listerine seems to be helping though.HELP!

    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: We will miss you so very much! Hope all works well for you!

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @anonymous: For the laundry, I just use 1/8 to 1/4 cup bleach with regular soap and let soak for 1 hour or more. Lysol concentrate also works instead of bleach. Vinegar (1 cup) will also work. The parasites die in the soak and those that don't, die in the dryer. If you still have lint, the iron is extremely effective.


    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Yes. The ear crawling is indicative of brain parasites. Pure Australian Bees Wax in the ethnic hair care section of Walmart, @$2.00. Put it in the ear at night before bed and cover with tissue to help keep it in. I also put the bees wax, thinly, on my face to protect it. They will move to the throat and eyes, so be forewarned. Gargle with listerine or salt water for the sore throat. For the eyes, I used a few grains of salt at the outside corners of my eyes. It burns a little if the eyes are very red but is effective. Baking soda works for the eyes and I use it to soak my contacts. I take 10 odorless garlic pills, 4 papaya enzyme pills and 5 aloe vera pills every day to kill the parasites. Also, it is important to take vitamin B, C, E and A to rebuild the immunities.


    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      6 Great products I recently found (and am currently using) for morgellons suffers.

      1) MIRACLE WHIP - Also a cure for dandruff if you leave it on your head for two hours. It has vinegar to kill and oil to soothe and is not too painful and helps to stop itching. A great exfoliator. 2) DISH DETERGENT (DAWN) - full strength, applied like lotion and left on for as long as I can. It cleans out the pores and kills the parasites. I have also been using the dawn in the shower to really clean out the pores. 3) COKE ZERO - A gentle and effective exfoliator. I have also used it in my ears. It bubbles and pops like peroxide. 4) MUSTARD - Can be used for back pain but I find it helps soothe the skin and helps to exfoliate. Stops itching. 5) DOVE (or EQUATE) - full strength, rubbed into the skin, and left on as long as I can. Helps to kill the parasites, gently exfoliates the skin and acts like an antibacterial, and is very gentle. 6) OLD SOCKS - I use them to (scour -firmly rub the skin) when I wash. The cotton gets the pores cleaned out.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @Fightingagoodfight14: Thanks for info re laundry. How much eucalyptus oil do you use per load. Also do you find that in the clothing they are like fluff but hard. What do you see in bedding and clothing?

    • taliasmith23 3 years ago

      thanks, im gonna look into some of these methods!

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      Well you all It looks like im going to be off the net for awhile, cable peeps just came to collect the bill or terminate service...ugh.. still have not received the final check from social security which was supposed to pay off my moms bills and such.. Cant even put the house up for sale until I get that check so I can do a few more things here to sell it.. Check was supposed to be here the 25th oflast month, so its been a struggle juggling everything.. I cant wait to sell this house and get back to colorado and back to a real paying job, I dont regret leaving my work to come take care of my mom one bit, but it has left me in a financial spot that has been extremely difficult and now actually even scary wondering how im going to make it to the next day.. Hopefully I can unload this house fast and get outta here,, who know... I wish you all nothing but the best, I pray that you can find something, anything that will help you get over this infestation..

      Take care,


    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      @anonymous: DEET is a poison & adults have died from overexposure. I do not recommend using it. Mtdewcougar gave a list of ingredients a while ago of coconut oil, glycerin, essential oil etc. This works very well. We spray our clothes with isopropyl alcohol during the day if we feel them on our clothes. Salt kills them too. Essential oil of cloves works but others will notice the smell. Orange essential oil smeels great & works too. Peppermint oil works but if you use a bug drop it will make you chilled to the bone. I discovered using eucalyptus oil & 20 mule team borax with laundry soap in every load killed em in our clothes. Bathing with a few drops of any essential oil & using a loofah on my face & a nylon bristled body brush worked great. We killed them in our carpet by vacuuming every day & sprinkling a mix of baking soda & peppermint oil into carpet especially where we walk barefoot. If you don't have any, you can use salt. They eat the skin we shed. We have bed bug mattress & pillow protectors. They help a lot. We change sheets every morning & wash or put into clear plastic bags & tie off. Then spray the bed with alcohol. We have been fighting these things for over a year, but the latest remedies have made a great improvement. I can sleep now. Lack of sleep was the worst. Stay strong and try the alkaline diet too. Lots of raw veggies. Read ingredients on salad dressings. Most contain soy &.or corn syrup. (GMO's). I found an organic honey mustard dressing to be very tasty.

    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      @anonymous: I had them in my ears too. Drove me nuts. I used hydrogen peroxide in each ear. Get a washcloth to wipe up excess & spills. Lay on one side & pour in. Stay there until bubbling stops. I got them out of my ears but the nostrils are more difficult. Not about to put peroxide in there. But using the glycerin, iodine etc. solution craig suggested works when wiped around the inside rim of nostrils. Gets them coming & going. I use the solution three times a day all over my body. It's working well. But at night I keep iodized sea salt on night stand. If crawlies wake me up I sprinkle salt where they bother me. Stops em dead & I get right back to sleep. (avoid eyes). Recently I discovered gold Listerine works well in my hair before bed. But I have golden, strawberry blonde hair. Don't know what it does to other color hair.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      If you are bitten by bird mites, try Lemon Eucalyptus, which is for the ticks. Bird mites belong to tick family, not mosquitos, so Lemongrass does not work. I add a few drops to facial cream of about 1 table spoon, or 20 drops to 20 ml or more water and shake well. I rub to my face or ear, or spray water suspension to any skin exposed and spread well with palm. If you wash your hands, remember to apply again.

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Hi I have been where you are at, only my problem wasnt so much my ears as much as my sinuses. I also was on the "magic pill" i actually took it on a 5 on 3 off schedule and had same results, as soon as it wore off it came right back. I had this around 6 years before getting better. I think what you shoud do is start taking a product called candida clear from the health food store you can also get some pills made from black walnut hulls at health food store which is a good anti parisitic, granted candida clear does already have that in it as well as a few other anti fungal and parasite things in it, if you have it bad i would go ahead and get both. Cut out sugar from your diet as much as possible, avoid gmo foods, and get lots of healthy exercise. After a while your body will no longer be suitable to host these things and you should get relief from this. I personally found using peppermint oil mixed with aloe lotion and a little iodine worked best for me to get rid of them from my skin and keep them from reinfesting my all the time. just mix a little of all three of those things when you are going to use it and rub into skin, adjust the amt of peppermint oil used to where it doesnt burn on the skina and the iodine just strong enough as to not stain the skin. apply this to ear area and it should keep them from coming back..that is once your system gets to the point that it is unsuitable for them to enjoy you anymore. shouldnt take long if you are consistant with the candida clear and get sugar and gmo foods out of your diet. best of luck to you..

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      Hi I have had this problem with these mites for eight years but these are living in my ears. They have burrowed past my ear area and the pain when they come out to feed on my skin is unbearable.. Really need some help to rid them your posts say how to rid the skin and house but haven't read about ears? Been to doctors over the years have been on that magic pill then stopped once feeling was gone now that drug has worn off there driving me crazy I have a young daughter and am worried for her health?

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      I thank you for this post, I really thought I was losing my mind. My daughter and I have been getting bites for over 6 months. Mostly on the back, stomach and upper body. At one point my daughter even developed ringworm (2 or 3 rings) I suspected that these mites had drank of stagnate water, I cured this myself with anti-fungal cream. The doctor did not know what the bites were and even said that she did NOT have ringworm!! So I realized I am on my own on this one, I have been doing alot of research on no-see-ums or types of sand fleas and mites. Supposedly these bugs

      do not like products containing DEET, however, even OFF and Cutter do not seem to keep these away. I have sprayed bedding and ourselves after shower with rubbing alcohol but nothing seems to work. I can't wait to go buy some Listerine and Windex when I wake up....God bless and thank you for sharing!

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Marie, I didnt mean to make you angry. I apologize if I did. I think we just have a different definition of "works" To me "works" ,means it will eleminate this problem once and for all for people, I no longer see that having to use any product to feel ok or not bitten as a solution to this. I did that route for 5 years and I can read a thousand other blogs of people doing this protocol or that protocol and them saying it works, or it keeps them at bay, or any other slippery statement that between the lines reads- Yes I still have this problem. I have read the same story im sure about how long some bird mites can go without feeding. And I am pretty sure the story or the mite you are talking about is the Hen Mite or a chicken mite, which I dont know where you live for sure, but around here I dont see alot of chickens around my place or the library for that matter. Maria its realy quite simple to know for 100% fact if you have mites.. Going by what you say you are doing "running air purifier" well next time you change the filter, take a piece of clear 3m packing tape or something similar and stick it to the filter and pull it off, then use a jewelers loop or magnifying glass and see if you see them.. if in fact you are able to capture them in the filter eventually you will see one on the tape.. btw dont know what kind of air purifier you are using, but generally speaking if it has a high quality hepa filter in it, the hepa filter will stop 99% of particles down to a size of about .3 microns and mind you thats a good hepa filter, a bird mite is about on average .5 microns. So if the purifier has anything other that a hepa filter, it will not stop the mites, it will get some of them, but in reality 40% filtration at best with a standard filter. Then take into consideration what size air purifier you have and how much air it moves and that 40% is going to go down even more. You can be your own doctor, your own investigator, what im trying to say is its not practical or necesarily healthy to just assume whats wrong and start throwing parts at it, just like working on a broken car you dont just throw parts at it trying to fix it, you find the problem and then you fix it. Just my opinion though, I found dozens of things that kept the symptoms at bay...for years and years, until i stopped using them and immediately it came back. thats not a solution. I left my house and moved to colorado for a few months, got completely symptom free there, when i came back to the house though i was totally reinfested within 2 weeks... now I am fine, nothing bothers me, i even can lay down on the carpet now, which is amazing imo lol... anyways, i would verify you have what you think you do, if its a mite, well if theres an infestation, it shouldnt take long to capture one on a piece of tape and when you do if you do, that will seal the deal with your doc i would imagine.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      Hi, mtdewcouger, I don't have symptoms or whatever. I have been bitten by bird mites, I have been trying to eliminate them by filtering through air purifier which is mostly successful but not completely since my house is large and garage is the source to attract mites and they will seep into the house when I opened the door. Second, I spray myself with Lemon Eucalyptus-water suspension (2 to 10%) and spread on my skin. It is a great success, since I could go to any infected area and never bothered by mite-biting.

      Who is the specialist? Who is professional? There is no such things in bird mite-biting workd. If you go to dermatologists, they mostly likely ask you to go to psychiatrist, since they have next patient to see, they have to make living too. Exterminators? What they know? see? They just come and spray insecticides around your furniture and some crevice with insecticides dissolved in organic solvent. That is a joke. Do they know where are mites? Are their glasses equipped with 100x magnifier so they could see where mites are? And shooting solvent at them? Entomologists? They reported on birdmite.org forum that bird mites could survive without eating for 6 or 7 months or more. I found that report was based on a report that someone found bird mites in vacated farm house, 6 months after. The author assumed there was no rat or mice or raccoon ever entered that abandoned farm house. Oh, what a scientist!!! When we read any report, we have to examine how the research is conducted.

      Lemon Eucalyptus works. Which is extract of a tree in Basil. Not Lemongrass which is from India.

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @Fightingagoodfight14: I hav'nt seen that one yet, do you have a link? Heres a link to a video of someone tearing some pork apart and yes fibers are in it too, moving ones yummy.


    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      Did anyone hear about the fibers found inside the Chicken McNuggets? Photos are posted that look like Morgellons.

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @Gaylehere: Also, on the third day of no sugar, my stools were full of whipworms. I haven't seen any more since. Maybe the garlic has taken care of that parasite.

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      Hey,...update...I've been on a no sugar meal plan for 8 days now. The first two days were hard. I felt on edge like quitting smoking feels. The crawling is in certain spots now like my back and on some places on my legs. They have also started in my ears again but are deep and I can't feel the crawling on the face anymore.

      I have some pictures of specimens and Steve Beddingfield on facebook has named one parasite from bacteria or mold. He called it Fusarium, a bacteria fungus. He has also grown stuff from specimens. One "cure" he mentioned is chitosan, but it is not available anywhere. He also mentioned tinactin spray and using a triple antibiotic and covering the area with saran wrap. I still think some of the specimens are the cloth moth gone human but am patiently waiting for another name or someone to agree with me.

      With the no sugar meal plan, I still feel the crawling and some biting. I have found that 2 showers/baths a day is imperative to keep them at bay. IcyHot, Ben Gay and Curel Itch Defense and bees wax are still the best products I can find for the skin. I am taking enzymes, b, c, a, e, 10 -1,000mg odorless garlic and 5 aloe vera tabs every day. I am hoping that getting better is a slow process and that I am not wasting my time with no sugar and all the pills. Cleaning is still imperative to get rid of stuff. Whatever it is, it's in the environment and gets into our bodies.


    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @FenceMaster LM: Thats good you got better, I also used DE like you did, and it helped me a ton, but i think for those with morgellons it will help, but not remedy the problem, for those with mites, or other invaders like them i think DE will most definitely work to get rid of them.. REally DE is a great place to start because if it works obviously you have/had a infestation problem, if it doesnt work well it might just not be a critter causing u problems.

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Marie, I am not saying you dont have bird mites infesting you, it does happen, but what im trying to say is that if you hire a professional or two to come and test for them, and if you go to your doctor and get tested for them and all those tests come back negative, well chances are it might not be mites.

      In fact penicillin mold spores, or other fungus/molds will in fact create a crawling sensation on and in the skin, that is because how our nervous system sends signals to our brain and how our brain process these signals, they send the same signal and it feels like a crawling sensation. You dont have to believe me, but I sure know that theres alot of people treating this for relief just like I did and as the days turns into months, the months into years, all that crap we use for relief of the biting and crawling is slowly making our immunes system weaker and weaker. Everything we put on the skin absorbs into our system it builds up it kills our livers, its not healthy to keep spraying chemicals on ourselves.. If you have morgellons, or if you have bird mites doesnt matter, you need to find out if there is bugs involved, hire a specialist to look, buy a microscope and loook for yourself, I have morgellons, ive had it what like 7 years now, i have 0 symptoms now and i dont clean like crazy, no longer bag all my clothes, I do absolutely nothing special other than i dont eat gmo food, and i avoid as much sugar as possible. More and more research is done everyday, there are doctors treating this and getting good results, they all have their different theories, but molds/fungus is most always a part of the equation as is cyanobacteria . I wont get into the genect alteration aspects but obviously we are dealing with something new and very different.. Sugar feeds the beast as does gmo foods. even on this site theres others saying they have been getting better by not using these two things.. maintainig to get relief is not getting better, its losing a war very slowly over years and losing time just maintaining, thats not a solution it just prolongs the agony and you wont get better doing this;.. took me 6 years of treating symptoms to realize that, 6 years of itching and stings, suicidal thoughts because it was so unbearable at times, how many hours wasted cleaning each day, just to feel a little relief. what a waste of time. find ouit what you have, if you suspect mites, bugs, insects, fungus, mold, mental illness...find out, spend at least as much time finding out the cause as you do treating the symptoms.. .spend the money now to have expert come in and test for bugs, you will be spending it on treatments anyways over the next few years otherwise. and not getting better.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      Birds migrate to the south in the winter but bird mites do not, except hitching on infected birds. After bird mites leave infected birds by floating in the air, since they don't have wings, they would float toward some objects with warm blood (it is mistery how warm is enough for them since they bite human selectively) and lay eggs and so on. If you exterminate bird mites inside your house in the winter, probably you would not be bitten till spring since there is no bird around to carry mites. When birds come back from south in the spring, the outdoor air could be filled with bird mites again if there are mite-infected birds, and even if you exterminate mites inside your house with air purifier and rubbing alcohol, mites would seep into your house and it would be difficut for anyone to exterminate mite completely.

      Penicillium mold spore would not crawl on your face, or bite you. I don't dispute Sharon found those mold spores, but it is a seperate incident.

      I am not an entomologist. I am a sufferer, and what I have been trying was to ease my misery by removing as many mites as possible by fitration, and then found repellent by applying Lemon Eucalyptus suspension on skin so I would not be eaten alive.

      I hope I could help someone with same problem.

    • FenceMaster LM profile image

      FenceMaster LM 3 years ago

      We put DE in our carpets, especially heavy around the walls, and would vacuum it up every week and ad more (use a dust mask), and after about a month we have never had any problems again!

    • tonyaalves3 profile image

      tonyaalves3 3 years ago

      Thanks for the info. This is good to know

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      What is up with people on this site that refuse to read or listen to the posters who are giving advice on how they got rid of this and what they found it to be. Sharon clearly said it was in the winter that it started for her and that when they had the air tested it was high for penicillin spores, that the couch where it started was musty and had mold in it. Yet there are those who are insiting its mites and in their own posts say it goes away in the winter, I dont know about everyone here, but most of us that have had this had this year round. If it was mites then the experts would find them and tell you that, that is what they do for a living. Go to the mold site or google another one and read about the effects it can have on your body, mold is on the rise everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. If your doc checks you out and doesnt find bugs, it the exterminators check out your home and dont find bugs, well its more than likely not bugs. Most Doctors dont even check or know how to have you tested for Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome. Here is a quote from the World Health Organiaztion " Toxicological evidence obtained in vivo and in vitro supports these findings, showing the occurence of diverse inflammatory and toxic responses after exposure to microorganisms isolated from damp buildings, including their spores, metabolites, and components"

      You might think that once you get rid of the mold and the spores that you should get better from the effects from this, but heres the surprise, no you do not, your inflammatory responses are basically short circuited and will continue causing you problems.. That is why you need to learn more about what im talking about and if its a possibility get tested so you can get treatment to get better. Watch the hour long video on the site i posted earllier and listen to the doctors explanation. only 25% of people have the genes that make them succeptible to this which would explain how ones mate doesnt get affected. Im not saying for sure you dont have mites, but bird mites are rare for people they will not follow you everywhere you go, but your inflammatory response most definitely will.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      To Sharon. I think you are bitten by bird mites. You feel the crawling and biting since some mites have 3 pairs of legs before mature and crawl on your face which would not bite, but when they mature become four pairs legs, they would bite you. They only bite certain people, not everyone. They are smaller than 0.5mm and opaque white, so you could not see. Add Lemon Eucalyptus ($5.69) in water (about 20 drops in 10 ml cold, boiled water) and shake well, spray and spread thorough on your exposed skin. (Not Lemongrass, which is for mosquitos). Air condition filter could trap those mites. After you trap with filter, spray with 70% isopropanol (rubbing alcohol) to kill mites, or buy air purifier (TrueAir from amazon, $50) to trap mites and kill with same alcohol. Please tell me if it works. They would go away when birds migrate to south for winter, they would come back in the spring to haount you. Inspect if there is any bird nest, bird house, or bird bottle or red ballon to attract bird around your house. Recently I found my green car attracts birds also. I do not park car in my garage since in the afternoon garage is filled with active bird mites, and I park my car away from my house also. Hope those would help you.

