My snake plant is now growing a stem with a sticky substance. Is this going to bloom?


It's possible! There are two main causes for a sticky substance being produced by your snake plant:

Cause #1: It is attempting to attract moths for pollination and is close to flowering. Very often this occurs during the summer months on some of the fastest growing stems of the plant. You will also often notice a strong smell along with this sticky substance that wasn't present before.

Cause #2: A sticky substance can also mean small pests, called scale, are attacking your plant and causing damage. However, this is pretty rare for the snake plant as scale does not seem to like the plant much.

If your snake plant looks otherwise healthy (i.e. has bright beautiful stems that are growing quickly) then you can be confident that it is most likely about to bloom!

Updated on April 29, 2018

Original Article:

How to Care for a Snake Plant
By Kate Daily