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The Coolest Kitchen Storage Ideas Ever

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Islands are great additions to any kitchen

Islands are great additions to any kitchen

Whether your kitchen is big or small, it seems as though you never have enough storage space. Maybe you fancy yourself the gourmet of the family or are just the casualty of one too many Tupperware parties. Face it, we’re all guilty of accumulating far too many kitchen accoutrements.

Not to worry. Whatever your kitchen storage dilemma is, we’ve uncovered some of the coolest space-saving tricks that could change your life forever. Really.

Dish Storage Ideas

Dishes are a part of everyday existence. You constantly use them, wash them, and put them away. It’s the circle of kitchen life. While many of us store our dishes in upper cabinets, there is an alternative that might make more sense. Dishes need to be easy to reach and preferably adjacent to the sink and dishwasher.

If your kitchen has under counter drawers, consider using them for dish storage. Outfit the drawers with a customizable peg system to keep dishes securely in place. You’ll find it much easier to grab and replace plates and bowls rather than reaching overhead.

This drawer system makes it super easy to access dishes set the table.

This drawer system makes it super easy to access dishes set the table.

Inventive Islands

Islands are great additions to any kitchen. They provide extra counter space, a spot for casual dining, and a place for a sink, prep area, or cooktop. With a few tweaks you can increase your island’s storage capabilities. By removing cabinet doors and reconfiguring shelving, you can create convenient storage for small kitchen appliances that take up too much counter space.

Utilize one end of the island by installing open shelves to hold cookbooks and decorative accessories. For the resident oenophile, incorporate a wine rack or cooler on the opposite end to store your favorite varietals. If you have a small kitchen, a portable rolling cart can pull triple-duty as prep, storage, and serving.

Creating a kitchen island end shelf adds extra storage for plate, cookbooks and cute accessories.

Creating a kitchen island end shelf adds extra storage for plate, cookbooks and cute accessories.

Rollout Revolution

Many kitchens have dead space on either side of the stove or between a bank of lower cabinets and the refrigerator. These unused slivers are just the right size to install slender rollout shelf systems to store easily reachable cooking oils and spices.

Tall narrow cabinets can house cookie sheets and oversize-baking pans to fit vertically right next to the oven. Keep towels close by with a rollout organizer complete with a dispenser for paper towels and dowels for hanging dishcloths.

This rollout towel rack keeps your dish towels handy and at the same time out of the way.

This rollout towel rack keeps your dish towels handy and at the same time out of the way.

Utensil Utility

If you’ve ever searched for silverware trays to fit kitchen drawers, you know it can be a exasperating experience. Short of special ordering custom sizes, you are stuck with organizers that slip and slide each time you open and close the drawer.

Forgo the frustration and purchase adjustable silverware organizers that expand to fit neatly within the drawer. Other options include plastic drawer dividers that can be cut to size and individual bins that snap together to form a custom silverware organizer. There’s even a gliding drawer system that combines two levels of utensil storage for use in deeper drawers.

Free up counter space by nixing the knife block. Choose a pull down knife rack that mounts under your upper cabinets. Buy a magnetic strip that fastens to the backsplash or attaches to the side of your refrigerator. It will keep cutlery handy and safely away from the kiddos.

Customized utensil inserts are great but costly. Use expandable silverware organizers to save money.

Customized utensil inserts are great but costly. Use expandable silverware organizers to save money.

Clever Cabinets

You don’t need to enlist the services of a professional kitchen designer to increase the storage capacity and functionality of your cabinets. Most big box stores sell do-it-yourself kits and accessories that transform your standard kitchen cabinets into organized bliss in a matter of a few hours.

Choose from a variety of pullout shelves that run on a track system. It will take your cabinets from dark and inaccessible to easily reachable for storing large baking dishes, pots, and pans. And don’t forget about corner cabinets. Turn that dead space into priceless kitchen real estate by installing a multi-tiered lazy Susan.

Not all of us have been blessed with a proper kitchen pantry. Transform your upper cabinets into a storage powerhouse with a host of organizational inserts. Layer in adjustable door racks, stackable gliding shelves, and stair step organizers. These low-cost additions will carve out ample storage for your spices, canned goods, and dry pantry items

A corner cabinet turntable allows for easy access.

A corner cabinet turntable allows for easy access.

More Unique Storage Ideas

  • Store non-essential items up high. A wall shelf installed above the kitchen window gives you more storage or place to display your dinnerware and accessories.
  • Install backsplash shelves. Stylish glass shelves positioned underneath upper cabinets are the perfect perches for glassware or canisters.
  • Hang plate and pot racks. Plate and pot racks not only show off your pretty plates and gourmet pans, they free up storage space.
  • Add floating shelves. Placing floating shelves on either side of a window, stove, or sink adds room for dishes and glasses.
  • Utilize storage bins. Clean up the clutter with woven, plastic, or metal bins in open shelving. Add paper tags or labels to identify each basket’s contents.
  • Use a basket for cutting boards. Station a wicker basket alongside the countertop or kitchen island to store all your cutting boards.
  • Incorporate furniture pieces. A vintage china cabinet doesn’t necessarily have to live in the dining room. Move it into the kitchen for extra storage and character.
  • Utilize an integrated cutting board and trash can. Install them in a lower cabinet. This built-in combo allows you chop the veggies and sweep the scraps into the bin below.
  • Reuse crates as wall shelves. Old wooden wine or soda crates are the perfect dimensions to store tea or spice tins. Decorate the back of the crate with wallpaper or a contrasting paint color to liven up the kitchen.
  • Create an open pantry system. An empty wall lined with wire shelving can give you extremely valuable storage.

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Linda Chechar (author) from Arizona on November 15, 2018:

Tommy, glad you liked this article. It's relatively easy to create an organized kitchen with these smart storage ideas. Thanks for reading and commenting!

Tommy from U.S., Nevada, Las Vegas on November 15, 2018:

Perfect way to create the kitchen of your dream.

Thank you so much for post, here we have great recommendations,)

Linda Chechar (author) from Arizona on October 13, 2018:

Hi Ethel Smith. Yes, I too love the idea of having kitchen items at arm's reach. I put all of the things in the upper cabinets that I rarely use or need. That way the everyday things are much easier to grab and go. Thanks for stopping by.

Ethel Smith from Kingston-Upon-Hull on October 13, 2018:

I like the idea of pots and dishes at a lower level. That would work for me as I am quite short. Currently I ask hubby who is tall to reach this and that. Our kitchen is fairly small but you have given me some ideas on improving our use of this space thanks Lindacee

Linda Chechar (author) from Arizona on September 26, 2018:

RTalloni, I also like the concept of an open pantry. One of our kitchens it had absolutely NO storage, so I bought one of those freestanding chrome shelves and used it for pantry items and small appliances. It looked great.

RTalloni on September 25, 2018:

Some nice ideas and good tips here. I love an open pantry as opposed to the cabinets, cubbies, and nooks and crannies my friend loves. Personality has a bit to do with what works for anyone, I suppose.