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Sharon, Thankyou for a most excellent post. I totally agree with you that mold can be one of the causes of this. One thing also to keep in mind is chronic exposure to mold can cause all sorts of long term problems, you can even get sinus and lung issues because of it along with it will weaken your immune system. If you have mold in your walls the CDC recommends if the area to clean up is bigger than 10 square feet to hire a professional mold remediation company to clean up. If you do decide to clean it up yourself make sure to wear clothing that covers all skin, goggles and a mold approved respirator,..i know that all sounds like overkill, but trust me its not, mold is a very serious issue and can cause some severe problems if not kill you. Here is one of the best sites ive seen regarding mold and the systemic responses it can cause in about 25% of people exposed to it. www.survivingmold.com/diagnosis

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      Hi There, I had this trouble. I could feel the crawling and biting but my husband could not. I did wonder at times if I was mad. We got someone in to see if it was any sort of bug but he could not find anything. We eventually got an air test done in our house in the most problematic rooms to check for mold spores. It turned out that there was more penicillium mold spores in our house than would be expected. The scientist said that this would not cause the biting feeling but it made sense because we had a fake leather couch which is where I first felt the biting start, when we broke it apart to throw it out if was a bit musty and moldy. Breaking it apart must have spread the mold particles and it was winter so the heating was on a lot which might have brought them to life more. Getting rid of any damp, airing the place and wiping every surface with soapy water helps get rid of the penicillium mold particles. These particles stay airborne for a long time but will eventually go down to a more normal level. Penicillium mold is everywhere, only when there is a higher than normal concentration of it does it become a problem. Some people tend to feel it, some people do not. Another tip is to use a bagless hoover. Hoovers with bags just spread the particles more. Good luck and hopefully this helps someone.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @Gaylehere: Gayle your right they are inside our pores Sprayed with water and iodine mixture after shower with listerine. Skin was on fire next day so put on aloe gel which helped. Showered and put on more aloe after about 15 minutes rubbed all over and these white balls of stuff kept coming out. Going to do again today. But they are in bedding etc even after washing with Clorox borax detergent and peppermint enzyme for lice. WHAT is going on?

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: AJ, One thing I noticed back when I was going thru this is both the attic crawl space and the crawlspace under the house were definite hotspots for me. I would check and make sure there is no water leaks or any moisture under the house, alot of people say that humid areas cause them problems as well as alot of people saying that they have or had a mold exposure prior to getting these things. If it seems excessively humid or moist under the house first fix any leaks, and then you can buy some moisture absorbing pellets from home depot and put them under the house, that or put in a couple of vents so air can circulate thru it. If you have mites under your house well obviiously they can come up thru the walls and floors anytime to snack on you. They thrive in humid environments and dont do so well in dryer areas. You also might consider buying some food grade diatomaceous earth and spreading it along all your base boards and perimeter of your house. Good luck

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      Is anyone experiencing these invisible bites on a crawl space (no basement, just a space under your house?) We are and I experience this. I feel like these mite issues are linked to our crawl space. We have a vacation home with no crawl space and I never experience any bites there. The Listerine and Windex do work!

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Marie, heres a good video someone put up today of a fly they had swatted that landed on their arm. Guess what was riding with the fly? Yupp a bird mite, also the fly had many eggs from the mite laid on it. The person said it took 20 minutes of the mite being soaked in amonia to kill it. check the video out, if nothing else its a really good clear view of the mite. www.youtube.com/watch?v=55onws0c4y8

      hope everyone is doing good!

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      I have two good pictures of the cloth moth. One is from the internet and the other is from my skin. If you'd like to see them, they are at facebook.com/gayle.brown.92102

      Sarcoidosis is an abnormal skin growth. I used to have these and asked the doctor about them. He said it was a "benign skin growth" and now I have the proper name. To get rid of these growths, I believe is caused by the cloth moth gone human, I use a strong menthol/camphor, IcyHot or Ben Gay and the growth gradually fades. There are other products like Garnier brown spot remover in the store and they also remove the growths gradually without making a sore. I have used clove on one of the growths and it made a big 1/2 in or more sore. I suffered for a while on those.


    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Janod, you may want to look up the site entnemdept.ufl.edu/creatures/urban/human_lice.htm

      It had a great picture of a head louse and a crab louse egg on the hair shaft up close. Also, If you have lice, you would more than likely find some on your body. They move and usually stay in the hair on the body and not anywhere else.


    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Janod, They are INSIDE your body. All the pesticide in the world won't kill them. In order to treat ourselves, we have to work from the inside out, eating no sugar, taking vitamins, and using some type of meds to get rid of them like wormwood, clove and black walnut tenure from the health food stores.


    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: Craig

      I've checked the Internet could not find an image. What are your other ideas


    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: can't find anything similar. Items bagged and sealed 3 to 4 months. Boiling doesn't kill them. Launder bedding clothing daily. Still here biting

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Exterminators spray insecticides which is toxic, and would not work on bird mites. To kill bird mites which are floating in the air, you just spray with rubbing alcohol (70% isopropanol), but it is difficult since you can not kill all in your house, just filter with air purifier. I found Lemon Eucalyptus suspension (20 drops in 10 to 20 ml water and shake well) could repel bird mites, and I spray and spread on my skin.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: Craig, no one carries bird mites. Bird mites are carried by birds, I mean mite-infected birds. One infected birds could carry up to thousand mites, and if you hang bird bottle in your backyard, or bird house with bird seeds, which would attract birds, and if you have infected birds come around, bird mites would be around your place. Since bird mites lay eggs, and larvae could mature in a week or so, the area visited by infected birds could have millions of bird mites in short period. I found public library is infected since it is surrounded by trees, and probably there are bird nest around, and there are infected birds. Bird mites could not fly, but float in the air, so public library is infected by mites. Anyone with higher body temperature walk into mites infected area would be bitten. Body temperature of birds is about 101 F, and human body temp is 96 to 98, and my guess is mites sting those with higher body temp, or maybe warm hands or warm skin, and my hands are so warm that I rarely need mitten in cold winter. I could filter away mites floating in my house with filter, but I could not control the mites floating in the air inside big public library, so I have to find something to coat on my skin, and I found Lemon Eucalyptus. I tried that since bird mites belong to tick species, and I found Lemon Eucalyptus would repel ticks. Just 20 drops into 10 or 20 ml of water, shake well and spray on your skin and spread with your palm.

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: janod, im wondering if maybe you are referring to Pediculoides? They are basically a mite that normally infest silk worms? Do a google image of it and let me know if this is what you were talking about, otherwise i have a couple of other ideas.


    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: my guess is bioinsectide somewhat like Metarhizum anisopliae-52 basically a genetically altered fungus that creates fake prey insects to lure the targeted kill insect. technology is so great.. lol

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      We had exterminator in 3 times. First he sprayed cause we had fleas. Then he fogged then he sprayed again. When we told him problem still here albeit lesser he said no way. I told him come look. He did and took some samples looked up in Perdue University book and said he thought might be silk lice. He then sent samples to PCO who then sent to University Entomology. Came back no bugs. Strange it started out as black diving aeroplane like and fluff with bugs on it, they were visible at first and then just evaporated by the time they got to University.

      Any entomologist out there who would know the proper name for Silk Lice? I checked the Internet couldn't find. Apparently they are from China maybe came in on bedding or clothing ?

      If you know would appreciate it. They are in bedding, clothing everywhere and bite.


    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Marie, let me ask you a question. What is it, or why do you think that bird mites are suddenly infesting you basically wherever you go? Im not asking to be mean or put you on the spot, but its rare that bird mites ever do infest people, and when they do its usually from having a nest moved or their normal host dies and there is no other birds around so they settle on a human, humans are not their first choice but rather a last resort for lack of better food. Why do you think now places like the library and fitness centers, supermarkets basically anywhere and everywhere is infested with bird mites? I only ask because im just not understanding why so many people are convinced that there is an outside cause of this instead of looking at themselves and their own health. Ive seen some of the bird mites sites, and yeah some people do get infested by them, but again its rare, and there is visible evidence of the mites when one becomes infested with them or their house does. If everywhere was infested then wouldnt more people (most) be infested with them, these are something one can see with a magnifying glass, doctors would be able to see these i would think. since bird mites are attracted to the carbon dioxide we breath im thinking a trap would be fairly easy to construct to verify if bird mites are in fact infesting your home. if you got a block of dry ice and placed it in a bowl then above that dry ice use two glasses to put a piece of tape sticky side down like a bridge over the dry ice, coat the bowl with talc powder and see if in the morning theres any mites stuck on the tape or stuck in the bowl...not sure if this will work or not, but worth a try im guessing.. anyways i would make it a priority to capture and verify what it is for sure biting you, I looked for years for birdmites, mites, scabies, anything to blame for the itching and biting, I never found any real critters. finally i gave up the hunt and listened to others that had gotten over this by concentrating on their own health, their own terrain so to speak,, thats when i finally got better,

      anyways please dont be offended by my mentioning this all, just managing the symptoms is not a solution, it just prolongs ones suffering and if in fact mites or whatever is involved it just lets them get a very strong footing, and everything you use to try to kill them when it doesnt only serves to make them stronger and more reselient. tape traps on floors, in corners around bed, and a good magnifying glass 50x magnification will verify bugs or not, they will get stuck on the tape eventually if there are any to be caught

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      If you are suffering from biting from invisible insects, and if you suspect they are bird mites, the best repellent I like to recommend is Lemon Eucalyptus (not Lemongrass), $6 for 15 ml at health stores. I add 20 drops to about 0.5 OZ of cold, boiled water in the spray bottle, shake well each time, to spray on face, arms hands, everywhere exposed, and spread well with palm. It blocks mite-biting completely. Previously I suggested to filter mites with air purifier. It will eliminate mites from your house, but you could be bitten by bird mites in other places, like public library, fitness center, hardware stores, supermarkets etc. So I had to find some repellent so I could go to any place without worry be bitten.

      You should spray Lemon Eucalyptus-water suspension on your palm and rub onto your face or other place and then rub with your palm. Soak into a towel and wet your skin seems less effective. I think it is because the oily part could not dissolve is adsorbed onto the towel and could not apply to your skin well.

      If you wash hands, you have to remember to reapply that suspension and spread well, or bird mites would sting when they become active (from noon to after mid night). I finally find peace.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

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    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Funny you ask about that movie, I just watched it a couple of days ago, and for a zombie movie it wasnt half bad. With regards to this being made in a lab, imo theres no doubt that it was just for the fact of how the whole "study" the cdc did on it was. Everything about that study stinks and them saying they didnt find any cause to me says coverup. Did you know that the armies pathology unit was involved in the study also? Too much strangeness imo, read very carefully the results of the study and you will see much doubletalk in the things they say. Theres a reason Doctors wont touch us with a 10 foot pole, yet these same Doctors will tell you its delusional, what are they afraid of?

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: Have you guys seen World War Z,,,I know movies exaggerate subjects and issues to make it more exciting in 120 minutes,, but I truly think some or our issues come from similar places like this movie explains. I also think most do not make it a serious issue for a powerful reason.

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: That is a good idea, unfortunately its already been done. I do believe hes done either 2 possibly 3 shows on it so far. Like every other media source that has touched this, it didnt seem to do much because its presented in such a way that its not totally serious, but it.. hard to explain,. Im sure if you google dr oz and morgellons you will find the shows im talking of.

      good thinking though for sure


    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Good idea,,!

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      There may be an answer if everyone got in touch with Dr. Oz he has the staff & resources and it makes for a good TV show. He couldn't ignore so many people with the same problem. We might get an answe this way

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      One remedy I have used all along for these 2 1/2 years is zycam. The throat lozenges burn my throat when I have a cold and I feel nothing when I don't have a cold and use the lozenges. Today, I found Zycam Ultra cold remedy. It works really well and even family members say it works for them.


    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      Last night, I saw tiny white flying bugs the size of dust. I can't find anything on the internet about it and was not able to get a picture. I found this testimony on medhelp and thought of Marie with the bird mites problem:

      "Last summer I seemed to have become sensitive to bites to microscopic critters, apparently. I used to leave the windows open during the day and night. At first the bites began sporadically in the evenings during dusk. They would bite my toes and between my fingers. As time passed the bites increased even during the day. A couple months later I awoke in the middle of the night with a swarm I couldn't see on my scalp and all over. The itch was excruciating and when I scratched my head they got under my fingernails. My fingers looked like sausages from all the bites and I took a look in the mirror and my eyes and lips were horribly swollen with red splotches on my face. I couldn't see any of these biters, even with that many. The itch lasts several minutes and the swelling was gone by morning when they departed. I've had to close up my home to keep them out after spraying bug spray and washing the curtains. I'd open the curtains and they would bite my fingers. They love fingers and toes mostly. It stopped during late winter but is starting again with warmer weather. Any help identifying? also worse during cloudy weather and at night"

      I am not recommending this to anyone else but wanted to share what I am doing. I am still taking 11,000mg odorless garlic pills every day. That's 11 pills per day. I didn't get the mack truck flu, this time, but I did get a cold and terrible tooth pain and some ear pain.

      About 5 days ago, the kids purchased some Hartz Ultra Guard Plus flea ad tick shampoo for dogs with aloe for the dogs. I dotted some on the sores that look like bruises which have not yet gone away. They started healing quickly. About 3 days ago, I started showering with the shampoo. I put some in a wash cloth and scrub [not hard] with a wash cloth. I have found a great deal of relief. It's been 3 days of showering with the shampoo and I was able to spend time away from home without a bunch of stuff coming out of my skin. I'll give you an update in a few days.


    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      I remember reading somewhere in the comments by someone that they were using lysol as one of their methods of trying to get rid of this stuff. I was just reading more about monsanto corp. and learned that they supply one of the main active ingredients in lysol (which the fact monsanto supplies them anything is enough reason imo to not ever buy their product again) this ingredient contains phenols and dioxin (agent orange). Lysol is on the list of the top 12 cancer causing agents found in the home. Figured I should put that info out there for you all to research on your own..


    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Marie, it seems like alot of people have good results with many different types of oils, peppermint,clove,coconut,olive,lemon,...one thing ive heard though but have never taken time to verify is that essential oils contain toulene, which researchers like hildegarde staniger thinks may be a contributing factor to morgellons. I used the oils to finish my infestation/infection off, but keep it in mind how much you do use just in case.. have you tried adding just a little bit of iodine to your mixture, not so much it stains your skin, but as much as you can without it staining you? I would try it if i was you, iodine binds to all pathogens, and from my experience everything i tried worked way better with the iodine.. i usually get webcams for 5 bucks from my local thrift store, so hope u can find one.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: Craig, webcam is a good idea, I might check thrift shop. Lemon Eucalyptus really works well. It is effective and cheap, 15 ml is only $6 and it would make 150 ml to 300 ml suspension, and I only use several ml each time.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @anonymous: If you are bitten by something you cannot see, it could be bird mites. I wish you describe the biting more in detail. Bird mites start to active in the afternoon, not in the morning. There are more than one kind of bird mites, but they are all invisible, since they are white, opaque. you could repel them by lemon eucalyptus. $6 in any health store for 15 ml. It is oily, and you add 20 to 40 drops into about 0.5 to 1 OZ water (cooled boiled water to avoid any microorganism if you use several days), shake well, put some on your palm and rub onto your skin thorough. I prepare in spray bottle, also in plastic bottle and carry around. I spray on my face, ears, neck, arms, legs, any area exposed. Every time I wash my hands or face, I spray and rub thorough. I trap them by air purifier (TrueAir, from amazon.com, $50) and spray the filter with 70% isopropanol (99 cent per 500ml) to kill mites.

      Please tell me how it works.

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Hey Emily, I used Bengal Roach Spray on the rooms and on the infected beds for a week. I'd spray when I took the sheets off and then put on new ones when the fog settled. The bed bugs are gone.

      As for the other symptoms, and some disagree, I believe it's parasites. It could be parasites from cats as there are many which doctors will not recognize. Meat is given penicillin because it has toxoplasmosis in it. If the meat does not have "too many parasites," it is still sold to the public. That's why a person should never eat meat unless it is well done. Also, cats carry the toxo disease as well.

      Many have gone to many different doctors with no help; although, some have gotten relief from holistic doctors. Even though the symptoms are in the skin, it may be from the inside out, so changing the diet to a healthy one is very important to get better.

      Salt does not kill it. Many of the products mentioned above will help. If anything hurts the skin, immediately wash and reapply either right away or later. You do not have to experience pain with products to get better faster. The products only hurt a lot. Just wash and repeat if you dare. The first time I used Listerine on my head, it burned so badly, the tears just flowed.

      Some use massage to clean out the pores. When I first realized what I had, I kept denying that I had anything like morgellons. Later, after I started taking pictures, I knew it was true.

