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Is the Blink Home Security Camera System Worth It?

Looking to add a video surveillance system to your home? Blink is one of the better known and more affordable systems available. But is the Blink system really worth the money you pay for it?


How to Change a House Door Lock

This article will provide easy steps on how to change an entry door lockset.


Review of the V6 Wireless Video Doorbell Camera

I was searching for an inexpensive wireless doorbell with video capability and free cloud storage. The V6 appeared to be a good choice.


How to Build a Birdhouse for Security Cameras

Learns tips on building a birdhouse for security cameras to fool potential intruders and enhance your home security.


Protect Your Home With Doberman Security Alarms

Can Doberman Security products replace a traditional home alarm system? With the right devices, they can protect your home better than a traditional alarm system.


How ADT Victimized Me

How ADT violated me by stealing property from my home, my bank account, and pulling my credit report without authorization.


Seven Easy Ways to Burglar-Proof Your Home for Free

Make your home a less likely target for thieves without spending your hard-earned cash.


How Do I Fix My Home Security Alarm? (Top Repair Tips)

How a burglar alarm system works. Control panels and wiring. Troubleshooting issues with false alarms, faulty contacts, PIR sensors, backup batteries, bells and sounders and keypads


How to Coordinate Automatic Doors With Locking Devices

How to coordinate electric strikes, electromagnetic locks and/or electromechanical locking devices such as exit devices with electric latch retraction with automated door openers.


How to Lock an Uneven Pair of Doors

This article addresses the challenges that an uneven pair of doors may present to the security and life safety hardware installer.


Security Tips for in and Around Your Home

By now, we all know it's a dangerous world – and a lot of us want to keep those more disreputable people out of our homes. This article explains how to go about doing just that.


Tactics Burglars Use and How You Might Be Able to Fool Them

What tactics do burglars use in order to gain access to your home? And what tactics of your own can you use to fool them?


Security Tips for Your Family, Home, Business and Community

Implementing these tips will improve the security of your home, your family and your home business if you have one.


What Your Alarm Company Won't Tell You (But Burglars Already Know)

If the burglar knows more about your alarm system than you do, they easily break in.


How to Improve Home Security in 14 Easy Ways

Common sense, low and high tech tips on how to improve your home security and prevent burglars breaking into your home.


How to Rekey the Abus 83/45 Rekeyable Padlock

Step-by-step instructions on how to rekey the Abus 83/45 padlock. Careful steps are required to prevent having the cylinder ruined.


Apartment Safety Tips for Dangerous, High-Crime Areas

Here are some low-cost ways to secure your college off-campus apartment, especially if it's in a rougher part of town.

Mechanical locks are low maintenance and reliable...most of the time.

How to Troubleshoot to Open Safe Combination Locks

From electronic keypads to biometric fingerprint readers, there are a whole lot of ways to get into a safe. That said, even with so much variety available, I still prefer trusty old safe combination locks. Sure, they’re not as hip, not as...


Affordable Door Security Options for Your Home

While complete home security systems are preferred, they can be expensive. Simple door security devices, on the other hand, can be effective and much more affordable.

Early Twentieth Century Mortise Lock

The Swivel Spindle, or "My Knob Just Came Off in My Hand!"

Troubleshooting guide for spindle problems that occur with old style mortise locks.


How to Choose a Lock That Is Bump and Pick Resistant

It is not too hard to defeat a burglar who uses the key bumping technique. Here are three ways you can stop or inhibit key bumping.


How to Control Your Keys

Key control is not something you buy, it is something you exert.