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A Fast Kitchen Makeover With Quartz Counter Overlays


Glen thinks there are more interesting things to spend time on than cleaning. A quick wipe over makes her quartz overlays sparkle like new.

Minimum Mess Fixes for a Shabby Kitchen

I needed a fast, budget-price kitchen makeover—mostly to replace shabby counters. Unwilling to face the mess and disruption of having the worktops and tiles ripped out and replaced, I decided that the best, least messy option was quartz worktop overlays. Read on to find out how my kitchen was given a fresh new look within the space of a few hours.

Quartz Kitchen Counter Overlays Can be Fitted in a Few Hours

I was astonished by how quickly my quartz counter overlays were installed. Two fitters installed a replacement kitchen sink and 7-millimetre made-to-measure worktops in less than one day. They created a minimum amount of mess—and spent much of the day waiting for a gas fitter to come along to disconnect and later reconnect my gas hob.

Cost of Quartz Overlays

My overlays cost £1628, which included the Franke sink and taps and the fee for a gas fitter to disconnect and reconnect the gas hob, which was necessary to remove before installing the worktops.

Advantages of Quartz Worktop Overlays

  • It's not necessary to rip out the existing worktops.
  • Tiling is not damaged and does not need to be replaced.
  • Installed within a couple of hours.
  • Very little dust and no redecorating necessary.
  • Quartz is extremely hard and difficult to chip.
  • In the unlikely event that there is a chip it can be repaired.
  • Nonporous, stain resistant, and hygienic.
  • Can be wiped down with water to which a little washing up liquid has been added.
  • More cost-effective than replacing laminated counter with a solid granite or stone worktop.
  • Lighter than solid granite of stone, so it's unnecessary to brace cupboards.

Worktop Extension for Quartz Overlay

I wanted to create more counter space in the kitchen, so I asked my installer to extend an existing worktop. The fitters built a sub-frame, attached it to the end of my worktop, and added an end panel. There was just enough space to slide a narrow, 18-inch dishwasher underneath the extension. A narrow dishwasher is quite difficult to source but fortunately, Bosch, my preferred manufacturer of white goods, makes one.

Cross-Line Walls With Lining Paper for a Professional Finish to Wallpapering

I painted the kitchen and made a feature wall in the eating area before having any other work carried out. I learned how to cross-line the walls before hanging the wallpaper. It was well worth the time and effort involved in cross lining, because the finished job looked far more professional than it would otherwise have appeared.

The wallpaper is Laura Ashley 'Geraniums'.


Vinyl Flooring: A Quick and Durable Solution for the Kitchen

I was able to make new flooring my next priority, because I was aware that opting for quartz overlays on the worktop would involve minimum dust and disruption. (If I had I chosen to have the worktops ripped out and replaced, then the flooring would have been the final job.)

I opted for high-end sheet vinyl in a reasonably realistic oak finish. My reasoning was that it's:

  • cheaper than engineered wood,
  • quick to install with minimum mess and no repainting of skirting boards,
  • easy to clean, and
  • totally waterproof.

I chose Lifestyle Floors Titan vinyl. It's 4.50 mm thick, has a 0.35 mm wear layer, and is slip resistant. It carries a 15-year guarantee and costs £17.99 per sq.m. (2016 price).

I removed the cupboard plinths before the fitter arrived, and he completed the job in less than one hour.

Titan Range in Stately Oak

Titan Range in Stately Oak

Replacing Worn Cupboard Plinths

I purchased new plinths online from a DIY store, and they were delivered the following day. In the meantime, I contacted a joiner who had done work for me in the past, and he was able to come along and fit them.

Cost of Cream Gloss-Finish Plinths

£22 for 2600 mm x 140 mm. Three lengths + fixing clips + labour = £141 (Sept. 2016 prices).

What Is Quartz?

Quartz is the most abundant mineral in the earth's crust.

Quartz slabs that are used for worktops are manufactured goods containing polymers and resins. The composition of the slabs makes them extremely hard and durable.

To learn more, consider reading the Forbes article Quartz vs. Granite Countertops—A Geologist's Perspective.

Perfect fit blinds were the finishing touch to the French doors in my kitchen dining area.

Perfect fit blinds were the finishing touch to the French doors in my kitchen dining area.

Three-Year Update on My Quartz Counter Overlays

Three years after installation, the worktops are as good as new. They are extremely easy to clean, needing only a quick wipe down with a solution of washing up liquid. I couldn't be more pleased with this renovation on a limited budget.

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Questions & Answers

Question: Can quartz worktops go over tile?

Answer: I checked my supplier’s website, and it states that quartz worktops can cover any work surface, provided that the surface is sound.

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