      I drink a lot of water, take odorless garlic pills and aloe vera pills. I also take a B, C, E and A vitamins with some enzyme and probiotic supplements every day. I use Curel Itch defense for the itching and it brings out the stuff from my pores. Menthol in Noxzema and other lotions help but may hurt at first. I also liked Australian 100% bee's wax found in the ethnic hair care section of the store. If it is some parasite, it has to breathe and the wax stops the air from getting in the pores. I shower at least once a day and sometimes more often. People who swim a lot find relief, because whatever is in the skin, comes out in the water. I also eat anti parasite foods as much as possible. Foods like pumpkin seeds or garlic or onion help to alleviate a parasite problem. Many have had parasite tests and they came out negative because the labs do not test for all parasites which humans can carry like fluke, schistosomiasis, toxoplasmosis, or other parasites which do not usually afflict humans but have been found on the skin of morgellons sufferers.

      I still vacuum and mop every day and let my clothes soak for an hour or more before completing the wash. Then I usually over dry them in the dryer to get them really hot. I also change my bed clothes every day and always try to shower before bed. It's a lot of work, but the symptoms are less but not gone. Some people iron everything. I did that for a while, but it was too much work.

      Two people used Vaseline all over for 6 days in a row. They both said they were cured, but I have not heard from them in a long time, so I don't know if they are still cured. For that hot, burning sensation, I suggest vaseline or the Australian bee's wax in the ethnic hair care section of the store, it will stop it, but you may have to leave it on for a day or more.


    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Emily, you are going to hear or read of various thoughts as to what the cause of this may or may not be, none of us can say with absolute certainty what it is or what will work for you to get better whatever the cause of this is it affects people differently and what works with one to eradicate it may not work for another. That all said one thing that seems consistant across the boards with those infected/infested with this is the use of chemicals does not help, and in fact prolongs this and can intensify this. GMO foods are a part of almost all americans lifes and has been for the last 20 years, my belief is this is where this plaque originates from, in the few studies done on the affects of gmo foods it has been shown that gmo foods are literally killing us, causing cancers, tumors, sterility. It wreaks havoc on our immune systems, and i believe that those of us infected with this problem are some of the first to experience the long term of affects from these foods. I just came across a webpage that so far seems pretty informative and neutral regarding morgellons, it lists symptoms, possible causes, what the few DRs studying this believe it to be (at least the major players that study it and their different views), it lists different treatments, and has use input saying what worked for them and what didnt. As one of the few that have gotten over this "disease" I would recommend reading info from there, personally id pay most attention to the info on gmo foods, hypertoxicity to chemicals,heavy metals, and info about mold exposure, but thats just my thoughts, but the info listed on these is basically how i treated my condition and eventually got better, I went thru the itching and stings and crawling sensations for at least 5-6 years, so it was very bad, it took over a year to get over this. I didnt do much for treating my environment so much as treating myself to get healthier and it seems the mites,bugs, whatever they are went away as i was no longer of interest to them. best of luck to you, \i hope you find an answer quickly. Heres the site i speak of, i just came across it today, so i cant attest to all the info u might find there, but from the first bit of it i read it seems very thorougho and neutral. www.healinggrapevine.com/health-hazards/morgellons.html


    • anonymous 3 years ago

      I am living in an apartment since the end of November. We bought all new furniture. We started feeling something biting us around the end of December. We cannot see what is biting us. The exterminator came twice this month because we could not handle it and he could not find anything. So the good news is I donât bed bugs. They sprayed once for us and we sprayed with Windex and then some bug spray. The living room furniture was sprayed because that is where we were getting bitten. Yesterday we sprayed with something new. A few bites here and there today but nothing like before. I was told we have no-see-ums and or mites. Now I feel like a hot burning sensation to my skin when I am on my couch. Can anyone tell me what is going on? Any suggestions?

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Hi bill,,is been sometime,,how r u doing now days?

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @Fightingagoodfight14: Dear Fighting, I agree that neem is an excellent way to soothe the skin. I believe it's about parasites and, even if there is much bacteria, once the bugs have decreased, so will the bacteria.


    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Marie, one option you might be interested in trying as far as a cheap microscope is concerned is looking at your thrift stores for a used webcam, so long as its a halfway decent webcam it will magnify beautifully with just a minimal amount of modifications. The easiest way to modify it is as simple as unscrewing the lens (the type you turn lens to manually focus) taking it out and then using putty or something to reattach the lens but only when u put it back together put the lens in backwards and it will magnify anywhere form 60x mag and up. the further away from the cmos chip u put it the greater the magnification, but with more magnification the image quality suffers more and more. So do you think your method of treating this is working or is it just keeping it from getting worse? I only ask because I like you tried many things and some kept me at a place where i was still having problems but they were minimal. did that for years... anyways I hope you get rid of these buggers soon. As an alternative to the lemon oil you are using now, you might want to give a try to lemongrass oil, which is a natural insecticide, it burns a bit but is pretty effective imo...peace


    • anonymous 3 years ago

      mitdewdouger, I never saw any mite with my eyes. I am retired so I could not be accessible to microscope.. I bought a cheap microscope from amazon, but it is just a toy. It could not be disassembled, so the dirty lens could not be cleaned. Once I tried to buy one from University surplus but was unsuccessful. I saw something flying through between my eye and eyeglasses in a fraction of second, I think the colorless mite just sucked my blood and became reddish drifted through.

      I think there are more than one species of mites in this town. When I was in previous house, I had feeling of something crawling on my face, and just a little bit of biting my ear lobes. Also the birds I saw were large and grey. Now in this new house, I never felt anything crawling on my face, but my ear lobes are bitten like crazy. The birds flying around here are tiny and pretty.

      Body temperature of birds are high, about 101 F, and my body temp is slightly higher than others, my hands are warm even in cold winter, and I guess it is why I am the only person bitten around here.

      Lemon Eucalyptus is oily mixture, I bought at a health store, about $6 for tiny bottle, 15ml. I add about 20 to 40 drops into about 20 to 40 ml or 0.5 to 1 once of cooled, boiled water in a spray bottle, so there is no bacteria to worry. I use several days with one preparation. Spray on the skin and spread with palm or finger on any part exposed. I filter my house every night with air purifier and spray with 70% isopropanol to kill the mites and vacuum the filter.

    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      Purtchased from Vitacost: Awesome!!!!!

      Neem Aura Naturals® Neem Herbal Skin Conditioning Spray

      USE THIS spray before and after exposure to irritating elements such as wind and sun and to reduce irritation resulting from insect bites. NeemAura can soothe the effects of irritated skin no matter what the cause, whether too much heat, allergies, or insect bites. Don't spray in eyes.

      Shake well before using. Use to reduce irritation from insect bites and protect your skin and help repair damage from sun or wind. Also recommended for sunburned skin and minor cuts or abrasions.

      Ingredients: Neem Aura moisturizing complex (aloe vera*, and neem leaf*, goldenseal root, barberry plant, chamomile leaf, and thyme leaf extracts), ethyl alcohol, (from grain), vegetable glycerin, coconut soap, neem oil, decyl glucoside (from coconut), behentrimonium methosulfate (from nuts), orange oil, lemongrass oil, cedarwood oil, rhodium wood oil, citronella oil, myrrh gum extract, lavender oil, citrus aurantium dulcis seed extract and nothing else.

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Marie, I am just curious if you have actually ever seen these mites moving about and such? I dont doubt you or anything, just thru alot of people I have talked to noone actually ever is able to find or see any mites, especially anything moving. I dont know if you have access to a microscope or not, but I would be really curious what you find in your filter after its ran for a bit. I occasionally would find demodex mites, but other than that i would just find fiber tangles that somwhow resembled various looking critters like this one: www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrDKR8vv8Ws really curioius to hear what you have found.. thanks

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      I hope anyone tried my suggestion writes some results here since we can discuss, and also it would be good for this lens, since the web site would get contribution for the comment posted. We like to keep this site with good business. I like to know how my suggestion works.

      I took of the front panel of the air purifier ( TrueAir from amazon.com) and I found it is more effective. Make sure to vacuum the filter constantly (I spray with 70% isopropanol to kill mites before vacuuming so live mites would not get into vacuum cleaner) so it would vacuum effectively.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: mtdewcougar, I did not have problem till this spring, then birds come back from south, from winter vacation. Since I bought a house twice big, and higher ceiling to spray the air conditioning filter with 70% alcohol (I am only 4'10"), having problem with filter away bird mites. Since the house is newly built and close to wood, I noticed a lots of birds flying around, and I even don't know where is the nest. Also, bird mites everywhere, public library, hardware stores (since they have garden amenities), any centers, shopping malls, supermarkets. Those places you cannot control. So I decided to find some repellent for the bird mites. Since bird mites are same species as ticks, and I found Lemon Eucalyptus is tick repellent, and I find it works. It is mixture of oil, but it is not pleasant to mix with oil and put on skin. I tried but it is messy and very uncomfortable. I suspended in water and shake hard and sprayed on the skin and spread thorough with fingers and it worked. Now I prepared some as suspension and keep in plastic bottle and keep in my handbag , just make sure I would not drink by mistake since I use same bottle. In library, afternoon, mites are everywhere, so I need to carry some.

      I also found bird mites like green color. I knew they love red color, so it was a surprise. My car is green, people said it is beautiful, but I was shocked to find birds like too. In old house, I noticed only my was showered with bird droppings and not other cars parked there. I thought my car is just on the path of the birds flying through. After I moved to new house, I just parked my car in driveway instead of garage, and my car was showered with bird droppings again. I washed my car and parked in common area, and I scrabbled and hosed my driveway, I found my driveway was clean for days and no birds around. I brought back my car on driveway, and there were birds flying and droppings on my car!. I moved my car to common area and washed driveway, I put a scary looking plastic owl ($16) and since then no more droppings. I keep my car in common area only once I found one dropping, since that area is not too exposed and birds do not flying through easily. (Only my car with dropping!).

      Make suspension of about 20 to 40 drops of Lemon Eucalyptus in about 0.5 to 1 oz of water (cooled boiling water so you can use several days without worrying growing of microorganisms).

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      I watched Dr. Oz today. Interesting. A lady told about different ways to alleviate pain. One is to drink water mixed witth 1 lemon's juice, pinch cyenne pepper, 2 pinches of ginger in a gallon pitcher.

      Here's a site about garlic and toxoplasmosis. It says two cloves a day keeps the parasites at bay.


      Unfortunately, one site said garlic kills dogs and cats. The garlic causes the red veins to explode.


      Hope everyone is well.


    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Marie, How are you doing with this? Last I thought I had heard you were no longer having any symptoms?? im still in the clear, and all things considered im kind of surprised. I have been cleaning things and packing things for last couple of weeks so i can sell my house, so ive been crawling around on the floor and in closets, both things that used to set my itching off, so im hoping that soon i can celebrate a yr without the relentless itching... Hope you are still clear as well...


    • anonymous 3 years ago

      Lemon Eucalyptus in water (5 to 10 %, or about 20 to 40 drops in 0.5 to 1 OZ water) shake well to make suspension and spray on your skin could work as bird mites repellent. Spray on your skin, face or neck or ear and rub thorough to cover your skin, also hand and arms and legs and feet. I do that after the shower. In the morning after I wash my face, spray again on the face. When you wash hands, also spray. You can find Lemon Eucalyptus in any health store about $5 to 6 for 15ml. Make sure to shake well every time spray.

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      There's an interesting anecdote in this 1989 article about HIV-positive people with toxoplasmosis- it's just one single anecdote, but they talked about a patient who survived toxoplasmosis (which tended to kill lots and lots and lots of people with HIV infection in the early days) by using huge doses of garlic:


    • anonymous 3 years ago

      Hello everyone,,,here to update,,had a 6 day trip to my hometown in Mexio and saw another Magnetis therapies some of my family members have seen there. He seemed to have more years experience, he confirmed what my LLMD and my magnetism therapist had told me here in the USA. I feel much better,,,,I'm basically normal again :) . Don't know if this issues are going to resurface..while in Mexico I ate all I wanted for those 6 days,,even had a Coca Cola,,,not planning on keeping a regular all junk and all out there diet,,planning on keeping a healty diet for the future,,,,hope all of you can resolve your issues,,,I seemed to have surfaced above water with what I did in shorter time then others,,,,,best of luck to everyone out there batteling this un usual diseases.

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      If you want to test the toxoplasmosis theory, put a white pillowcase or sheet in a cat's bed. The debris you find will be the same as the debris coming out of human flesh. Dogs who eat cat poo will also have the same debris coming out of their skin.


    • anonymous 3 years ago

      hi there, what's up in summer?. do you feel any difference regarding feelings of MG. I live in Spain and now here is a lot of sunny days with the average temperature around 35C in daytimes. Under the direct sunlights i do not feel crowling at all, but in nighttimes they are eating me for daytimes too so at night i feel terrible crawling. Some people feels an effect of antibioticts in summer because skin partially replace kidnys.

    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      @anonymous: I plan to try this too. Sounds like a plan that may work. But my boss will send me home if I smell like clove oil. (Done it before). But he doesn't say anything when I wear orange oil & others ask what I am wearing cause it smells nice. I tell em I add orange oil to my lotion since we can't wear perfume at work. I read that orange oil works as well as clove on ge mites. So hopefully it will work in this combination too. Thanks Craig! Of all the posts here, yours have helped me the most.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: Thanks for the tip! Will try it, although I hate the smell of clove oil...

      I've also started cutting down on sugar, coffee, tea, and will continue trying to eat healthier.

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      Ok, IHi everyone I wanted to update you all on the method I described to try on the 28th. After a little messing around and trying different things with people i know with morgellons weve come up with a solution that will absolutely withut doubt kill these buggers and get the crap to come out of your skin, mind you though until you get your immune system healthy and eating right you will just keep getting reinfested. Word of warning this will take a couple of days of applying before it kills em off, and after the initial time of putting it on you can expect a whole world of torment and itching and stings as it pisses them off a little i believe, also when some of these things come out from the skin it will hurt and some will even bleed,, we just let them bleed because at first the blood looked really dirty and brow, but after a few seconds it started running red.. you shouldnt pick or tweeze at these things because you will just introduce more pathogens and crap to your skin, just let them come out on their own, they will come out eventually as it absorbs deeper and deeper.. Wish i could say ithat this method didnt smell, but it does so do it when you can..

      Ok get yourself some coloeless iodine, clove oil, not sure where you all can get it, but i got it at the health food store, also get yourself some coconut oil, which i bought at my local grocery store i same aisle as all over oils, if you can find some ginger oil add it to it, but if not thats ok, but it does help, get some glycerin from walmart or whereever and thats all u will need. there is no formula or mixing ration that we used we just would put a little coconut oil in palm add a drop or two of clove oil a little glycerin and a drop or two of colorless iodine mix them up in your palm and rub in really well,,,,after its been on a few minutes you might want to add a good lotion on top of it to keep it moist and penetrate more... rub it in as long as you can and then just wait, dont get into your eyes it will sting like a .....

      this works without doubt extremely well, even with lestions although i guess it stings like a mother in them,, i still say though that killing these things isnt going to get you better, that is not until you also get your immune systems in order, your ph cclose to normal, and stop eaing sugar and gmo foods, i still drink mtdew, so ive not gotten rid of all my bad habitts but ive been symptom free like i think 7 months or so now.. This will work for you

      wish you all well and hope you are all doing better!!!

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Thanks Ella I appreciate that, I finally was able to figure out how to get to my moms funeral in colorado on wednesday, so im doing alot better, it was really important for me to be able to go and now that i can im feeling a little better..Thank you.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Craig, so sorry about your loss,,,,time cures many things and makes us feel better,,hope this is the case for you. My regards!

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @Fightingagoodfight14: thats cool, but for your future info, you can post links to other websites, you just have to erase the http part of the address, so it just shows for instance www. whateveraddressis.com

    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: This website didn't let me include the link. That's why I posted the article in it's entirety.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @BugginOut: Thankyou, nice to hear others doing better, its not a quick road to getting better, but a long gradual one, just got to make sure its not a roller coaster of thinking your getting better in between outbreaks, which it seems alot of people do with this, maybe its wishful thinking or something, I dont really know. I like your alternative food source theory, ive wondered the same, i mean after all how many different crops out there are genetically altered full of insecticides to keep them away from it? A whole heck of a lot of them. those bugs are going to get hungry and something starving to death will eat anything it can. I really think whatever it is, they have either been modified or just adapted to thriving on chemicals, easy test you can do if you dare is get some rubbing alcohol and rub it on your head or arms whatever, i learned that when i do that i start having problems again almost instantly. well keep on keepin on and get better quick. I thought i was having sleep problems before my mom passed, geesh now i cant sleep for nothing, not really sure why, but i think its because when i first wake up everything is normal in my head, but then like these damm m things it strikes and i remember my mom is gone and the shock makes me upset again.. like i didnt have enough mental probs already, now i cant sleep too? lol im a mess.

      take care


    • BugginOut 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Craig,

      So sorry to hear of your loss. Nobody can ever take the place of Mom. You are correct, you will never regret the time that you spent with your Mom. Do what's best for you. Thanks for all of your posts about the "M", we are doing so much better than before and are nearly symptom free. We are approaching this from the internal (body) aspect too, for the most part. The big question for everyone wanting to blame the "bugs" is to ask yourself one question......why are those bugs attracted to us? Could it be something we are putting on our bodies, or is it something we are eating? Questions are good....sometimes difficult to accept the reality. But, regardless that is how many discoveries are made.

      Craig, God bless. Praying for you and your continued healing. Thanks again for sharing!

    • BugginOut 3 years ago

      @Fightingagoodfight14: Thanks for the info Fightin'

      Interesting that this was happening in the late 1990's. The thing about insects is that they are so adaptive. After a generation of insects depending upon the longevity (lifespan )of the critter is that within a few years they can adapt to unfavorable conditions, insecticide spraying, bad weather conditions, etc. Within a few generations they can quickly adapt, unlike mammals who can be wiped out relatively quickly. The dinosaurs became extinct within generations, the insects adapted and survived. That is what messing with genetic mutation of insects is way too scary. What if their natural food sources are no longer available or attractive, they will find other sources (perhaps us). This is a theory but at one time genetic modification was just a theory. Thanks!

