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12 Trendy Modular Design Ideas for Small Kitchens

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Read on to find 12 super fun, cozy, and functional design ideas for modular kitchens.

Read on to find 12 super fun, cozy, and functional design ideas for modular kitchens.

Want to Design a Small Kitchen?

A small kitchen can be both cozy and super functional—all it takes is a little more careful planning and unconventional solutions. This article provides 12 trendy modular designs ideas for small kitchens to help provide you with some inspiration:

  1. Modern with white cabinets
  2. Wall cladding with mirrors
  3. Glass wall
  4. Dramatic red and black
  5. Let the light in
  6. Open shelves
  7. Racks and hooks for storing things
  8. Creative storage
  9. Metal details
  10. Small and efficient kitchen island
  11. Freestanding modular kitchen
  12. Uniform lighting
Designing a cozy and fun little kitchen can be great fun! These 12 design ideas should help get your creative juices flowing.

Designing a cozy and fun little kitchen can be great fun! These 12 design ideas should help get your creative juices flowing.

1. Modern and White Cabinets

The white colour is ideal for decorating small kitchens because it has the property to reflect light and create a sense of space by visually expanding the walls. In fact, contrary to popular myths, white surfaces can be much more practical than dark ones.

In general, interiors decorated in light colours seem neater than the darker ones. Painting the walls white will make the room look bigger. But if white is too bright or too harsh for you, go for alternatives like off-white.


2. Wall Cladding With Mirrors

Mirrors in a small kitchen can work as a miracle: literally "doubling" it. Hanging a mirror in front of a window doubles the amount of light in the room. There are three primary ways to use this trick:

  • apron lining
  • covering one wall entirely
  • covering a wall fragment with a mirror, for example, by the dining area
  • installing an ordinary floor mirror

3. Glass Wall

Nothing expands a room like a glass wall does. By doing so, you end up expanding the size! A kitchen of this layout extends out to an open dining area with cabinets, while shelves and appliances set to the side allow free movement and enhance the space.


4. Dramatic Red and Black

Using too much drama in a small kitchen can be unnecessary, but you can definitely use some drama when space is limited. Finishing black cabinets with touches of red makes an exciting combination, turning your fabulous tiny kitchen into a one-stop destination!


5. Let the Light In

Open as many windows as possible and let in natural light. Having open windows expands the visual horizon, making the room seem larger. Add a few elegant touches to give your kitchen character and charm.

No windows to open up and expand the visual space of your kitchen? Get a ceiling with a ceiling window! You'll get lots of natural light, an airy atmosphere and a fascinating functional kitchen.


6. Open Shelves

Using open shelves is the best storage option for tight spaces. Unlike cabinets, open shelves offer flexible storage and organization without visually restricting space. The straight lines of open shelves are modern and neat. When space is limited, a cottage kitchen plan works best.

Everything rests against the wall, and the middle is cleared for movement. This white cottage kitchen increases the charm factor with a charming rug and open wood shelves.

7. Racks and Hooks for Storing Things

Walls are also good storage places. Instead of hanging pictures or decorations, install shelving and hooks for extra storage. Use all available vertical space to get things off the floor and countertops.

That Nordic-style kitchen uses a wall to create a herb garden, chalkboard and storage organizer all in one.


8. Creative Storage

Storage is essential to achieve that clean and spacious kitchen. When you have a small kitchen, get creative with storage and never stop there. Space and storage of kitchen utensils is always an issue for small homes and apartments.

Getting creative with your storage system can help you take advantage of every available inch of space. Vertical drawers are perfect for taking advantage of awkward gaps between walls or cabinets.


9. Metal Details

The small kitchen is rich in style! While still following the rule of white for small kitchens, there are plenty of beautiful metal details that you can add to the room to break up the monotony. Gold lampshades and fixtures, chrome appliances and a striking set of bronze bar stools are some of the astonishing suggestions!


10. Small and Efficient Kitchen Island

A small kitchen can become big with the right kitchen island. This small but efficient and functional island provides extra workspace and looks trendy! Every kitchen needs an island.

If the space is too small to fully design a small kitchen, a kitchen island on wheels is the best solution. Move it away when needed, or push it aside when you need space.


11. Freestanding Modular Kitchen

Modern freestanding modular kitchens are quickly becoming a favourite among small kitchen ideas and designs. Its flexibility and elegant design complement the trend for large open spaces, with minimal décor and minimal furniture. Minimalism is a big favourite among the best kitchen ideas and designs.

Clean lines, light colours and plain fixtures—all this helps create the illusion of order and space. To accentuate the chic minimalist theme, bare floors, metal chairs and simple cabinets are best.

12. Uniform Lighting: The Secret of Coziness and a Feeling of Space

To make a small kitchen cozy and spacious, you need to create the right lighting. It should be even and pleasing to the eye, without harsh shadows that narrow the space.

The usual scheme of "central chandelier + furniture lighting" in a small room will only hurt. But spotlights installed around the ceiling—or wall lights installed evenly on the walls—will create the desired effect of soft light.


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