Why I Am Getting an Above-Ground Swimming Pool

Updated on May 5, 2020
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DIY home improvement is a very satisfying activity. Once a project is done, it makes your life better every day.


It's Never Been Easier to Have Your Own Pool

The dream of owning your own pool has now become possible for the average family. They used to be available only to the rich. Modern above-ground pools have changed all of that.

When they first became available, above-ground pools were little more than glorified toys. Ugly and expensive, there was not much to recommend them. They didn’t even have circulation systems in them, so the only way to keep the water fresh was to drain and refill it.

In the 1950s, manufactured pools began to use filtration systems. In the 1970s, innovations in design and materials made them more attractive, sturdier, and more reliable. The price was still prohibitive for most people. However, as these pools have become more popular, the price has continued to drop, making them affordable for most families.

The Advantages of an Above-Ground Pool

Above-ground swimming pools have a lot of advantages over built-in swimming pools. I have only recently discovered the joys of having an above-ground pool. Here are some of the reasons I like the idea of having one of these pools in my backyard.

If you have never considered one of these economical swimming pools, and you live in a place with very hot summers, maybe they are worth a look.

Advantages of an Above-Ground Pool

  • Economical
  • Temporary
  • Durable
  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Easy to fit into your landscaping
  • Portable

A Dip Is Refreshing During Hot Summers

If you live in an area where the summers can be unbearably hot, the advantages of having your own swimming pool are obvious. I had never really thought about getting an above-ground pool until my daughter and her family got one. They have been enjoying their pool for the past several years, and I can see several advantages of having this kind of pool.

They have two children. When the kids were little, they opted for a small-sized pool. It was big enough for the kids to learn to swim in. Now that the kids are growing up, and their first pool is aging, they are considering moving up to a larger pool. The kids love having friends over for swimming parties, and it makes their backyard a popular destination.

Intex 15'x48 Metal Frame Above-Ground Pool & Maintenance Kit w/Vacuum & Pole
Intex 15'x48 Metal Frame Above-Ground Pool & Maintenance Kit w/Vacuum & Pole
This is the pool my daughter's family has been enjoying for several years. It is great for kids and is deep enough that even adults can enjoy a dip. Having this option makes the hot and humid summers in North Carolina a lot more bearable.

Your Pool Can Be Seasonal

Although there is some prep work that needs to be done before setting up the swimming pool, it’s nothing compared to the construction and mess of an in-ground pool, not to mention the commitment. If you decide a pool no longer fits your lifestyle, getting rid of a built-in pool is another messy and expensive process.

At the end of the summer, it is not very hard to take this pool down. That frees up the space in the yard for other things and saves the pool from the deterioration it would suffer from the sun and elements. When it goes back up the next year, there is always the option of moving it to a different location if necessary.

The new above-ground pools are very durable and can last for many years. My daughter's family has used theirs for four years, and it's still in great shape.

A Swimming Pool Without the Commitment

If you are a renter, or you are not sure you want to have a permanent pool on your property, you can still enjoy the pleasures of having your own swimming pool.

If you move, you can always pack up your pool and take it with you to your new home.

Preparation for Your Pool Installation

Before you select a location for your pool, you will need to research your local pool ordinances. Many areas have requirements on how much space needs to be left between your pool and surrounding structures.

There is some preparation of the site where the pool will go, so it is easier to put it back in the same location year after year if that place was satisfactory.

If it's the first time you are setting up your pool, you need to start by measuring out the area where the pool will sit. It is important that the area where the pool will go is free of vegetation, and there are no rocks, roots, or any other objects underneath it.

The ground also needs to be firm and level. That requires work and maybe some additional sand and materials. It is not a super easy process, but it is certainly possible to set up your own above-ground pool.

I love the dad in this YouTube video. He has a no-nonsense way of setting up his pool, and you can tell he has done it many times before.

He's already measured and prepared the ground in previous years, so he's not really starting from scratch. If you are, you will have to do more preparation of the site to make sure it is smooth and level.

The pool he is using is the same brand and very similar to the one my daughter’s family used. There are a lot of other videos showing how other people set up their pools, but I think this one shows very clearly that any able-bodied person can set up their own above-ground pool.

There's Never Been a Better Time to Have an Above-Ground Pool

When I was a child, above-ground pools were ugly and expensive. That's all changed now, and almost anybody can afford a pool if they want one.

Summer's on the way. I know I will appreciate my new swimming pool.

© 2020 Sherry Hewins


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    • alocsin profile image

      Aurelio Locsin 

      3 weeks ago from Orange County, CA

      I'm not a big fan of pools in general because they require too much work for a small amount of pleasure. But you certainly make a good case for adding the above-ground version if you want a pool in a home that doesn't have one.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      4 months ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      A great idea for this type of pool. I do not have a pool but after reading your hub it gives me a better opportunity to take on this idea.


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