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Top 10 Mold Resistant Building Materials

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Read on to learn about 10 amazing mold resistant materials used in construction, including mold resistant wood, insulation, and drywall!

Read on to learn about 10 amazing mold resistant materials used in construction, including mold resistant wood, insulation, and drywall!

10 Mold-Resistant Materials

More and more, mold-resistant building materials are beginning to appear on the market. In addition to helping prevent mold growth, several of these materials are also being certified by institutions monitoring environmental impact, such as the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute and the LEED Green Building Rating System. This article covers the following 10 great mold-resistant products to use in your next construction adventure:

  1. Mold-resistant wood
  2. Mold-resistant insulation
  3. Mold-resistant drywall
  4. Mold-resistant drywall tape
  5. Mold-resistant paint
  6. Mold-resistant stucco
  7. Mold-resistant carpet
  8. Mold-resistant caulk
  9. Mold-resistant sealant
  10. Mold-resistant shower pan
FrameGuard® Mold-Resistant Wood is a great choice.

FrameGuard® Mold-Resistant Wood is a great choice.

1. Mold-Resistant Wood

Another great choice for preventing mold is mold-resistant wood. Companies like Frame-Guard® manufacture wood that has been treated with anti-mold chemicals. In addition to staving off mold, this product also keeps termites away. Another great attribute of this product is that Frame-Guard® wood is certified by Greenguard to not release any harmful emissions into the air.

2. Mold-Resistant Insulation

Even though fiberglass is inherently resistant to mold, there are companies producing insulation that has been treated with a fungicide. Companies like Nu-Wool manufacture a Premium Cellulose Insulation, one of the few insulation products, which contains a fungicide registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In addition, the fungicide being used by Nu-Wool is low in toxicity, making it a safer choice when considering treated insulation.

3. Mold-Resistant Drywall

This type of drywall has fiberglass facing instead of the traditional paper facing. Fiberglass removes the “organic material” aspect from the drywall (mold feeds on organic material). Even though mold-resistant drywall does not completely prevent mold growth, it greatly reduces occurrence. Top mold-resistant drywall brands include U.S. Gypsum (Sheetrock® Brand Humitek®) and Georgia Pacific (DensArmor® Plus).

4. Mold-Resistant Drywall Tape

Providing more protection against mold than paper tape, mold-resistant drywall tape is the ideal tape to complement to mold-resistant paperless drywall market. One brand, FibaTape® a, produces tape that is covered by an anti-microbial coating; their tape achieved a perfect 10 rating on the ASTM D3273 mold test.

5. Mold-Resistant Paint

More and more, there are paints being offered that contain fungicides. The point of using mold-resistant paint is to discourage the growth of mold on the paint surface (the wall). However, it should be noted that if there is already mold present before the paint is applied, the paint will not kill the mold; any mold must be removed at its source before paint is applied. An example of a great mold-resistant paint is “Perma-White®” by Zinsser. It is guaranteed to prevent the growth of mold on the paint film for at least five years as shown in independent laboratory tests.

6. Mold-Resistant Stucco

Mold-conscious builders now have a choice when it comes to exterior finishes. Mold-resistant stucco, such as Amerimix® Water, Mold & Mildew Resistant, offers excellent protection against mold and offers double-duty protection against water damage. Mold-resistant stucco is pre-blended with a waterproofing and anti-microbial product, and it is easily found at stores like Home Depot.

7. Mold-Resistant Carpet

Carpets made of Olefin (polypropylene) fibers or acrylic fibers offer resistance to mold growth, although acrylic carpets are being less used in today’s market because of their poor resilience. Polypropylene carpets can be found almost anywhere today.

8. Mold-Resistant Caulk

On the market, this tends to be sold as “mildew-proof” or “mildew-resistant” caulk. We choose to call it Mold-Resistant because mildew isn’t necessarily the mold you see in your home. Manufacturers like Dap® have introduced products like Kwik Seal Plus Adhesive Caulk with Miocroban®. The caulk is treated with fungicide, so it helps prevent mold growth on the caulk and stains and odors. In addition, the caulk emits low VOCs.

9. Mold-Resistant Sealant

Easily applied to wood, OSB, concrete, stucco, brick, tile, gypsum, and other surfaces in the home, a mold-resistant sealant is a protective coating that has been blended with anti-microbial chemicals. Mold-resistant sealants come in either spray or non-spray forms. Brands like Fiberlock IAQ 6040 Mold Resistant Sealant® can be used on wood, OSB, wallboard, concrete, and other construction materials to withstand the moist, humid conditions that provide the ideal environment for fungal growth.

10. Mold-Resistant Shower Pan

A great alternative on the market is the Tile Redi Barrier Free Black Shower Floor®. Claiming to be the best water intrusion solution available, Tile Redi® produces a shower floor ready for tile and is set on the shower pan floor with epoxy. The product is leak-free and mold resistant. Tile Redi® also states that no further waterproofing will be required with the use of their product.

Prevent Mold Beforehand

While there are more products being manufactured to help resist mold growth, it is important to note that if there is a mold problem, to begin with, the mold must be removed at its source.

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Nevertheless, mold-resistant building materials provide great building blocks for a mold-free property and help prevent having to endure the process of mold removal. Especially when used in high-humidity and mildew-prone areas, mold-resistant materials can significantly increase indoor air quality as well as help maintain a mold-free environment.

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