I initially stained our tiles with a thin whitewash, which I love. Some areas show scratches and wear. Do you have a similar solution that would work for me?


I have not done any staining of our tiles, but I have used a couple of products which put a new seal on the tiles. These were water-based products that I applied by just cleaning the tiles really well and then brushing on a layer and letting it dry. I have used several products and would not recommend a particular one because I'm not sure how the ones I have used would react with the seal you already have. My suggestion is to buy a small amount and try it on a small area. That is exactly what I have done. Let it dry and set for a week and then see if you like it before doing the whole floor.

Updated on March 12, 2018

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Saltillo Mexican Tile: Pros and Cons
By Virginia Kearney