I read your article about growing Gingko Biloba from seeds and recently tried it myself. One of the many articles I read said to germinate them in March, which I did. Three have since terminated one of them in six days! My problem is I live in Australia, and it's Autumn. Soon, it will be winter, and I am concerned for my seedlings. Should I bring them in and out them under a growth lamp, as well as keep them warm?


Since I don’t know how hard your winter will be, it’s difficult to answer; however, if it’s mild, you could place the seedlings in a protected area outside and cover them with a homemade cloche. You could also try several overwintering sites and experiment. I put mine between a shrub and our house with a soda bottle over it.

Updated on April 13, 2018

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Starting a Ginkgo Tree From Seed
By Jill Spencer