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Thanks I appreciate your kind words. having worked as an EMT and as a CNA over the years ive been there for quite a few deaths, but it was so different then, i was detached, i just did what i was trained to do and didnt have to deal with it too much, but watching my mom go was absolutely the worst thing I have ever been witness to in my entire life, watching the cheyne stokes breathing, that look of the skin and face muscles when you know they are about to stop breathing, she literally cheyne stoke breathed for almost 24 hours, it was gut wrenching and to be honest I so wanted to just pump her full of morphine and end it quicker, but I didnt, couldnt, do it. I understand being next to someone so they arent alone when they die, but if I had to recommend wheter to do it or not for your parents Id say if you do its going to be something that you will never forget or get out of your mind, yeah words cant even descrive it.. Im doing better today and i reckon i will be doing better tomorrow, wednesday im driving to colorado for the funeral then im coming back home and preparing my house to sell so i can move back home, I think i will be happier there,. anyways there i go writing a novel again. I hope nothing but the best for you and that soon you too will be on here posting you are symptom free... Craig

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: So sorry to hear that, Craig! I imagine it must be really really sad to watch your mother go, and even worse to be alone with it all. I'm sending you some warm thoughts from across the Atlantic. I haven't posted here in months, but I'm still reading, and I feel I know you a little:-) I so appreciate all the good tips and ideas that you share, and I believe they're going to help me get well in the end. Wish you well!

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Ella I m so glad that you are doing better, I really am. Im still not having any symptoms either so thats one good thing i guess. Mom passed away yesterday morning, I was there with her when she did as was my sister. My sister snuck out the back door an hour after she died and left me to deal with all my moms stuff, its been pretty hard. Amazing how alone you feel or at least I feel now that my mom is gone. Happened way too fast and came from nowhere really. Guess just goes to show everybody that make today count because it may be all you get. keep getting better, im really happy for you and I know what a relief it is when you can lay down at night and just go to sleep with no itches and stuff going on and parasites on your mind,


    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: Sorry to hear about your mom Craig,,it seems realy tough,,,

      I've been doing really good, Doxy and Magnetism have worked really good for me,,I'm about back to normal, except that I've been eating normal and ofcourse we know what that means,,,,minor symptoms...also cut down n Doxy because I have a trip coming up to a beach and being onn Doxy is very hard with sun exposure,,anyway,,I'm much better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      Hi everyone thought id hop on here and give you all an idea to try that seems to be very effective for my friends with morgellons. My mom's hospice nurse brought by some skin products for my mom, but one of them has clove oil in it and my mom cannot stand the smell of cloves, so even though she is no longer awake and alert I dont want to use it on her because of the smell. One of my friends tried it on their skin though and immediately black specks started coming out. The only thing that im leary about regarding it is that its petroleom based and it has corn oil in it.. corn anything scares me now. gmo and all... but the clove oil in it works great, its got vit a d and e in it also,,., stuff is made by smith and nephew and is called secura protective ointment,..,..im thinking mixed with peppermint oil would make it even more effective.. not sure where you can buy it or try it, but if you come across it, i say give it a go, i think you will find good results with it..

      For those of you who know me, i dont really like or recommend using most all products or chemicals on the skin and its been forever since ive suggested something besides peppermint oil and iodine, but this is worth mention imo,..

      Also for those who know me, my mom is going so very fast, blown away that 3 weeks ago she was walking talking doing everything, and now today she cannot do anything, bedridden, unresponsive 99% of the time and never says more than 2 or 3 words on rare occasion.. couple more days im thinking till she passes.,. sucks has been hard, stressful and lots of anger i have about it , but gettin thru it so far ok, no return of symptoms with the stress as of yet, but lack of sleep i wont be surprised if it comes back. I hope everyone is doing ok, and managing their symptoms...


    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: Good, thanks for this info!

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      Weather is warmer and birds are flying, and bird mites are everywhere. We can fitler away the bird mites of our own house, but there is nothing you could do about in public library, shopping center or hardware stores. I found one solution. I found Lemon Eucaryptus to be effective in keeping bird mites away. I add 20 to 40 drops of Lemon Eucaryptus in about 1 oz of water in small spray bottle, shake hard, then spray on the arm and neck and everywhere, then rub around with your palm. I found that way I could keep mites away, for many hours, or till you take shower. I spray around ears too. After I took shower I spray again and rub thorough.

      Dr. Oz suggested to make 40% of Lemon Eucaryptus solution with oil, it would keep mosquitos away and I tried. It is very uncomfortabe. So, instead, I added several drops into water and shake it. It works that way. Lemon Eucaryptus is reported to repel ticks, since bird mites are same species with ticks and not with mosquitos, so I tried, and worked. I rub to my face too, since mites bite my face too. It works. I hope it is not toxic. The way I make that solution is about 1% solution, and Dr. Oz talking about is 40% in oil, and he is expert, so far I don't feel anything wrong after sprayed several days.

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: The red wine test if flawed, the debris that you see when you do it is caused by sugar chains from the wine and the enzymes reacting with out oral mucosa, I talked to a person with a teaching biology degree and thats what they told meit was. . what you are seeing is the oral muicosa that sloughs off our cheeks and gums reacting with the enzymes. WIne testers if there are any on here im sure can attest to the fibers they spit out when sampling wine. Theres some book I found one time when researching the red wine test that talks about how every wine testers spit has a different consistancy of fibers in it that was written in the 50s. I have done the test though and yes there was alot of fibers, but they are not the same as the fibers we see with morgellons.,

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: yup! totally,,I have heard of that before,,why do you think we are so complicated with our issues!!!!!!!!!!!!! certain bugs have been modified and they are so difficult to kill now,,,and yes it is looking behind the curtain,,,why does the government do nothing about some insect related problems and illness????????????? what is behind it?????????

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @Fightingagoodfight14: Great find, scary find what a crazy world we live in. do you have any links to this stuff above?

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Thanks Ella appreciate that, it sucks i dont know how im gonna do it, but I am....

      You can get ph tape from most health food stores to monitor your ph. I agree with your therapist that you need to get your ph balanced as most with this have a very acidic state,. When i first started testing my ph the tape turned the color indicating acidosis, so i was pretty acidic. Ive been taking around 1/4 to 1/2 tsp of baking soda in a shot of water every morning and evening for awhile now, im still a little on the acidic side but am much closer to a proper ph now. Bacteria and parasites thrive in a low oxygen acidic environment, they cannot survive in a alkaline environment, if you are trying to raise your ph make sure to monitor it because you can also get too alkaline which is bad too, causing alkilosis. harder to do than be acidic but it happens for various reasons.. sugar as much as I love it is basically poison for humans, we have no nutritional need for it, and it is almost instantly transformed into fat by our livers which then it circulates in our blood causing things like diabetes type 2 and other problems. Bread like sugar is a carbohydrate although its a complex carbohydrate, so when we eat once in our stomachs it slowly gets broken down into smaller pieces and eventually it will have the same simple structure as sugar. so although it doesnt go straight to the blood like sugar it still gets turned into it and causes same bad problems.. so yeah way i look at things anymore is if it tastes good or if i like it, its probally bad for me...lol

      take care


    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: So sorry to hear about your mom.

      Have a bit of news, saw my magnetic therapist today and mentioned the sugars and gluten again,,so she mentioned if I have bread or sugar sometime and get symptoms,,would be a good idea to have some water and a bit of baking soda to balance the body PH,,becaue if things like sugar throw me off balance it sounds as though the PH gets thrown off..,,so I wil be trying that and see what happens with foods and skin sensation.

    • Cyrus Solomons profile image

      Cyrus Solomons 3 years ago

      I am particularly bothered by the bedbugs. Thanks for the helpful piece

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: sounds about like my diet, although i never stopped drinking mtdew ..lol well ive been going thru alot of stress these past 10 days and stress used to bring out the symptoms pretty bad for me, but so far still no probs, but i know that things are going to get harder.

      been taking care of my mom for past few years, 2 weeks ago she thought she was getting bronchitis so i took her to the er, turns out she has lung cancer matastisized to her liver and her bones, 10 days ago she could do most anything, drive,shop, take care of herself....now she is in bed cant walk or stand without my help, can hardly speak coherently, im still in shock, overnight, literally overnight.. at least she never caught this from me best I can tell, she knew i had it, but i was very careful and also sealed my section of my house off from the area she lives in.

      Im glad you are getting better, keep doing so!


    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @anonymous: HI Craig! yes I'm better :) Been also going to the gym and looking better too :),,energy is getting back to normal,,,I think Doxy has really helped! I will need to continue my treatment who knows for how long,,pizza!! sounds yume!!! I have been cheating, had some Oreos the other day, have pizza whenever is available,,and cake too!! it is ridiculous we have to sound like this,, to others is very normal,,,but we know better..

      My routine now is with no added sugars no yeast, flowers etc,,mostley still on dairy, gluten, sugar free diet.

    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      We moved and brought them with us. UGH. But we are having great success with washing clothes & sheets with eucalyptus oil, borax & laundry soap (we are using arm & hammer) and vacuuming every day (even hard floors with brushes off) & sprinkling baking soda/orange oil mix into the carpet immediately afterwards. Still spraying things with Isopropyl alcohol & lysol when alcohol may damage it. Using lysol wipes on the hard floor where we stand for long periods. Wiping up all dead skin at least twice a day. I take long baths with eucalyptus oil too.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Ella glad to hear you are feeling better and getting the upper hand on this. Im still having no problems, but I have noticed like you certain foods affecting me somewhat, (not much anymore,) One of the big ones besides sugar for me was/is little ceasers pepperoni pizza, which really sucks because pizza is one of my favorite foods. keep on it even after the symptoms go away, but you already know all that. lol best of luck to you


    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      To Those Who Have Lint Balls and Sores,

      I wanted to tell you how to get rid of this problem. Purchase a strong peroxide from a beauty supply store. I found Clairol clear developer. The ingredients are water and hydrogen peroxide. I put it on straight. It burned. I washed it off. Then I put more on. I put the peroxide in a sprayer and would spray it on and wash off when the sting got too much. By the second day, the peroxide did not sting so much. Sometimes it stings, sometimes it itches and sometimes it itches so much, it feels like an electric shock going through my legs. I have been able to get pictures of what happens with the fungus gnat in the skin. The peroxide bubbles small and slowly, unlike the 3% peroxide a person can buy in a regular store. The fungus gnat slowly rises to the top of the skin, causing an ant bite-like bump on top of the skin. When the bump is rubbed off, the itch stops, the pain stops and the skin can heal.

      I mixed one part peroxide to two parts lotion. I used the Ocean Potion aloe lotion from Walmart [$4.00]. I added edible organic diatomaceous earth in with the peroxide to thicken it because the eode was also suggested by one site to kill fungus gnat larvae and I wanted to thicken the lotion.

      After four days of using the peroxide spray and lotion mixture, alternately, I decided to use a different lotion. I mixed some Organix brazilian keratin therapy conditioner, eode and Clairol clear developer [Ingredients: water, peroxide] making a lotion which started to slowly bubble in the bottle. The second lotion mixture was stronger and, if you put it on your skin, will sting. I just wash it off and reapply or I add another lotion on top and rub it in.

      I used the first lotion/peroxide/eode for 4 days. When I used the second lotion, it stung more, but I either washed it off and reapplied or applied another lotion on top. I have gotten pictures of the fungus gnat rising out of the skin in a bubble. It's amazing. Sometimes the lotion [either one] causes burning that hurts soooo gooood. Sometimes the lotion/peroxide causes such severe itching, like DING!, that I just dance around, hoping it will stop soon. Someone else may have a better solution than that : )).

      The BEST news is that the peroxide works, no matter how you use it. The fungus gnat larvae make a pocket under the skin. They are able to leave the pocket and move to another pore and grow. We never see them because they are the size of a hair, about 1mm to 2mm long, or longer, and are transparent. The larvae have four stages of growth. During the stages, they spin the colorful keratin cocoon or white cocoon, shed a skin and they leave debris [poop] in and on our skin. The sticks may be the calcified larvae. The crystals and colorful rock-like debris are other parasites which have gotten into the body, for which we still need treatment, which have calcified. Calcification occurs with extreme heat. Also the body naturally calcifies foreign substances in the body. Remember the story of the lady who's baby died in her belly and the doctors found a calcified baby 20 years later? That's what happens to the parasites which the body is able to recognize. Parasites have a coating which tricks the body into believing that they belong there and the body does not fight them off. When the coating on the parasite is compromised, either with aloe vera, garlic or any other anti parasite treatment, the body is able to start trying to get rid of the parasite. The parasite may just die and stay in the body. That's when the body starts to calcify the parasite to protect the body from it's decay.

      I have not forgotten the bacteria which some fungus gnats carry and put into the body. Peroxide does kill bacteria. That's why the Lysol spray worked so well for me. But Lysol cleaner is not made for human use. Peroxide does not hurt the gums or the skin but is not meant for eyes. Do not let the peroxide get in the eyes and never put the strong peroxide in the ears, ONLY on SKIN.

      For those, like me, who still have their hair and don't want blond hair, the only solution to that, for me, is using the hand sanitizer with alcohol, aloe vera and/or and Selsum Blue shampoo [I leave it on for a while before I shower]. If you have a better solution, please let me know. I do not want to put that peroxide in my hair and cause it to be blond.

      I'm at the end of the tunnel and see the light and it is BRIGHT. I see my healing today. : )) Thank you, God. Thank you, Squidoo people, too. The founders of this site and others who have posted have been water to me in the thirsty times.


    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @BugginOut: Great post Buggin Out, thank you. Something that I have been doing to get my body back in balance is Sole from Himalayan salt crystal stones. It seems to work better then just putting good salt in m y water. This is from himalayancrystalsalt.com:

      Balance the Body's pH Factor

      and Get Rid of Heavy Metals

      Sole is an excellent product for balancing the pH factor of your body. With the sole, you can also get rid of heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, amalgam and calcium because the Original Himalayan Crystal Salt® is able to break up their molecular structures. Treat your body to a sole therapy in order to get rid of the calcium build up and the heavy metal deposits. For the body to get rid of these deposits it has to first metabolize them. Even animal proteins, which are difficult to break down and eliminate, will be eliminated through the urine due to the powerful properties of the unique ionized minerals contained in Original Himalayan Crystal Salt®.

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: Anything I say, you will criticize. Do you know why getting a perm helps people with morgellons? Because the peroxide decreases the fungus gnat larvae.

      You don't know. You are not cured. Fungus gnat larvae is the cause of the lint balls. There are other parasites which cause the tiredness and brain fog and maybe the lymes, untreated, as well. Whatever you think, I am right. God keeps no secrets from His friends.

      As a matter of fact, it's the fourth day I've been on the peroxide from the beauty supply store and I have no crawling, except under the skin. The sores are slowly going away. The larvae are in the body and on every part of the body. If people listen to you, they will remain sick. If they start using the strong peroxide sold in the beauty supply store, they will be cured.


    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @BugginOut: You put it all so much more elegantly and to the point than I do, but I agree with everything you said as to how you are treating this. Although ive never tried the infrared sauna thing, I would if it was available to me.

      One thing I would suggest you ought to consider since you have already made dietary changes to help fix the problem is to see if your doc will test you for parasites, or start on a natural parasite program. The reason I think this is important is because like it or not, we have become bug magnets, and alot of the various "bugs" we attract carry with them things like nematodes, worms, and other nasty little bacterias so chances are having had the weakened immune system and all you will be harboring lord knows what parasites. Hook worms being one of the most likely ones imo . heres a copy from wiki on hookworms that i find interesting:

      "There are no specific symptoms or signs of hookworm infection. As mentioned above, they give rise to a combination of intestinal inflammation and progressive iron/protein-deficiency anaemia. Larval invasion of the skin might give rise to intense, local itching, usually on the foot or lower leg, which can be followed by lesions that look like insect bites, can blister ("ground itch"), and last for a week or more.

      Animal hookworm larvae on penetrating humans may produce a creeping eruption called cutaneous larva migrans. The larvae migrate in tortuous tunnels in between stratum basale and stratum corneum of the skin, causing serpigenous vesicular lesions. With advancing movement of the larvae, the rear portions of the lesions become dry and crusty. The lesions are typically intensely itchy.

      Coughing, chest pain, wheezing, and fever will sometimes be experienced by people who have been exposed to very large numbers of larvae. Epigastric pains, indigestion, nausea, vomiting, constipation, and diarrhea can occur early or in later stages as well, although gastrointestinal symptoms tend to improve with time. Signs of advanced severe infection are those of anemia and protein deficiency, including emaciation, cardiac failure and abdominal distension with ascites."

      I know i have/had hookworms, ive taken quite a few pictures with my microscope of them and there is no doubt the worms ive seen are hookworms, the hook like shape of the head gives them away.

      Anyways glad you and your family are on your way to getting better and im glad you posted your progress as it shows to others that YES you can get better.


    • BugginOut 3 years ago

      Hi all,

      Its been awhile since I have posted, just thought I'd post a comment. I have been keeping up on everyone's posts,but have been in stealth mode.....listening, trying to learn. For some background information on this "condition" for myself and my family. My husband, myself, Mom, Step-dad, and my son (somewhat), have all been infected or affected in some way shape or form by this condition for nearly three years now. In the beginning we freaked out like many and for good reason. Who wants to have parasites, worms, pods, demodex mites, scabies, lice, fungus gnats, and springtails coming out of their skin and crawling around on your skin, across your eye lashes, and on your scalp. If I were not at one point suffering from some of these issues I would not have believed it myself. It is horrific! We all know that traditional doctors are not helpful. They will eventually diagnose DOP (delusions of parasitosis). Yeah, we have gotten that diagnosis from several well known dermatoligists (sp), Cleveland Clinic doctors.

      On to our progress.

      We have started to eat clean because personally I agree with MTDew Cougar, that this is an internal disease and the "bug infestation" is just a symptom. They are opportunistic and are present because we offer them a terrain that gives them what they need.

