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Mice & Rats


How to Get Rid of Rats Without Poison: A Humane, No-Kill Approach to Rat Control

Have you noticed rats around your home, but are hesitant to use poisons? Here are some solutions for getting rid of rats without using poison or even harming the rats themselves.


How to Deal With a Mouse in the House

Mice multiply. By the time you notice a mouse pest in your home, it is likely there are more—many more. Immediate action is required.


5 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Mice Without Killing Them

Most households experience a rodent infestation at least once, but if you're not too keen on lethal methods, here are five simple and humane ways to get rid of mice without killing them.


How to Get Rid of Rats Under a Deck

Do you have rats under your deck? Find out how to get rid of and eliminate rodents for good. Discover how to prevent a rat family from getting under your decking.


How to Catch a Mouse in My House

Nothing is worse than having a mouse in the house. Learn the pros and cons of 3 common mouse traps to find which is best for you.


How to Deal With a Rat Swimming up the Toilet Bowl

The sight of a rodent poking its head over the rim of the toilet is enough to unsettle anyone. Fortunately, this is a preventable problem, and it's not hard to correct.


Mouse and Rat Poison: What They're Not Telling Us

Rodent-killing chemicals are indiscriminately poisoning our children, pets, and wildlife and killing the natural rodent population at an alarming rate. This article will break down the dangers of rodenticides and how to control your rodent problem through less environmentally destructive measures.


Are There Mice in Your Attic or HVAC System?

Do you think you have mice in your HVAC system? Did you know that mice's feces are recirculated into the air you breathe? Learn how to spot a rodent infestation.


The Best Kid-Safe and Pet-Friendly Mousetraps

Searching for the best mousetrap is useless unless you do a little research first. How many traps do you need? Are you sure your squatters are mice and not rats? I cover these questions and share my own mousetrap experiences.


How to Kill Rats, Inside and Outside

We'll discuss three ways to kill rats—poison, traps, zappers—and our experience with each method. We prefer the zappers. We'll also discuss other rat control suggestions.


How to Get Rid of Rats With Homemade Poison

Rats are dangerous pests that can spread germs, destroy things in your home, and even start electrical fires. Their fleas also carry disease. Here are three recipes for homemade rat poison that work.

The view from our back porch is lovely

How to Keep Mice out of Your House or Camper

Got mice in your house, or your camper? Mice belong outside. Fear not: here's how I rodent-proofed basement windows, pipe openings, and cabinets.


The Best Ways to Catch a Mouse

A mouse shows up in your house. Here are a few techniques to catch and deal with it.