Which deadbolt is the most secure?


Every deadbolt has its strengths and weaknesses. In a cylindrical deadbolt, I like to see a good, strong, positively locking bolt, a cowl that protects the inner locking mechanism and a cylinder that offers at least some protection against picking and bumping. My recommendations would be the Medeco Maxum deadbolt, and the Schlage B660 in one of their Everest keyways. For a surface mounted deadbolt, I recommend the Segal 666 or 667 drop bolt. I have seen the Segal used with the Medeco Maxum on a hollow metal door resist attack pretty well.

The bottom line is always, however, that whatever can be put on with tools can be taken off with tools. All a good lock can really do is slow a burglar down. Burglars do not want to spend a lot of time breaking in. So, if you can make it difficult, they may either give up before getting in, or look for an easier door to break into.

Updated on April 9, 2018

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How to Change Your Lock Cylinder
By Tom Rubenoff