      Eat clean, reduce your sugar and high carbohydrate intake, More veggies, less dairy and simple sugars, less meat, much less bread, etc. More water and at least 12,000 mgs of a good Vitamin C supplement daily, along with several good probiotics daily. That is the basis of what we are doing. Along with taking a high quality multi-vitamin, 1-5,000 mg of vitamin D, 1-1,000 mg of vitamin E, and 1-1,000 mg capsule of Coconut oil. We use coconut oil for cooking as much as possible and just generally try to exercise 3 times a week. We also use an infrared sauna 2-3 times a week for about 20-30 minutes at a time. The infrared sauna acts like natural sunlight.

      I am nearly symptom free, with just an occasional itchy place. But, I am committed to this regimen for the rest of my life, because I never want to feel so out of control from this horrible disease again.

      We started off thinking that we could clean our house, etc and get rid of this. But, what we discovered is that while it may help "a bit" it is not a cure by any means. This is internal and the sugar-laden foods that we eat are only exacerbating the problems. The process is not an overnight cure by any means, it takes a long time and it is a process to clean out your system. We did not get in this condition overnight.

      Have faith you can start to feel more normal again. It is possible. Take care, God bless.

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @Gaylehere: ps i dont know if its just me or not, but not one of your links to facebook have ever worked for me.

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @Gaylehere: Peroxide is a caustic acid, the stuff from the salon i beileve is 35 percent acid whereas the stuff you get from the store is 2 percent peroxide. The reason it turns your skin white and causes sores is because you are literally burning your skin with it, this is not wise imo, but i have heard of one other person using 35 percent peroxide in his lesions to kill the organisms living in themn so they will heal. He said its extremely painful but clears the lesions up. Again i wouldnt reccomend doing this, its not safe and there is much better ways to get the lesions to heal.

      Gnats are a symptom and a later stage of morgellons, if youve reached the gnat stage then you are progressing quickly into your morgellons Gayle (getting worse). but keep trying to kill the symptoms eventuallly you will realize treating symptoms only helps today, not tomorrow.

      let me give you a big clue.........Liverworts............


    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      Fungus gnats sometimes carry the bacteria pythium. Pythium is what grows when morgellons people say the specimen's grow. The fungus gnat has four larval stages. Neem is effective for preventing the parasite bug from getting to another stage in life. Peroxide is also effective. I purchased peroxide and water in the beauty supply store. [Clairol clairoxide clear developer. I asked for peroxide products and found the one with only peroxide and water. $3.00] It did burn some after first spray [remember, I've been treating my skin for 2 years]. I washed it off with soap and water, waited for a while and sprayed again later. Regular peroxide is good but did not cause the sores I have to bubble like the peroxide from the beauty supply store. If the sores burned and they did tingle [a lot] I put lotion over the sore. My skin felt softer and smoother than it has felt in a long time.

      This morning, the scabs on the sores are still white and I haven't felt the crawling yet. But, no crawling is not an indication that the peroxide is working or not working. It depends on how bad the infestation has become. If it's bad, the peroxide will hurt a lot and maybe burn, so wash it off quickly and reapply later.

      I still have my hair and don't want it a different color, so I plan to use Neem to help get rid of them in my hair, but peroxide will help the scalp, too.

      Another article mentioned original Lysterine would help kill fungus gnats as well. If you have plants in the house with potting soil, you may want to consider not having any plants in the house and not watering any ground outside.Fungus gnats are a particular problem with african violet plants.

      The fungus gnat is what is actually causing the lint balls. There may be other parasites causing other problems as well as the lymes condition and vitamin deficiencies some people have.

      The best news about all this, for me, is that I will be able to go on that cruise without any special chemicals and the sores will be gone. If you want to see pictures of the cocoon with the worm in it, it's on the face book page. www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.163374830509219.1073741845.100005101092575&type=3 under Could a fungus gnat be causing morgellons? There is also a picture of a deformed fungus gnat [short legs] in the pictures, found in the tub..

      Gayle : )

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @Gaylehere: Gayle the guy who wrote that article goes by the name "Mr common sense" i highly reccomend that you follow up on all his various postings and read what he has to say, he is another sufferert who has gotten over this and is symptom free. his theory back then was close but not what he believes today i think. The fungus gnats are just another symptom of the problem, the reason he was seeing them as the reason for most with morgellons bad is because of the great fungal overload we are growing in us and on us, they are attracted to us as a food source....not to eat us, but to eat the fungus,,,,, they will live in your sinuses and lay eggs in there and your skin. youre getting closer but the various bugs are not the cause, they are just a symptom, some sort of fungus is the problem, imo a genetically altered strain, or a mutated strain with direct ties to gmo food. im sure you heard about the bill the president passed called the "monsanto protection act" its a bill taking away any rights for people to sue monsanto if it turns out their manipulation of our food sources causes us unforseen harm.... well imo morgellons is one of the first emerging "harm" that has been manifesting since about the time gm foods started hitting the shelves. read how mr common sense healed himself, he also ended up getting lymes also, but no surprise if that other article you posted awhile back is correct (which i totally believe it is and have thought that a couple years now) and mosquitos and mites also carry lymes, as well as im sure many other insects attracted to fungus.. since we are now fungus farms , well along comes a spider....it all fits. get rid of chemicals, stop eating gmo food, get your ph correct, stop eating sugar, seek out candida treatments and diets, exercise, and you will get better

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      A "new" theory. Fungus gnats cause morgellons. From Sept. 2009, morgellonspgpr.wordpress.com/2009/09/07/baculovirus-and-fungal-gnats-a-new-theory/

      The mature larvae or maggots are about 1 /4 inch (5.5 mm) long with shiny black head capsules and white transparent bodies. The maggot reaches maturity in about two weeks, when it ceases feeding, SPINS A SILKEN COCOON, AND SHEDS ITS SKIN. If a fungus gnat eats people, what do you think the "silken cocoon" would be made of?


      Gayle : )

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      The parasite which may be causing the skin crawling and crawling from the ears could be toxoplasmosis. Meat sellers sell meat with this parasite, if it is not too prolific in the meat. They will cut off the "bad" part and still sell the rest of the meat. This condition may be worse than we know. Many people are able to keep the toxoplasmosis parasite at bay, but people with compromised immune systems become over whelmed with them in their skin, organs and brain. From my pictures, I have discovered a parasite on the sores and ones which crawl from the sores which look very much like the toxoplasmosis parasite. They don't actually crawl. They slide across the skin and turn in order to find a place where they can attach. Once attached, they shed an outer shell and enter the skin. When the parasite enters the skin, a sharp, pinprick pain is felt. I do not have a doctor site for anyone to discover this information for themselves. I have pictures of my theories and have studied the parasite enough to conclude that anyone with morgellons should be checked for toxoplasmosis.

      During the first few weeks after exposure, the infection typically causes a mild, flu-like illness or no illness. Thereafter, the parasite rarely causes any physical symptoms in otherwise healthy adults.[citation needed] However, those with weakened immune systems, such as those with AIDS or pregnant women, may become seriously ill, and it can occasionally be fatal.[citation needed] The parasite can cause encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) and neurologic diseases, and can affect the heart, liver, inner ears, and eyes (chorioretinitis).[citation needed] Recent research has also linked toxoplasmosis with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and schizophrenia.[7] Numerous studies found a positive correlation between latent toxoplasmosis and suicidal behavior in humans. [8][9][10] en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toxoplasmosis

      Pyrimethamine, Sulfadiazine and Spiramycin are the drugs used in the early stages of infection.

      Atovaquone and Clindamycin are drugs used with the latent stage of toxoplasmosis.


    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Try squeezing lemon juice on your head. That might get rid of them. Also, get rid of your pillow.

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Not zapper, but Dermawand, which sends a tiny electrical shock to the skin. Hurts sometimes. Makes my legs twitch a lot when the dermawand is placed on a "nest" or over a sore.

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @anonymous: If you suspect morgellons, try putting your hair in a pony tail. Wet it and add menthol lotion thick enough to prevent air from getting to the pores on your head. Does it hurt?. Do you hear some kind of popping noise? Does it feel like you are having a lot of air come out of your pores on your head? Lastly, does putting menthol lotion on your head bring on a headache? If all answers are "no," then you do not have morgellons, in my opinion.


    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      I copied a comment by "girl" on another site @ toxoplasmosis. Seems their cysts are actually tiny worm-like creatures in and going to the outside of the skin. Could toxoplasmosis, along with everything else actually be causing morgellons?

      The reason I'm asking about it has to do with opportunistic infections in Lyme Disease. Sometimes patients also have toxoplasmosis, not surprising since they can be extremely immune suppressed.

      Ther's been a recent discovery that one of the opportunistic infections we're really concerned about seems to be related to toxoplasmosis genetically. That doesn't mean you get the same symptoms or that it's transmitted the same way, but similar drugs seem to work on it. I'm wondering if folks who've worked with advanced AIDS cases herbally, have figured out anything for toxoplasmosis, since that's the most common situation where you'll see serious infection in humans.

      Basically, several doctors in the Lyme world have been seeing that the sickest patients who dont' respond to ANY antibiotics or other antimicrobial drugs seem to have their red blood cells absolutely crawling with this unknown protozoa. A lot of us are on antiprotozoals for another infection, babesiosis, and the 'mystery bug' doesn't seem to respond to the common treatments for babesia.

      one lab that's been working on the ID of the 'mystery germ' for years has finally figured out that it's a relative of toxoplasmosis.


    • anonymous 3 years ago

      Hello there,,he is my process if anyone cares to read. I have been doing better on Doxycycline and Amoxycilin + I'm still taking the Byron White herbs and sups. The crawlies on my skin are becoming more obvious as certain foods reaction. As a Lyme sufferer my hyper activity is one with skin and food reactions I guess,, besides any other parasite which I could have had or have that is or has left a trail of sensitivity. My magnetic therapy and abx has worked and made me better though I'm not 100% yet. I hear this problems does not go away for good. It is a life time of dealing with it, although my magnetic therapy therapist states the bug can be killed . I'm hoping with both treatments I can get rid of this for good!

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: Hi Craig, I red that article and yes, I was exposed to tick and flies, been exposed to mosquitoes too but in my case it was tick and flies,,,per my LLMD lyme CAN be transmitted sexualy, she said as long one is on antibiotics you are more safe.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      FYI if you have cats please, please keep ALL Tea Tree Oil away from them. Tea Tree Oil is very, very toxic to cats. Even a little bit on their fur in the form of shampoo, etc. can make then sicken and die.

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Hey just wodering if you checked out that link gayle posted about lymes disease?

      If not check it out it does have some interesting things in it. It also seems to confirm what ive been thinking for some time now that in fact lymes disease has more than just a tic vector. The site claims possibly mosquitos and mites may carry it also and that it might be a social disease as well.. (saliva,blood, sexual contact...I remember back a couple years ago they were saying that more women than men get this and also a large number of the woman with it worked in healthcare. Only reason i mention that is because Between working on an ambulance,nursing homes, and the hospital I can see me having an exposure at some point./.. maybe some are getting it that way and the others thru tics or mosquitos/mites? Anyways check out the link she put, I didnt check the articles references or where they are getting there data, but will later.


    • anonymous 3 years ago

      My head itches like crazy. I thought it was lice but i've been checked multiple times and been told that I have nothing on my head. My upper body itches as well. It keeps me up at night because I feel stuff crawling around on my head, even during the day. Do you think I have what you did?

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @anonymous: I dont know anyone personally who has tried it, perhaps someone on here has, but if you try it would be nice to hear how it works. Ive wondered about if it would work or not.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      Has anyone tried a zapper.

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      Very interesting information on Lyme Disease.


    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      I wanted to share a site which discusses how parasites can "catch" viruses.


    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      Hey All, I have discovered the most wonderful news. The good news is that I have found the parasite in my sores. The wonderful news is that all I have to do to stop the crawling is use Pink Calamine lotion or a very mint tooth paste on the sores to stop them. The most recent sores have not become large and open because I have been using the tooth paste on them. The tiny sores, after tooth paste is applied, get bigger and form a very black scab with red around the sore. They itch and hurt at the same time. The sores usually become about 1/2 inch or 2 cm round. They go away after about 1 week or more of treatment. From the sores, come tiny, little crawlers, if I do not put calamine on them. Sometimes, because the parasites need to breathe, air holes form, even though the calamine has dried. I reapply the calamine over and over or just use a thick layer of tooth paste. At times, a tiny air hole still forms with the tooth paste on them, so I put some tissue over the tooth paste to make the cover over the sore more secure. The bugs which come out of the sores are white and are shaped like a half moon. Other debris are in the sore, like webbing and what looks like crystals and black debris. For me, I know where a sore will start because I can feel a crusty line on the skin. If I do not treat the area right away, eventually, a hole appears and then gets bigger and bigger. The crust I feel is the parasites sticking to the skin which have emerged from a pore in the skin from a new nest. The calamine is painless, the tooth paste is thick to prevent air from coming to the parasite and helps to take away the itch and the IcyHot balm absorbs deeper into the skin to get to the nest.

      I am continuing to take garlic and aloe vera pills [5 or more each, daily] which I purchased from Walmart along with vitamin b and c. For the holistic cure, I add zinc, vitamin E, A and Goldenseal tea. Drinking lots of water is good as well as eating lots of fruit, which I like anyway. Also, for the holistic healing, I add probiotic enzymes, which I also purchase from Walmart.

      I knew something was working this a.m. when the large mole behind my knee itched very much. I've already gotten rid of most all the brown spots on my body using icy hot and tooth paste on them. Of course, showering often and a bathing in a vinegar and salt bath also helps. When I shower, I use the new product Morton epsom salt lotion, which I mentioned before. It is a very good product. I think it was made for us. ; )

      For pictures of the parasite I have found, see the face book page facebook.com/gayle.brown.92102?ref=tn_tnmn

      We will find a cure for the morgellons, or should I say "cures," because morgellons is a combination of parasites, and maybe bacterias, we have acquired over time for which the body has not been able to expel. Hang in there, there is light in the tunnel.

      Gayle : )

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      For those of you that get the fibers and crap coming out of the skin heres something you should do. Get some coconut oil from the store, i got the pressed kind, then take some black pepper or red pepper or cayenne pepper, whatever pepper youve got i imagine and put some in a jar of water Let the water sit for awhile and shake it up now and then. I let mine soak overnight only cuz i fell asleep... anyways after you are sure the water is good and spicy pour it out thru a coffee filter to get all the bits out of it. Now take a spoonful of the coconut oil (its a solid, but will quickly melt in your hand) and a spoonful of your filtered pepperwater and mix them together and thoroughly rub into your skin. Be firm when rubbing it in, but at the same time be careful, because sharp little hard things will come out of your skin and scratch the crap out of you if you rub them around... let this stuff sit on your skin as long as you think is good, add more if it starts drying anywhere. This is awesome way to get everything out of your skin... And its my opinion also using peppermint oil helps to cover the fungal scent or pheremones that are attracting the mites to us... lemme know how bad it was if you do this...lol better yet get someone to film you....;-)\

      Wish you all the best


    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: well lookin f/h I think for me anyways its time to accept the fact that if one is producing these fibers (most seem to be microscopic but some arent) that they do in fact have some type of spirochette infection. I still dont agree that they are the same ones that cause lymes disease, but perhaps a new mutation of the spirochette that causes lymes, this one perhaps having different delivery methods than lymes. Perhaps this is the type one gets when someone with lymes sexually transmits the bacteria to their partner? I just find it hard to accept this is all just lymes disease as so many people with it live in areas where there are no tics. I myself when i was a young kid have been bitten by at least 20 tics but that was some 30+ years ago. I do think though that these spirochettes have like you said some sort of symbiotic relationship, only i think its a relationship with a collagen eating fungus, which byproduct is perhaps the keratin fibers we are seeing. no theres no science behind that, just my crazy mind trying to make something fit and work to this disease =-) thanks for the article, it was interesting and yet more evidence pointing toward some sort of spirochette .


    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @Gaylehere: I think that itching and crawling can be caused by the same parasite (fiber), so you feel crawling sensation because of their movement ( for example rotation around its own ax), and itching might be because of their penetration to new area. Some people claim to spinning sensation i really dont understand what spinning means. (But we have to keep in mind that different layers of the skin react differently!) I donât think that mg people has different parasites, the reason is that depending of stage of development morgellons has different forms. As you told me before that your sister has a nodules under her skin, so i am too. I have seen your pics and i am sure that we have the same problem. Many people and some researchers believes that mg caused by different bacterial agents..it is incorrect.I think that mg beats skinâs protective function either as I stated before mg built symbiotic life with other bacterial agents. Here another new publication which is involuntarily confirming it: f1000research.com/articles/2-118/v1

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: After my sores heal, a brown spot remains. Also, I buy from Belk, and I have seen lint balls all over some of the clothes there. From what I've seen, it's not just Walmart. I have never seen lint balls on clothes at the Walmarts here.

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Looking f/h, have you considered that the itching is caused by one parasite and the crawling is caused by a different one? The only time I itch is when I use a product which helps to kill them, like ice, permethrin, calamine, salt, etc. I think the reason morgellons is undiagnosable because the people have different parasites. It's not just one causing all the problems. My sister had some of the symptoms I have but I have not had some of the symptoms she has had. We were infested with some of the same parasites as children, but after we became adults, we were infested with different parasites.


    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      For the new people, I've found a great product and still love an "old" one. I used to post about mixing aloe vera with sea salt and putting it on the body after a shower, or really anytime. The mixture seemed to help me a lot but was some uncomfortable. My skin felt like I just got out of the ocean. Well, the Morton people must have read the morgellons sufferer's minds because I have just found a product, at Walmart, for @$5.50. It feels cleaner than the aloe/sea salt mixture. It's Morton Unscented Epsom Lotion with natural epsom salt. Wow, it feels great, meaning it feels clean, and it is effective.

