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8 Crucial Kitchen Upgrades to Make Before Selling Your Home

When selling a home, the kitchen can sway buyers to say yay or nay to making an offer. These eight kitchen upgrades will help your kitchen show off its best face and wow buyers.


3 Most Useful Kitchen Updates You Probably Haven't Thought Of

When you think of updating a kitchen, do you think of the appliances, backsplash, and cabinets immediately? These other three updates can add just as much impact to a kitchen update. Find out more about upgrading your cabinet storage, countertops, and lighting options.


18 Home Renovation Mistakes Every Home Owner Should Avoid

Renovating a home is an exciting time. Making any of these 18 renovation mistakes, however, can put a damper on the excitement. Avoid these mistakes to make sure your home remodel lives up to everything you dream it will be.


How to Hang a Bathroom Mirror Flush Against the Wall

Ready to get rid of that clunky medicine cabinet and place a sleek, thin mirror in its place? It's an easy DIY project that will have you and your bathroom looking good in no time.


12 Trendy Modular Design Ideas for Small Kitchens

A small kitchen can be cozy and super functional. It just requires a little more careful planning and unconventional solutions. This article presents 12 of the best trendy modular design ideas for small kitchens to inspire you!


4 Great Offbeat Kitchen Wall Colour Combinations

The tones used in the design of a kitchen affect a person's mood, appetite and well-being. Therefore, it is essential to create a pleasant atmosphere in the kitchen, not forgetting about the harmony of shades.


How to Change the Color of a Corian Countertop

Are you looking to change the colour of a Corian countertop? Find out more on how to do that in this specific guide. Let us know if you have questions.

Vanity before work begin

How We Remodeled Our Bathroom Vanity and Gave New Life to an Old Mirror

Let me take you through the steps I followed in remodeling my bathroom vanity mirror. Once you see and read for yourself how easy it is to dress up a tired, dated space in a master bath area, I think you'll be inspired to try it yourself.


Choosing a Kickin' Kitchen Range Hood

Kitchen vent hood designs are becoming much more trendy these days.


How to Identify the Correct Shower Faucet and Cartridge Type

This article shows you how to identify the make and model number of your shower faucet and cartridge.


Ideas for an Open Concept Kitchen

Rethink an entire open plan and provide the kitchen flow. Regardless of your style, a good reworked kitchen layout is essential.


How to Fix a Sagging Barn Roof: Illustrated Guide

Learn how to strengthen and reshape a sagging, gambrel-style barn roof using floor jacks and wood bracing. Pictures and step-by-step instructions are included.


Tips for Successfully Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

Purchasing new kitchen cabinets can be a big expense. Give them an updated look with these DIY refinishing tips.


Brilliant Bathroom Lighting Ideas

All too often, bathroom lighting isn’t really on the top of the priority list. Bathrooms have become larger and more elaborate, so it’s important to add proper lighting to make the most of the space.


How to Slope a Shower Floor With Mortar

An informational guide to help a homeowner float a shower floor with the proper slope.


How to Survive Without a Kitchen During a Remodel

Learn how to create a temporary kitchen while your kitchen is undergoing renovation. I've done it, and I'll show you how!


The Coolest Kitchen Storage Ideas Ever

You'll never run out of storage in your kitchen with these cool solutions. We're sharing a few ideas to help you improve and organize your food prep and cooking areas.


How to Replace a Bathtub: Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Instructions and tips on how to remove your tub and install a new one.


Small Bedroom Den and Home Office Makeover

This article shows a makeover of a small British bedroom den that doubles as an office space for a professional photographer. The main aspects are rationalising electrics and cable management prior to painting and decorating.


Creating an Accessible Bathroom

Bathrooms can be one of the most difficult rooms for those with restricted mobility. Even just a few design changes can make a world of difference in providing individuals with renewed independence.


Adding a Decorative Hand-Painted Panel to Your Kitchen Island

Take your kitchen island from blah to spectacular. It takes a little work, but the results are well worth it.


How to Paint a Stove Hood

Painting your stove hood is an inexpensive DIY project that greatly improves the look of your kitchen.


Quartz Worktop Overlays: A Review of a Quick and Low-Cost Kitchen Renovation

A shabby kitchen can be quickly updated on a limited budget with a super-fast, minimum-disruption installation of quartz worktop over. It is the ideal solution for a fast update. These worktops are hygienic, easy to clean, and durable—thin enough to install without damage to existing tiling.


How I Remodeled My Small Kitchen With Stylish Results

Small kitchen design and ideas. How to achieve a stylish and functional makeover on a low budget.


