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Swimming Pools & Hot Tubs

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Why I Am Getting an Above-Ground Swimming Pool

If you have been dying for a swimming pool in your backyard, but you don't want the expense and hassle of a built-in one, maybe you should consider an above-ground swimming pool. This article will break down my reasons for getting one myself.


How to Plan for Your Ideal Pool

If you’ve been wanting an inground pool, why not create a design for your own oasis to keep you cool as the temperatures heat up? Here are eight pool ideas including new features of emerging trends.


Supplies You Need to Maintain a Perfect Pool

You bought an above-ground pool and now you want to know what else to purchase. I will tell you about other items you may need to keep your pool looking fabulous.


Intex Ultra-Frame Above-Ground Pool Set Review

This is my experience and unbiased review of the Intex Ultra-Frame Above-Ground Pool Set Review.


How to Select the Best Winter Pool Cover

This article will break down the types, sizes, and weights of winter pool covers so that you can choose the right kind for your pool.


How to Close Your In-Ground Swimming Pool for Winter

It's important to properly close your in-ground pool for the winter, so you don't run into any problems next year when you reopen it for summer.


Open Your In-Ground Swimming Pool for Summer the Right Way

From fixing in the filter pressure gauge to testing the water and balancing the chemicals, this guide will provide simple steps to opening your in-ground swimming pool the right way for a trouble-free summer.


How to Assemble a 24-Foot, Above-Ground Pool

This article explains step-by-step how to plan and execute the assembly of a backyard swimming pool.


Why Swimming Pools Turn Green, Brown, or Black After Adding Chlorine Shock

Chlorine reacts with heavy metals and becomes oxidized, which can leave tough metal stains in your pool parts and water. Learn how to prevent your pool from discoloring!


What Is a Bypass Valve on a Swimming Pool Heater for?

What is a heater bypass? This article explains what it is and how your own heater bypass valves should be set.


How to Break Down and Service a Purex-Triton Nautilus FNS DE Filter

This article serves as a guide on how to break down, service, and inspect a Purex-Triton Nautilus FNS DE Filter.


Benefits and Disadvantages of Swimming Pool Screen Enclosures

Are you considering a screen enclosure for your swimming pool? Here are a few pros and cons to think about.


Getting Your Swimming Pool Ready for Summer

Learn my four easy, professional tips to get your winter pool ready for summer. Using a little bit of chemistry, you can prevent algae and other issues.


How to Calibrate a Hayward Goldline Aqua-Rite or Swim Pure Plus Pool Salt Chlorine Generator

This article will provide an easy-to-understand guide on calibrating the salinity level on your Hayward Aqua-Rite or Hayward Pure Plus salt chlorine generator.


How to Get Rid of Foam in a Swimming Pool

Foaming is one of the most common pool problems we face in the pool industry. Here's a look at the causes of foam (or white bubbles), how to prevent foaming, and how to clear foam in your pool or spa.


Why Does My Spa Drain Down When the Pool Pump Shuts Off?

A pool service expert of over 20 years explains why a spa drains in a pool/spa combination pool when the pool pump shuts off and shows you how to fix the issue.


How to Get Rid of Algae in a Pool Without Chemicals Naturally

Get rid of the algae in your pool with these natural home remedies. No chemicals needed!


DIY In-Ground Pool: Here's How I Did It

Last summer I took on a project that most people consider way out of the realm of possibility. Here's how I installed my own in-ground pool, with photos of each step.


How to Set Valves for an In-Ground Automatic Pool Cleaner

In this article, I go over how an automatic pool cleaner works, and why the valves need to be positioned correctly.


How to Choose the Best Pool Pump

Not sure what kind of pool pump to buy? Here's a guide that breaks down all of the factors you should consider before purchasing one.


How to Write Complaint Letters to Landlord About Swimming Pools

If your apartment swimming pool is needing repair, contact your landlord. A complaint letter might help resolve the issue.


How to Fix Common Saltwater Pool Problems

Need a trouble-free saltwater pool? Here is everything to know about maintenance and upkeep.


Saltwater vs. Chlorine-Based Swimming Pools: Which Is Better?

Saltwater is naturally stable chemically; this makes saltwater pools easier to manage than regular chlorine-based swimming pools.