      The "old" product is Calamine Lotion. It drys the skin. Because the parasites need to breathe, the calamine lotion stops them by covering the pores some. The calamine seems to keep the crawlies at bay. It's the pink calamine, not the clear, which seems to help the most. My sister kept telling me to get some, but I was stubborn and kept using other stuff. Now that I know how well it works, I do wish I had listened.

      Keep fighting and you'll win. : ) Gayle

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @anonymous: The calamine stopped the parasites.

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: I think alot of us have noticed at some point having this disease that some of our clothes seem to be worst infested than others. Ive heard it many times from different people. Ive had shirts i had to throw out for that reason.

      Heres something kind of interesting to ponder, I bought organic sheets back when my symptoms were really bad, I figured it was worth a shot. I didnt notice really any difference with them, but after i had them for awhile, for some reason they became so infested i threw them out, almost new. No matter what if i used those sheets id be itching again for days. not sure why they became so infested, but they did..

      have seen the video you posted here, it is a good one. pretty much everyone really needs to learn a little bit about whats going on with gmo foods and crops, and monsanto, Its a real life horror show affecting you and those you love. thx fightingthegoodfight for the link =-)

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      Link Between GMO Crops And Morgellons?

      By Barbara H. Peterson

      Global Research


      Since the Clinton administration made biotechnology "a strategic priority for U.S. government backing" (1), giant transnational agri- business concerns have aggressively taken over the global food chain by flooding it with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) without regard for the consequences to the earth or its inhabitants. This takeover not only has the potential for global economic devastation, but threatens the earth's population with far-reaching health concerns as well. One health concern that seems to coincide with the GMO revolution is Morgellons disease. What if the advent of Morgellons disease has something to do with the ingestion of GMO foods?

      Morgellons Disease ­ What is it?

      Very little can be found regarding this disease. Originally, sufferers were told that their problem was imaginary. This was of little comfort to the people who were suffering.

      Morgellons Disease sufferers report strange, fiber-like material sticking out of sores or wounds that erupt on the skin. This is accompanied by painful, intense itching, that has been described as "an ever present sensation as if something is crawling under the skin." (2)

      On May 18, 2006, KGW, a local news channel reporting out of the Oregon area published this story:

      Strange sickness: Mystery disease horror story (excerpt)

      [Dr. Drottar] The disabled family practice doctor felt like bugs were crawling under her skin.

      "If I fully tell people what has gone on with me medically, they think they're in the twilight zone," said Drottar.

      She woke up with the feeling that fluid was flowing just below her skin. Often black or blue hair like fibers protruded from her skin, she said.

      "I thought I had been exposed to asbestos. I thought I was having asbestos fibers come out of my skin. I was pulling long, thin, small hair-like fibers that were extremely sharp that could literally pierce through my finger nails," Drottar said.

      In addition to the feeling of bugs and the fibers, Drottar also suffered from severe depression, chronic fatigue and a weakened immune system. As a result, she had to give up her family practice, Drottar said. (3)

      Morgellons and GMO ­ the Link

      Little information has been revealed concerning the long-term health effects of GMO crops on humans or animals, and even less information can be had regarding research correlating Morgellons with GMO foods. This is suspicious right off the bat, because it would seem that there would be a natural curiosity regarding a link between Genetically Modified Organisms that people ingest regularly and inorganic fibers that protrude from a person's skin. This would be right up a geneticist's alley, and quite worthy of intensive research. So, why aren't there a ton of published studies? Why is it so difficult finding anything related to this? Could it be that companies such as Monsanto have enough clout to effectively squash these stories? If they have enough clout to ruin countries by deceiving impoverished farmers into purchasing patented GMO seeds, and then take it a step further and force these poor people to purchase seeds year after year instead of harvesting their own, then they have enough clout to ask our more than willing corporate government to manipulate the press...again.

      According to Mike Stagman, PhD,

      "Genetic Engineering is a nightmare technology that has already caused MANY disease epidemics -- documented but unpublicized." (4)

      Well Monsanto, you let at least one study slip through. With the help of a couple of search engines, the following article by Whitley Strieber published on October 12, 2007, titled "Skin Disease May Be Linked to GM Food" was found, which concludes that the fibers taken from a Morgellons sufferer contain the same substance that is "used commercially to produce genetically-modified plants." Here is the article:

      Skin Disease May Be Linked to GM Food


      Many people-and most physicians-have written off Morgellons disease as either a hoax or hypochondria. But now there is evidence that this mysterious disease may be REAL and related to GENETICALLY MODIFIED food!

      The skin of Morgellons victims oozes mysterious strands that have been identified as cellulose (which cannot be manufactured by the human body), and people have the sensation of things crawling beneath their skin. The first known case of Morgellons occurred in 2001, when Mary Leitao created a web site describing the disease, which had infected her young son. She named it Morgellons after a 17th century medical study in France that described the same symptoms.

      In the Sept. 15-21 issue of New Scientist magazine, Daniel Elkan describes a patient he calls "Steve Jackson," who "for years" has "been finding tiny blue, red and black fibers growing in intensely itchy lesions on his skin." He quotes Jackson as saying, "The fibers are like pliable plastic and can be several millimeters long. Under the skin, some are folded in a zigzag pattern. These can be as fine as spider silk, yet strong enough to distend the skin when you pull them, as if you were pulling on a hair."

      Doctors say that this type of disease could only be caused by a parasite, but anti-parasitic medications do not help. Psychologists insist that this is a new version of the well-known syndrome known as "delusional parasitosis." While this is a "real" disease, it is not a physically-caused one.

      But now there is physical evidence that Morgellons is NOT just psychological. When pharmacologist Randy Wymore offered to study some of these fibers if people sent them to him, he discovered that "fibers from different people looked remarkably similar to each other and yet seem to match no common environmental fibers."

      When they took them to a police forensic team, they said they were not from clothing, carpets or bedding. They have no idea what they are.

      Researcher Ahmed Kilani says he was able to break down two fiber samples and extract their DNA. He found that they belonged to a fungus.

      An even more provocative finding is that biochemist Vitaly Citovsky discovered that the fibers contain a substance called "Agrobacterium," which, according to New Scientist, is "used commercially to produce genetically-modified plants." Could GM plants be "causing a new human disease?" (5)

      GMO ­ Not on My Watch!

      The giant transnational corporations behind the GMO revolution are hitting us in our most vulnerable spot ­ our bellies. Most people have been brought up with an innate trust that what they purchase from the stores is safe to eat. This is no longer true, since most processed foods contain genetically engineered ingredients that can have disastrous effects on both animal and human health. What you purchase from the corner store might just change your DNA and create such frightening symptoms that the general public simply does not believe it. What is worse is that when you go to the doctor to get help, he/she tells you what you are experiencing is all in your head. This is rubbish! It is up to people who care to make the correlations between what we eat and what happens to our bodies. Remember the old saying ­ "you are what you eat?" Well, this author believes it is true.

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Thank you for saying something, I wanted to, but all things considering i didnt.. But yes please dont put stuff in your ear thats not meant for your ear, diatomaceous earth although it feels like a soft powder its not, its razor sharp and im pretty sure not good for your eardrum. I might add also, if its not made for us as humans, as bad as this problem may be and how desperate we getl, dont take that route please, Its not the solution. Theres enough samples out there of those who have tried all these different remedies/techniques/protocols using vet meds, whatever, theres enough blogs of people trying them feeling better for a few days and not getting better. Search for how people with this have cured themselves, or gotten symptom free, thats what your after, I played the try this then that game for a long long time, always thinking im "getting better" if you look you will see this is an all too common trap that almost every one of us falls into.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @Gaylehere: Since your ears effect your hearing I would not suggest to ANYONE to put things in their ears like calamine lotion etc. Your hearing is very important. But Liquid MSM sulfur is healthy, safe & good for you and works very well in your ears, nose etc. Always think about your safety please.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      MAybe the GMO's in the cotton we wear & have in our sheets is making it worse. I don't know. But check this out on YouTube if you are not aware of the GMO issue with the cotton farmers in India. Go to You Tube & Type in: GMO Devastation in India Thanks. Fightingthegoodfight

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Looking f/h, Your pictures are awesome. They look just like mine, except they are clearer and show all the details. How did you take these? Do you have a professional camera? Very good and thank you so much. Gayle

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Hey Jennifer, you are very right. But, there is an end. The problem is on the inside of your body. The parasites will not go away just by using creams, lotions or even poison on the skin. Although, I do use a dog shampoo with 25% permethrin in it on the sores. We have to deal with them internally as well as externally. You may want to start taking odorless garlic, which kills a lot of parasites and aloe vera, which has been found by the CDC to be effective in killing off the schistosomiasis parasites. These parasites also cause swimmer's itch. Do you know what the doctor does for swimmer's itch? Nothing. The parasite enters the human body and the doctor does nothing for the patient except to say put something on it and it will go away. The parasite does not go away if we are not healthy enough for our bodies to kill them off.

      Suggestions: Iron everything, use Lysol or bleach with the wash [1/4 to 1/2 cup], dry too long on hot, mop everyday with Lysol concentrate. Use pink calamine all over the body and when there is crawling or an itch, wash it off. The itch and crawling is the parasites being released from the eggs which are still in the skin pores or are so tiny, you cannot see them on your skin. There are other foods, besides garlic, which will help you get rid of the parasites. I liked using the parasite cleanse from the health food store. I had to use three months of it to notice. The second box I bought, I doubled the dose suggested.

      You will get better. Getting rid of the parasites just takes time, if that is what you have. I also had scabies from an elderly home and then I realized I did have bed bugs. After getting rid of those, I still had problems. That's how I knew it must be more than just bed bugs or scabies.

      Gayle : )

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: About 10 years ago genetically altered cotton was about 12% of all the cotton fields, Today its being grown on 85% of all cotton fields. I dont think we should immediately dismiss the cotton being a source, maybe only a source of some type of insect, or maybe a source of agrobacterium in our system or even nematodes and whatever bacteria they have on their back. I dont think its the cause of morgellons, but I believe it to be one of many contributers to it. We still dont know what affect all this genetically modified foods are going to cause, One thing that comes to my mind is if 85% of all cotton produced now is gm, well that makes for a whole lot of critters that used to eat that cotton before it started attacking them, and I imagine they are getting hungry...lol maybe were the critters second choice...

      im kidding around obviously, but we really dont know what long term affects this is going to have on us, food crops, and mother nature. The main company as far as i know doing gmo food is monsanto, And im sorry, but this company has covered up facts and lied and allowed knowingly people to get sick, cancers, die...and they didnt care, there was actual paperwork found stating to keep the results under wraps because we need to make every dollar we can.. under wraps meant, just let people get sick and die, we need that buck. i do believe gmo food is the main reason we get morgellons, with alot of other sources exasperating it once we get it, GMO food is killing us, it so easily could become mankinds extinction event . The bastards at monsanto are not allowed to be served or eat gmo food in the cafeteria there, so why the hell do we feed it to our babies?

      ok im done..lol pisses me off is all, breaks my heart when I think of all the kids and all the babies who already have these shitty ass symptoms we all do, I couldnt even imagine how terrible for them that would be... well hope everyone checked out the monsanto march today in their neck of the woods, It was hot and sunny but im glad i went, my legs are buzzing and im kind of feeling sunburnt, but was worth it for sure.



    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: Great video. They were talking about it at the Anti-GMO march today.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      here's a tip that helped me a lot, purell hand sanitizer and tea tree oil. 4 drops of tea tree oil for every oz of purell or any hand sanitizer. You should try a small test area 1st. Generously use all over your body including your scalp (it wont hurt your hair) It will kill the buggers almost instantly. Leave it on all night shower in the AM. Men: the scrotum area should be safe do a small test area 1st. I don't recommend directly on the penis. Women sorry I don't know.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      Hi. I just found this website. I have been dealing with this for two years now and I don't think I can take it any more. I have tried the borax, the sulfur on the dog via the vets office, I have tried the cream for the whole family and now that summer is almost here, it's starting all over again. We are getting eaten alive. I've tried everything

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: Craig, my whole childhood passed in cotton plantations..and i did not get any serious illness until i reached 30, that is why mg in my 30 was serious psychological impact.

      In general a kind of strange diseases among simple people living in villages became famous in last 10-15 years. we are suffering with mg, but there are plenty of simple people in long distance areas suffering with a new strange diseases..they doesnt have any access to internet to join to the group of people with similar illnessâ¦even many of them doesnât have an access to simple med care. In other places family doctors trying to cure them with closed eyes...so really there are no other way. The main privilege living in long distance villages is being always in fresh air and under direct sunlight which cures many things.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: yes, i still have a speckles coming out, but not so many like before. becase i am some how controling it. So each pic in that link remainds me a nightnare i passed through.


    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: wow those are some really good photos, Im amazed at how many of the black specks are coming out at once on a couple of the pics. Are you still getting these specks out? I finally got the last of mine out I believe, they seemed to especially be iright above my eyebrow towards my temple, and in a big scar on my shoulder. Ive told you i used the peppermint oil to get them out the best, but coconut oil seems to work really good too. Youre photos are exactly what i would see coming from me, If you take the black specks and put them in olive oil and stir it up you will see they come apart and are made up of fibers, im guessing encased in sebum as our skin traps them and tries to get rid of the invaders. You can also grow them im just about any liquid, chemicals too, at first it will stunt them, but let them sit in a nice and warm/humid area and they will grow,, really i was amazed they could grow in all sorts of different chemicals, but they will. gonna go check out your photos some more... peace

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: I agree most of them are from deeper wounds, but those who are covered in the sores get the same looking skin, my friends are identical to it, ive seen others online also... but you are right. Doubt this means anything but back before I got morgellons I tried my hand at truck driving for a bit, my home station was in phoenix. Well I had never seen cotton growing up close so my girlfriend took me to a field by my work where cotton was farmed, well i thought it was pretty cool that you could pull the cotton off and it came apart in spheres like an orange would, so i drove around with that cotton on my dash for a month or so just because///lol I doubt its related, i didnt get morgellons unitl a year or two later...

      The problems dont just stop with the farmers either, thru the whole process of refining the cotto there has been problems. Im not sure if this answers your question about areas, but its a scientific study with some interesting data.

      www.i-sis.org.uk/MILTBT.php its from ISIS institute of science in society.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: yes, you right when mg lesions heal they are white spots remains in place of lesions. But if you look above stated video attentively you can distinguish followings: In case of morgellons the white spots are small and resembles usual hypopigmented scar left after any other deep isolated lesions, but in case of that video from India (as well as in my example of persons working in agriculture and complaining to skin itch) the white spots cover large areas and resembles a vitiligo, but unlike the vitiligo they are not soo pronounced and look like a map drawn on the skin and it appears for itself, without any visual skin lesions. In upcoming summer I will visit there and picture it.

      Although I am skeptical regarding GMG is a cause of mg, in that video came from India I found something interesting as in my case (a group of persons which I saw) also subjects work and lives next to cotton plantations. Here world´s largest cotton exporters: unctad.org/infocomm/anglais/cotton/market.htm if somebody interested to check whether there are any correlation regarding the number of cases among those countries.

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: check out the people with morgellons who get lesions, when they heal they are white spots, no melanin remains. Ive also seen this personally, the married couple I think I got this from both have bad white spots just like vetilligo but its from the lesions when they heal, they have just had morgellons like 14 years now. . Some people feel the itch and stings with this, others dont, its just a matter if they have a histamine response to it or not that determines that I believe. How many times have you heard people say that certain cotton shirts make their symptoms worse? Quite a few. You can go to walmart and buy a brand new tshirt in the package, look at it under the microscope and see the blue, red,. green fibers in it, defintitely not textile fibers either.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: i saw such kind of persons with massive white areas (resembling vetiligo) in skin with my own eyes. They complain to skin itch but not crawling..this is something different than that we/I have. All of them work in agriculture all of them beilive that the cause of it is skin worms.

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      Thought this video was interesting, the symptoms and sores look oh so familiar. Its about the farmers in India growing gmo cotton: www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFF96-wrtUM&list=HL1369287913

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Well at least Herxing to me means you are killing off something... hope it gets better quick.

      I was talking to a friend of mine about you and the treatment you were doing for your lymes, I couldnt remember what it was called?? The magnetic thing you were doing, and do you reccommend it? He has lymes and morgellons as far as he can tell ...defintiely has lymes for 3 1/2 yrs now still being treated for it... told him id ask you and get back with him... thanks,.. hope u are doing better!!


    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Less Itchy, love this post, you hit the nail on the head imo..good job!

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Please read about toxic mold exposure, it is something not very many doctors understand or know very much about. There is a book out there called "The mold warriors" that I highly recommend you get and read, it will help you to learn more about the mold and how to get better, Many on here dont accept fungus or mold as a cause of these itching and biting feelings, but i do completely. This book also explains all the symptoms causes by mold exposure and they match these perfectly. ALong with a host more immune system issues one faces once exposed to mold. Im truly sorry your family is going thru this, and know the battle you are having and have ahead of you is going to be a tough one, but you can get better, ive done it and so has many others, avoid the use of chemicals as much as possible now, and try to get sugar and gmo foods out of your diet as much as possible. The dehumidifier suggestions on this site are top notch, also get a good filter for your ac/furnace, one designed to trap allergens and mold spores, it wil have to be changed alot to be affective.. Try to read the book i mentioned, it will help you get a grasp on what is going on in your life and your families life.


