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Review of the X-Sense Wireless Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

I was searching for a set of smoke/carbon monoxide detectors that were linked so that when one detected danger, all of the devices would go into alarm. The X-Sense XP01-W, which contains a battery with a ten-year lifespan, appeared to be a good fit.


Review of the X-Sense Wi-Fi Smoke Detector

I was searching for an effective smoke detector with the ability to send notifications to my smartphone. The X-Sense XS01-WT appeared to be the best candidate.


How to Winterize Your Home

Winterizing a house can help you save money on heating bills and on future repairs that you'll have to deal with if you don't winterize your home. These winterization tips will help you learn how to prepare your home and your family for winter as well as how to prevent common winter occurrences.


9 Maintenance Tips for Lead-Acid Inverter Batteries

Although lead-acid batteries are reliable for use, they can be challenging when it comes to maintenance. Maintaining a lead-acid inverter battery is possible, however, if you're armed with the right tips.


How to Safely Heat Your Home During a Power Outage

This past winter, we experienced a prolonged power outage at our home in Austin, Texas. One of the ways we survived this ordeal was by using an emergency indoor propane heater. Here's how these lifesaving devices work and how to use them safely to heat your home during a power outage.


Radon Exposure: How Danger Lurks in Your Home

This article outlines a mitigation strategy to reduce and remove radon, a carcinogenic from the home.


How to Make a Solar Panel Emergency Backup System

Learn how to make an emergency battery-charging station for home or RV use in case of an emergency power failure.


How to Make an Emergency Water Supply for Your Home

Here are some thoughts on making an emergency water storage for your home. You never know when you'll need a backup water supply!


How to Shut Off Your Home's Utilities in an Emergency

Learn how to turn off your home's gas, water or other utilities in the event of a hurricane, earthquake or other natural disaster.


How to Get Emergency Drinking Water From Fire Hydrants

Learn how to get drinking water from a fire hydrant in an emergency situation, and why you should only do so in an emergency.


How to Build a DIY Exterior Steel Handrail and Save a Bundle

The prices of low-quality metal railings are outrageous. Save a mint by building and installing your own galvanized steel handrail. This guide will show you how.


25+ Expert Ways to Prepare Your Home, Family, and Property for a Hurricane

Getting a head start on hurricane preparedness can help you avoid last-minute expenses and unnecessary stress should a storm head your way.


What Preppers Can Learn From the BBC Series "Wartime Farm"

Resourcefulness, creativity, hands-on skills, knowledge, self-sufficiency and sustainability are but a few of the things preppers can learn from watching the BBC series "Wartime Farm."


25+ Surprising Items That Expire: Neosporin to Power Strips

Everybody knows milk, eggs, and other foods expire. But did you know Neosporin and hydrogen peroxide are also perishable? Read on to find out more surprising items that can expire.


How to Prepare Your Property and Garden for Rainfall After a Drought

From improving your soil drainage to directing runoff, this article shares tips for preparing your property and garden for rainfall after a drought.


How to Prepare for a Hurricane

Live in a hurricane zone? This article will guide you through preparing for the hurricane and surviving the days after.


Four Key Components of the Ultimate Emergency Survival Kit

Contrary to popular belief, food is not the most essential item in survival, emergency, or disaster preparedness kits. Learn which essentials you'll need to survive without power or transportation.


How to Prepare for and Survive a Power Outage in Winter

Winter storms can bring heavy winds and feet of snow. Are you prepared to go days without power in the freezing cold?


Survival Skills: Top 23 Items for Emergency Food Supplies

What are the most important foods to have in your emergency food supply? Having adequate supplies in your long-term food storage is essential for survival.


Prevent Electric Shock in Your Home and Garden (RCDs, GFCIs)

A GFCI or RCD is a safety device designed to shut off power in the event of an electrical "leak." These devices can save your life and should be fitted to all extension leads.


What Has Lead in It? 5 Household Items That Contain Lead

It is known that lead is toxic, but do you know what makes it poisonous? Here are some of the common household products that have lead.


Hidden Health Hazards in Your Home: Mold and Carbon Monoxide

Two of the most dangerous health hazards found in our homes are black mold and carbon monoxide. Learn the signs and symptoms of exposure and what you can do to protect your family.


How to Build a Fire Bunker

How I designed and constructed a fire bunker using recycled items and spending NO money. My family lives off the grid in a high fire danger area. Adapt my ideas for your own protection in fire season.


How to Decrease Forest Wildfire Risk in and Near Your House and Structures

The rash of current wildfires (particularly in Arizona and Colorado) should spur one to think of ways to keep the home safe. Whatever you can do to protect your home is worth doing now.


Home for the Elderly: 9 Design Considerations

Check out these house design ideas to make your home both kid and elderly friendly now and for the future.


Fire Prevention in the Home: Common Sense Tips

A fire in the home can be a devastating event, damaging property and possibly causing death or personal injury. This guide outlines the most common causes of fires and how to prevent them.


Poisonous Substances Found at Home From the Kitchen to the Bedroom

There is poison lurking in almost every room of your house. Identify these potential health risks and keep everyone safe.


How to Use a Ladder Safely and Safety Tips for Walking on Roofs

Working at a height can be hazardous. This guide provides some tips on how to stay safe while working up a ladder, how to erect it, and safety tips for working on roofs.


Winter Power Outage Tips for Cooking, Heating, and Lighting

A snowy winter may bring power outages. Having a few simple supplies at home can keep you comfortable even if the electricity is off for a few days.


Sandbags for Flood Disaster Preparation: Sourcing and DIY Tips

Sandbags are one of the best ways to protect a house against low-level floodwaters. Here's a guide on where to source them or make your own.


How to Dispose of Broken Glass Into the Garbage Safely

Learn the best and safest way to get rid of dangerous glass garbage. How to get rid of smashed glass safely. How do you deal with broken crockery? Can you put broken glass in the recycling bin?