4 Reasons to Add Borate in Your Swimming Pool or Spa

Borate, or borax, prevents pH drifting, which results in calcium scaling, metal stains, cloudy water, algae, and hard pool water. This article will provide you with expert tips for adding borax to your pool.


How to Boost the Efficiency of a Sand Filter With a DE Filter Media

This article will be a guide on how to boost the filtering efficiency of sand filters using a DE (diatomaceous earth) filtering agent.


How to Remove and Prevent Metal Stains in Swimming Pools

Metal-laden pool water can create a discoloration problem. Here is how to get rid of metal stains in a pool with water sourced from a well.


How to Lower Total Alkalinity and Adjust pH in a Swimming Pool

Failing to pay attention to balancing total alkalinity and pH may cause expensive, hard-to-reverse problems. Learn how to balance both the TA and pH easily in your swimming pool.


How to Shock Your Swimming Pool and the Right Chlorine Shock to Use

You should shock your pool often to prevent cloudy water. It is best to shock at night because the UV rays will deplete the amount of free chlorine, making the shock ineffective.


How to Select the Best Pool Filter

No single pool filter is the best for everyone. The right choice for you depends on the pool size, usage and where it is located.


7 Causes of Cloudy Swimming Pool Water and How to Clear It

Cloudy pool water is caused by faulty filtration, improper chemical concentration, and/or environmental factors. Find out why your pool has cloudy water and learn how to easily fix it based on the cause.


How to Get Rid of Green, Yellow, and Black Pool Algae

Pool algae comes in different colors: green, blue, yellow, and black, each with its own problems and solutions. Discover how to get rid of all types here.


Green Swimming Pool Help: How to Clean & Get Rid of Algae

Failure to keep your pool clean will result in green, murky, and cloudy water. Get rid of algae and enjoy crystal clear water!


Splasher Pools: Pros and Cons of Above-Ground Pools

In the market for an above-ground splasher pool? Learn about the pros and cons of Easy Set and Metal Framed pools here before buying one.


How to Build Redwood Spa Steps

Article with photos showing construction of a basic, inexpensive, and attractive design using redwood for two wide, sturdy steps.


How to Remove a Snake From a Swimming Pool

A simple guide on how to get a snake out of the pool.


Standard In-Ground Pool Shapes, Sizes, and Costs

Choosing a shape and size is the first of many decisions a prospective swimming pool owner has to make. Here's a guide to some of the common and/or standard dimensions for residential in-ground pools.


Jacuzzi J-365 Review: Worth It?

A review on Jacuzzi's J-365 model hot tub. The specifications of the hot tub, the hot tub's warranty, and the pros and cons of this particular spa.


How Much Muriatic Acid to Add to Adjust Swimming Pool pH

A guide to understanding pH and the effects of unbalanced pH levels in swimming pool water.

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Why Is My Pool Still Green or Cloudy After Shocking?

A troubleshooting guide to clearing up a pool that is green or cloudy even after you have shocked it and all the chemistry seems balanced.


How to Calculate Water Evaporation Loss in a Swimming Pool

If left unchecked, evaporation affects a pool's chemical balance and the integrity of the pumping and filtration systems. Here are several ways that you can estimate your pool's evaporation rate.


How to Fix a Hayward Navigator Pool Vacuum That Is Not Moving

Is your pool vacuum spinning in circles or not moving at all? I'll show you how to take apart and repair your pool vacuum.


Chlorine vs. Saltwater Swimming Pools

As more and more swimmers and homeowners become uncomfortable with the health risks of swimming in chlorine, alternative sanitizers are being developed. One of those is the saltwater pool. Learn about the advantages of salt water pools.


How to Fix a Low-Pressure Swimming Pool Pump

If your pool is looking dirty and your cleaner isn't working, follow these five steps before calling the pros.


How to Clean and Repair DE Pool Filter Grids

A bad filter can cause a cloudy pool. A guide to restoring your DE filter.


How to Remove High Stabilizer and Phosphates in a Pool

Learn what phosphates in a pool are, how they get there, and how to remove them. In addition, learn how to reduce high chlorine stabilizer levels.


How to Clean Out and Unclog a Pool Pump Impeller

Learn how to unclog a pool pump impeller and how to prevent a clogged impeller.


A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Clean a Green Swimming Pool

Learn how to clean a green swimming pool and how to prevent this problem in the future.


My Review of the "Solar Arc" Solar Pool Heater

This is my review of the Solar Arc above-ground pool heater.