    • anonymous 3 years ago

      Gayle - Our problems may be the same or different. I think my bugs live on the skin surface to feed and multipy and also live on fabric. Ever since I have been adding a little bit of bleach to my laundry it kills the bugs on my clothes and I do not get bites or feel them on my clothes. It feels wonderful. I also know that mites love fungus. People who have treated their dogs for fungus skin infections have gotten rid of mites off their dogs. Animal shelters clean dog runs etc. by spraying it down with bleach. I know for a fact I had a fungus infection on my legs, I went to a tanning salon and had discoloring on the parts that were infected. I used that discoloration to locate the fungus and treat it effectively. Yeast infection is a fungus. Many of us have systemic yeast infections. Estrogen dominance causes the controlled yeast in our bodies to overrun our bodies, because yeast feeds on estrogen. I am currently taking Pearl Probiotic daily. This is the best probiotic because it is encapsulated and goes to your small intestine where it is needed. That is how I treat it internally, but outwardly I will soak in a bath with a cup of hydrogen peroxide and borax each. This usually gets rid of any itchy skin or scalp areas. Now for my face, I told you before to use Clinique and you still haven't used it. They sell it at the department stores at the Clinique counter. There are Formulas 1 through 4 and you must use number 2 (the purple one). Put it on a cotton and wipe your face with it nightly. This will get rid them off your face, but if you want to continue getting bites on your face, then do not follow my regimen Gayle. Look up rosacea and mites. There is new research that mites cause rosacea and acne. I read a lot and just recently found out that hormones play a huge part too. Teenagers have raging hormones and will have zits, also mites. Being estrogen dominant we The American diet is full of estrogen and many of us are estrogen dominant. BPA in our plastic. Look it up. Plastic leeching from our plastic tupperware when we heat food in microwave, water in plastic bottles leech estrogen into our bodies. Beef and dairy have synthetic estrogen. There are also phytoestrogen and xenoestrogen. Look these up. Tap water has estrogen. Tea tree oil, lavender, some herbs have estrogen. If you have PMS that means you are estrogen dominant. I started taking DIM. It is an estrogen metabolizer. I believe we need to balance our hormone levels and treat any fungus infections to really get rid of the problem. What happens when a teenager goes through puberty they get zits. When they are done and their hormones level out, the zits go away...

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      This is the second time but in a different location that we are experincing this bites. The first time this happened, all of a suddent after we had water damage (hot water heater bursted in attic) caving in sheet rock and walls. We started to get bit during sleep. I went crazy not knowing what was wrong. I washed everything got bed covers and sprayed anything I could find. After months, the landlord finally got an some one to come out and check the townhome. They said there was a birds nest in the air vents (considering it mites). Well, the landlord didnt take it serious so we left. We threw away everything from the furniture to the beding. Leaving us with nothing. Once we moved, we bought all new things (Oh and I washed every Friday as always never having loads of dirty clothes) and bleached everything. It seemed like we defeated this monster. A whole year went by in our new place and no issues. We ended up moving after that year into our current place. We have been there a year now as well. Welllll.... right at a year, our neighbor below said she had a leak coming from our place upstairs. Sure enough, our Ac pump was leaking and must have been leaking for a while because it was just drops coming out but after some time it cause her Mold. You would never guess but the bathroom toliet had a leak as well. Her bathroom walls finally came in. Well all of a sudden I wake over night and the bites have arrived again.OMG!!! this is a never ending nightmare! I noticed the first bites, then my husband, and now my 5 yr old says he feels like something is crawling in his nose, my 9yr old says she cant stop scratching, our youngest says nothing at this time but he is only 4 but he already deals with minor excema. HELPPPPP US PLEASE! HOW CAN THIS BE. IT'S BEEN OVER 2 YRS WITH NO ISSUES AND NOW ITS HERE AGAIN! The commor factor is water and sheet rock damage! If anyone knows anything, Please Help!

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Ella, if you find a dentist that will remove that filling and replace, and if you plan on doing it make sure you find one that knows the proper technique for removing them. There is special procedures that are supposed to be used like a dam in your mouth and other things to keep you from being exposed to massive amounts of mercury in the removal process. When these techniques arent used ive heard numbers as high as 60% of people develop an autoimmune disease within a year of having the fillings removed. Definitely research it and the methods before choosing a dentist so you know what to look for and ask about.

      best wishes


    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      Hey, I've been dealing with rosacea on my chin and sores my r and l leg. People notice them. I've been using lemon juice in the tub and antibacterial soap. I had forgotten about the Caladryl or Milk of Magnesia original, and I add organic edible diatomaceous earth to it. At the stage I'm in, I'm using Caladryl on the new spots [sores] which start.

      The problem is on our insides. If we didn't have some sort of parasite living inside of us, we wouldn't still be suffering. The bugs in my environment have been eradicated a long time ago. The new skin symptoms are from parasites from the inside.

      After I had a dose of penicillin, I have noticed I am no longer alergic to milk. I have been drinking it all gone, with no terrible side effects. The guardia parasite causes a reaction to milk like lactose intolerance. My parasites are fewer and I feel better, but I still have a way to go. I have been using the 5 garlic and 5 aloe vera pills twice a day for four days. I started to feel sicker so I stopped taking them and will rest for a few days. I'll start the treatment agaiin in a few days. I have been drinking a lot of water and also taking the diatomaceous earth with some baking soda in it. I have also noticed that when I go outside, the bugs still love me. I'll be glad when I'm better.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      I think you kill it off your body when youâre in a chlorine filled swimming pool, but when you go back in your house the bugs are there, in your carpet, in your clothes and get onto your body again. They are anywhere where there is dead skin. They eat dead skin and sometimes tissue fluid. They multiply well on your petâs skin, but poor on human skin, but they can still multiply on humans. They can survive with the dead skin in your carpet, bed, clothes, mattress, couch, rugs and you, if you donât have any pets. You need to get rid of it in your environment as well as off you. To kill it off you, I bathe in a cup of borax and a cup of hydrogen peroxide filled with warm water, 2 days in a row, until the itch on my scalp or skin area goes away. Now getting rid of them from your environment is the challenge (if you don't have pets). If you have pets, use Ivermectin pour on. I got it from Amazon. it's a blue alcohol like liquid, used to kill mites, worms, etc on cows and horses. Depending on the weight of your pet use this as a weekly spot on treatment. Revolution spot on treatment is a must for monthly treatement. I used to have a dehumidifier by my laundry room, close to the dogâs crate area and bathroom. I kept it running 35% humidity. Instantly, things got better, but the bugs were still there. I live in southern california and you would think it is dry, but my hygrometer read to 75% in the house at times, especially during cooking, laundry or someone uses the shower/bath. I too read that site about them coming to find you for moisture when the house is too dry. So I moved the dehumidifier into my bedroom. Again, it made a huge difference, but it still hadnât eradicated the problem and I really donât want to buy another dehumidifier and put it in the bathroom area, unless I have to, because of electric costs and itâs another $200 for a good dehumidifier. A couple weeks ago, I started using chlorine bleach in my laundry load. I add 1/8 to 1/4 cup of bleach with borax and detergent to a full load of water and let it mix then add the clothes. This has made a pretty big difference. When looking in the cleaning aisle at Target I saw a disinfectant spray called, âClorox Anywhereâ surface spray. It is color-safe and itâs made of a little bleach and a lot of water, the perfect dilution to make it color safe. I found a copycat cite that found the formula for this spray. It is 1 ½ teaspoon bleach added to 22 ounce water. Make it yourself and spray it everywhere, every day, because it is very diluted, you can barely smell the bleach, but it kills these suckers and thatâs the punch line ;) So before I go to bed I mist spray my bed sheets and pillows, let dry and go to bed. I spray the inside of my clothes before I wear it, let it dry, then wear it and mist the couch, any areas of carpet and the dog beds and any rugs. Today was casual day at work and I despise wearing denim jeans, because it seems these bugs love denim jeans, but I didnâtâ want to shave my legs so I grabbed a pair of jeans that I didnât have sealed up, I sprayed the inside of it with the Clorox anywhere spray and threw it in the dryer for 10 minutes. I have been wearing the jeans for over 8 hours and have not felt any bugs crawling or wiggling or any bites. This diluted bleach spray works and once it dries you donât smell anything. I am going to steam clean my carpet with some bleach and hot water ;) I am also going to spray the diluted bleach water in the yard, in case these critters are being picked up my doggies from the yard (extra measures for desperate times folks). Yippee I am beginning to smell the scent of victory!

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: Think so....those fillings do have something to do with some of these issues,,the 2 types of treatments that I'm on right now both the M.D. and the therapiest looked for those fillings and thank good I only have one of those! By the way this week I'm doing better,,, been pigging out and have gained 5 pnds. :)

      Been eating anything I want this week and it is become obvious that my diet has to do with my skin issues....

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @anonymous: jennifer

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: I dont know any mg people claiming to lower body temp, but i know enough mg people claiming to have body temp above the normal average. My wife has a lower body temp and she got mg 3 times and each time she recovered whitin the one month after separation of our bedrooms. So body temp is very very important factor for mg.

      I dont remember when i had fever last time, probably it was in my school years. But since 2002 i know my body temerature (in armpit) is a higher than the normal range, it is around 37.6C (+/-0.2), According to conventional medicine in my age it should be around 36,9-37.4C.

      At the beginning of my mg symptoms i though that if it continous like this, sooner or later i will have mental problems..but still i didnt, seemingly i am adapted. Physicly I am always healthy, i play footbal every week and i do gym every morning. The only thing which makes me worry now is giving this nighmare to other people.

      Sometimes I pay attention to my friend and collegues when they are scraching and i think.. probably i gave it to him/her. Becaus i am not sure if the white fibers rising from my body and floating around me may cause mg in others.

      One more important thing Craig, i dont know how you think about it, in my opinion since i had morgellons i have very good appitet)) so i dont know if it is releted with my mg.


    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      Hi everybody I read something and I dont know necesarily that it relates to mg or the problems on this site, but I do believe it poissibly does or can be one of the contributing factors that lead to mg or someof the problems listed on this lens. The site I started on was here www.notdoctors.com/crci3.html which caused me to start searching more and learning more about the bacteria found in our teeth and mouth. This site is short and basic but has some good info www.toothandbodyconnection.blogspot.com/2009/05/microscopes-and-oral-spirochetes-visual.html

      I think its worth considering that dental issues might play a role in mg, imo a big role, some of you might know that it was only after I had my mercury fillings removed that i sllowly started recovering from the itching and stings, its taken over a year to get better, but i believe that the pivoting point was when i had those teeth removed. Theres also alot of research and Drs claiming mg is caused by dental toxins, who really knows, i dont. One interestng thing I learned was that one of the bacterias found in our teeth and mouths are spirochaetes, which we all know spirochaets are the bacteria that cause lymes disease, just not in the case of oral spirochaets. But maybe as our immune systems get weaker and weaker somehow these spirochaetes become able or change and are able to give us lymes disease, which would help explain why so many mg sufferers end up getting lymes disease also. lol just thinking out loud, but still these sites have some good info regardless and info we should know anyways. Hope everyone is doing good!


    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: No, I had not seen teh chart. Thanks for sharing!

    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: Thanks for the information.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      Hello everyone,,so if bleach helps with the clothes how about dipping in a pool? pools usually are full of chlorine,,could this aliviate the skin? has anyone tryed it? I have gone to a pool a couple of times,,,but i know if it is an internal problem the parasites won't go way :(

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: You just brought up something that ive wanted to ask everybody about, Fevers. Since youve gotten morgellons do you ever get fevers anymore? I know i used to get them quite often, after morgellons I dont get them anymore, when I got bit by a brown recluse 5 times a few months back Iand my finger got really infected even then my temp only got up to aroun 98.4 or so, i used to always be 98.6, but now My temp averages around 97.1. another symptom quite a few mg people claim to have, low body temperatures. Also I dont get sick really anymore, not really, not like i used to , havnt had the flu since I got morgellons..

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @Gaylehere: Gayle, MD (Morgellons Disease) sufferers all over the world independently claim to have unusual fibers (like tiny hairs but it is too tiny to be a hair). At the beginning maybe it is difficult to distinguish but later every MD sufferer can easily distinguish morgellons fibers from other kind of fibers. So have you read or heard any case of leshmaniasis observed with unusual fibers or crawling sensation on skin, or have you heard any morgellons patient with fever, specific and erupting deep round sores in skin. Before thinking about delusional parasitosis or morgellons your doc excludes such kind of infections first. I am more than sure that MD (morgellons disease) caused by parasites and signs of it starts locally from the first day of contact with sufferer and day by day it increases. Skin to skin contact guarantees of MD transmission. But keep in mind that there are certain kind of people not get MD and they are even not attractive for simple mosquitos. I think everybody know it exept modern medicine.

      I hope you understand my Spanglish))


    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: I swear whatever this is chemicals really dont work very well for very long with it, U used borax and all that too, it did help,, but what will kill them in your clothes without a doubt is ironing then, best way i know of anyways.

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @Fightingagoodfight14: Yeah isnt that nice how that works for them,, Im sure youve seen this chart of monsanto employees and what their government positions are...if you havnt seen it check it out, it is sure to make even the biggest doubters wake up and see whats really going on: www.redgreenandblue.org/2012/02/02/monsanto-employees-in-the-halls-of-government-part-2/

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @Fightingagoodfight14: Less itchy I agree with you about high humidity makes it worse, I live in a pretty dry climate, have the ac running most of the time which helps to dry out the air also, but on humid days it would get alot worse, part of the reason when it rains the symptoms always seemed to get worse.. A cheaper way than an electric space heater to dry out the air is a propane space heater, they make them now with a catalyst material inside of them so it burns up all the carbon dioxide and monoxide that used to make them so dangerous to use indoors. The flame and heat from them works great at drying out the air, but with the catalyst material making it burn so hot,, it will quickly deplete a room of oxygen so you have to still make sure to have air circulating.. Personally i thought the propane ones dried the air way better, and propane was cheaper to run it withthan electricity. Also at home depot you can buy moisture absorber by the bucket, if you have a damp crawll sace or whatever it works well to throw under your house or up in your attic.... =-) I still would like to know someone that uses the heat treatment on their home and see what results they get, I think heat kills these better than anything.

    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      I found this on another site. It was a lot longer. I shortened it, but this makes sense from what we have experienced. Will try. Here it is from word press: Relief from Invisible Biting Mites in Homes. Mites cannot live long term in environs with low humidity (i.e. under 50%) This is the common denominator explaining the fall/winter success. When the temp drops in the fall cold dry air from the north comes south and furnaces start to dry out homes. In winter humidity values stay low until it rains and/or the temp climbs back up. Whenever it rains the leaks around your house draw in moisture by the heat in the house rising and sucking in moist air through the cracks. (I discovered the full impact of this by placing hygrometers, (Walmart $9 ea.) in every room; This is how I found the leaks in my house and taped or repaired them.) As long as a house is reasonably sealed these low humidityâs can be maintained. Mites, like all of Godâs creatures, need water to survive. When it is in short supply, they go searching for it.

      Like a good golf game, things tend to get worse before they get better. Often the seemingly quick spike in mite population is actually the existing population on the hunt for water, and guess where that water is? Believe it or not⦠itâs YOU! Once all sources of dampness are eliminated and the home is completely dry (i.e under 50% humidity for a couple of weeks) the creatures hunt for the only water in the house; this water is from your own respiration and perspiration. Mites need warm moist places to survive.

      This is why they plague sleepers. Nothing is more enticing to a cold thirsty mite than a warm, moist, stationary body. Sleeping humans are the perfect life support for these mites. They drink our breath and sweat and stay with us as long as they can, roaming the fertile countryside of our bodies.

      These mites are sustained by moisture in the home and although drying the home significantly reduces their number, the small amount that can live close to the human body are simply a good bread starter for the days when the humidity returns. Add to that that any (and I mean ANY) place you leave moisture becomes a refuge for them. This means your car, your office, family & friendâs house, etc. (any place you frequent and leave a little sweat). All these sources must be eradicated to eliminate the problem long term. This means some seemingly drastic measures, but the relief obtained is far worth the effort.

      Step 1. Dehumidify the home.

      Go to Walmart and buy the cheapest hygrometers they have (about $9). You may get only one, but, trust me, having these in every room is all but paramount. Also, get them all the same as comparing them is a key element in the plan and different brands will vary. By placing these in every room of the home you will quickly (as I did) find where your house is leaking in moisture. Until all these leaks are found and sealed, you will not be able to keep your humidity down. When they all are within a couple of % of each other, you are in good shape.

      Next, keep the heat on. A furnace running is the very best effective way to reduce the humidity. I also have a dehumidifier, but they run about $200 and really do not perform well for the electricity used unless the humidity is above 50%. Running the heat, even slightly higher than normal, gives a great head start or reducing the humidity. Once the humidity in the house is under 40% you can back off the furnace to a normal level, but use the furnace to dry whenever the humidity gets back to 40% and threatens to climb (i.e. every time it rains). In warmer climates like the deep south where I live, I even use space heaters and the AC TOGETHER when the outside temp forces me as this double utility bill is the only way to keep the moisture down. Letting the humidity get back above 40% threatens to undo any progress. To those of us afflicted, high utilities are a small price to pay for a shot at killing these things, so heat away!

      Next, you should find these bugs now running for their lives to any moist place imaginable. Isolate cloths and all porous material in the house from sources of moisture (this includes YOU).

      Keep infested clothing quarantined until washing. This includes the sheets which must be washed daily. Clothes you will not wear need to all be isolated in a part of the house you do not frequent and open enough to dry completely in the dry air. Over time all these bugs will die, but only if they are dried out completely.

      Now the final element⦠YOU. Until you isolate yourself from these bugs as a water source, they will continue to live on your own body moisture. As a result, any chair or bed you use will retain moisture and continue to support these pests. I repeat for emphasis: ANY POROUS MATERIAL YOU TOUCH WILL RETAIN YOUR MOISTURE AND BE A BREEDING GROUND! You have to isolate your body from putting moisture or mites into furniture and from pulling mites out of furniture. Mites left in a dry sofa will eventually die, but only if denied moisture completely until the moisture INSIDE the furniture is completely gone and that takes time. Likewise, mites on your body will be looking to reinvade these places and you cannot let them. As strange as it sounds, you yourself are now a walking trap for these creatures.

      Next, seal mattresses and box springs in dust mite covers, Include the pillows. Next purchase about 3 cheap shower curtains, the vinyl kind. Keep a shower curtain between you and your furniture at all times and hang it up somewhere to air out completely when not in use to kill any bugs and keep the furniture drying out completely through the winter. A vinyl mattress cover (yes, they kind for bed wetters) would be strongly encouraged as the bed is these pestsâ last refuge. Of paramount importance: DO NOT SIT OR LIE ON ANYTHING WITHOUT A BARRIER BETWEEN YOU AND IT!!! Each morning you can pull the sheets off with a nightâs worth of mites and wash them down the drain and deny the ones left behind any moisture to survive. Over time this will yield powerful results if followed strictly. Good luck to all of you.

