Ok, I've been a contractor for some time now. However, this one has got me stumped! I've got 120 to all four element screws. Both of which are new as well as the thermostats. I replaced them all at the same time. I still don't have hot water, the breakers are not tripped, and neither is the reset button. There are no leaks, and I bled out all air from the lines and tank. I have new Pex plumbing, the valve is on, and there is plenty of pressure. Please, what am I missing?


You're stumping me, too. All I can think of is that the thermostats are set too low - they are turning the elements off before the water is hot. Which almost certainly means you would have warm water, if not hot.

You don't have a large hot water leak somewhere, do you? Constantly draining the hot water tank?

Updated on January 8, 2018

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Water Heater Repair: Troubleshoot and Replace Thermostats and Elements
By Dan Harmon