I do not see any mention of day-length neutral chia for anyone growing outside of a sub-tropical climate. Where do you find chia that can flower and produce seed before frost?


I suppose this could be achieved through the genetic modification of chia seeds. However, my garden is 100% organic, and I avoid any food that’s genetically modified. I accept that nature creates different foods for different climates. I don’t expect to grow stone fruits in the tropics without frosts or pineapples in a frosty climate. If the climate where I live is ‘borderline,' or if I can create a suitable microclimate, I try all kinds of things and sometimes get lucky. (Citrus is a good example.) But I never seek out genetically modified seeds.

Updated on April 1, 2018

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How I Grow and Harvest Organic Chia Seeds
By LongTimeMother