Easy Kitchen Mosaic Tile Backsplash Project

Easy how-to instructions for tiling the backsplash of your kitchen using glass tiles to update your home including applying mortar, cutting tiles, and grouting.


How to Prepare Your Home for Guests and Keep It Company-Ready

Do you panic when you learn that family or friends will be staying for a few days? Learn how to keep your home company ready so you are always prepared to offer stress-free hospitality.


How to Make Your Home Feel Like a Vacation Resort or B&B

While it’s a fun treat to get away for a stay at a bed and breakfast, there is no reason you can’t make your own place feel like a healing escape. Why not make your home feel like a vacation getaway?


Corner Cabinet Solutions: What Are Your Options?

Efficiency is the name of the game, and nothing can maximize those kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom corner spaces like a special shelving solution. We've done the research, so sit back and enjoy!


How to Insulate a Bathtub (With Photos)

Fix the cold tub problem! Directions and step-by-step photo guide for klutzy homeowners on how to put insulation around an existing cold bathtub.


How to Lay Tile Over an Existing Shower Floor

This article guides you through installing new tile over an existing tile shower floor. This is a fairly quick project, taking less than a day!


Silgranit II Granite Composite Kitchen Sink Review

This article is a Silgranit sink review focusing on the Blanco Silgranit II kitchen sink and the advantages of granite composite sinks.


Kitchen Remodel on a Budget

Dozens of ideas and tips on how to redesign your old cooking den within a tight budget!


How to Repair Concrete Driveway Cracks

Directions on how to fill and repair concrete cracks, such as those in many driveways.


Laundry Room Renovation Ideas

The laundry room is probably the last place you'd consider renovating. However, a few changes can create an efficient space, add value to your home, and make laundry day a little more enjoyable.


Sizing the Mirror Above Your Bathroom Vanity

This article teaches you everything you need to know about measuring and choosing the best size and shape mirror for your space.


Easy Ways to Update a Bathroom

Easy, inexpensive ways to makeover your bathroom for a lovely new look.


10+ Easy Kitchen Updates

Learn some great ways to update your kitchen without taking on a costly and time-consuming full renovation.


DIY Step-by-Step Guide to Remove Shower Doors From a Bathtub

Old shower doors can be just awful: caked with crud and gummy with black soap scum and gunk. Here's a step-by-step guide, with lots of photos, showing you how to remove and replace them with a crisp, fresh shower curtain that will also make your bathroom appear bigger and brighter!


Kitchen Makeover on a Budget

Here are ideas for a kitchen makeover on a budget, including photos of a kitchen in a foreclosure house that was transformed by its new owners.


Can (Canned) Food Goods Storage Rack - Best Pantry Storage Ideas

Storage is always at a premium in any home; here are some great ideas for canned food storage in kitchens and pantries.


Best High-Flow/No-Clog Toilet Brands

Do you have a toilet that clogs? Read on to learn about the best high flow toilets on the market today!


How to Install a Hand Pump

We've installed 2 manual pitcher pumps in our home. This article discusses how to build hand pumps and our experiences with them.


RTA Cabinet Reviews: Ready-to-Assemble vs. Home Depot

A Homeowner's review of RTA Cabinets vs. Home Depot. We assembled and installed 35 cabinets in our home. I explain how and why to choose RTA cabinets and what to look for in a company.


How to Choose RTA Cabinets

Considering buying ready-to-assemble cabinets? Read my DIY tips for choosing which RTA will work best for you.


RTA Cabinets: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

This article compares imported, ready-to-assemble cabinets and domestic cabinetry, touching on things to both avoid and look for.

pegboard installed

How to Turn a Closet Into Pegboard Tool Storage

Turning an under-stairwell closet into a pegboard tool storage area is an exceptional idea!


How to Refinish and Paint a Bathtub With Epoxy Paint

Is there a special bathtub paint? Painting a bathtub is not difficult; a report from someone that did just that, with pros and cons.


How to Install a Bathtub Tub Shower Door

Instructions on how to install a bathtub (tub) shower door. Tips on drilling walls and proper caulking.


Formica 180fx: the New Granite? Affordable Kitchen Remodeling With Laminate Countertops (and Refinished Cabinets)

If you're remodeling kitchens on a budget—you must check out this NEW Formica that looks exactly like granite because of how it's made. Read more!


Top 10 Mold-Resistant Building Materials

More and more, mold-resistant building materials are beginning to appear on the market. In addition to helping prevent mold growth, several of these materials are also being certified by institutions monitoring environmental impact.