      Given the extent of reported infestations, these bugs, like cockroaches, can be controlled, but probably never eliminated.

      Recap. 1. Dehumidify the home. 2. Employ barrier methods to deny these mites any moisture from the human body. Good luck!

    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: I will be in Houston. It is so important. There are petitions going around that I have signed as well because I believe the former executives of Monsanto should not be directing the FDA.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Has washing clothes and linners with Borax helped anyone?

      Point aside I discovered some Ricketzia dots recently :(

      Thought they had gone away,, I guess not! :(

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @Gaylehere: Thanks Gayle. I'll try 1/4 cup and let it agitate.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: Thanks for the info. I'll look up the tsp. I notice denim jeans are the worse. I wash it in hot water with borax, arm & hammer detergent and eucalyputs oil and put it in the dryer it until it's extra dry and wear it and I feel the bugs crawling around. when I added the bleach, I didn't feel any crawling. They died with the bleach, but I messed up my colored clothes, and they were office clothes too ;( I used 1 cup bleach so I'm sure that was too much.

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      The following site is from the diary of a Morgellons sufferer: http :// rense.com/general63/diaryofamorgellons.htm

      She talks about the transparent worm which leaves lines at the sites of sores, webbing and their becoming part of the skin. If you have any of these symptoms, you may be interested to read the diary.


    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @Fightingagoodfight14: I just signed up for the march being held in Las Vegas, Hopefully all these marches gathers alot of attention so people will research about gmo foods and see how devastatingly bad they are for our health and our futures. Are you going to go to your areas march?

    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      Anyone going to March against GMO's Memorial week-end (Sat)?

    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Organic coconut oil is best to avoid GMO's.

    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      @Gaylehere: I was told to always take milk thistle with dandelion. Don't know how important that is.

    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      @Gaylehere: Thanks!

    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: ALways look up the MSDS sheet for these things before purchasing. This does not sound too bad but there are precautions that need to be taken.

    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: We had to stop wearing cotton. They seemed to love cotton.

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @Fightingagoodfight14: FAGF14, There are some infections and even parasites which have no cure. Trichinosis, for example has no cure. This parasite is in undercooked pork, bear, deer and other meats. If left unchecked and if the body is not healthy a person will suffer symptoms, like sores, for which the doctor gives surface cures. It can also cause damage to internal organs. There is no cure for the Leishmaniasis parasite, either. This parasite entered the US in California from China. The doctor will treat the skin sores they cause and may also do surgery to remove the sores, but there is no liquid medicine to get rid of the parasite from the body. With the schistosomiasis parasite, the doctor will treat the patient for surface cures, like surgically removing a sore, but the patient is not given a medicine to kill the parasite. If a person suffers internal damage, the doctor removes the damaged organ and hopefully all of the parasite nest and hopes for remission.

      I think that the people suffering from Morgellons are actually suffering from doctors being specialists. If a person has a problem with their skin or their stomach, he has to go to two different doctors, or specialists, to treat the two different areas and the cause is probably from the same thing.

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @Fightingagoodfight14: Love, love, love Hibiclens. It's a great product. It works like Lysol but is safe for the skin. Betadine is also good but does not have a soap in it like Hibiclens. I mixed Hibiclens with Curel itch defense lotion. The lotion has stearyl ether in it and I think it helps to deaden the itching feeling. Sometimes I leave it on and rub it in and sometimes I put it on at night and sometimes before a shower.

      Hope this helps, : ) Gayle

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @anonymous: looking f/h, are the tiny black fibers md or parasites? Ring worm, for example, has many "strings" around it. Leishmaniasis parasites also have many "strings" around them. Just wondering what you think. : ) Gayle

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Less Itchy, I forgot to mention that I always fill the washer first with water, then add the bleach, lysol and or cleaners. I let the washer agitate for a minute, then add the clothes. Some washers won't let a person do this procedure. I hope yours will. : )

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      @anonymous: I use a "dab" of bleach in every load, from 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup, even on color clothes. It's hot in the South and this also prevents the clothes from becoming sour during the hottest times.

      Lysol works well also. I use 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup for each load.

      Soaking the clothes in regular detergent for 1 hour or more is also effective. Hope this helps. : )

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Less Itchy on another note concerning laundry Ive got an idea or thought about it that also might be worth trying to see if it helps. Back around 1990 or 1993 the EPA put a ban on tsp being used in laundry detergents, which is why clothes dont seem to come as clean as they used to. Well the ban is actually only on comercial laundries, and is still legal to use in your own home, There is a herbalist on youtube that talks about using TSP in a skin wash because it dissolves the biofilm that protects these organisms, so maybe adding it to the laundry might give good results.. ITs sold in the paint isle of most hardware stores, tsp stands for Trisodium phosphate, which very basically means three salts or a molecule with 3 sodium atoms.. It used to be in all our detergents even dishwashing detergent... heck maybe thats why the last several years we are seeing an explosion of this curse/..lol but thats another conspiracy theory for later ;-)


    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: I wonder if he meant use color safe bleach, although color safe bleach doesnt have any chlorine in it like regular bleach. Instead it uses hydrogen peroxide, so maybe it would help?, I really dont know, hopefully you figure a way to contact him and get clearer directions for it. I know this sounds like a chore, but I found ironing worked really well for my clothes, I just put the steam setting on high and temp on high. it does wear your clothes down faster, but its worth being able to put clothes on that dont drive you crazy... Have you noticed some clothes seem more infested than others? I had to get rid of all my silk shirts because they were always the worst infested and nothing seemed to get rid or them in those clothes either way good luck

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      The original post on this site that started this, says he got rid of the bugs in his clothes by using bleach, borax and detergent in every load of laundry. I tried this and omg it worked, but I think I put too much bleach because some of my colored clothes were bleached and spotted ;( This protocol works and I want to keep it up. I don't know how to reach the person who wrote the original post, but my question is how do you use chlorine bleach in colored laundry so to dilute it for efficiency, but not to whiten? Does anyone know?

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: The only thing I dont like about this study is that it was kind of skewed towards lymes to begin with, they took 3 patients that were known to have lymes but also had morgellons symptoms and tested their lesions and found spirochettes, which imo isnt a big surprise since they were already known to have lymes. hardly seems a fair test when using lymes patients to begin with, and then only using 3 people is too small to gain any valuable results with. ANother thing about pubmed, the articles in that publication are not to be taken as 100% accurate as they are not all peer reviewed articles, basically anyone wanting to post a article on there can, and unfortunately people do do so in order to further their own studies or agendas. If you read in the faq about pubmed they will explain it slightly, but googling about it you will find some interesting facts about pubmed. I do agree though its a good starting point to gain some info, just that info needs to be researched independantly before drawing any conclusions from it..

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @Fightingagoodfight14: ive used the hibiclens skin cleanser, its a very good product although a little expensive, next time your at the emergency room, if you take a look on their shelves you will see it there as its used all the time in the er. I had good results with it, but being im poor i couldnt afford to keep buying it. I would definitely say though its worth trying to see if it works for you.

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @Fightingagoodfight14: you are correct on the freezing cold to the bone aspect of using peppermint oil, its a cold that no matter how many blankets you put on you cant get warm, i made the mistake of putting the oil in my bathwater once, wow what a mistake, i sat under a blanket witht the space heater under it for an hour before i felt warm again. thats why now when i use it i only do one section at a time, like my head, or a leg, the reason it makes you so cold is it opens up all your pores thus cooling the skin, but this is also the reason it works so well at ridding this problem, it opens the pores and kills the fungus/mites. im sorry you went thru this i should have warned you. Ive tried coconut oil since then and have read about it, it has very good antifungal properties to it as well and a good anti parasite, its kind of expensive, but works well, if you dont like the taste or smell of coconut oil you can by pressed peppermint oil and it has no taste or smell. sorry again, should have warned you, but didnt think about that.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      the simplest way of diagnosing of MD: just vear white shirt all the day and at the end of the day just look at it with naked aye. In case of morgellons you can see lots of tiny black fibers. Also you can see lots of white fibers in your black socks.

      * it may not work at the initial stage of MD (first 3 months), but after about 3 months it works 100%.


    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @Fightingagoodfight14: Yeah if you think about it, fungus fits all of the symptoms as well, which its my belief the mites and other insects some people find are just that symptoms of the fungus which most all the types of bugs that md patients find eat. I came across a video by some guy that really although it is long, it covers alot of good info and he makes alot of good points. his video is at www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCZmAULV1KM&list=LLd4Fi3pxsbKqFhKHbSjhWoA&

      feature=mh_lolz . I think the fact that sugar so negatively impacts most of us is a key sign that fungus is a problem.. candida diet helps alot with the symptoms although i dont believe that the fungus bothering us is actually candida, but really who knows, all we can do is try different things until we find what works for us.

    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      When I spray water/20 Mule Team Borax mix on my ceiling, walls, everything. Then vacuum floor, Then spray again throughout the air it helps reduce the bugs. Brings me peace.

    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      Has anyone tried this? Molnlycke Healthcare Molnlycke Hibiclens Antimicrobial Skin Cleanser. Here is an article I found. I am considering trying it.

    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      @anonymous: More Evidence that Morgellons Disease is an Infection, not a Delusion (But they don't say how to get rid of the infection). Sure hope they plan to research that. I bet many of us here would volunteer for that experiment.

    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Yes. That's what it's called. You can search for it on Amazon. Peaches & Boo Boo Save my feet blister elixer. I wouldn't use it daily, but it really helps when you really need a protective barrier.

    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: I tried. I really did. But even the smallest amount of peppermint caused me to become freezing cold. Chilled to the bone for hours. Just couldn't take it.

    • Fightingagoodfight14 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: I saw your link. I agree that fungus must play a major part in this as well. When I spray the interior of my car with lysol when I get out then it doesn't bother me the next day. That would also explain why spraying alcohol & 20 mule team borax greatly reduces the numbers.

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      A GREAT find : ) Dandelions. They're good for us. They detox us and they are EVERYWHERE!

      1 teaspoon per 20lbs for tea or in feeding to animals for health.

      http : // www.thepracticalherbalist.com/component/content/article/40-herbal-encyclopedia/46-dandelion-the-liver-cleanser.html

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @Gaylehere: Gayle ive got a challenge for you, but first let me say that there is lots of people who have and are gettiing healed or cured from this, just google " cured from morgellons" or "how i cured morgellons" read the comments,. it is happening,...Oh and a really easy source to look up of someone healing themselves and their family is right here, they very lens stating how hhe cured his family and himself, in fact thats what this lens is about..wow.

      Ok obviously neither one of us know exactly what the problem is, you believe it to be bugs insects arthropods, or some sort of living moving creature correct? I believe it to be caused by fungal related issues brought on by poor nutition, chemical exposures, toxin exposures, gmo exposure..... things along those lines weakenin our immune system thus making a great environment for funugs to grow iin and on us.

      \Ok there is hundreds of thousands of videos people have made of morgellons samples, some by regular people with no medical background, videos by some with a little medical backgrond, videos by nurses, videos by doctors, videos by biologists, videos by geneticists... and yes i left out somebody, whomever that was i apologize, youre still important i promise. (no not you attorney general) lots of videos,lets see if you can find me 5 videos with critters found that are causing the morgellons. im not talking normal things that are known illnesses or parasites, ones that docs know how to check for and labs do check for (lymes,toxoplasmosi demodex, scabies...)find me 5 vids showing the same thing by different people would be even better, just 5 is all i ask, preferably samples moving, but in the very least they have to be obviously identifiable, not a blur in the shape of crap. should be a piece of cake to find 5 videos showing the same critter by 5 different people out of the hundreds of thousands of videos of morgellons samples... if u want I will do the same thing, only i will show videos of morgellons samples that are from different users of the same thing, fungi/molds..... up for the challenge?

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      I have been doing clay masks on my face and body and that has really helped. I put it a couple inches into my hair. Also, rented an ozone generator and ran it in my house and car - I think that helped also. Been drinking Aloe Vera juice and putting it on my body. My eyes seem to be the worst area now - I will try the coconut oil - thanks.

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      I've been using IcyHot some in my nose lately and in my ears. I put it on a piece of cotton and put it in. It hurts my nose at first, then my headache goes away. Vicks is good, too; and is a more gentle product. The bugs won't just go away. They have to be eradicated. Until the doctors are willing [or knowledgeable] a person with the so-called morgellons will not be cured. The cdc mentioned aloe vera and cucumber being effective in killing them but the scientists are still working on it.

      Praziquantel is used in the US and other places but only the CDC has this drug. It is an anti cancer drug.

    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: It is your mulch! Remove it asap! I have the same problem. Its the Pine Bark mulch from freaking Home Depot!

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: Ella, I honestly believe morgellons is caused by a fungal overgrowth, Possibly some new type of fungus, If you look thru the news around the world you will see a large rise of people getting sick from different fungi, people dying from new fungi, just really a explosion if fungal issues around the world. I think we have this fungus quite awhile before it builds up to a point where we start having symptoms, and by that time its really late in the game to start fighting it, by the time we start having symptoms i believe its established firmly in us, and now all the toxins fungus releases in the human body just serves to further weaken our immune systems, candida alvicans for instance releases over 107 toxins, so now were having skin issues, no immune system to attac this fungus, and even when it does or we kill some of it off, this causes a release of even more toxins from the fungus, thus we have a battle that really is hard to win.. I think I am getting better, I think it will take a long time to eradicate this from my system, but i know im right at that level where im teetering, I got lax with what i was eating, sugars and gmo crap, so im sure this whole time ive been symptom free it was building back up, luckily i know how to treat it for me and was able to get back bellow that threshold, I just konw now that i have to keep with the diet and healthy stuff for at least a year im guessing. Did you know that a family of fungus called Ascomycetes(yeast molds, truffles...) actually digest collagen as one of its food source? Also they digest cellulose as another food source. fungus is weird stuff, kind of a plant but not, kind of an arthropod but not, but it does have characteristics of each. Theres even fungus that gets into insects (ants i believe) and infects their brains and then they take control of the ant, makeit move to an ideal location for the fungus to spore and make it die there so the fungus can spread. fungus is both a parasite and some are mutualistic. so we have this fungus growing on us in us, and we attract mites that eat fungusl, read all the various insects or mites people say they have found on them, just about every single one is an insect or arthropod that eats fungus. Ive looked at tons of the fibers under the scope, to me they look like hyphae of a fungus, especially the blue colored microscopic fibers, they look the same color as asperilligus. One of my first videos i made back when i had a b etter scope was of some type of dictyostellium discoideum (slime mold) which is another strange entity itself, also it is used extensively in genetic research because i believe its cells react like humans do to certain drugs and genetically they are easy to manipulate or something like that. Slime mold does not infect humans supposedly, although cdc has cases of it infecting peoples eyes, I got this sample from one of the pepper sized black specks, either from my nose or my arm, i cant remember which now so long ago..lol anyways, i wish i was more articulate and could write my thoughts better and shorte, sorry about that, hopefully i kind of answered your question?? Heres a link to my video of the dictyostellium discoideum, the video is only 15 seconds long, but check it out then use google images and look up dictystellium discoideum and compare them. mine may be a different color, but theres no doubt that they are both from the same genus, maybe just a different family or something... sorry so long =-)


    • anonymous 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: Hi Craig,,,so do you think that even though you didn't have symptoms you still have the morgollens in you body?

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @mtdewcougar: Phenol is an extremely caustic chemical that burns the skin. Absorption of phenol through the lungs or skin can cause: central nervous system damage, pneumonia, respiratory tract infection, heart-rate irregularities, skin irritation, kidney and liver damage, numbness, vomiting, and can be fatal

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @Gaylehere: I would highly reccommend that anyone considering using a chemical exfolient on their skin such as phenol to seriously research it before they do. especially using it how gayle is suggesting. Most mg research shows using chemicals will in fact cause more long term symptoms from this problem. I think you are hurting yourself trying to cure yourself. Thats all im going to say.

    • Gaylehere 3 years ago

      Hey, I have been treating the crawlies about a year and a half now. With all the pictures, I think I know what I have and have been able begin to treat it. I found a new product for the times when stuff hurts my skin. It's been under my nose for all this time. Chloroseptic. [I use the equate brand.] It has 1.4% Phenol in it and stops the rosacea reaction I sometimes get in my skin. I've also been covering my head with a hair cream and leaving it on for a few hours. I get headaches from this but have been taking headache relief, equate, for the headaches. When I cover my head, I have lots of air bubbles. I know what this parasite is and, most days, am hopeful it can be eradicated but am still looking for a dr. to help. I keep getting burned, so it's hard to try them again. I should have gone for the holistic dr. 3 hours away.

      Aloe Vera pills have really helped me along with the odorless garlic pills. I take them and the b and c every day. If I get too sick, I slow down on the garlic and aloe vera and just drink a lot of water. Edible organic edible diatomaceous earth helps keep the insides going and clear. I take 1 to 3 tablespoons of that with a lot of water. An alkaline diet has helped me to stay focused on the good foods I need. Some days are great and then some are rough. It's like a see-saw every week. I'm glad some of you are getting better.


    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      was going thru some of my old videos and came across this one i kind of forgot about, I think it possibly shows what one of these invisible mites might be, but like all the videos of things ive seen under my microscope it doesnt move at all. Any opinions? www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrDKR8vv8Ws

    • mtdewcougar 3 years ago

      @anonymous: the last I had heard a couple of months ago bentbil was getting better and was hoping to recover soon from this, but I never saw any more posts after that saying he had beat it or not, hopefully he has, but really I dont know. regardless I really think that you can beat this, it just takes time and finding what works for yourself as everyones cure seems to be different. Its amazing isnt it how something invisible to us can wreak such havok in every aspect of our lives. wish you the best.


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